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Katniss hid behind her favorite oak tree in the back yard. The small giggles drifted to her across the yard then she heard the small voice say, "Mama! I'm going to find you! Where oh where could you be?" As she peered around the tree she saw the little blonde head look around the corner of the house looking for her. They played this game every day and she always hid in the same place and he still had to look everywhere else before he found her. He looked up from the corner and then went over to where Charlie's dog house was and looked down into it. She gave a giggle. Only her son would think she could fit in side of the small terrier's house. He then walked over to his club house that was attached to his swing set. That was the new addition to the yard. She had built it herself, well with Gale and Rory's help of course. That was his 4th birthday present. Once it had gotten warmer, they had cake and ice cream and his new friends from school to help him play on it for the first time ever.

He climbed into the club house and called for her. Then she waited… and waited… and waited… he must have gotten distracted by the toys that were in there. So on hunter's feet she crept across the yard to peer inside of the clubhouse window. He was there talking to his superman and his Spiderman. She could over hear him telling his friends about his day at school. "Ms. Annie let me color whatever I wanted and then she said that I drew just like my daddy could. Superman how does Ms. Annie know about my daddy? Why is it she has seen him but I never have? I just want him to come and see me once so I can hug him." At those words, Katniss's heart broke even more than what it already was.

"Oh Jack-jack. I'm sorry honey that you feel that way."

His little snapped up. "Mommy! You are supposed to be hiding! I was coming to find you. I just had to tell Superman something first. Can I have a snack? I'm hungry."

"Of course Jack-jack. Come on. It's almost time for supper."

As they walked into the house that is when Aunt Prim, Jack's favorite person in his little world, besides his mama of course, arrived home from her classes. "There you are! "He said as he threw himself at her legs. "Are you a doctor yet?" Prim and Katniss laughed. Since Prim started medical school at district that fall that was the question that Jack asked her every day when she arrived home. Katniss had graduated 4 years ago, right after she had found out she was pregnant with her degree in business. Once she saved up enough, she opened up her camping and outdoor supply store. She had just hired Posy and Vick Hawthorne to work in the storefront so she could start giving guided tours in the state parks and forests that surrounded their town. Business was going good. So good in fact that she didn't have to take out the loan her parents' house like she thought she was going to have to.

Prim kissed Jack on the top of the head. "I've got to go meet Rory at Sae's. I won't be here for supper sis."

"Well thank you for telling me this time!" Katniss called after Prim as she ran up the stairs to change and drop off her books.

Katniss sliced up an apple so Jack could have his snack. As he climbed up on the bar stool to watch her, she asked him about his day. "Oh it was good mommy. We played outside and ate lunch and snack. I didn't take a nap. Ms. Annie said as long as I was on my cot I didn't have to." Of course he was saying all this as he was fighting a yawn.

"Is that all you did today Jack-jack?" Katniss didn't want to right out ask him about what Annie had said; she wanted him to ask her those questions. She needed to take him to school early so she could talk to Annie. She tried to remember if she had talked to her about Jack's dad. She didn't like that Annie brought him up like she did.

Jack looked down at his apple and took a deep breath. "Ms. Annie said that I could draw just like daddy could. Why does she know what daddy can do? "

"Baby… Annie knew daddy when we all went to school together. Remember I told you, mommy and Annie and Johanna and aunt Madge all were friends. "

"Ohhhh" he said. It came out as a sigh. Katniss knew that when he got that look, and that little boy, smaller than he is now voice, he was fighting tears. He looked up at his mommy, his anchor in his little heart that kept him grounded, "But mommy, why won't he come to see me?" tears were falling now. "You said that one day I'll get to see him. Is it one day yet? Can we go see him? Does he know where I live?"

She walked around the counter and gathered her little man in her arms. She felt the tears coming down her face too as she held him. She knew that one day she was going to have to start answering those questions. But how could she when she didn't know herself? She scooped him up and walked over to the couch and sat down with him in her lap. As she smoothed his sweaty little boy curls away from his forehead, and smelled his little boy smell, she was amazed how everyday he looked more and more like a miniature version of his father. Her silver eyes looked back at her, thick curly blonde hair that was like hers when it curls at the slightest bit of humidity but the rest was his father made over. "I love you my Jack-jack. One day, we will have those answers. But know it's not today. And I and your Aunt Prim and Uncle Gale and Aunt Madge love you very very much. That will never change."

Jack wiped his nose on his mommy's sleeve. "Ewwwww Jack-jack! "She said. He gave his mommy the biggest grin ever, and that was one of his little giggles. "Let's go find something we can eat for supper, ok?"

He gave his mommy another hug. "I want pizza."

"Mmmm that does sound good. What kind?"

"Your pizza! He giggled. Oh how she will never get tired of hearing that sound. So they stood up and went into the kitchen together to start the dough so they could make pizza.