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A year later… in May…

"Katniss! Don't bunch up the tulle like that! It will get wrinkled. I spent too much time making those damn bows for you to be scrunching them up like that," Madge fusses at her. "How many people did you say are coming today?"

"I'm still not entirely sure. We were just going to invite people here in town, but then Peeta went freelance, so now he needs to invite his business connections too. But then he mentioned just inviting who he used to work with. I have 100 chairs. And he is making food for 200. I let him take care of that. I've been kind of busy."

Katniss has. It's been a year since Cold Mountain. After Peeta got home, he had to go to therapy four times a week. Then he had to go back in to have emergency surgery when Dr. Bryant figured out that some of the tendons weren't healing correctly. That set back his recovery by about six weeks. Meanwhile, Katniss's business took off. She had more hikers coming through, more internet business; which was mostly Peeta's fault. While he wasn't at therapy, he was sitting in her office, getting her business out there, selling some hard-to-find items to hikers.

Peeta, meanwhile, still works Plutarch, finishing up the couple of projects that Plutarch asked him to do. But even that has slowed down considerably. He started to do more freelance work, which Jack loved. If it meant that his dad could stay home and not have to go out of town, Jack was all for it. After a couple of setbacks with his knee, Peeta can finally walk without crutches. He still has to wear his brace. Which is ok. He wants to marry Katniss on his feet, and not sitting in a wheelchair.

Jack is now six. He loves his Mommy. He loves his Daddy. He kind of likes school, mostly recess and lunch. He liked playing football in the fall. And likes that Daddy is starting to teach him how to play baseball. He loves to have Daniel and Tyler come over and play. He is ok with his cousin Molly playing too when he plays with Tyler. He just gets tired of "being easy" with her. And now baby Jessie, Daniel's little sister, is crawling and pulling up. He wants to play with her, but since she is only eight months old, he is still afraid to. So he usually just hands her toys and when she throws them at him, he gives them back to her. Daniel rolls his eyes at Jack and drags him to go play something else.

"Oh Madge, you know Katniss wouldn't be much help decorating. That is why we are here," Prim says with a smirk.

"We should have gone to Vegas." Katniss mutters under her breath.

"What did you say?" Madge teases her.

Katniss scowls at her and says, "Nothing. I thought Jo was going to be here by now?"

"I think she went to the Mellark's instead to help them with the food." Annie says as she hangs another bow.

"She told Peeta last night that as much as she loves being a woman, she can't handle the decorating part. So he told her to help at the bakery," Delly adds as she arranges more flowers where Katniss and Peeta are going to stand.

"Well, this is only getting done because you all volunteered for it," Katniss says. She pauses for a moment to watch the boys help Gale set up the chairs in the semi- circle they finally agreed on last night during rehearsal. Finnick fiddles with the sound system, and when the Macarena comes on. Annie laughs and starts doing the hand motions with the song. Katniss is annoyed and relieved that it's working. She still can't believe that there are going to be so many here that they need a sound system. She pauses for a moment, when her stomach starts rolling. She doesn't say a thing, but runs into the house.

She barely makes it to the bathroom when her lunch comes back up. It must be her nerves, and doesn't think any more about it while she brushes her teeth.

Annie and Madge wait for her in the hallway. "Are you, ok?" Annie ask.

Katniss puts her hand over her stomach where it is still rolling. "I think so. It must be my nerves-" The house phone ringing interrupts her.

"Hello?" she answers.

"Hello, my beautiful bride," Peeta says softly.

"Hey, you," her voice softens. "What are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready to marry the most wonderful girl in the world." She can hear Bram and Rye singing "Going to the chapel, and we are going to get married—" in the back ground. Katniss and Peeta laugh together.

"Your brothers are dorks," She says.

"Yes, they are. But they are getting ready to be your dorky brothers too. I think I'm getting a much better trade out of the deal. I get Prim for a sister."

"Oh, I don't know. I get you," She says with a smile and a blush. She can hear Annie and Madge saying 'aww' behind her. "Are you going to helping with the buffet? When are you coming over?"

"That's why I'm calling. I think Mom and Dad are coming with the food. I'm going to finish getting ready, and then I'll come with the cake. When are you going to start getting ready?"

She doesn't get a chance to answer because she hands the phone to Annie and runs for the bathroom again. She can't make out what Annie is saying, but she knows that she is telling Peeta that she is sick. She weakly picks her head up and says, "Tell him that I am still marrying him today. Even if I'm puking my guts out!"

She is still waiting over the toilet when Lily and Prim come to check on her. Prim is there with a wet washcloth, and Lily asks Annie and Madge if she had eaten anything. "When was the last time you were this sick?" Prim asks.

Realization dawns on everyone at the same time. Before they can say anything, Madge says, "I have one at my house leftover from Jessie. I'll be right back." Annie goes with her.

Lily hands her a glass of water to sip, and Prim hands her a specimen cup. Katniss gives her a questioning look and Prim shrugs and says, "Somehow, they end up in my pockets. It's clean, the sticker hasn't even been torn. Just hurry up and pee in it."

When Katniss opens the bathroom door again, she hands the cup to Prim and says, "I'm going to go lay down."

"I'll bring you a cold pack," Lily says.

She has just gotten comfortable when Prim and Lily come into the room. "I figured you would want to watch the results," Prim says as she goes into the bathroom. She comes back with the pregnancy test that she already dipped, and puts the cap back on. With her mom on one side and her sister on the other, they watch the test tell them that they are going to be a mother, an aunt and a nana all over again.

"Hell, Haymitch. Who are all of these people?" Johanna asks as they watch guests come into the yard and look for a seat. "Where did they all park?"

Haymitch takes a swig out of the flask he pulls from his pocket. "Most of these people are from Panem. Sweetheart, there has made a lot of friends over the years. And then when the boy moved back, well, everyone had to come and see them get married. I don't think they expected this many to actually show up. There aren't going to be enough chairs for everyone."

Delly, who volunteered months ago to be the wedding coordinator, appears at Haymitch's side. "Do you have the phone number for the church's handyman?"

"I think so. Are we going to need more chairs?" Haymitch asks.

Jo says with a smirk, "What made you think that, old man? Call them. My truck is parked at Gale's. We can hurry over there and pick up some more." She looks at Delly and says, "How long do we have until the ceremony is supposed to start?"

Delly looks at her watch. "Two more hours. Graham and Anna aren't even here yet with the food or Peeta with the cake. I told them what time to be here—"

"Calm down, sweetheart. The Calvary just arrived," Haymitch quips.

Bram's truck pulls up outside the gate that they have open to welcome guests into the backyard. "Oh, thank God!" Delly says and walks over with Haymitch and Jo following behind so they can help, too. "No, Haymitch. We'll get this. I need you and Jo to go get those chairs."

After Jo and Haymitch leave, Delly, with Madge and Annie's help, finishes decorating the yard while Bram and Rye set up the buffet table. When they are finished, Annie and Madge go inside with Katniss. Chairs are lined up so that there is a center isle leading to the platform that Peeta, Gale and Finnick built last weekend. Surrounding the platform are poles which are holding up the gentle lights that Jack had said the night before, "Looks like there are fairies flying around them."

When Peeta arrives next, Jack runs to meet him. "Hey, Dad. Did you finish the cake?"

"But, of course. And I want it to be a surprise for your mom. Can you run in and see if she has gone to Madge's yet to get ready?"

"Yeah. Wait for me to come back. I want to help you."

"Ok, I will. Hurry now. I still need to finish getting ready." Peeta tells him.

Jack takes off running into the house. Finnick comes over and says, "Is there anything I can help with?"

Peeta hands Finnick a cake box. "Actually there is. When I called Katniss earlier, she was sick. Can you go check on her? Go ahead and take that with you into the kitchen."

"I didn't know she was sick. Let me go see what is going on." Finnick walks into the house.

Jack and Finnick pass each other. "Mommy is getting ready to go to Auntie Madge's. She said you can't come in yet."

Peeta tries not to worry, but pulls out his cell phone anyway. He quickly pushes her icon.

"Hey," she answers. She sounds hoarse. "You're here."

"I am. Are you ok?" he asks trying to keep the worry out of his voice.

"I'm feeling a little rough. But that isn't going to keep me from walking down that aisle to you," she says with a smile in her voice.

"I wish I could see you. Even for just a minute," he says wistfully.

"I want to see you, too."

"Where are you?"

"I'm in the kitchen watching you," she giggles.

"Meet me at the front door." He smiles as he grabs his extra tie out of his truck. "Wait for me to knock, and then come out onto the porch."

He can hear the smile in her voice when she says, "Ok."

Five minutes later he is knocks on the door, with his eyes blindfolded. He hears her come out and laugh softly. He reaches for her, and she steps into his arms. She wraps her arms around him, and he pulls her close in his. He can smell her hair and kisses her there. "Are you ok?" he asks.

She nods against him. "I feel better." He can feel her pull away so she can see him. "I like your blindfold. Don't lose it. We might need it for after."

He laughs with her. After he kisses her again he says, "Why don't you go ahead to Madge's and lay down for a minute. I'll go tell everyone where you are."

She stands on her tiptoes and kisses his chin. "Thank you. I think I will do that. Will you tell Mama to come on over, too?"

He brings her in for a long kiss that reminds them both of the promises they are about to make, to promise their love to each other. They part breathlessly, and he rests his forehead against hers so he can catch his breath. "Well, I do believe Miss Everdeen, that was my last kiss as a single man."

She giggles and kisses him again. "No, that one was."

Not to be outdone, he kisses her again. "No, I say that one."

Before they have another chance to kiss, Anna comes out. Even though he can't see the disapproval on her face, he can hear it in her voice. "I told you two, you can't see her, Peeta until the ceremony!"

"But Mom—"

"No! Its bad luck. You know about my sister. They saw each other and got divorced—"


"What?" she says annoyed.

"I have a blindfold on."

"I'm going on to Madge's house, Anna. I guess come on over or call me if you need me." Then his wonderful bride kisses him again and says against his lips, "That is your last single man kiss." And then he can hear her boots walking away.

He waits for a moment, and says, "Is she gone, yet?"

"Take off the blindfold."

He eases it off and instead of finding a mad Anna, he sees a woman who over the past year has come to mean so much to him and Katniss and Jack. Before she has a chance to say anything, he wraps his arms around her. "I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, son. Let's go get you married."

"Are you feeling ok?" Prim asks her.

With a nod, she says, "I'm fine." And she slips her arms into the lace cap sleeves of her dress. She gives a little wiggle and feels the dress settle around her. Lily zips it for her. Katniss then looks at the dress and herself in the mirror.

Cinna took Lily's old dress, and Anna's old dress and made hers from the two of them. It's a cream colored, cap sleeved, tea length dress. There is also lace overlay. She knows that while some might think that it's too simple to be a wedding dress, she adores it.

The girl's dresses are completely different from hers. Prim and Annie picked out ones that are more of a mini than the tea length Madge picked. They are the same sunset orange. Even little Jessie, who will be the flower girl, with her brother Daniel pulling her in a wagon, will be in sunset orange too.

Madge comes into her bedroom with Jessie on her hip. "Before you even ask, I just came from your house. And yes, the men are dressed, and the boys are over here." Before she can say anything else, Jack pushes Madge aside and comes running into the room.

"Mommy!" he pauses, notching how dressed up she is. "You look beautiful, Mommy. I got something for you!"

"What is it, Bear?"

With a flourish, he gives her a big bouquet of daisies and dandelions that she knows he picked on the way over to Madge's. "I saw last night when we were practicing that you didn't have any flowers. So I picked you some. Will you carry them when you marry Daddy?"

She gently wipes at her tears and says, "I would love to." and she keeps Jack busy so he doesn't see Madge tuck the bouquet that Delly has made away. She straightens his little sunset orange bow tie, and asks, "Are you ready to walk me down the aisle?"

He gives her the trademark Mellark smile and gets her hand. And together, they walk out the bedroom door.

Katniss can see the platform from the kitchen window. She can kind of see Peeta and the guys standing there. She turns to see Annie, Prim and Madge adjusting their dresses, making sure Jessie isn't going to fall out of her wagon, and checking Daniel and Jack's faces from where they have been sneaking wedding cookies.

Delly comes rushing in at the same time the bluegrass band starts playing "You Are My Sunshine". She gives Annie a nod, and she starts down the aisle. Madge follows, then Prim. Then it's Daniel, with the ring pillow, and little Jessie enjoying the wagon ride with her brother. The congregation doesn't miss the look that their parents have on their faces ready to spring into action any minute in case something, mostly Daniel, happens.

When the band starts singing that is Katniss and Jack's cue. She steps out the back door, and looks for Peeta. Her breath catches in her throat and she watches him wipe his own eyes. He looks so handsome in khaki's, his navy linen jacket, his white shirt and sunset orange bow tie. She blinks the tears away and feels Jack tug on her hand. "Are you ready, Mommy?"

She squeezes back. "I am. Let's go get married."

They walk down the aisle pausing when they get to the front. Peeta steps forward and Jack slips his hand into his. Katniss catches Peeta's eye and gives him a smile.

Pastor MacLeod clears his throat and begins, "Friends and family, I would like to welcome you on behalf of Katniss, Peeta and Jack. Today we gather together to celebrate the coming together of these three hearts." He then looks to Jack and asks, "Are you ready to read?"

Jack nods and goes to the microphone. He begins to read, "Love is patient, and love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. First Corinthians thirteen." and then he hurries to sit down with Grandma Anna and Daniel in the front row.

"Thank you, Jack," Pastor MacLeod says. 'Love is a miraculous gift, and a wedding is a celebration of that magic, and that is why we are here today. We are gathered together to be overjoyed for, and with, Peeta and Katniss, who are so wonderfully suited to one another that it is a pure delight for the rest of us to see how happy two people can be.

"As the writer Richard Bach has so beautifully stated, "A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we're pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we're safe in our own paradise. Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction… Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.'

"Now Peeta, Katniss, join hands and please make your promises to one another."

Peeta looks into her eyes, smiles a million-watt smile at her and begins, "I Peeta, take you, Katniss to be my loving bride. For better or worse, I pledge to you my heart and my life. As you have been a loving mother to Jack, now let us come together as a family- mother, father and son, together from this day on. I promise to love, guide and respect Jack and Katniss with my whole heart for my whole life. With this ring," he slips the band of gold onto her finger, "I give you this ring to wear with love and joy. As a ring has no end, neither shall my love for you. I choose you to be my bride this day and forevermore."

Katniss wipes a tear before she begins, "I Katniss take you Peeta to be my loving husband. For better or worse, I pledge to you my heart and my life. You have shown me this past year how you can be a loving father to Jack and a loving partner to me. I promise to love you with my whole heart for my whole life everything I am and everything I have." She slips his gold band onto his finger. "I give you this ring to wear with love and joy. As a ring has no end, neither shall my love for you. I choose you to be my husband this day and forevermore."

"Amen." Pastor Macleod agrees. "Do you Peeta Mellark, take Katniss Everdeen, to be your beloved bride, knowing in your heart that you will be a faithful friend, and a loving companion? On this special day, in the presence of family and friends as witnesses, do you give your sacred vow that you will always be with Katniss and support her, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow? Do you promise to love her completely, to console and comfort her during difficult times, to laugh with her and to grieve with her, to share with her life's simplest but most enduring pleasures, to be truthful and honest with her, and to cherish her, for as long as you both shall live?"

This time, Peeta wipes a tear. "I do."

Do you Katniss Everdeen, take Peeta Mellark, to be your beloved husband, knowing in your heart that you will be a faithful friend, and a loving companion? On this special day, in the presence of family and friends as witnesses, do you give your sacred vow that you will always be with Peeta and support him, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow? Do you promise to love him completely, to console and comfort him during difficult times, to laugh with him and to grieve with him, to share with him life's simplest but most enduring pleasures, to be truthful and honest with him, and to cherish him, for as long as you both shall live?"

Katniss wipes more tears and says, "I do."

Annie and Finnick, who grabs his guitar, gather behind the microphones. They share a nervous smile, and Finnick begins to play.

Finnick: Dancin' in the dark

Middle of the night

Takin' your heart

And holdin' it tight

Emotional touch

Touchin' my skin

And askin' you to do

What you've been doin' all over again

Oh, it's a beautiful thing

Don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know

What it is that won't let me go

And then, Annie joins in: It's your love

It just does somethin' to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

It's your love

Finnick: Better than I was

More than I am

And all of this happened

By takin' your hand

And who I am now

Is who I wanted to be

Annie joins in again: And now that we're together

I'm stronger than ever

I'm happy and free

Finnick: Oh, it's a beautiful thing

Don't think I can keep it all in, no

And if you asked me why I changed

All I gotta do is say your sweet name

Finnick and Annie: It's your love

It just does somethin' to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

It's your love

Oh, baby

Oh, it's a beautiful thing

Don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know

What it is that won't let me go

It's your love

It just does somethin' to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

It's your love

Several people wipe their eyes after that. Pastor MacLeod waits for everyone to give him their attention. He says, "By the power invested in me by the state of North Carolina, I now pronounce you man and wife. Peeta, you may kiss your bride."

Peeta gathers her in his arms. Their eyes meet and Peeta slowly lowers his lips to hers. It's a sweet, long kiss. When Peeta pulls away from her, he gives her a smile and says, "Finally! My first kiss as a married man." Her laughter rings out over the crowd, and they join her, since they heard everything Peeta just said through the microphone he wears.

Jack joins them again, and Pastor MacLeod announces, "May I present to you, Peeta, Katniss and Jack Mellark!" and they go down the aisle, followed by the wedding party.

Somewhere in their busy back yard are her shoes. She hopes they are under the table where she thinks she slipped them off before Peeta grabbed her to dance with him.

Then it is time to cut the cake. Peeta made a beautiful, two-tiered creation. It is iced in a light green icing, and he had made spring flowers to decorate it. Inside it is a simple white almond cake with raspberry filling. Then there are the cupcakes. There are at least 250 of them and they are chocolate, and strawberry, lemon and classic white.

Finnick calls out, "Smash the cake, Katniss!"

She just smiles and shakes her head at him. Peeta gently feeds her a piece of the cake. Then she picks up a piece and feeds him. Many in the crowd say, "Aww!" and before anyone can say anything else, Peeta sweeps her into another dance.

They had already put their stuff into the Jeep before the wedding so they could make a quick getaway to the cabin. After ten minutes of good byes and thank yous, they run out to where it's parked on the street.

"Damn it," Peeta whispers.

"It's ok. They just wanted to have some fun." She looks all around the vehicle. "At least there isn't any shaving cream right on the paint—"

They hear not-so-little footsteps coming up behind them. Breathlessly, Jack says, "Is it time to go?"

Katniss's heart sinks. "We talked about this, Bear. Daddy and I are going to the cabin until Monday. When we get back, we are going to all stay here until Tuesday and then we have a big surprise planned for you. Remember?"

He still looks sad, but perks up a little at the mention of the surprise. "You are just going to the cabin? Daddy isn't going to go mountain climbing?"

Peeta laughs, and picks him up in a hug. "No, son. I don't think I'm allowed to do that anymore."

Relief washes his face. "And you will just be at Papa's cabin?"

"Yes. Doing perfectly boring, grown up things," Peeta says, then chokes back a laugh when Katniss tries not to laugh outright. "I thought you wanted to stay here and play with Daniel and Jessie? And I thought everyone was going to go play with Tyler and Molly."

"Oh, yeah. We are going to do that." He leaps into Peeta's arms. "I love you, Daddy."

Pulling him in tight, Peeta stands and whispers into his hair, "I love you too, son."

"My turn," Katniss says.

Jack's arms squeeze tight around her waist. She gets down on his level and brings him into her arms. She closes her eyes for a moment, enjoying his smell before she lets him go. Before she does, she whispers to him, "I love you, Bear. Be good for Auntie Madge."

"I've told you, it's Daniel who thinks of all of those things to do. It's not me."

"What about when you tricked Prim into buying you that toy last month?" Peeta asks.

Jack does try to look a little embarrassed at that. "She said that she missed me. So I told her that I didn't have enough money saved up—"

"And that you needed it for a project at school," Prim finishes for him. "Why I thought you needed another truck for school is beyond me." She holds out her hand for him. "Come on, kiddo. They need to get on the road."

Jack gives his parents more hugs and kisses. He watches them get the toilet paper off of the door, and get in. He hangs on to Prim as they pull away from the curb. He tries to be a big boy and not cry, but he can't stop the tears from coming.

Prim quickly swoops him up, hugs him tight, and sits down on the ground. He buries his face in her neck. She knows that if she waits just a moment, he will start talking. "I wanted to go with them."

"I know, sweet boy. They will be back on Monday. Do you remember your days of the week?" She waits for him to nod. "Today is Saturday. Then there is Sunday—"

He interrupts, "Then Monday. I still wanted to go with them."

Prim pulls him closer. They sit like that for a while. "I don't have to work tomorrow. Do you want me to stay here with you?"

"I thought you had to go to your house."

"Not if my favorite person in the whole entire world needs me." She lifts up his chin. "Do you want me to stay?"

When he nods, she says, "Ok. We'll call Mommy in a minute. Let's go tell Auntie Madge and Uncle Gale."

And they walk back to the party in the yard.

It's late when they finally make it to the cabin.

When they started planning the wedding, Peeta wanted to be in charge of the honeymoon stuff. The only thing Katniss insisted on was that they have a couple of days where it's just them. Then they could go home, get Jack, and go on a long trip. With a kiss and a smile, Peeta said that he would take care of everything. She still doesn't know what his plans are when they pick up Jack.

They made small talk about who was at the wedding while they drove. It's only about an hour to the cabin from Panem, so it isn't that late when they get there. It isn't until they pull into the driveway, and her stomach growls that she remembers that all she had to eat was the bite of cake Peeta had fed her. Her stomach is so loud that Peeta laughs and says, "I'm glad Mom packed us some food."

"Oh, she did? Thank God! I am so hungry."

He leans over and kisses her. It's not one of those quick and fast ones, but slow and full of promise for what's coming. "Let's go eat," He says against her lips.

She can only nod, her nose rubbing against his. They get out of the Jeep, and she starts to get their bags. He swoops her up and kisses her nose. "I'll get all that," and carries her onto the porch.

He struggles with the key, so she takes it from his hand and unlocks it. She pushes the door open, and before he takes her in, he kisses her again. "I love you, Mrs. Mellark."

She gives him a shy peck back and says, "I love you too, Mr. Mellark."

He crosses the threshold with her. He walks to the bedroom that they both think of as theirs. When they are in there, he sets her down on her feet.

Her hair is still up in the complicated braid that Prim had woven into it earlier. He wants to leave it in for now. Without a word, he cups her face, and kisses her lips, then her cheeks, her eyelids, her forehead.

She giggles and pulls away. "Are you going to kiss me all over?"

"Actually, before the night is over with, I think I will," he says with a grin. His mouth is open, getting ready to say something else, when her stomach growls.

"I think you need to feed me first," she says. "Will you unzip me?"

He grabs her shoulders and gently turns her so he can reach the zipper of the wedding dress. He runs his fingers down her back and she shivers in response. "Where is your bra?" he whispers in her ear.

She turns back around, and he loves that he can still make her blush. "I don't have a white or a cream colored one. And the dress is so tight I didn't really need one. Can you go get our bags, please? And the food?"

"Yeah. Is there anything else you need out of the Jeep?"

"My purse. We need to call Jack. Even though he might be asleep."

He walks out of the bedroom and she carefully takes her dress off. She walks over to the closet and hangs it up. Then she reaches for the lingerie box that she hid there several years ago. She tried it on last week when she came by to clean up for this weekend. She gets the box and goes into the bathroom to change.

She slips the baby doll nightie on. She looks closer at herself now that she knows that she is pregnant. She glances in the mirror to see if it's straight. And to her surprise, she can faintly see the vertical line that she had with Jack starting at her belly button and reaching up. She assumes that since this is her second, everything is going to happen faster. Rubbing the space around her button, she says softly, "Hey baby." And blinks back the tears that quickly come. She must be really tired, and it has been a long day.

She grabs the old bath robe that she has kept here since she was 16. Good thing it looks so ratty. Peeta is going to be so surprised, she thinks to herself.

She hears him out in the kitchen warming the leftovers up. She pulls the pins from her hair. It takes her a good couple of minutes to get them all. She goes ahead and pulls out the braids, too, so that her hair is in gentle curls falling past her shoulders. She looks again in the mirror, satisfied, and goes out to help Peeta.

He doesn't need her help. He has already made them a plate and has the table set with wine glasses and candles. He hears her approaching, but doesn't turn around. He starts to pour her a glass of wine, when she asks, "Did anyone include any of the tea? I think I would rather have that."

He glances at her over his shoulder, and to her satisfaction, he has a hint of disappointment in his eyes when he sees her bathrobe. "I just put some in the refrigerator." And he moves to grab it.

She sits in her seat and enjoys the aroma of the dinner. Anna had made her lamb stew, while Graham made roast chicken. On Peeta's plate is the rare roast beef that was the other choice. Then there are new fingerling potatoes, asparagus and flower rolls.

She waits for Peeta to come and sit down beside her before she starts eating. He sits and watches her for a minute. "I like your robe," he says.

"Oh, this old thing? I am ready to get comfortable." And she brings a bite of the chicken to her mouth. She has had Graham's roast chicken before, but this is the most delicious thing the man has even made. She gives an appreciative groan and takes another bite.

Peeta watches her and, with a laugh, he says, "I hope I can make you groan like that in a little bit." And then she reaches across for a bite of his roast beef. This time, it's a grateful moan that escapes her lips.

"This is so good," She says in between bites. They don't say anything but enjoy their wedding feast in quiet. She must have eaten too fast or something, because her stomach starts rolling as soon as she eats the potatoes. She covers her mouth with her napkin and looks up at Peeta worriedly.

"Katniss, what is—"

And he doesn't get to finish, before she stands up quickly, knocking her chair to the floor, and runs to their bathroom. She barely makes it before she vomits everything she just ate. Her eyes close, praying that the nausea will stop soon.

She hears Peeta talking to her from the bedroom. "Are you ok?"

Her vomiting noises answer him. When she finally stops, she can hear him pacing in the bedroom. "Peeta," she weakly says.

He doesn't answer her, so she calls again for him, "Peeta. I need you."

Then a strange smell assaults her senses. She doesn't even have time to wonder what he is doing, before she vomits again. When he hears her flush, he comes into the bathroom to check on her. "Are you going to be ok?"

"I will be. Can you help me up?" He starts to take her into the bedroom when she stops him. "I need to brush my teeth."

He holds her while she brushes, and then gently takes her to the bed. He sets her down and says, "What will make you feel better?"

"I need the ice pack out of the freezer, the crackers in the cabinet and tea or ginger ale." Then she lays her head down to wait for the waves of nausea to stop.

Soon he has brought her all of the things she asked for. With the ice pack on her head, and munching on the crackers and sipping the ginger ale, she starts to feel human again. "What was that smell?"

"What smell?" he asks.

"When I was vomiting. I thought I was done and then I smelled a strange smell. That is why I vomited again."

He looks embarrassed and admits, "I sprayed Lysol. The smell was awful. Are you ok?"

"You must be scared. You keep on asking me that."

"Well I am scared. Do I need to take you to the emergency room?"

"No this is fairly normal. With Jack it was much worse."

"When was Jack sick?" he asks worried.

"No I meant when I was pregnant with Jack." she says with a little smile.

"Oh, ok. Well good. Do you feel like eating anything else?" and he gets up to take her empty glass to the kitchen and stops in the doorway. He turns slowly and asks, "What do you mean, 'when you were pregnant with Jack'?"

"When I was pregnant with Jack, I was sicker than this. This is normal."

He is quiet while he stands there, thinking about what she just said. His hair is stands up from where he has been running his fingers through it. His tie is loosened and his shirt sleeves are rolled up. He looks so sexy and beautiful standing there, she thinks.

"Are you telling me—"

"I'm pregnant." She finishes for him. She slowly stands up and takes off her bathrobe. "I think I vomited on that."

He rushes back over to her and pulls her into a hug. "When did you find out?"

"I vomited before I got dressed, before I went to Madge's. Mama asked me if I might be, and Madge had a test left over from Jessie. I took it, and it's positive."

His face breaks into a smile. "You're pregnant." He says more to himself than to her. "You're pregnant." This time he grabs her, picking her up so that they are nose to nose and kisses her. "I can't believe that we are going to be parents again. And this time I'm not going to miss anything." And he sits down with her on his lap.

Tears spring to her eyes unexpectedly. "I love you," she whispers.

"Hey what is a matter? Are you crying?"

She gives him a little nod. He pulls her closer still, and she says, "I guess I still feel guilty for not trying harder when I found out about Jack."

He cups her cheeks and brings her face around until she is looking into his eyes. "I told you that we aren't going to go there anymore. All is forgiven." He kisses her again. "I love and adore you." He places his hand on her belly. "Is this about where she is?"

She nods and says, "It might be another boy."

"No. this one is a girl. Or a boy. It doesn't matter." He nudges her off of his lap. "I'm going to go get more comfortable so we can get some sleep."

"You mean we aren't going to—"

"Oh I thought you were too tired." He says.

She loosens his bow tie and kisses him along his neck. He grabs her waist and moans into her touch. "I'm not tired. I feel much better now." She unbuttons his shirt, freeing his buttons from their captivity. When she gets to the end, she pulls the shirt loose from his pants. He watches her as she pushes it off of his shoulders, and it lands on the floor. She gently pushes him until his legs are against the edge of the bed and he sits down. She crouches down and helps him off with his loafers.

She stands up, and without a word, pushes on his shoulders until he lands backwards on the bed. She crawls up on top of him so she can straddle his waist. He brings up his hands and gets the hem of the nightie she is wearing.

He rubs the orange silk in between his fingers and says, "This is beautiful. Did you buy this just for me?"

She says softly, "Actually, I bought this the weekend after you proposed to me the first time."

"You mean you have had this for—"

"7 years."

He sits up, with her still on his lap. He pulls her into a hug. "I have been such a fool." He buries his face in her neck.

She pulls him closer still, and runs her fingers through his hair. He looks up at her and she kisses him. He runs his hands up her back, and smiles against her lips when she shivers in his arms. "All we can do is move on from this moment." She presses her forehead to his. "I love you."

"I love you and I plan on showing you how much every day from now on." He captures her lips in a kiss. He shifts, and she rolls over onto her back. He kisses her shoulder and says, "I'm going to love you here," then he kisses her other shoulder and says, "and here." He leans back and plays with the tie that holds the nightie together. He meets her eyes and slowly unties it. He presses a kiss in between her breasts, and says, "And here."

He moves the scrap of fabric off of both of her breasts, and lightly runs his fingers over her nipples, enjoying the goose bumps that greet him. Pressing kisses to her neck, he follows the trail that he knows well, down to her breasts. He loudly sucks on nipple while he gently rolls the other with his fingertips. She runs her fingers through his hair, and gently pulls on it when he sucks the nipple in deep and releases it with a bite. When she guides him to the other breast, he chuckles. "Are you getting impatient?"

"No," breathlessly she replies. "The other one is feeling left out."

"Well, we can't let that happen, can we?" He kisses the other breast, and then begins to tease it and bite it like he did the other one. She arches her back so he can take more of her in his mouth. He releases her with a loud pop. She meets his lips with a greedy kiss. This time she pushes him back onto the bed.

With a smirk on her face, she scoots down so she is eye level with his crotch. She tries to undo his pants, but she can't quite get the button loose. He returns her grin and reaches down to help her. They both work to get his pants off, with her tugging and he wiggling his hips.

"That was entirely too much work." She says. Then she slips his boxers off his hips, freeing his cock.

"Is it worth it?" he asks.

Before she answers him, she licks him from the base all the way to the tip. She loves to see the look on his face when she does that, and he doesn't disappoint her. The mixture of bliss and anticipation is almost too much. She takes his head in her mouth and gently sucks on the mushroom top like she would a lollipop. She releases him, and while she looks up at him, she licks his slit. This time, she smiles at the shutter that travels through his body.

He brings his hands to caress her hair. She isn't sure why, but when he does that, while she is doing this, it makes her feel loved and protected. As if she is answering him, she takes his whole length this time, and buries him deep in her throat. He guides her head as she bobs up and down a couple of times.

She moves off of him, leaving him wet and ready for her. She stands up, and slips her panties off, while he never takes his eyes off of her. Soon, she is climbing back up on the bed, and before he can catch his breath, she straddles him.

"Are you going to fuck me, baby?" he growls.

"I think I am," she moans back to him, and with his hands on her hips, he helps his new wife do exactly that.

She loves waking up in his arms. Years and years ago, she decided that this was one of the best parts of life. And her first morning of being Mrs. Peeta Mellark, she wants to enjoy this as long as possible. The new baby, has other plans though, she thinks as she hangs her head over the toilet.

She hears Peeta coming to the doorway and then walking away. She just hopes that he doesn't start spraying Lysol everywhere again.

She reaches up and flushes the toilet, and sits on the cool tile of the bathroom floor. She hears the water running and a wet, blissfully cold washcloth is pressed to her forehead. He lets it rest there for a minute, and then he wipes her face with it. He rinses it off again, and washes her face again.

When she can finally open her eyes, she looks into his gratefully. "Thank you. I need to brush my teeth," she says as he helps her up.

After she is done, he helps her back to the bed, where there is another glass of ginger ale and crackers waiting on her. "Already, you are figuring this out."

He kisses her on the forehead before she lays down. He slips in behind her and holds her while she munches. "How long will the nausea last?"

"I was very sick with Jack. Once I was even so dehydrated I ended up in the hospital. Maybe it won't be so bad with this one."

"I hope so too." He is going to have to make some changes, but he gets an idea about the rest of their honeymoon.

They leave the cabin on Sunday afternoon. It's a day early, and they enjoyed their time alone, but with Katniss not feeling well and missing their Bear, they decide to go on home. Besides, they have to get ready for the rest of their week.

Pulling into the driveway, Peeta has just turned the Jeep off when Jack comes barreling out to meet them with Prim following close behind.

Jack reaches Katniss first, giving her a big hug, and then runs to Peeta. Katniss ruffles Jack's hair and says to Jack, "Are you ready for the rest of our trip?"

"Yes!" he says jumping up and down. "Where are we going?"

Katniss looks to Peeta who is grinning at his son. She elbows his side and smirks, "Yeah, Dad. Where are we going?"

"You mean you don't know?" Prim asks.

"He won't tell us," Jack says with a pout.

"I don't know if I should—" Peeta says slowly.

"Let's get in the house. I need to pee." Katniss says.

Prim and Katniss walk into the house while Jack helps Peeta with the bags. "How are you feeling?"

"The morning sickness is bad. Yesterday, I ate some crackers before I even got up. That helped a little. I'm just wondering if I should go to the doctor before the trip." Katniss says.

"You really don't know where you are going?" Prim wonders.

"It's a surprise—"

That is when Peeta interrupts her. "Jack and I are running over to Mom and Dad's." He kisses her softly. "I have a surprise for you."

The sisters exchange a confused look, and then giggle. Katniss goes to the bathroom, and Prim follows her, standing outside in the hallway. "I think it will be alright to go on the trip. Just remember to drink a lot. You do remember what it feels like to be dehydrated?" Prim asks.

Katniss answers her coming out of the bathroom. "Oh, yes. I don't think I've ever felt that bad before."

"Have you been able to sleep?"

"Sleep isn't a problem." She looks down at the luggage. "I guess I should do some laundry. But I'm going to sit down first."

The sisters sit down on the couch and start catching up. Katniss can't keep her eyes open, and Prim isn't at all surprised when she falls asleep.

Prim doesn't have long to wait, when she hears a strange horn beeping. She gets up and looks out the window, and sees the Mellark's Class A camper sitting on their street. If her new brother-in-law is going to take her sister camping, he doesn't have to do it in one of those.

"Hey, Katniss," she calls over her shoulder, "Wake up."

Katniss comes to join her, wiping the sleep from her eyes. "What is he doing in that?" she asks, as they see Jack waving to them from the window. They make their way outside.

Jack calls to them, "Look! We are taking this on the trip!"

Peeta rolls down the driver's side window. "Come on in!"

Jack swings the door open for them. As soon as they are inside, Katniss demands, "Ok, Mellark. Tell me what is going on?"

"Sit down," He says. "I know that you have been sick—"

"Mommy is sick? What is a matter?" Jack asks.

"We may as well tell him." Katniss shrugs.

"It's up to you." Peeta says.

Katniss pulls Jack into a hug. "Would you like a baby brother or a sister?"

"I guess," He looks at his parents confused. "Where are we going to get a baby at?"

Katniss smiles. "Do you remember how Madge had Jessie in her tummy?"

"Oh," he says, as realization dawns on his face. "I remember. So you are going to get fat?"

"Well, when you were in there," she holds out her arms to mimic a pregnant belly, "I got to about here."

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

This time Peeta answers, "We don't know yet. Would it be ok if the baby is a girl?"

"Or it could be a boy, right?" Jack asks.

"It could be one or the other." Peeta agrees with him. Jack gets a big smile on his face. "Are you excited?"

With a grin, Jack says, "I am. Now will you tell us where we are going?"

"Well if I must tell you—" Peeta teases.

"And tell us why are we taking your parent's RV?" Katniss asks.

"Well, I know that we missed the beach trip because of my knee. So we are going to Disney for a couple of days." he smiles at the looks on his family's faces. "And stop by a couple of beaches on the way home."

"But the RV—" Katniss starts.

"I called Dad. He started making some calls to the campgrounds, and we are actually going to save money doing it this way." He kisses Katniss. "I figured that with you not feeling so well, this might make traveling easier."

She looks at the master bed in the back. "I guess it would be better. Ok you have convinced me. When are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow?" Peeta asks.

"Sounds good. I'll need your help."

"I'll help, too Mommy!" Jack adds.

"Well then. I guess we need to go get ready for our trip," Katniss says.

Prim and Jack exit the camper and Peeta holds her back for a moment. "You know, I love you," he says, as he pulls her close.

She kisses him. "I love you, too."

"You have given me everything I've ever wanted. Thank you."

"No, thank you for coming back into our lives, even I didn't want you to." she says.

They rest their foreheads together, and he asks her, "Will you stay with me?"

With the smile that he loves so much, she says, "Always."

And they exit the camper to go look for their family.

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