Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire; Game of Thrones; and Harry Potter
Main Pairing: Jon Snow (Aemon Targaryen)/Hedera Potter
Side Pairings: Theodore Nott/Blaise Zabini; and Ned Stark/Catelyn Tully Stark
Warnings: alternate universe; female!Harry Potter (Hedera Potter); het; slash; possible bashing of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger; blood adoption (Theodore Nott); Jon Snow is a Targaryen; Lyanna Plus Rhaegar Equals Jon; Viserys Targaryen is Sane; Daenerys Targaryen; and Jon Snow's Name is not Aegon

Summary: Knowing what destinies lied ahead of them, the Old Gods of Forest forged a connection between Hedera Potter and Jon Snow. They each needed support and guidance in the tasks that lay ahead of them.

Of Flames and Snow

Hedera Potter couldn't remember where she found the trinket, but she had had it for as long as she could remember. With that trinket came her best friend, Jon Snow. The trinket was a small bronze coin with a wolf on one side and a dragon on the other.

The first time she met Jon Snow was in a dream, but it didn't feel like a dream. She found Jon in his room, seated on his bed with a book. Jon was convinced Hedera was a ghost because their phased through each other when they tried to touch. Though, Hedera could touch other things, like she could sit on the bed next to him or she could point to something in his book. Slowly, they got to know one another over the afternoon.

Their second meeting, Jon came to her in her cupboard. This time, Jon was ghost-like-but-a-ghost.




Hedera and Jon met almost everyday. Whenever one fell asleep, they would often visit the other. They both learned to keep the other a secret. Hedera was slapped by her aunt for daring to lie and create an imaginary friend when there were plenty for real children for her to befriend before being sent to her cupboard. Jon was patted on the had by his father and he was ignored by his brother for a few days.

Years passed, and they grew up together. Jon trained with Robb, and he taught Hedera what he could. It was hard to properly teach her when they phased through one another. Hedera attended school and she tried to learn.

When Hedera turned eleven, things changed. She was a witch.




When she attended Hogwarts, Hedera was Sorted into Gryffindor, like her friends. At Jon's urging, she worked on befriending various classmates from the other Houses. She was a stellar student, paying attention in class and she read every spell book she could get her hands on. Jon insisted Hedera be the best student, and Hedera didn't want to disappoint Jon.

Among her friends were Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The pair considered themselves Hedera's best friends while she didn't see either of them as a close friend. Ron befriended her because she was the Girl-Who-Lived and he wanted a famous friend, something that none of his siblings had. Hermione befriended her because Hedera was a better student than she was and Hermione wanted to know why so she could replace Hedera as the best. While they were friends, Hedera didn't really trust either of them.

Other friends included Megan Jones and Oliver Rivers from Hufflepuff, Sue Li and Padma Patil from Ravenclaw, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott from Slytherin, and Sally Smith from Gryffindor. Megan was a good friend, known for finding Hedera in the dusty corners of the library. Oliver had a habit of bringing Hedera food and ink between classes and while she was studying. Sue and Padma joined Hedera in her studying while Theodore stole their books and forced them to go outside or spend time around people. Blaise smirked and shook his head while sneaking them books at their House tables or outside. Sally shared a dorm room and a class schedule with Hedera, they would roam the hallways together and they share notes inside and outside of class. Out of her new friends, Hedera's closest friend was Sally.

There was no doubt that Hedera's best friend was Jon. He was by her side for everything. Jon kept her calm when she had the Sorcerer's Stone and Voldemort wanted it. He even told Hedera to hide the Stone so no one could find it. She placed it in an inner robe pocket, where she found it after being released from the Hospital Wing. When she battled the basilisk with her eyes closed, Jon offered tips on how to fight as he provided directions based on the snake's movements. At her first meeting with Sirius Black, Jon helped keep her temper in check.

Forth year saw numerous changes. Hedera found herself dreaming of Jon every night, even when she didn't visit him. The new dreams were different. In these dreams, Hedera explored her feelings for her best friend. She was crazy about him.

On Halloween that year, things changed. Ron ended their friendship because Hedera's name came out of the Goblet of Fire, making her the Fourth Champion in the Triwizard Tournament, and his didn't. Hermione distanced herself by spending more time with her homework and Ron. Her Hufflepuff friends, Megan and Oliver, distanced themselves to support their Housemate and the other Hogwarts Champion, Cedric Diggory. Sue and Padma were supportive while Blaise and Theodore helped her prepare for the First Task. Sally proved to be a true and loyal friend, sticking by Hedera's side and believing her. Why would Hedera want to enter the Tournament?

Hedera found she didn't miss either Ron or Hermione – which confirmed the lack of closeness in their friendship – while she did miss Megan and Oliver. During that time, she had her other friends and Jon. Her other friends assisted her where they could – Sue and Padma with homework and studying, Blaise and Theodore with planning and gossip, and Sally with food and random facts. Jon was able to distract her.

When she found out about the dragons, everyone had different reactions. Sue and Padma were horrified. They couldn't believe the Ministry would allow something so dangerous. Blaise and Theodore wore twin expressions of shock and disbelieve. Sally's dark eyes had widen and her mouth fell open before she started naming different types of dragons. Jon had been beside Hedera when she spotted the dragons, looking over each one with a critical eye. Later, after Hedera informed her friends about the First Task, Jon helped strategize.

Possessing a sense of fair play and loyalty, Hedera told Cedric about the dragons before she got busy planning. Together with Jon and her other friends, Hedera learned new spells and she practiced flying on her broom.

After finishing the First Task, Ron and Hermione came back around. While Hedera didn't turn them away, she wasn't overly friendly and welcoming. Oliver and Megan returned to Hedera's side, but they kept their distance, wanting to support their Housemate and the "true" Hogwarts Champion. Their words left a bitter taste in Hedera's mouth, but she welcomed them with a tight smile and open arms.

Hedera took Blaise to the Yule Ball as friends. They were both interested in other people – Hedera in Jon and Blaise in Megan Jones. Megan went with Oliver while Sue went with Terry Boot, Padma with Theodore, and Sally with Lee Jordan. Meanwhile Hermione managed to score a date with Viktor Krum, and Ron was dateless since he didn't bother trying to find a date until the last minute when both Hedera and Hermione were unavailable.

With Sally's and Theodore's assistance, Hedera managed to find the secret of the golden egg. Theodore recognized Merish when he heard and Sally knew how to translate without spells. Together, Sally and Megan took Hedera to the Prefects bathroom where she opened the egg and they listened to the riddle a few times. Blaise and Padma figured out the riddle before everyone started working on the strategy. Padma and Oliver headed the efforts to learn non-verbal magic while Theodore taught her the Bubble Head Charm.

Sally was held hostage at the bottom of the Black Lake during the Second Task. Thanks to Jon's whispers, she managed to keep a level-head before diving into the lake to retrieve her friend.

Preparation for the Third Task remained the same. Ron and Hermione tried and failed to get Hedera's attention while she prepared for the task. Sue, Padma, and Theodore created lists of spells for her to learn while Sally and Blaise learned them along side her. Theodore and Sue worked out strategy after strategy while Padma quizzed Hedera on the various spells she learned and Blaise watched her blast things with those new spells. Oliver and Megan stayed out the preparation process, but they offer help with homework and class notes in between distractions.

The weeks passed with Hedera learning as much magic as she could. She practiced spells until she had each mastered, and she learned a verity of different magic. Her friends wanted her to be well prepared for the Third Task.

The Third Task – and the blasted Triwizard Tournament – ended in disaster. Hedera made it to the Cup a few seconds before Cedric Diggory did, but she offered it to him. In the end, they agreed to tie. It was a victory for Hogwarts either way. The Cup turned out to be a port-key that took them to a graveyard, where Cedric was killed by Peter Pettigrew on Voldemort's orders. Hedera was offered to witness and assist in the resurrection of Voldemort. She barely able to escape, taking Cedric's body with her.

Fifth year was horrible. Hedera's feelings for Jon deepened, and she didn't want anyone else, but she couldn't have him. With Jon around, Hedera didn't fall for Umbridge's baiting, and she kept a level head when Hermione tried to pressure her about forming a defense group. Hedera wasn't willing to teach a large group, but she would teach a few people, who in turn could assist others.

With the death of Cedric, Hedera's friendships with Oliver and Megan cooled. While they believed he was murdered by someone else, they didn't believe Voldemort was back, backing the stories in The Daily Prophet. Sue was being pressured by her family to turn her back on Hedera while Theodore was being pressured to take the Dark Mark and swear his service to the Dark Lord. Padma and Sally were firm in their support of Hedera, and Blaise offered his assistance from the sides.

Jon wasn't around when Hedera headed to the Department of Mysteries on an ill-fated trip to save Sirius. Sally, Padma, Blaise, and Theodore joined her. The trip ended in the death of Sirius, and Theodore being disowned from his family.

It was Jon who gave her the idea on how to help Theodore. Since his father didn't want him and he needed a family, Hedera adopted him into the Potter family. Blood and magic expected him, making him Theodore James Potter. A few weeks after his adoption, Theodore and Blaise began dating.

Sixth year was quiet, for the most part. Hedera received "special" lessons from Headmaster Dumbledore, learning about Voldemort's past. Everything she learned, she passed onto Theodore, Blaise, and Sally. Outside of classes, she spent time with her friends, studying and learning and working on homework. In her free time, Jon kept Hedera busy with fighting lessons, watching her fight an opponent.

With Voldemort's official return announced, Hedera found some of her friends had returned. Sue's family backed off, and she rushed to return to Hedera's side with apologies and tears. Oliver and Megan returned with smiles and words of apology. She quickly welcomed back Sue, and she gave Oliver and Megan a tentative welcome back.

Following Dumbledore's death, Hedera started to plan the horcrux hunt with Theodore, Blaise, and Sally. Theodore pulled the "big brother" card, refusing to let her go alone while Blaise and Sally were stubborn and loyal. Sue and Padma quickly realized something was going on, and they forced their way into the conversations. While they wouldn't participate in the actual horcrux hunt, they would provide research assistance and information. Megan, Oliver, Hermione, and Ron were excluded from the process.

Theodore, Blaise, and Sally were by her side, and Jon was with her every step of the way. Their connection seemed to deepen that year with them connecting nearly every night. In fact, Jon was with her until the very end. As Voldemort's Killing Curse hit, Hedera watched Jon faded from her view.




When she opened her eyes, Hedera found herself in a shadowy realm. She couldn't see anything around her except for darkness.

"Greetings, Chosen One," an airy feminine voice said.

"Who's there?" Hedera demanded, glancing around in the darkness for the source of the voice.

"Fear not, Chosen One," another voice said, this one was stern and masculine.

"We are not well known to your kind," the feminine voice said. "To some, We are known as the Old Gods."

Hedera stilled, her green eyes widening. Jon taught her about the Old Gods, it was the religion he followed along with most of the people in the North.

"We are the reason you met Young Aemon," the feminine voice explained. "We felt that you two would benefit each other. You needed a friend and a confident, and Young Aemon needed a friend outside of the Starks."

Hedera frowned, her eyes narrowing. Who was this 'Young Aemon' they kept referring to? The only Aemon she knew was Aemon Targaryen the Dragonknight of the Kingsguard. "Who is Aemon?" she asked.

"You know him as Jon Snow," the feminine voice replied. "He was born Aemon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. He is the rightful king of Westeros."

Shocked, her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. "W-what?" she whispered.

"Eddard Stark found his sister on the Stranger's door," the masculine voice explained. "She was sick with child-bed fever. With her dying breath, she begged her brother to protect her son. So, Eddard claimed the child as his own and named him Jon."

Overwhelmed, Hedera shook her head. This was a lot of information. "Why am I here?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. When the Killing Curse was shot at her, she expected to die.

"We have an offer for you, Chosen One," the masculine voice said.

"What?" she asked, closing her eyes.

"Do you want to join Young Aemon?" the feminine voice asked.

Hedera's eyes narrowed. She didn't understand the question.

"Would you care to join Young Aemon in Winterfell?" the masculine voice asked.

"Yes," Hedera answered without even thinking. She loved Jon, and she wanted to be with him. "What about Theodore?" she asked. She didn't want to leave her brother, but she wanted to be with Jon.

"Why do you worry about Theodore Nott?" the feminine voice asked.

"His name is Theodore Potter," she declared, a note of anger in her voice, "and he's my brother – my only family. I want him to be happy. I need to know he'll be happy – him, Blaise, and Sally. I know Sue and Padma will be alright."

There was silence.

"You have a large heart," the masculine voice said. "Your ability to love is your greatest ability. Never forget that."

"How is Theodore?" she asked in a whisper. She knew part of the answer. He would be a reck. Hedera was his only family and he loved her. With her gone, he would have Blaise, Sally, and their other friends, but he wouldn't be the same. It was likely in his grief, he push everyone away until he was alone and miserable.

"We'll make arrangements for him and the other two," the masculine voice said, "depending on how you do."

"What do I need to do?" she asked. She didn't like their offer was contingent on her own actions.

"Good need to convince Aemon to stay at Winterfell and not take the Black," the feminine voice said.

"Do not worry, we will send you everything you need," the masculine voice promised.

Suddenly, Hedera found herself tired. Her eyes grew heavy and she was blacking out.




The North, Westeros

The next time Hedera opened her eyes, she was in a small clearing. Everything around her was covered in snow – several inches of it. She looked around before pushing herself up and onto her feet. There was a pile of familiar belongings near her that weren't covered in snow. Once she was on her feet, Hedera dashed over to the pile, and she started sorting through the items.

She found several of her things, from her photo album to her textbooks to her clothes. Opening the photo album, she found the pictures had changed. They no longer moved, and appeared to be portrays – the muggle kind, not the magical. She ran her fingers over a picture of her parents before closing the photo album.

Next, she noticed a change in her textbooks. They were still thick volumes with lots of pages, but the covers were rather plain and made of leather, each bound with a cord around the cover. Opening one labeled Standard Book of Spells, Vol. 6, she found the neat type font was replaced with handwriting. Closing the book, she frowned. It would appear her belongings were changed to fit this new world she was in.

Among the items, she found some new things: potions, potion ingredients, weapons, additional books and clothing, two trunk, a few bags, a few caldrons, a few greenhouses, several packages of seeds, and a wizarding tent. Additionally, there was the Sword of Gryffindor, the Deathly Hallows, and her holly wand, which was fixed.

Grabbing the holly wand, Hedera felt a weight lifted off of her shoulders. She quickly placed in up her right sleeve. Taking the Elder Wand, it went up her left sleeve. There was a confirm in having both wands close.

Armed with the two wands, Hedera got to work on organizing everything. Between the two trunks, one was larger with four compartments and the second was smaller and shaped like chest. The books went into the bottom compartment of the larger trunk. The potions, the ingredients, the caldrons, the greenhouses, and the seeds were stored in the next compartment. The most of clothing and most of the weapons were placed in another compartment with the tent going in the top compartment. With the larger trunk packed, Hedera used her wand to shrink it before placing it in a bag. The smaller trunk, Hedera stored a few changes of clothes, some books, and a few other things for easy access. Unlike the other trunk, this one was placed in a bottomless bag.

Hedera placed the Sword of Gryffindor on her right hip before sliding a small dagger into her left boot and placing a small blade on her left hip. The Invisibility Cloak and the Resurrection Stone were placed in the mokeskin pouch, which was around her neck.

A soft, familiar melody drew her attention, and Hedera glanced around the clearing. She a feeling it was safe, but her holly wand slid down into her hand. She won't allow herself to be caught off guard. Across the clearing, she saw a fireball appear. Her eyes widened when she recognized it. It wasn't a fireball, it was phoenix – Fawkes. He flew towards Hedera, landing gently on her shoulder.

With a soft smile, Hedera reached out and pet the bird. He was as beautiful as she remembered with his golden plumage and striking tail feathers.

In response, Fawkes chirped a few times before letting out a whistle.

Several minutes later, a striking white horse galloped into the clearing. For some reason, the horse was equipped with a saddle and a pair of bags. The white horse stopped in front of Hedera and Fawkes. Looking over the horse, she spotted a piece of parchment. There was short note written in English. Hedera knew from her lessons with Jon wasn't a common language around here. It was closer related to the Old Tongue, which was spoken in the North and by the wildlings. The common language was referred to as the Common Tongue.

Your things as We promised. There are a few extras.

Currently, you near Queenscrown in the New Gift, making Winterfell over 600 miles south. We suggest you take the Kingsroad.


P.S. The horse's name is Shadowfang. Take excellent care of him.

Taking out her holly wand, she waved it over the note to light it on fire. Since English was close to the Old Tongue, she didn't to risk anyone finding and reading the note. She replaced the holly wand up her right sleeve as she stroked Shadowfang's white fur. The horse relaxed at the touch.

After petting Shadowfang for a few minutes, Hedera opened the saddle bags. She placed her bags inside of them before climbing onto the horse. It was time to start her journey to Winterfell. It sounded like she had a long journey ahead of her.

"Do you know the way to Winterfell?" Hedera asked Fawkes. The suggest of the Kingsroad was a place to start.

The phoenix chirped in response.





Daenerys Targaryen watched her older brother with narrowed violet eyes. She wore a thoughtful expression as she watched him. Something was different about him. Viserys had changed recently. He was nice, smiling and laughing. Daenerys loved this version of her older brother. She hadn't realized how much she had missed him until he started acting nicer.

"I was thinking we should head to Braavos," Viserys suggested as they walked away from their latest sponsor. This one, Viserys decided to leave. The man was making comments and suggests about Daenerys. With each comment, Daenerys grew more fearful and scared. Then last night at dinner, Viserys thanked the man for his hospitality and announced their departure in the morning.

The idea of returning to Braavos made Daenerys smile. While Viserys spoke of Westeros – the Red Keep in King's Landing, in particular – as home, Daenerys thought of their house with the red door and the lemon tree in Braavos as home.

"That sounds nice," she whispered, offering her older brother a small smile.

Unaware of Daenerys' inner thoughts, Viserys' smile widened and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"I bought us places on a merchant caravan headed to Braavos," he told her. "They leave in two days."

Daenerys nodded, relief filling her. She couldn't wait to get out of Volantis.

"Before we leave, we need to purchase a few things," Viserys told her as they strolled towards a clothing booth in the market place.

Her eyes widened. Where would they get the coin for this? Last she checked, they didn't have any money. Realizing that, Daenerys' mind started to race. How did Viserys buy their places on the merchant caravan?

She eyed her brother, wanting to ask questions, but she bit her tongue. She didn't want to risk waking the dragon. She liked this Viserys, and she didn't want the mean Viserys back. Surely waking the dragon would trigger return of the mean Viserys.

"Dany," Viserys said, concern in his voice, as he stopped walking and turned to face his little sister, "are you alright?"

Quickly, she nodded.

Viserys' pale lilac eyes narrowed. "Why are you lying?" he asked, his tone low. "You know better than to lie to me."

Daenerys flinched, squeezing her eyes shut. She stood still and tense for a moment, waiting for Viserys to strike her.

Nothing came.

Slowly, she opened her violet eyes. She found her big brother wearing a shocked and horrified expression.

"Y-you're scared of me?" he whispered.

Unable to stop herself, she trembled.

Viserys' expression changed, becoming unreadable. Slowly, he pulled Daenerys into a tight hug, burying his hands in her silver-blonde hair. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm so sorry."

Hesitantly, Daenerys wrapped her arms around her brother. "What changed?" she asked in a whisper, unable to stop herself.

She felt Viserys tense in her arms.

"I-I," he stuttered before pausing for a minute. "I'm not mad. My coin didn't land on madness."

His words made Daenerys frown as she pulled away. She was aware of the saying 'Every time a new Targaryen is born, the Gods toss a coin. One side for greatness, the other for madness.'

Viserys slowed lowered his arms from around Daenerys. Reaching out, he offered her his hand.

She took it without hesitation, making him smile.

Turning direction, Viserys led Daenerys to a park, where they sat on a stone bench.

"Tell me?" Daenerys asked, wrapping her arms around herself.

Viserys offered her a sad smile. "At first, I thought I was going mad," he whispered. "I was having dreams about Gods."

"Which one?" Daenerys asked. She was taught to follow the New Gods since it was the religion of Westeros. It was what she was expected to follow.

"The Old Gods of the Forest," Viserys answered in a whisper. There was an expression that looked like fear and uncertainty.

Daenerys felt her heart stop when she realized that expression was directed at her. Why would Viserys be scared of her? "Can I decide what Gods I want to follow?" she asked.

His expression changed, offering her an honest smile. "Of course, sister," he replied. "You can follow whatever religion you want."

She nodded, motioning for him to continue.

"They showed me a version of my future," he explained, shuddering. "The future I had if I didn't change."

"What was that future?" she asked.

"Madness and death," Viserys answered, looking at Daenerys with fear in his eyes.

Reaching out, she took ahold of his hand.

"The Old Gods told me that I had time, that I could change," he continued to explain. "I needed to start by listening to those around me, and deciding what I wanted."

Daenerys nodded, realizing Viserys had been changing longer than she realized – almost an entire year.

"I decided I wanted to be happy," he admitted, "and I want you to be happy."

There was a lightness and a fluttering in her chest at Viserys' words.

"I don't need the Iron Throne to be happy," he continued to explain.

Daenerys' heart nearly stopped in shock at those words. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she stared at her older brother.

He smiled, a little bitter, as he said, "While I don't need it, I want it returned to our family."

That, Daenerys could understand. The Iron Throne was their legacy. It belonged to them, and no one else.

"The Gods showed me a vision," Viserys continued. "I saw Rhaegar wed Lyanna Stark. They were in love." There was a longing in his voice.

Shocked, Daenerys stared at her brother. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. This was crazy. If she didn't know Viserys as well as she did, she would think he was mad.

"They had a son," Viserys whispered, staring into his sister's eyes. "He's name is Aemon."

Daenerys' eyes widened as she felt her heart leap. They had a nephew! A son of Rhaegar's lived. They had more family. "Where is he?" she asked, desperation in her voice.

"Winterfell with the Starks," Viserys answered. "He looks like a Stark."

"Can we go to him?" Daenerys asked. Growing up, she heard stories about the Red Keep and Dragonstone. While she wanted to see those places, she longed to join her family.

"Eventually," Viserys promised. "The Old Gods have a plan."

She frowned. "What do they want?" she asked.

"I don't know," Viserys told her with a shake of his head. "They want us to journey to Braavos."




The North

That night, Hedera sat up her tent and warded the surrounding area before turning in for the night. She able to travel about twenty miles. At that rate, it would take her over thirty days to reach Winterfell. She signed, that was a long time.

As she laid down, Hedera opened one of her new books, Through Fire and Steel: A History of the Seven Kingdoms by Maester Sam Waters. It was a book about the history and formation of the Seven Kingdoms. Hedera knew some of this information from attending lessons with Jon, but a lot of it was new.

Before reading a few chapters, Hedera fell into a light sleep. She wasn't sure how long it lasted before her wards were triggered, awaking up. Pulling on a robe and a pair of boots, she armed herself with her holly wand and a small blade. As she crept towards the opening of her tent, she jumped when she spotted the fireplace.

Stretched out in front of the dying flames was a large gray wolf. The wolf was nearly the size of Shadowfang. Hedera's green eyes wondered over the creature, noting the bulge of her stomach. The wolf was liking its muzzle, which had spots of blood.

"Nice, wolfy," Hedera whispered as she stepped towards it.

The wolf remained calm, licking its muzzle clean as its dark eyes followed her movements.

When she got a little closer, she cast a wordless Information Charm. The wolf glowed silver before a piece of parchment appeared in front of Hedera. Taking it, she scanned the information. She nearly dropped the parchment when she read Magical Creature: Direwolf.

With wide eyes, she looked up from the parchment to stare at the wolf. She knew what a direwolf was, thanks to Jon. A direwolf was the sigil of House Stark.

"You've got to be a sign," Hedera whispered, "sent from the Old Gods themselves."

The direwolf was silent, continuing to clean its muzzle.

Shaking her head, Hedera returned her attention to the parchment. The direwolf was a female, and she was one month pregnant with an unknown number of cubs. When she was done reading the parchment, it was tossed into the fireplace, where it burned.

Leaving the tent, she quickly secured the area around her tent before returning inside. It seemed the direwolf triggered the wards.

"You're welcome to stay the night," Hedera told the direwolf before she headed back to bed.




"You are doing well," the masculine voice told Viserys Targaryen as he dreamt.

Viserys smiled, feeling pride. He liked the praise. It made him feel good about himself. "What's next?" he asked, eagerness in his tone.

"Focus on safely arriving to Braavos," the feminine said.

A shot of annoyance filled Viserys before he quickly squashed that feeling. He wanted to everything now. He didn't want to wait. "We should be in Braavos in a few days," he said. The merchant caravan was between Pentos and Braavos.

"Excellent," the feminine voice said. "Our agent will find you. You'll know him when you see him."

Viserys nodded, trusting them.

"When you arrive to Braavos," the masculine instructed, "go to the Outcast Inn."




The North

Hedera's journey to Winterfell continued. It was slow, taking almost seven weeks. She was able to travel between fifteen and thirty miles a day. The direwolf followed, much to her delight. Hedera took to reading during the day and at night. After finishing the first book on the history of the Seven Kingdoms, she turned her attention to the history of the North.

In one book, an idea for her identity started to form. House Stark had formed a few cadet branches over the years, including the Karstarks and the Graystarks. The Graystarks were a small House, thriving for five centuries before they betrayed the Starks by forming an alliance with House Bolton to overthrow the Starks. In response, House Stark eliminated House Graystark and punished House Bolton by reducing their lands and taking their children.

Before House Graystark eliminated, a few members – Brandon Graystark, his wife, his little sister, and their combined five children – left, running off to other lands. It was believed that they headed to Essos, but no one knew for certain. They were never seen or heard from again, mostly forgotten to the passage of time.

With the identity of an ancestor, Hedera got to work on crafting her background. While Jon might accept her appearance, she needed something to tell Lord Eddard Stark and everyone else. Hedera decided to be a descendent of Lady Alys Graystark.

After reading about the North, Hedera started reading about Essos. There wasn't a lot of information, but there was some.

As far as history was concerned, Brandon, his wife, Alys, and their children made it to Pentos, where they lived for a few centuries before moving to Volantis and later First Daughter, where they lived until recently when her family was killed and Hedera decided to return to the land of her ancestors.





After ensuring Hedera safely made it to Winterfell, Fawkes made his way across the Narrow Sea to Braavos. He knew the other Targaryens were somewhere in the area. Viserys Targaryen would be seeking a new sponsor, and he wanted to try his luck in a different city. Since this was his first time visiting Braavos and he didn't know either of the Targaryens, Fawkes was forced to fly the entire way. In the future, he could lock onto their magical signature and flame to their location.

The journey took almost four weeks. Fawkes flew from Winterfell to White Harbor, where he perched himself on a ship that was headed to King's Landing. From King's Landing, he switched to a ship headed to Pentos. In Pentos, he flew over a merchant caravan that was headed to Braavos. Once he arrived to Braavos, it took Fawkes two days to find the Targaryen siblings.

Fawkes found young Daenerys Targaryen in the market, attempting to purchase fresh lemons. The vender was trying to overcharge. Singing a happy tune, Fawkes landed gently on the young woman's shoulder, making her jump and tense.

Her violet eyes widened at the sight of the bird.

From his comfortable position on her shoulder, Fawkes sang a tune directed at the vender.

The vender's attitude quickly changed. He smiled, offering Daenerys ten lemons for the price of two.

Daenery's violet widened and she stared at the bird on her shoulder for a few seconds. With a smile, she turned to the vender and accepted his generous offer.

"Can we do that a few more times?" Daenerys asked at the bird as they walked away from the stall.

Behind them, the vender was smiling and waving. His good mood lasted the rest of the day. Because his smile and generous attitude, he sold all of his produce and made a small profit for the day.

Together, Daenerys and Fawkes visited several more stalls. Each vender was quick to offer Daenerys a deal and they were left in a good mood for the remainder of the day.

Later, Daenerys returned to their room at the Outcast Inn. It was modest suit of rooms. There was a sitting area with a balcony and two small rooms. Viserys was out. When she stepped into the rooms, Fawkes leapt off her shoulder and glided over to couch.

With a smile, Daenerys placed their food away, storing the dairy products in the icebox and placing the fruits and vegetables on the small table before setting the table for dinner.

An hour later, Viserys entered. Offering his sister a smile as he opened the door.

"How was your day?" he asked, sounding tired.

"Good," she replied with a smile. "I went shopping."

Glancing around, Viserys' eyes widened as he noticed all her purchases. "How much did you spend?" he asked, trying to keep his voice level and calm.

Daenerys smiled. "I had some help," she admitted, motioning towards the couch.

Following her arm, Viserys' lilac eyes widened at the sight of the large bird.

Fawkes sang a happy and upbeat melody.

"Fawkes," Viserys said, the name coming to him, "it's nice to meet you."




The North

Seven week after her arrival, Hedera reached Winterfell. The sight of the large keep made her heart swell. She was so close to Jon. As much as she wanted to rush in and find him, Hedera new she needed to be careful. There would be no way to explain her connection to Jon without arousing suspicion.

So, Hedera settled into the nearby Winter Town. For the time being, she decided to establish herself in the community while she tried to find a way to alert Jon of her presence. Using a few galleons, she purchased a small piece of land, and for a few sickles, she bought supplies and builders to build a small cottage – like Hagrid's hut.

Thanks to her magic, the interior was expanded. She created a few extra rooms and expanded the space. Slowly, she settled into the cottage, and she made it a home, complete with a modern bathroom and a shower. Every millimeter of the exterior was enchanted with the Notice-Me-Not Charm. Similar magic was applied to the interior as well since it was likely people would step into her cottage.

Shadowfang was hidden under a Glamour Charm, disgusted as an aging horse, and he was moved to a nearby stable that Hedera rented from an older neighbor for meat and animal skins each moon.

The direwolf, named Artemis, was moved into the cottage. The pregnant direwolf started making herself a den by stealing blankets and clothing from Hedera. Fawkes came and went as he pleased, often bringing Hedera things like plants or meat. For the most part, he spent his time in Essos, looking after Jon's Uncle Viserys and Aunt Daenerys.




Winter's Town

It took three months, but Hedera successfully established herself in the village. She was known to be secretive about her past, including the murder of her family that brought her to Winter Town in the first place. People often casted her pitying glances, and mothers would offer her an extra pat on the back.

Hedera was known to be a healer and a skilled hunter. With the use of her magic and potions, she was able to heal most injuries and she was able cure several ailments. She was hunter for the sake of Artemis. Her direwolf was picky eater with a fondness for fresh venison. Using a bow and arrow was complicated, but she dedicated herself to mastering the skill. Luckily, she knew the basics from Jon – and she wasn't above using her magic on the arrows and the bow to improve her odds on a hunt.

Her magical was useful for harvesting the animals she hunted. Hedera tried to use every part. Thanks to her magic, skinning the animal was done quickly and easily. The skin was tanned, and she usually traded it for spices or fabric, and there were times she would give it to someone ill. The meat was neatly cut and preserved with several charms, most of which Hedera learned from her new spell books. The meat and other parts of the animal, like the bones, were traded with other villagers, usually for water and wine.

Partway through her sixth month in this world, Hedera finally ran into Jon. As a lowly peasant and a member of a disgraced, she couldn't simply walk into the keep and find him. In fact, she hardly had the right to talk to him.

She had through about using her magic to sneak in into Winterfell or send him a message, but Hedera decided to trust the Old Gods. They would lead her to Jon – or Jon to her – when the time was right. They had an agenda.




The North

Hedera had finished hunting in the forest when she encountered Jon and his brother, Robb Stark. They were riding through the area when they came across her and the body of a deer. Robb had spotted her first.

"Hedera?" Jon said, his eyes widened as he looked over her. It had been months since he last saw her – since she died before his eyes.

"Jon," she greeted with a smile. Her left hand settled over her heart, where her trinket hung on a chain. She longed to hug – simply touch him – but she couldn't with Robb Stark present.

Robb's blue eyes narrowed as he glanced between the pair.

"Heir Stark," Hedera hastily added with a messy curtsey.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" Jon asked, sounding breathless as his mind tried to process the scene before him.

"Hunting," she replied, motioning to the deer.

Jon's eyes narrowed. That wasn't what he meant and she knew it, but he knew Hedera wouldn't give him a straight answer with Robb or anyone else around.

They didn't talk too much, but Robb insisted on helping Hedera get the deer back to her cottage. When Robb started insisting, Jon joined in. He knew she could easily take care of the deer herself, but Robb didn't know that.




Winter's Town

Two days later, Jon returned to her cottage. He wanted answers. The moment he stepped inside of her cottage, Jon found himself clinging to Hedera before she pulled him into a kiss. It was short, and she had a nervous look in her green eyes. Jon responded by pulling her into a longer kiss. The pair spent most of the afternoon rolling around in Hedera's comfortable bed.

"What happened?" Jon asked, curling around her. He pushed her dark hair back to better access her neck.

"When I died," she began, feeling Jon tense, "I met the Old Gods of the Forest."

Jon's gray eyes widened. There were a million quests forming in his mind, but he remained silent. His questions could wait. For the time being, he wanted to be with Hedera.

"They offered me the chance to come here – to be with you in Winterfell," she continued in a whispered, "and they promised to look after Theodore and the others. I agreed because there's nowhere else I would rather be."

Jon leaned over, pressing his lips against hers.




Winter's Town

After their first night together, Jon returned every few days. He couldn't come back every day since he had duties to attend in Winterfell and he had a family to entertain – mostly his Lord Father, Robb, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. Whenever he had free time and he could get away, Jon was with Hedera in her cottage.

He was fasciated with Artemis and Fawkes, largely the direwolf. Artemis spent her days lounging around Hedera's cottage, usually in front of the roaring fireplace while Fawkes continued to come and go as he pleased.

Two weeks later, Hedera was exiting her cottage when she found Robb Stark waiting for her. She quickly bowed, offering a greeting and a promise to return shortly. Instead of waiting for her, Robb followed Hedera to her neighbor's house.

At Victorya's cottage, Hedera knocked on the door. A moment later, Victorya opened it. She looked disheveled with her dark hair in a messy bun, her clothes stained and wrinkled, and there were dark circles around her eyes.

"Hedera," Victorya greeted, relief in her voice, she stood aside, beckoning her inside. At the sight of Robb, she curtsied and invited him in.

"How is Ricka doing?" Hedera asked, ignoring the Heir of the North.

"Unwell," Victorya answered, glancing in the direction of her daughter's room. "She's getting worse." The woman led Hedera into her daughter's room.

The girl's room was located in the back of the cottage. Ricka was curled up in her bed under several thick blankets.

Without a word, Hedera walked forwards. She placed her hand on Ricka's forehead, which was warm. From the sounds she was making, Hedera determined the young girl was having difficulty breathing.

"Has she eaten?" Hedera asked, glancing over her shoulder. Victorya was standing close by, nervously fiddling with her hands and Robb was looking on in interest.

"Not for two days," Victorya replied, sounding panicked.


"Over half a day. Her throat is sore."


"Very little. She gets hot under the blankets, and without them, she shivers."

Hedera asked several more questions as she tried to tend to the young girl. While she lacked medical training, she had several medical books. From what she observed and the information she gathered, there was something wrong with Ricka's tosils. While they were impossible to remove with muggle surgery, Hedera knew of a potions that could banish them. That potion would take three days to brew.

With some help from Victorya, Hedera got Ricka to sit up. It was difficult, but Hedera got the young girl to drink a Soothing Potion to dull the pain in her throat. With her throat feeling better, Ricka drank some water and some broth before Hedera handed her a Dreamless Sleep Potion. Within ten minutes, Ricka was peacefully sleeping.

"When she wakes, give her more of this," Hedera instructed, handing over two vials of the Soothing Potion. "After make her drink some water and broth. Keep her food light, broth and bread. In two days, clean her bedding and make sure she bathes."

Victorya nodded, a look of relief passing over her face.

"I will brew a special potion for her," she promised. "It should be ready in three days."

"What will it do?" Victorya asked.

"It should prevent this illness from reoccurring," Hedera replied. "She will still get sick, but this should ward off some future illnesses."

Nodding, Victorya showed Hedera and Robb out.

Hedera and Robb walked in silence back to her cottage. Wordlessly, she invited Robb inside.

"How can I help you?" she asked.

"What are your plans with Jon?" Robb demanded.

Hedera's eyes narrowed. "It's none of your business," she hissed, "but if you must know: marriage. Jon and I wish to wed."

Robb's blue eyes widened. "You're the same Hedera from our boyhood, aren't you?"

"I know not of what you speak," she lied. In truth, Hedera was, but there was no way to explain without relieving her magic or her connection to the Old Gods of the Forest.

"How do you know so much about healing? You aren't a maester."

"I was an apprentice, back in First Daughter," she lied, her tone sounding sad and longing. "I left before I finished my training."

With narrowed eyes, Robb glanced around the interior of Hedera's cottage before his gaze settled on the young woman. "You're lying," he hissed, his tone hard.

A growl drew their attention as Artemis pranced into the room. She stopped in front of Hedera, and she stared at Robb with her lips curled, showing her teeth.

"Heel, Artemis," Hedera ordered, placing a hand on the direwolf's head.

The direwolf growled once more before sitting in front of her mistress, her dark eyes settled on Robb.

"What is it?"

"You should know better than I. She is a direwolf – the sigil of your House."




Winter's Town

Another month passed. Artemis had a litter of six cubs. Jon spent more time with Hedera, and Robb started coming around more. Since Jon was crazy about her, the Stark Heir decided to get to know her better – for Jon's sake. Jon had changed since her arrival. While he was still dour and silent, there was a spark in his gray eyes and an undertone of joy in his voice. He no longer spoke of joining the Night's Watch, instead of moving into Winter's Town or joining Robb's household. Robb liked the changes, especially in regards to Jon's future. He wanted his brother around. As a result, he was willing to overlook the lies – told by both Hedera and Jon.

Hedera headed off on hunting with Robb and Jon one afternoon, after the pair had finished their lessons and their chores. The brothers laughed at Hedera's pitiful skills with a bow and the glares she spent them. Between laughs, Robb would correct her stance and Jon would offer a tip. Under their tutelage, she saw an improvement in her skills.

Between Jon and Robb and the combined three horses, they could easily haul back two deers. Artemis was a picky eater in general, not just when she was pregnant – or she was a spoiled direwolf.

As they were securing the two deers to the horses, Lord Eddard Stark and a few of his household guards found them. He stared at Hedera with hard gray eyes as he beckoned his sons over. Lord Stark exchanged several words, in low tones, with his sons before Jon and Robb joined their father's men.

"Lord Stark," Hedera greeted with a bow. After a few curtsies for Robb, she decided she didn't care for those. Bows were easier.

The Ward of the North continued to stare at her, carefully studying her appearance. She wore a pair of dragon hid pants under a gray jacket with a pair of dragon hid boots. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. There was a short sword attached to her hip, a dagger on her leg, another dagger in her left boot, and a quiver of arrows on her back to go with the bow in her hand.

"You must be Jon's companion," Lord Stark said, after a moment.

"Hedera of House Greystark," she said, biting her lip.

Her last name caught his attention.

"I'm distanced from Alys Greystark, sister of Brandon Greystark," she explained. "They left the Wolf's Den for Pentos a century before the Greystark-Bolton Rebellion."

Lord Stark said nothing. He motioned for her to climb onto Shadowfang. Hedera led the way to her cottage in silence with Lord Stark and two of his men following her. During the ride, Lord Stark watched her. Upon their arrival to her cottage, she dismounted Shadowfang before untying the deer. A wordless and wandless charm reduced the weight of each deer, allowing her to easily drag each deer to the side of her cottage. She left them there under a wordless and wandless Notice-Me-Not Charm before taking Shadowfang to the stables. She made quick work of tending to her horse, all under the gaze of Lord Stark and his men.

When she was done, Hedera invited them into her cottage. Inside, Lord Stark was taken back by the sight of Artemis and her six cubs. She had assumed Robb or Jon would have mentioned her pet direwolf and the cubs to their Lord Father.

"Are you Jon's Hedera Potter?" Lord Stark asked, turning his attention back to the young woman.

Hedera said nothing. What was it with the Starks and remembering her? Was Jon's "imaginary friend" really that memorable?

"Dark hair, green eyes, and a pretty smile," Lord Stark continued, "was how he described his Hedera. In fact, he's drawn several pictures over the years. He reached into one of his inner pocket, withdrawing a folded piece of parchment. He unfolded it, turning to show her the drawing.

It was a drawing of herself. She was sixteen, dressed in a bikini. Hedera remembered that summer. She spent most of it at the pool where Dudley and some of his friends took to staring at her. Jon turned red at the sight of her bikini. That summer Dudley's friends went from bullying her to trying to date her while Jon glared at each of the boys.

Hedera took the parchment, staring at the drawing. "So what if I am?" she asked, glancing up at Lord Stark.

"How did you get here?"

"The Old Gods. I was sent here to assist Jon."

Lord Stark's eyes narrowed.

"I know his real name," she stated, "what his mother told you on her deathbed."

There was tiny widening of his gray eyes as Lord Stark stared at her. "What are your plans?"

She shrugged. "I wish to marry Jon," she replied. "I love him."





A week after Lord Stark's visit found Hedera moving from her cottage in Winter's Town into the keep of Winterfell. She was betrothed to Jon, publicly identified at Hedera Greystark. Her fake history was passed around with people whispering about the return of the Greystark line. The wedding was sat for the next full moon.

The various members of the Stark household had different reactions to her. Lord Stark offered her a warm welcome, but he kept a close eye on her while Jon pulled her in for a long kiss. Lady Catelyn Stark didn't seem to care for Hedera, watching her with narrowed eyes. Sansa couldn't seem to decide, liking her one minutes and ignoring her the next. Arya adored Hedera, and she wanted various lessons on everything from swordplay to archery. Hedera was close to Robb, and she didn't care for Theon Greyjoy, who made laud comments and remarks about her and Jon. Bran and Rickon welcomed her, eager to have a new sister and play with her wolf cubs.

Each of the Stark children were interested in her direwolves, and the cubs seemed interested in them. Hedera quickly handed the white cub over to Jon. The cub adored Jon, follwoing him around and seeking his attention, and it was clear Jon liked the cub in return. Jon named the cub Ghost. After Jon, Hedera presented a gray cub to Robb, who named his direwolf cub Grey Wind. With Jon and Robb getting direwolves, Hedera found herself presenting a cub to each of the other Stark children: Sansa named hers Lady, Arya had Nymeria, Summer belonged to Bran, and Shaggydog spent his time rolling around in the dirt with Rickon. Lord Stark approved of the gifts while Lady Stark watched with a frown, her lips tightly pressed together – vaguely reminding Hedera of Professor McGonagall.




The night before her wedding, Hedera had a dream. She saw Theodore running for his life along side Blaise and Sally as the Death Eaters were killed or imprisoned. It seemed that with the defeat of Lord Voldemort and the death of their Savior, the wizards and witches of England decided to eliminate all Dark magic – wizards, witches, creatures, books, everything.

It didn't matter that Theodore was adopted by Hedera herself. He came from a Dark family. He possessed Dark magic. In fact, it was rumored that he bewitched Hedera into blood adopting him so he take over the Potter family. While Blaise was neutral, he was considered Dark and dangerous for standing by Theodore's side. Sally was unknown. No one really knew anything about her family. Her father retired at a young age, and her mother didn't talk about her past. Her parents and two little brothers were killed in a Death Eater attack, leaving only Sally behind. Since no one knew about her, it was best to just eliminate her. She was close friends with both Theodore and Blaise.

"I thought you said you would watch them for me!" Hedera shouted, tears streaming down her face. "I agreed to come here on the condition Theodore was looked after."

"We have done as We promised," the feminine voice said. "We have looked after Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, and Sally Smith."

"You were supposed to take care of them," Hedera whispered, tears running down her face. "I won't have come if I knew this would happen. Theodore is my brother. I chose him."

"You asked us to watch them, not care for them," the feminine voice said. "And watch, We did."

"What we agreed was you would make arrangements for Theodore, Blaise, and Sally," Hedera stated, "not watch them."

"You remember well, Chosen One," the masculine voice said, a note of pleasure in his tone. "Fear not. Theodore, Blaise, and Sally are being taken care of."




Braavos, Essos

It was a warm day when Sally Smith arrived in Braavos with her two companions, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Potter. They were brought to this place by individuals with strong magical powers that called themselves the Old Gods of the Forest. They had instructions to find Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen. They would hold the key to finding Hedera Potter. According to the Old Gods, she was with Aemon Targaryen, the rightful king.

As they walked through the streets of Braavos, Sally looked over the various people, booths, and items for sale. There was an abundance of seafood available, much to her horror. Her tongue itched at the sight of the shellfish. Given her allergy, Sally happily avoided all seafood.

"What's that?" Blaise Zabini asked, drawing the attention of Sally and Theodore. He was pointing down a small side alley.

Frowning, Sally stared at the alley for a few seconds before heading towards it. Blaise and Theodore followed closely behind her.

As they approached the alley, they each pulled out their wand.

A few feet down the alley, Sally stopped in shock. Both Blaise and Theodore bumped into her, caught up in the sight of Fawkes. No one had seen Fawkes since Dumbledore's death, almost two years ago.

The phoenix chirped, flapping his wings a few times.

"I wasn't expecting that," Blaise whispered, staring at the bird.

Sally found herself laughing as she nodded in agreement. She wasn't sure what else to do or say.

"Can you take us to Hedera?" Theodore asked, a note of desperation in his voice.

In response, Fawkes offered a sad melody as he circled over their heads.

"I think that's a 'no'," Blaise told his boyfriend.

Theodore glared at him. "I figured that much out," he snapped.

Blaise shot him a smile with a wink.

"Can you take us anymore?" Sally asked, eyeing the couple.

Fawkes chirped, sounding happy.

"Let's go?" Theodore said.

The phoenix took flight, leading the group through the streets towards a hotel near the city center. Inside the hotel, the phoenix led them up to the third floor, stopping in front of room 503. Fawkes circled overhead, singing a happy melody.

The door was opened by a young man. He looked a little like Draco Malfoy with pale skin and silver blonde hair, but he had pale lilac eyes. He glanced around, finding Fawkes. A smile spread across his face at the sight of the bird. The smile vanished when he caught sight of Sally, Blaise, and Theodore.

His eyes narrowed as he glanced between the three of them. "How do you know Fawkes?"

"Through our friend, Hedera," Sally answered.

"Who are you?" he asked, an edge in his tone.

"I'm Theodore," he began before pointing at the other two, "that's Blaise and that's Sally."

"Does the name 'Aemon' mean anything to you?" Blaise asked.

Next to him, Sally's brown eyes widened as she made an odd noise before hitting him.

"Come in," the man at the door said. He stepped aside, holding the door wider.

Sally's eyes narrowed. "What's your name?" she asked.

"Viserys," he answered. "Viserys Targaryen."


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