Rough Time Line

March 1942 – Barnes gets his orders

August 1942 – Steve takes on his first Hydra base and rescues Barnes from Zola

April 1943 – Zola is captured

December 1943 – Barnes gets Super Soldier'd just in time for Christmas

May 1944 – meet the Howletts

June 1944 – Corporal Parker joins the ranks of Super Soldiers

April 1945 – moving up to the front line to join the Howling Commandos

September 1945 – WW2 ends

February 1946 – Evangeline and Bucky are married and leave to begin their new life together

Some time in the future – The SEQUEL BEGINS!

That's right folks, I'm actually kinda-sorta planning a sequel for this one. I have some rough ideas of things that will come up, building on things I hinted at/began-but-didn't-resolve in this story, but I need input!

Give me your craziest ideas, your highest hopes, what you want to see Evangeline and Bucky do, where you think they should go, and who you think they should meet – either to reunite with, or entirely new faces.

I make no promises to include any or all of the suggestions I may get, but the muses need ideas to feed off, or the sequel that I actually want to write won't happen.