Reviews for Princess Jewel Sunshine
Tiger Of Darkness chapter 2 . 14h
Wow! I'm impressed you changed the outcome of the trial! Clever. But also, this is taking me back to that Christmas back when I was in middle school and had just put Super Mario Sunshine into my Game Cube after unwrapping it. Keep up the good work, Fairy!
Tiger Of Darkness chapter 1 . 15h
Five days? I figured Super Mario Sunshine was at least a year after Super Mario 64. Still, it's your story. I remember I had Mario roll in that pink paint when I first got Super Mario Sunshine when I was 13. Still, this is not a good start for Mario. Oh no!
FrenchMarioBros chapter 2 . 19h
I'm glad that Sae was there to help Mario in court! I also loved the battle with the Inkling and Petey! Can't wait for next chapter!
LiamTheYoshi chapter 2 . 20h
At least Mario and his friends don't go to jail. That's a relief.
mariobroultimate chapter 2 . 21h
Well, I already know who one of those mysterious people are (but I don’t know her name). I like how Mario was found not guilty for once. And... I guess you make a good point in calling the Pianta a prosecutor rather than an attorney. I only called him that in my adaptation because I looked it up. But I should change it in my adaptation later.

The Inklings did an excellent job dealing with Petey. Fitting choice! I also noticed some of your dialogue was inspired by my version. I like that!
mariobroultimate chapter 1 . 7/19
Nice intro! I also added those Japanese exclusive lines into my story. I wonder why they were cut from the English version. This vacation has just gone upside down.
LiamTheYoshi chapter 1 . 7/19
Oh no, Mario got arrested! That's no good, let's hope he doesn't go to jail.

Nice beginning, I am excited to see how this story will go!
FrenchMarioBros chapter 1 . 7/19
This looks awesome already! I can't wait for the next chapter!