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Chapter 48

"I'm going to rip his fucking dick off." Edward screamed.

Outside the door Paul was pacing. The pregnancy went well and Edward was two days passed his due date. Carlisle got held up because of the weather cancelling any flights into the States. Brady was prepared even after he and the rest of the tribe celebrated Embry's 40th birthday. The couple had stopped phasing and were beginning to age. Embry leant against the wall his eyes following his best friend. His body tense and his eyes full of worry.

"Paul chill Brady said he is healthy and can handle this. Look at Emmett he has done this 6 times and he and Jacob are thinking of adding more."

The wolf growled and kept pacing. In a few hours Christmas would be upon them. The house was decorated from top to toe. Once the twins were born Edward always went overboard wanting the house to feel like the festive season. People from near and far came to view the lights. Paul tried to persuade his husband not to do it this year however he found himself up the ladder putting up the thousands of lights. Edward tutting when Paul didn't do exactly how he wanted them.

The bedroom door opened and Sue stepped out. "Edward wants you to come in."

Paul froze. Embry gave him a little push. "Get in there man your mate needs you." Gulping the wolf stepped in.

Expecting to see his mate on a bed on his back he was surprised his mate was on the floor on all fours. Brady kneeling between his legs. Sue gently pushed the wolf towards his mate. Edward reached out his hand snapping Paul out it.

"Red, you okay?" Paul asked sinking to the ground and running his hand through his mates hair.

Edward didn't say a word but nodded. Next second he was moaning. "That's it you're doing well I can see the head. I need you to push."

"No I'm to tired." Edward whined.

"Come on baby I know you can do it. Just a few more pushes and it's over with." Paul said trying to encourage his mate.

"I so hate you right now." Edward growled.

"I know Red." Paul chuckled.

Edward beared down and gritted his teeth. Suddenly everything seemed to happen at once. Brady and Sue were busy as the baby finally made his entrance to the world. When Edward collapsed Paul knew straight away that something wasn't right. Edward and Emmett went straight back into being vampires. Yet Edward's now soft skin didn't harden.

"Red, Red." Paul shook his mate, but didn't get a response.

"Christ Brady do something." Pau shouted.

Brady quickly turned from the baby and ordered Paul to get Edward on the table. The man looked confused Edward hadn't a heartbeat that was something he never possessed even when he was more human. His once flushed cheeks became grey. Emmett came rushing in phone pressed to his ear talking to Carlisle.

"Put it on speaker." Brady ordered as he started checking Edward over. "Get me blood." he demanded.

Seth came running in and ripped grabbed the equipment. Embry and Jacob pulled Paul out by his arms knowing there was nothing them or Paul could do other than get in the way. The wolf didn't protest. Awan raced in and demanded to know what was happening to his father. Jacob calmly explained as son and father embraced each other, both crying.

Hours passed no one had said a word not knowing what to say. The room was quiet except the soft murmurs from inside. Paul hadn't stopped passing every now and again stopping at the door his arms bracing himself there and taking deep breaths. Several times his alpha would go and pull him away and making him sit down. However it didn't last long and once again the wolf began to pace.

All heads snapped up when the bedroom door opened. Sue walked out looking tired, in her arms was a bundle wrapped in a blue blanket. Going to Paul she handed the baby over. The wolf didn't hesitate and took his newborn son in his arms pressing him close to his chest. His scent almost exactly like his father's.

"How's Edward?" Jacob asked Sue.

"Brady has him stable at the moment."

"Can I see him?" Paul asked.

"I'll ask Brady." she patted Paul's arm before going back into the room.

"Have you picked a name yet?" Embry asked behind his friend's shoulder. Paul looked down at his son moving him so he could see his face.

It was like looking at a miniature version of Edward. The only difference was the skin color which was like Paul's. The wolf couldn't help but smile at his son. They had talked about name over the last several months and in the end decided they would wait until he was born so that the name suited him.


Jacob went and took the young one from his father and looked down at him. Softly he pressed his lips against Masen's forehead. "Welcome little one. May the spirits guide you well." he whispered.

"Thank you." Paul said taking his son back after getting the blessing of his alpha.

Brady walked out wiping his hands. "Jacob can I have a word in private?"

"Can I go see him?" Paul asked.

"Of course Paul. Just for a moment." Brady said smiling softly at his friend.