The air was cool. The wind blew softly, making the fall leaves rattle, almost drowning out the sound of the nocturnal animals. I had just finished hunting and decided to walk home at a sedate pace, having been away for over a week. The thought of being back made me sigh. Don't get me wrong, I missed my family, but I would miss the peace and quiet in my head. They all tried to block their thoughts, but it wasn't easy. I also hated the town my maker decided we would settle in for the next few years. It meant it was back to high school again for theā€¦ God, too many to think about. Tomorrow was the start of a new school year.

I smelled an unusual scent. Not unpleasant, but different. Normally all I could smell this close to the border was shape-shifters. As yet I had only met the alpha, Sam Uley, who agreed to talk to Carlisle about the treaty. Curious about the scent I picked up the pace. I could hear the water crashing down on the rocks as I got closer. Every now and again the slight change in rhythm let me know something was occasionally disturbing the flow. The moon was high and its reflection shimmered.

I jumped into the trees and moved closer to see where the tantalizing smell was coming from. At first I saw nothing when suddenly a man who stood six-foot four stepped out from behind the falls and let the water cover him, his arms out and his head back. I swallowed venom quickly, not understanding why I felt a stir between my legs. In my 109 years as a vampire not once had I had an erection. It was believed that I was too young when Carlisle changed me. In the distance I heard the howl of a wolf. The beautiful man dropped his arms and dove gracefully off the rock into the water.

When he surfaced, he jumped out and shook his body, his skin drying instantly, however his hair remained damp. Pausing he looked around, his nostrils flaring. I moved quickly to hide behind the tree, still able to see his strong back. I tried to listen to his thoughts, but I couldn't find anything coming from him. This was a first. I could always hear something from everyone. Like I said, it was hard to hide your thoughts. Another howl sounded and the man shifted into a wolf. His fur was a beautiful grey with a white muzzle. Lifting his head, he howled and took off through the trees and out of sight. I waited for an hour before I got down from the tree and made my way home.

"We were starting to get worried." Carlisle greeted me the moment I stepped inside our home.

"Why? Alice could have told you I was fine," I said, not looking anyone in the eye.

"That's the thing, Edward. I couldn't see you. I still only catch glimpses of you now and again," she said, taking my hand in hers.

This had me worried. Alice always knew each and everyone's future to a certain extent. She kept telling me I would find my mate here, but I never believed her. A girl with brown hair would catch my eye. This thrilled yet scared me at the same time. I looked at my said mother, Esme, and she smiled kindly, but I could see worry etched on her face.

"I should go get ready for school," I said, taking my hand from Alices.

Shutting the door of my room I walked to the large windows and looked out over the forest. I wondered what the wolf was doing. Was he running the border, protecting his lands, or was he now in bed sleeping? I shook my head. What did it matter? The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon and if I was anything less perfect Alice would make me change. It must be nice to worry about such frivolous things. There was a knock on my door and I knew it was Jasper.

"Come in."

Jasper was the newest to our coven and still struggled with our diet. However it had been years since his last error in judgement. Stepping in, he leaned against the wall and just looked at me.

"What can I do you for?" I asked after several minutes of silence.

"Curiosity is a new emotion from you. It suits you well," he smiled. "If you ever want to talk..."

I trusted Jasper, but I didn't know what I was thinking about. Other than the beautiful man I saw only hours earlier. There was something about him that drew me in. His beauty was obvious. I was not blind to beautiful things, be it human or beast. I couldn't stop the small smile forming on my lips. The thought of his naked body that screamed dominance, but was graceful, intrigued me. My arousal wasn't something I could hide from anyone in the family. Jasper excused himself after reminding me that if I ever needed to talk, he would listen.

After several changes of clothes, Alice deemed us all acceptable for our first day at high school. We pulled up to the parking lot and could see already that everyone was curious about the new students. Emmett and Rose arrived shortly after the rest of us. The music blared from his stereo on the pretence of being normal, like any other teenager. Emmett jumped out and walked around to open the door for Rose. The perfect couple walked arm in arm through the lot. Girls were jealous of Rose's beauty and boys were envious of Emmett having her in his arms.

"And so it begins," Jasper sighed, getting out and walking ahead of me and Alice.

Since their break up, Alice and Jasper had remained friends. Even though Alice was hurt by his admission that she wasn't what he wanted in a mate, their relationship was close. Jasper had thought he would be asked to leave the coven, but no one wanted him to leave. He had become our brother and son. Alice linked her arm through mine as we made our way to the office to find our schedules.

At lunchtime we sat alone at a table. The students were curious, but not brave enough to introduce themselves to us. One girl kept staring at us more than the others. Her long hair was brown and dull, as was her face. Alice giggled and winked at me before nodding.

"No," I hissed.

"Edward, I've seen her in my visions. She is going to be your mate," she insisted.

I aimed my focus on the girl to listen to her thoughts. She was all but screaming in my head and I screwed my eyes closed, wanting her to shut up.

'Rich, powerful, beautiful.'

Excusing myself I headed to the restroom, not wanting to be in the same room as her. Even though I didn't have the need to use the facilities at all I walked into a stall and shut the door. I wanted a mate, but I wanted someone who loved me for more than what she saw. Maybe I was being too picky and needed to lower my standards. But she was human and would never be mine. The main bathroom door opened and several boys walked in.

"I would so bang that blonde," someone said.

"Dude, you have as much chance of banging that chick that I have of getting the blond dude to suck my dick. So stop dreaming, man," another guy scoffed.

"What, you gay now, Eric?"

"No, and that is my point, you idiot. You know that big dude she is with could squash you like a bug. The little one though, she is free. Imagine eating her out."

I hissed and opened the door, walking between the boys to wash my hands. They stepped aside and watched me. I was not as big them, being more on the small side, but they somehow knew I could hurt them. Without a word, I dried my hands with paper towels and threw them in the receptacle.

"Talk about my sisters like that again and I promise you won't know what hit you," I said, slinging my bag over my shoulder and walking out, banging the door behind me.

It was going to be a long three years. Chemistry class was the last of the day and I wanted to head back to the forest to see if I could get a glimpse of the man from the previous evening. After the teacher had the students settled and was about to start class, the door opened and the meek girl walked in, holding a note.

"Isabella Swan. Please take a seat next to Edward. We are just about to start."

"Call me Bella," she whispered.

Everyone started talking again as she walked to the back of the class and took a seat beside me. She gave a smile as she pulled out her books. Gagging from her stench, I held my nose and tried to focus on what the teacher was saying.

"Hi, I'm Bella." She held out her hand.

"Edward. And have you ever heard of mouthwash?" I asked, grabbing my bag and leaving the class without explanation.

"I can't believe you said that to the poor girl!" Emmett boomed as we raced through the woods, going for a hunt.

"Yeah, well honestly she reeked. Something in her blood is toxic and I couldn't exactly say that, could I?"

"So Alice was wrong, huh? Not like her," he chuckled.

"Emmett, what does it feel like to be in love?" I asked.

Emmett stopped running and grabbed my arm. "What do you know?"

"Well, I know that you love Rose. But what does it feel like?" I asked, genuinely perplexed.

Christ, I thought he knew for a second.

"Knew what?" I asked.

"Nothing. Come on. We gonna hunt or not?" Emmett asked, his thoughts now of him and Rose going at it like rabbits.

We had just found a herd of elk when Jasper joined us. None of us were hungry, having already prepared for the first day of school. It wasn't unusual for the three of us to leave the women at home just to get a break. Playing with the herd for a while we each caught one and drained it, dumping their bodies in a pile. Emmett had a bit of blood on his chin. As I was about to point it out, Jasper walked to him and rubbed his thumb over it and popped it in Emmett's mouth.

The scent of their arousal filled my nostrils. Emmett grabbed Jasper's wrist and pulled him closer, their chests touching as well as their groins. I tried to move, but my legs wouldn't. Emmett bent down and his lips met Jasper's. My cock began to grow in my pants. I couldn't watch. It was unnatural. It was wrong, but it looked so right.

"It's been too long," Emmett sighed as their lips pulled apart.

"You promised Rose we would never do it again, my darlin'," Jasper pouted, moving back.


"Just go. I can't do this. She is your mate," Jasper said, suddenly running through the forest.

"Shit," Emmett hissed.

"What the hell, Emmett?"

Emmett looked shocked as though he'd forgotten I was there. He shook his head and started walking back towards the house. I didn't know if I should follow him or Jasper. In the end I did neither and took off to the waterfall. I climbed the tree and sat on the branch as I had the previous evening. I had just watched my brothers make out in front of me, and yet I was turned on.

Jasper sounded hurt and the mention of Emmett promising Rose it would never happen again made me curious. Did they have something going on? Was I the only one who didn't know? So much was going through my head I didn't notice that just below me the handsome man had returned.

It wasn't until he gave a yelp that I looked down. His head just breaking the surface. I tensed and wondered if he had hurt himself, but he was smiling and shook his head. The water must have been cold. I watched as he relaxed, lying on his back, floating. His flaccid cock was larger than mine, but seemed in proportion to his large body.

"I can smell you," was all he said before ducking under the water.

I panicked, wondering if he was ever going to surface again. He knew I was there, but didn't seem angry. After several minutes he still hadn't surfaced and I jumped down and dared to cross the border to save him from drowning. As soon as my feet touched the forest floor his head popped up. I stood still, my body so close to the line he might consider it a breach and attack me. I knew I could protect myself, but I didn't want the treaty broken. I pushed myself against the tree as he climbed out of the water and made his way towards me. Water trickled down his body, gliding effortlessly over his rippled abs. I tried to keep my eyes above the waist. but failed. They gazed down at his thick uncut cock which was no longer flaccid. My own cock grew, making my jeans uncomfortably tight. The man paused and drew in a deep breath before he smiled.

"I'm not breaching the line," I whispered.

"Neither am I," he chuckled.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Does it matter?"

I shook my head. It really didn't. "I should be going. My family will be wondering where I am," I said, pushing myself off the tree.

"You like what you see?" It was like he hadn't heard me.

I nodded my head and licked my lips. The man chuckled and ran his gaze up and down my body. "I should..." I stuttered, pointing back towards home.

"Take your clothes off," he ordered.

"What? No," I whined.

"Take them off," he growled.

Whimpering, I begin to slowly undo my buttons. His large hand wrapped around his cock and he began stroking himself. When my shirt was removed I folded it carefully and placed it on a low hanging branch, my eyes never leaving his. I hesitated at my jeans for a moment, but the glare he gave told me he wouldn't allow it. If I could blush I knew I would be. My dick was leaking and my briefs had a wet patch on them. He ran his tongue over his lips, his eyes never leaving my lower area. I kicked off my shoes and let my jeans pool at my feet before I stepped out of them. Letting out an unneeded breath, I placed my thumbs on either side of the band of my briefs and pushed them down. My cock hit my stomach when it was released and stood proudly. Even if I wasn't as big as him, I had nothing to be ashamed of.

"Touch it?"

I didn't need to be told twice. This was my first ever full erection since I had been changed. I had never touched myself when I was human. A shiver ran through my body at my slightest touch. With my thumb and forefingers I began to stroke myself. My balls, once low, began to creep up into my body. A pleasant coiling feeling was in my belly. I bit my lip and started stroking myself faster. I heard a growl and looked up through hooded lids.

"Keep the eye on the prize."

"Sorry," I said, having forgotten the man was there.

His hand was moving slower than mine. It seemed graceful as his wrist twisted and turned over the head, but continued to stroke himself. In all my years as a vampire I had never felt as clumsy or immature. I tried to imitate exactly how he was doing it.

"Come for me Red," he ordered.

"I... I don't know if I can," I admitted.

The man paused his ministrations and stepped forward, his toes on the invisible line, but I didn't stop my own. I felt no fear of the man. His presence actually calmed me, almost like Jaspers. He took his ball sack in his hand and I mirrored what he was doing. My eyes rolled back into my head as pressure began to build up and my cock started to twitch. Suddenly my body shuddered, and my cock spurted come onto the forest floor. I continued to pump my cock until I was completely dry. I opened my eyes and saw the man looking at the ground, my cum slightly sparkling as the moonlight hit it.

"Jesus, that was hot," he said, stepping back.

Suddenly his own come shot out the tip of his cock. His heart was beating erratically and his breathing was in short pants. Like me, his eyes had rolled into the back of his head before the lids closed. His legs shook and buckled slightly before he opened his eyes. He smiled at me and brushed his thumb over the bulbous head before placing it in his mouth and sucking it. I wanted nothing more than to drop to my knees and clean up his come, to taste his essence on my tongue. Instead I leaned back on the tree and watched as he walked away, his butt firm, making two large indents. He jumped into the water and quickly surfaced. Without a word he gathered his clothes and tied them to a cord around his leg. He was about to leave.

"Will I see you again?" I asked, cringing that I sounded like a girl who needed more from a boy.

The man shrugged. "You're a leech. Nothing good will come of this," he sighed.

My unbeating heart sunk. If I could cry I probably would have. I grabbed my clothes and got dressed, now embarrassed by our little encounter.

"Hey. It was fun, right?"

I turned, surprised he was still there. I gave a weak smile and nodded. He nodded and turned to walk away. "Thanks," I said. He turned, but continued walking backwards.

"Pleasure was all mine, Red."

"Edward. My name is Edward," I corrected him.

Again he nodded. This time he turned and phased mid stride. I heard him howl and then nothing. I looked down at the ground, his sperm just slightly over on his side of the treaty line. I could smell it and it consumed me like blood. I wanted to taste him so bad. I was about to lean over and scoop it up when I smelled Jasper approaching. Quickly tidying myself up, I jumped into the canopy and took off towards home.