All Nightmare Long

Chapter 578

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Carol, Daryl and Mar's POV:

Mar looked at Daryl as he knocked, then looked around the area. "It's isolated, just like Richard said. No wonder he wanted to take her out," she told him as Carol opened the door, giving both of them a shocked look. She looked between Daryl and Carol and gave a small smile. "Surprise."

Carol gave a small smile before walking up to Daryl, hugging him, before Daryl shrugged her off to Mar. Mar hugged her and nodded.

"Jesus took us to the Kingdom. Morgan said you just left, we were out here, I saw you. Why'd you go?" Daryl asked almost in tears.

Mar squeezed Daryl's shoulder as she looked at Carol. "I had too," Carol answered.

"We can leave, if that's what you want, if that's what you need," Mar offered.

"No, come in," Carol said as she went inside and bent down by the fire. "I couldn't lose anyone, couldn't lose any of them. I couldn't lose you, either one of you. I couldn't kill them. I could, I would, if they hurt any of our people, any more of them, that's what I would do. Then there wouldn't be anything left of me after that," she said as she looked into the fire.

Mar looked down at her hands then at Daryl, neither saying a word.

"The saviors' did they come?" Carol questioned.

Mar and Daryl both looked at each other. "Yeah," they both answered.

"Did anyone get hurt? Is everyone OK?" Carol questioned, tears in her eyes. "Did the Savior's? Is everyone back home OK? Daryl? Mar?" she begged.

Mar got up and sat beside Carol and put her arms around the other woman.

"They came," Daryl answered. "We got them, made a deal with the rest of them, like Ezekiel. Everyone's alright," he said lying as he looked at Mar.

"Yeah, and we found you, so we can tell everyone back home that you're OK. Judith and Hope miss you," Mar told her friend as she squeezed Carol's shoulder.

"Everyone's alright," Daryl repeated. "We gonna eat or what? We got to be a King or something to get food around here?"

"Just for that, if I was carol, I'd kick us out," Mar teased standing up, as Carol laughed.

"Shut up," Carol told him as she got the food together.

Mar went and sat down at the table as Carol gathered the food, and exchanged a look with Mar.

"Ezekiel, is he OK?" Daryl questioned as Carol gave them food.

"Yeah, I think he is," Carol answered.

"Good, we want to make sure that you are around people who care for you," Mar said as she took a bite of her food.

"Is Mitch with you?" Carol questioned.

"No, he's out with Joey. He's proven himself, he's growing up, he didn't want to be cooped up in Alexandria anymore," Mar answered as she finished eating. "You're always family, don't forget that," she said as she squeezed Carol's hand. "We should be going," she told Daryl as they stood up. "Do you want me to help you clean up?"

"It's fine," Carol said as she hugged her. "Don't leave without saying goodbye, alright?"

"I wouldn't ever think about it," Mar answered as Daryl opened the front door and handed her the weapon. They both walked out and stopped as Daryl looked back at Carol before Daryl went on the porch and hugged her. "Watch out for yourself alright?"

Carol nodded as Daryl came off the porch.

Mar gave her a wave before walking with Daryl. "She is going to be angry when she finds out the truth."

"She isn't going to find out," Daryl answered.

"She probably already knows we lied," Mar said. "But I understand why you did it," she said. "If I disagreed with it, I would have said something," she said as they entered the Kingdom.

"I know," Daryl said as he went in and sat in front of the tiger's cage.

"Yeah, I'll stay back here," Mar said as Shiva growled at Daryl.

"You're good with her," Morgan told Daryl. "Ezekiel will be impressed."

"Figure a guy who has a pet tiger can't be that bad," Daryl told Morgan. "And he's OK by Carol," he added.

"Yeah we found her," Mar answered.

"In that little house," Daryl added.

"What I said, when I said, she just went away, it's what she told me to do," Morgan told them.

"We understand, we talked with her," Mar said.

"Yeah we get it," Daryl said. "We need the Kingdom. You've got to make that happen."

Morgan shook his head. "I'm sorry, I mean I really am, but um, it can't be me."

Daryl stood up. "Look whatever you're holding onto, it's already gone man. Wake the hell up," he told the man.

"You're the same as me Daryl, and you are too, Mar," Morgan stated.

"You don't know shit about us," Daryl yelled at him.

"Yeah, I do," Morgan said as he paused. "Cause you didn't tell Carol what happened. You didn't, cause she'd be here otherwise. And, I'm glad for that," Morgan said. "We all holdin' onto something."

"We're going back to Hilltop in the morning, gonna get ready," Daryl said.

"And you have to do something, you have to get them ready or you need to go back to Alexandria and look at that little girl and wonder how you're gonna feel if something happens to her because of the Savior's," she said as she walked out with him. "Do you think he's going to do anything?"

"We can hope," Daryl said.

"Yeah we can," Mar said.


Sylvie walked down the hall as she felt her arm being grabbed and pulled into a room. She put her hands up to fight as she saw Dwight with a bandage on his head. "What the hell Dwight?"

"Where are they?" Dwight asked as he sat in his room.

"Where are who?" Sylvie asked as she crossed her arms.

"Daryl and Sherry," Dwight repeated.

"You know, Negan told me something about Daryl escaping, thinking I had something to do with it. But as I told him, I was preoccupied," Sylive responded as she turned to leave.

"Sherry wouldn't have left without your help," Dwight said as he held the note.

"Maybe you don't know your wife as well as you think you did. Oh, wait, she isn't your wife anymore is she?" Sylvie asked. "If I had anything to do with either of those things, why would I tell you? So you could go tell Negan? Suck up to him? So he wouldn't blame you? So you could distract the attention off yourself and Sherry? I don't know anything, Dwight, I was with Sampson. Negan already talked to us, so I don't have to prove anything to you," she said as she left the room.