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Chapter 1 – Prologue - Breaking the silence

He didn't know how long it had been. He could guess that it had been eons, but it was no more than a guess. Even if it hadn't been it was what it felt like to him.

It was his punishment, he accepted that, however he did not repent his actions. He still believed he had been in the right. Even after all this time he had been shown no reason to believe otherwise.

He may be isolated from everything, but he could feel the darkness growing. How could he repent when he was being proven right?

Though he was almost ready to beg for forgiveness, if for no other reason than to be taken out of the deafening silence. And just when he was about to do just that, there was a whisper.

He froze, afraid that if he moved even an inch he would lose that whisper. That wonderful whisper that was shattering eons of dreaded silence.

'Hello,' it came again, a little stronger than before, a little surer, 'I... I've never done this before,' the voice was young, that much he could tell, 'I... I'm Harry. My aunt took me to church today, it was the first time I went. Before she always said that freaks like me shouldn't blemish the Lord's house with our presence. But today there was no one to look after me so she had to take me. They were talking about God, and angels, and praying. They said that praying is what people do when they need someone, or something like that. I didn't really understand, but... well, I read about you, and heard them talking about you. I just... I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.'

Sorry? What could the voice be sorry for?

'I know what it's like to have family that doesn't love you. I know how it hurts. I'm sorry you have to feel that.' The voice continued, leaving him completely stunned. 'Though I suppose that God still loves you, he's supposed to love everyone. But my aunt says that freaks like me can't be loved, so He may not love me, but you, I'm sure he loves you. You were only doing what you thought was right, right? That's no reason to stop loving you.'

The voice went quiet again, but at the moment he didn't really mind. He hadn't felt anything but the overwhelming silence and rage for eons. This quiet, sweet, young voice had been like a breath of fresh air. Even if he never heard the voice again, it would be enough to hold him for eons.

But he heard the voice again. He didn't know how long it had been, but the voice sounded the same so he supposed that it hadn't been all that long.

'Hello,' the voice, Harry, was rather polite, 'I'm sorry if I'm bothering you,' you'll never be a bother he wanted to tell the child, never, never, never. The sweet, kind voice was his salvation, 'I... I have no one to talk to, so I hope you don't mind if I talk to you.'. Of course he didn't mind, the child could talk to him for the rest of eternity as far as he was concerned. 'I started school today, I thought I could maybe make a friend. But my cousin bullied everyone who tried to talk to me, so I'm all alone. But... but as long as I can talk to you I don't mind. As long as I have you I won't be alone.'

Silence engulfed him once more though this time he knew it wouldn't be forever. The child would talk to him again, he knew it.

And Harry did. Day after day the child told him about his life; little things like how he was doing in school or about his homework. There was even a time that Harry spent what could have been hours talking about a garden snake that had slithered into his aunt's flower garden. That was also when he realized just how special the boy was.

Harry could understand the snake and that could mean only one thing: the child was one of the few that his Father had blessed.

His Father had given a select few humans the power of Creation. Just a tiny, tiny drop – less than a tear drop in a wast ocean – but even that tiny drop was enough to work miracles. That tiny little drop made ordinary humans something more, something magical.

He chuckled for the first time in an eternity. He had already known that the child was special, he just hadn't realized how special.

'I haven't gone to church since that time,' Harry confessed one day. 'My aunt doesn't take me anymore. I thought that I wouldn't be able to talk to you anymore if I didn't go to church, so I sneaked out.' He contained a smile at that admission; such a little troublemaker. 'I went to the church. The Priest scolded me for being out so late and all alone. Then he asked me why I was there and I explained. I said I couldn't go to church and was afraid that I couldn't talk to my angel if I didn't go. The priest said that I could talk to you for as long as I had faith, it didn't matter if I didn't go to church. I don't know what faith is but I promise never to lose it if it means I can talk to you always.'

In his heart he hoped the child would keep his promise.

Unfortunately his moments with his boy weren't all sweet. He lost count of the times that Harry would talk to him in tears, begging to know why his family hated him, why he wasn't a good boy, why he didn't get to eat.

In those moments the rage that filled him was for a completely different reason. How dared those humans do that to a child? To his boy? How could they be so cruel to such a pure soul? How could his Father still love them when they acted as they did?

He doubted he would ever understand.

Those were also the moments when he wanted nothing more than to comfort his child. To hold him close and tell him that he was loved. That their Father adored him with everything He was and that he was so very special. He had never felt more helpless than in those moments.

And then, out of nowhere, finally came a day that he had been dreading; the day that Harry was afraid of him.

'I found out that I'm a wizard.' Harry sounded so hesitant that it broke his heart. The little one had never been afraid of him before. 'I... I hope you don't mind if I continue to talk with you even though the Bible says that my kind should be killed.'

He snarled, his cage quivering with his anger. Those foul, loathsome humans! As if a book written by man could hold his Father's words! They were lucky that their careless words hadn't cost him his boy, otherwise nothing would have stopped his wrath.

'This is so amazing!' He had never heard Harry so excited before, 'I mean it's a magical castle! A castle!' He chuckled, he could picture Harry's little face light up with excitement, even though he had no idea how his child looked. 'I even made a friend.' Harry continued happily, 'You'll always be my very first friend, but I'm so happy not to be alone anymore.'

Just for that he decided that any mortal that the little one befriended was off limits. Anyone who could make his boy that happy was welcome in his books.

However as the year progressed things took a turn for the worse. Helpless rage filled him as time passed and the life of his boy was threatened over and over. Why? Why did it have to be Harry?

'I killed someone,' came the broken whisper and he felt like tearing his own heart out, 'Does that make me a bad person?'

No! No, no, no, he wanted to scream it. You're not bad. You are the only good thing on this Earth. You are good. So good. So pure, so innocent. He shouted in his mind, knowing that the child would never hear him.

'Will I go to Hell now?' He screamed and his cage shook. 'I don't mind if I do, at least I would be with you.'

For the first time since his creation he cried. He didn't deserve the devotion Harry showed him, but he would make sure that he would become someone deserving of it.

The following weeks were the worst he could remember of his imprisonment. He remembered every single time the child had woken up in tears after a horrible nightmare, seeing the man burning up at his touch.

Harry had confessed to him that he had been afraid of touching his friends. Afraid that he would hurt them.

Slowly though Harry overcame his fears, his nightmares. And he had never felt prouder. Harry was such a strong child.

Unfortunately that strength was put to test far sooner than what he would have liked. Really, could the child not catch a break?

'I don't understand.' Harry confessed late one night, 'How can talking to an animal be evil? It's an animal. Animals aren't evil, they are probably the less evil thing on this Earth. They know no greed, no pride, no envy. They just live. I don't understand.'

Neither do I, he replied even though the boy wouldn't be able to hear him. Then again, I never did understand humans.

And then his little one had to prove all those humans wrong by risking his life. He practically had a heart attack, though he knew that it was technically impossible for him to have one. But really, what other reaction should he have had when Harry told him that he had been bitten by a basilisk? A thousand year old basilisk, no less.

As far as he was concerned Harry was courting Death far too much.

'I don't know for how long I'll be able to handle this; I hate the way she talks about my parents. My parents gave everything for me, to hear her talk about them like that... It makes me want to curse her.' Harry sounded so much older even though he knew that it hadn't been all that long since they had talked.

Harry was growing up.

It was a strange thought for him. He and his siblings didn't grow up – they grew older, stronger – but there was no changing for them. They remained the same from the moment their Father created them til the moment of their death.

Harry was human, a mortal. He had grown into a teen and would soon be a man. Death would come in the blink of an eye.

In the meanwhile he would continue to be locked in his cage unable to tell Harry just how special he was. Unable to hold him and comfort him. Harry would die and enter Heaven and he would never be able to hear that sweet voice again.

In that precise moment, for the first time since his creation, he resented his Father. His Father who had given him this bright light and would never allow him to even gaze upon it.

'I'm in so much trouble.' The panicked voice filtered through. 'I didn't want to do it, I swear! She just made me so angry. Do you think they'll expel me? You know... sometimes I really wish you could answer.'

He sighed when he heard just how dejected the little one sounded. He wished for the same.

'Help me! Please!'

The terrified scream seemed to echo in his cage and he prowled back and forth like a caged lion. What in the name of his Father had happened? He had felt Harry's soul slipping into Hell only to be snatched away! How was that possible? How?

'I hate them.' Came the quite whisper not longer after the terrified scream. 'Dementors. If there are demons on this Earth than dementors must be some of them.'

That explained why he had felt Harry's soul nearing Hell. Dementors, contrary to what Harry thought, weren't demons. They were reapers that had gone rogue and would sent any soul that they snatched up straight to Hell. They didn't care if it was the soul of an innocent or not. Their mouths worked as tiny one-way entrances to Hell. What were those things doing near Harry? Nothing with a soul should be near them. Especially not Harry.

'I created a Patronus!' Harry's excitement was almost palpable. 'At first I thought that it had been my dad, but then when we went back in time to save Sirius I knew it was me. I... I think you're my Patronus.'

He blinked. What? He was the little one's Patronus?

'It's just... I couldn't really see it but it was huge. It was so bright, almost blinding, and as tall as a giant. I could barely see the outline of six enormous wings. I... I know it's childish... but I think it was you. I know I could be mistaken. I never saw an angel so how could I know, right? But... It's just a feeling, you know? Besides, magic is sentient. Magic must know what you mean to me so it found a way to give me a little bit of you.'

He was stunned. He was the little one's happiest memory? Him? A fierce pride and happiness filled him. He made Harry happy. He could spend the rest of eternity doing that and only that and he would consider it an eternity well spent.

'Why do this things always happen to me?' Harry sounded so tired but he could hear the anger underneath those words. 'Year after year they turn on me. How fickle can they be? How many more times do I have to save them for they to finally believe in me? And you know the worst? Ron doesn't believe me. After everything we went through he just... he didn't believe me.'

Humans weren't endearing themselves to him at all. Especially these humans who harmed his boy so. Why did they feel the need to constantly harm Harry? Couldn't they see just how special Harry was?

'I'm going to die.'

The whisper seemed to be right beside him. For the first time since his punishment he could see something besides the walls of his cage. Light... so much light. And in the middle of it all his boy. He would recognize that soul anywhere. He was seeing Harry for the first time. True, he could only make out black hair and a small, slight body, but it was better than nothing. So fascinated was he in looking at his boy that it took him a moment to realize that there was someone else in the circle of light with Harry. He glanced at the other soul and couldn't help but sneer in disgust. That was a Hell bound human right there, though his soul was already more demonic than human.

In a fraction of a second he understood what was happening and he was beside Harry. He growled in frustration when he still couldn't make out his features, much less touch him.

Hold on, Harry. Don't let go, he thought.

'I won't.'

He stared in stunned disbelief for what felt like an age. Harry could hear him. He could hear him!

He laughed in delight and pressed even closer to Harry. That's it, Harry. Hold on. I know you can do it. I'm so proud of you. So, so proud. My little one, hold on. Be strong. Don't break the connection.

Then there were shades around them and they could see him.

'Thank you.' Two shades whispered in his mind. 'Thank you for loving our child.' Harry parents then. He couldn't help but wonder if Harry looked like them. He certainly had his father's hair.

Always, he whispered back. It was more than a simple promise. It was a fact. He would always love Harry.

'Thank you.' The whispered words echoed in his mind and everything dissolved around him.

No! No, no, no! Don't take him from me!

He raged inside his cage. His anger could be felt in all of Hell and he hoped in Heaven as well. Only when that sweet voice broke the silence did he calm.

'Voldemort's back.'

I know, he whispered.

'He took my blood to come back.'

He closed his eyes in resignation. Harry couldn't hear him anymore.

'Something happened in the graveyard. I didn't tell anyone, they would think I'm crazy. But I heard a voice in the Light. I was so warm and safe. I just wanted to listen to it forever and never let go. I have never felt so... so loved.'

He felt as if he could burst with happiness and pride. Harry had felt him, had heard him. His boy was so, so special.

'Do... do you think I was imagining things?'

He shook his head. What he wouldn't give to be able to tell Harry just who he had heard. He wanted to tell Harry that it had been him who had stood beside Harry in that graveyard. That he had been with Harry since that day so many, many years ago.

'It doesn't matter if I did...' Harry whispered. 'I will treasure that feeling forever.'

So will I, he replied, even though Harry wouldn't be able to hear him.

NO! He roared when he felt Harry's soul slipping into Hell. It was so close, it's pureness serving as a homing beacon for any demon around.

In the last second, just when he thought it would be too late, Harry's soul was gone from the demon's grasp. He had never felt such relief. He had never been more grateful for anything in his existence. Harry was safe.

'Sometimes I wonder if they don't deserve whatever Voldemort does to them.' Harry mused one night. 'They don't fight for themselves. They just bury their heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening. And they are so prejudiced. How can such a society strive? I'm afraid that by the time I have children there will be nothing left of the Wizarding World and it breaks my heart. Do you think it's possible to save us?' Harry sighed. 'Sometimes I can't help but think that you were right when you tried to destroy humanity.'

Every time I hear your voice I know I wasn't, he thought, if only because if I had then you would never have existed.

It was strange that what his Father had tried to tell him so many times and he never understood was so easily grasped by him when he heard his boy. Though maybe not entirely as his Father had wanted him to understand. He could put up with humanity if only so that he could have Harry. He still believed that humanity would destroy the Earth, his Father's most wonderful creation. He still thought that humanity was doomed. He still found them utterly detestable. But he would overlook all of that if only so that he could have Harry.

He chuckled. What would his brothers think of him if they saw him now?

'Sirius is dead.' Harry sounded broken. It made him ache. His boy should never sound like that. 'It was my fault. He went to save me and died.' In that case the human male deserved to have his eternal rest in Heaven.

He wanted to tell Harry about Heaven. Tell him how all the souls found happiness and peace there. That his godfather was happy and that Harry should grief but not let it consume him. Sirius was in a better place. He could attest to that.

'The war is starting... maybe saying that the war is re-starting would be more accurate. I don't think I will survive this, I truly don't. I think my friends think the same. It's obvious in the way they look at me. I don't blame them. Not now after I've learned what Voldemort did to his soul. I... I don't feel guilty about having to kill him. I don't think he's human anymore, not after what he did to his soul.'

Yes, Voldemort had very little humanity in him left. Ironically his mortality was the only human thing about him now. The very thing he had tried to conquer. He shook his head, Voldemort should have known that there was nothing that could conquer Death. Even their Father would succumb to it eventually.

Death... the being his little one courted so carelessly.

'Dumbledore's dead. I don't know if I can do this alone. How am I supposed to find those horcruxes when I don't even know what they are?'

How he wanted to help. It was painful to hear just how hopeless Harry felt. If he could he would point Harry in the right direction. He would search for those soul pieces and destroy them for Harry so that Harry could live in peace as he had always wanted.

It was hard for him not being able to do anything at all to help. He couldn't even let Harry know that he was listening.

'I'm going to die.' The certainty in Harry's voice scared him. 'I'm a horcrux. I have to die so that Voldemort can be killed.' What? No. No. That couldn't be true. 'I want to thank you for always being here for me. Your presence along these years was such a comfort to me. I only regret that I will never be able to show you just how important you are to me. Thank you, Lucifer.'

It was the first time Harry had ever said is name. His name would be the last thing he heard from that sweet voice.

His grief filled roar echoed in every corner of Hell when he felt Harry's soul vanish.

His light, his joy, his everything... gone. Gone!

They would pay! They would all pay for taking his little one from him. Heaven, Hell, Earth... he didn't care, he will destroy them all! Everyone will feel his grief, his pain! Nothing will survive his wrath! If he had to bring the apocalypse about to achieve it then so be it! Not even Death will escape his ire, he will make sure of it. He will chain Death to him, make him pay for taking his light and joy. Everything will bur-.

Harry? He asked tentatively, hardly daring to believe what he was feeling. Harry's soul was on Earth again.

How? What had happened? Please, please don't let it be just his wishful thinking.

'I didn't die.' Harry's voice filled his cage, clearer than ever and he slumped in relief. 'I mean, I died. I just didn't stay dead. It was strange.'

He didn't care how or why Harry was still alive. The only thing that mattered was that he was. His little one was back, everything else didn't matter.

'So many died. I can't even... I don't know how many died. Numbers are still coming in. I... We lost Fred. They Weasleys are devastated. Remus and Tonks died too. Teddy is now an orphan. My godson is an orphan. I don't know how we will overcome all of this.'

He truly wanted to be able to hug Harry. He knew how devastating war was. He had never wanted for Harry to have to go through something so horrifying. If he could he would have kidnapped Harry and shielded him from everything bad in the world.

'What should I do?' He didn't think he had ever heard Harry sound so desperate. 'I'm eighteen! I don't know how to care for a baby! I had thought that Andromeda would get custody of him, but Bellatrix did more damaged to her than what we had thought. Her nerves are damaged beyond repair. Andromeda... she's dying. And even if she weren't she wouldn't be able to keep Teddy. The other day she was holding Teddy and she had a seizure because of the damage caused by the Cruciatus. She... she dropped him. She was inconsolable. She contacted me right after that happened. She told me I would have to take Teddy. I love Teddy, I'm just afraid I won't be good enough for him.'

What a silly thought. Any child would be lucky to have Harry raise them. He knew that Harry would love the child with all his heart. Teddy will never lack any love.

'He's growing up so fast.' Harry's voice was filled with love. He had never heard Harry so content. 'He's already crawling around. Molly says I'll have to child proof our home soon. That Teddy will be running around in no time and getting into all sorts of mischief. Andromeda has been staying with us. I tried telling her that she would have better care at St. Mungos, but she won't have it. She said she would not spend her last days locked up in a hospital. I don't have the heart to contradict her.'

He was sure that Andromeda would join her family in Heaven. They would probably share Heavens, just like it happened with close families that were marred by the same tragedies. It wouldn't surprise him if all of Voldemort's victims ended up in the same Heaven. Souls tended to gravitated towards what they loved, what they knew, what they represented. These people, these human heroes, who fought to protect humans that would sooner condemn them than help them were good souls, who had been ripped from their loved ones and who had given their lives for something bigger than themselves. He was sure that these souls would find each other in the afterlife and share a Heaven.

And one day Harry would more than likely join them.

'Andromeda passed away today.' Harry was trying to stay strong but he could hear his voice shacking. 'Teddy's first birthday is next week and I just...'

His heart clenched when his cage filled with the sounds of sobbing. It was the worst thing he could be put through, knowing in how much pain Harry was in and not be able to do anything at all. In his mind out of all the sins he had ever committed, the worst of all was not being there to comfort Harry.

'Teddy and I are moving. Britain just isn't home for us anymore. The newspapers, the people... it just isn't working. We'll stay in contact with our family and friends, we'll only be a floo call away, but to everyone else we'll just be gone. I don't want Teddy to grow up in this environment and he's starting to understand. The other day he asked me what a half-breed was and why I was raising one. It broke my heart. I can't have Teddy living in that sort of environment, I just can't.'

A small smile spread on his lips. He had known that Harry would make a wonderful parent.

'It's been four years since the war. Teddy has gotten so big and there's a whole new generation of Weasleys running around. Life is moving forward. We aren't healed yet, but we are getting there. It's reaching a point where I can sleep a whole week without a nightmare haunting my nights. We can finally say that we survived the war. Lucifer,' he froze, that was the second time that Harry had used his name, 'I would never have made it this far without you. Without you I wouldn't have made it passed my childhood. I don't care how many sins you have committed, I don't care that you went against God, to me you will always be the brightest of all angels. Thank you, my angel.'

He didn't know for how long he stood there, completely frozen in place. Harry's last words dancing in his mind.

"Father," he went down on his knees, speaking for the first time since he had been locked up, "Father, please, please let me be with him. I do not care for anything else, just please, Father, please grant me this one wish. I beg of you, let me be with him."

A flash of light.

His cage opened.

He was free.

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