Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Chapter 1

Authors Note: I just binged watch Season 1 in two days. I had never watched it before. I know shocking right! I had read some awesome fan fiction and was like…do I want to give this a shot? So thank you for the author's who encouraged me by writing awesome fiction that I would have never tried before! Isn't that awesome the way that works. OK secondly, I have read a lot of fan fiction where Rick's daughter or sister gets with Daryl or Merle, and my brain decided that something different needed to be done. So, this idea was born. Jewel has over come a lot of things-abusive father, being raped at 15, having a daughter at 15. Her temper is still a Dixon's but she's learned to control it better. Secondly, Lori and Rick were having issues before and already separated in this (Doesn't mean he doesn't care but they aren't going to be together. My ex and I lived together for 7 years for the sake of our son and was best friends. It can happen. Judith is Shane's.) Thirdly, Sophia isn't being killed or Walkerfied. That almost got me to stop watching the 2nd season! I'm watching the 2nd season now. Please review so I know if it's worth continuing.

I don't own the Walking Dead Just my OC's.

Jewel Dixon- Elizabeth Mitchell

Summer Dixon-Sierra McCormick

Jewel Dixon opened up an eye and looked at the clock, cussing silently as she looked at the alarm clock blinking Four AM as she picked up her cell phone. "Someone better be dying," she answered.

"It's Jane, we need you to come to the hospital," her boss informed her.

Jewel sat up and ran her hand through her hair. "Emergency procedures bein' called?"

"It's getting bad, we need all the staff. Military's coming in, we need to prep the patients for emergency transport," Jane informed her.

Jewel got up and closed her bedroom door. She could hear the hesitation in the older woman's voice. "Jane, what do you really want to say?" the blond woman asked her friend and mentor.

"If I was you, I'd pack Summer up, call your brothers' and head to Atlanta," Jane answered.

"What about you? You stayin?" the younger woman.

"I'm already here," the woman simply stated. "I don't have any family, besides you and Summer. You are the closest thing I have to a daughter and granddaughter. I'm beggin' you, do not come in. I'm beggin' you to call, and God help me for saying this, Merle. I know Daryl won't go anywhere without him. I'll write down that I couldn't get hold of you. It's already bad," the woman told her. "You know where my emergency supplies are, go into my room get them. Take them as well as yours, you understand me?"

Jewel knew it was bad if the gray haired black woman was telling her to call her brothers'. Jane couldn't stand Merle, wouldn't let him in her house to visit. Daryl was more polite, for Jewel's and Summer's sake. "I don't feel right about just leavin' you," Jewel told her as she grabbed an over sized bag.

"Now you listen, I don't have a lot of time. You come here, you're goin' to die, just like the rest of us. I know I'm not walkin' out of this hospital alive, and I'll put a gun in my mouth before I turn into one of those things. I'd never survive out there. You, you have Summer and you are not goin' to leave that poor child alone. She needs her mother. Now, promise me, you aint gonna show up here," the woman begged her.

"I promise," Jewel told the older woman as she heard a scream. "Jane?"

"I've got to go…take care of that child and yourself," Jane told her as she hung up.

Jewel took a breath as she went to the door across the hall. "Summer," she said as she opened the bedroom door. "Summer, I need you to get up," she told her 15 year old daughter as she threw a backpack on the bed.

"What? It's not even light outside," the teen moaned as she rolled over.

"Summer Grace, I do not have time to argue with you. Jane called from the hospital," Jewel told her daughter as she sat down. "I need you to pack a bag, no make up. Things you would take for an extended camping trip."

Summer sat up as she turned on her bedside lamp. Her own blue eyes meeting her mothers. "Is this about whatever is on the news?"

"Yes. Jane made me promise to get you and me out of the city. She even told me to call your uncles', Merle included," Jewel told her as she stood up.

Jewel rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "She hate's Uncle Merle and his racist attitude, not to mention the drug use, or the drinkin'," she pointed out.

"Then I don't need to tell you how serious this is," she warned the teen. "Ten minutes," she told her daughter. "Then I want you to empty everythin' out of the medicine cabinets, then pack your arrows that your Uncle Darryl gave you. I'm getting' the knives."

"You taking the first aid kits' from Jane's room?" the teen asked as she got up.

Jewel nodded. Jane had a fear of something bad happening and her being without bandages and medicine. They both used to tease the woman she could open up her own hospital with the three first aid kits she had under her bed, not to mention the smaller one that she made Jewel keep in her car. "When you get down stairs, start loading the car."

"Mom…are we picking up Jane?" the teen asked.

Jewel touched Summer's face. "No darlin' we aren't. We're going to drive to your uncles' and hopefully knowing them they are already packin'."

"You can't leave Jane…we can't. We have to get her," the teenager said, panic in her voice.

"Summer, listen," Jewel told her as she grabbed the teens' face gently. "Jane made me promise to take you out, keep you safe. I promised her. She knew what she was sayin'. She saved my life once, made me see I had someone to live for, to make me better, not to repeat the same mistakes of my parents'. I promised her that I would do my best tryin' to get you to safety. I know, baby, I know how you are feelin' I am feelin' the same way. Hell, your Uncle Merle would say some choice words for hearin' me say this, but that woman is the closest thing I ever had to a mother. So, if I thought there was a chance, I'd be the first to go through hell for her," she told her daughter. "Now I need you to start packin', can you do that for me?"

Jewel nodded as she kissed her forehead. "We're Dixons."

"The only thing that can kill a Dixon…is a Dixon," the teen said with fear in her voice.

Summer came running up to the tent her and her mother shared. "Mom…they're back, and Uncle Merle's not with them…" the fifteen year informed her.

Jewel looked up from folding the laundry. "What do you mean he's not with them?"

"Glenn said something about everybody bein' fine but Uncle Merle…I didn't ask him what he meant, but he isn't with him," Summer told her mother.

Jewel sighed as she stood up. "Hell's Bells," she cursed as she grabbed her knife putting it on her belt and went out of the tent. "Summer wait here," she ordered her daughter.

"Yeah right," Summer answered as she saw her mother give her a warning glance. "You can yell later, he's my uncle."

Jewel sighed as she marched up to the group.

"Well at least it's the calmer of the Dixon siblings'," the black man mumbled under his breath.

Jewel counted the members of the group. "Alright, six of you left, six of you are back, but seems you replaced someone. Where's my brother? Glenn," Jewel asked as she turned to the younger man. Jewel stood eye to eye with the Koren man both being five foot nine.

"Why did I know you were going to ask me that?" Glenn asked. "There was a problem."

"A problem?" she asked as she turned and looked at the new comer in the sheriff's uniform. "Alright, since you're the new face, want to tell me where my brother is?"

The sheriff took a breath. "Look your brother was causin' us trouble, endangering us all, I handcuffed him to a pipe on a roof, he's still there."

"What the hell? You handcuffed my uncle to a roof?" Summer yelled.

Jewel glanced at her. "I know I didn't hear you cuss. Don't interrupt again, or you're goin' to the tent," she warned her daughter. She turned her attention back to the man. "You left my brother handcuffed to a roof? Like a trapped animal? With all those walkers' out there?" she asked.

"Jewel, we had no choice," Andrea told her.

Jewel looked at the other woman. "There's always a damn choice!" she yelled. "You signed his death warrant, do you understand that?" she asked as she started walking away.

"I'm sorry, but it was either us or him," the Sheriff said as he grabbed her elbow.

Jewel tensed and looked down at his hand on her elbow. "Unless you're one of my brother's or I'm sleepin' with you, you better remove that hand right now," she warned.

The man in the Sherriff's uniform had felt her immediately tense up when he took her elbow. He let it go. "I'm sorry, but you have to understand…"

Jewel raised her hand. "Let me guess what happened, and please correct me if I'm wrong. My brother got high, and he started bein' some prick callin' some of the group racist names. Am I right?"

"You're right," the sheriff answered.

"Well it's not like I didn't try to warn you all, didn't I? Shane?" Jewel asked as she turned her attention to the other man. "What did I tell you?"

Shane sighed. "That you should go and if we let Merle go, he'd cause problems," he said.

"Want to remind me what your answer was?" Jewel asked the man. She disliked Shane from the moment she had met him, she didn't know why, but something about him had bugged her.

"That you needed to stay here with your daughter because she only had one parent," Shane answered.

"Well, I hate to tell you I told you so, but I told you so," Jewel said as she turned back to the newcomer. "I've known him for 35 years, I know how my older brothers' can be. Merle doesn't play well with anyone and I tried to warn you. You can all say what you want, but you leavin' him handcuffed to a roof, that's on you," she told the man. "His blood is on your hands, you fought to come back to your family. Morales, Andrea and you, you're back with your family but one of my family is missing! My flesh and blood. I'm sure that on your way back they warned you that the other Dixon's probably wouldn't be happy. Lucky for you, I've learned to control the Dixon temper, you're not goin' to be so lucky with Daryl tomorrow," she said as she turned. "Summer, let's go," she told her daughter.

Summer glanced at her but didn't move.

"Summer Grace, now," she warned as she walked away with her daughter in tow.

Authors Note: The title "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" is from the song by Marilyn Manson from the same name. I heard it, saw a fan made video on you tube with it for the Walking Dead and was like yep that fits. PLEASE Review. This is my first Walking Dead Fan Fiction and I don't know if it's worth continuing.