"Are you sure this is the right thing to do? They're only children."

"Whether this is right or wrong is irrelevant at this point. This is the only thing we can do. These five children are our last hope to defeat that monster. "

"I am well aware of that but..." the conflicted young woman looked to the children as they started to stir from their slumber. They were so innocent. Completely unaware of the danger that would be facing them all too soon. "It feels as if we are sending them to their death."

"Sadly death awaits them if they stay in this time as well. There is not enough Ethernano in this time for them to recover. The future has to be a better place than here." A brooding young man explained to her. "Will your clan be able to open the gate for them once they arrive?"

"I have no doubt."

"Then are we ready to begin?"

The woman reluctantly nodded. She was still not certain of this plan, but it was the only thing that could be done. She turned to fac the gate behind her.

It was massive in size, towering over nearly all of the trees behind it. She still wondered at times how they managed to create something so enormous, but that was mostly due to her partner's influence. She felt the power oozing out from the closed doors of the gate. It was at equal parts ominous, dark, and frightening. It was all too clear that dark magic aided in this structure's creation.

Pushing the thoughts of fear to the back of her mind, the refined young woman slowly pulled out a golden key from under her cloak.

The key started to glow bright; the orb at the top of the gate reacting in response. Eleven more keys appeared from under the woman's cloak, each one floating into a lock on doors of the gate as if being pulled along by an invisible string. Once the rest of the keys were set, she walked to the gate, placing the key in her hand in the center of the door. When she turned the key the gate slowly opened up, revealing a swirling vortex of purple and blue energy. The pressure it exuded was almost enough to bring her too her knees.

She managed to step back. "It's done."

"Thank you, Anna." The young man walked forward, the children – now fully awake – close behind him.

"What's happening, Ms. Anna?" one of the children asked. She was little girl with long blue hair. Clearly the youngest of the children, it was obvious from the shaky tone of her voice that she was frightened.

"You are all going to a better place." Anna smiled softly. "Somewhere you will be able to grow up happy. A place where you will be safe."

"Are you coming with us?" Another one of the children – a boy with spiked blonde hair - asked.

"Sadly I cannot. I have to stay here and close the gate behind you."

"If you're not going then I'm not either!" another boy shouted. He sat on the ground next to Anna with his legs crossed and a pout on his lips. His bright pink hair and scaly white scarf lightly waving in the breeze.

Anna walked over to him with a warm smile. This wasn't the first time he opposed this plan. "But it is your job to make sure your brothers and sister get through safely." she calmly explained to the boy. "If one of you doesn't go then there could be trouble. You don't want them to be in danger do you?"

The boy thought of this for a moment "No." he grumbled.

"I thought not." Anna stood up and held out her hand to him. "Don't be afraid. If you're all together, then things will not be so bad."

The boy grabbed her hand and walked with her back to the gate, where he was joined by the rest of the children. "Will we see you again?"

Anna smile softened and she shook her head. "No, you will not. But I will always be thinking of you. All of you. Are you ready?"

The children all nodded with the exception of the blue-haired girl.

"I'm scared." She said, her lip quivering.

"It's ok!" The pink-haired boy declared, grabbing her hand. "Nothing's going to happen to you! I promise!" He smiled wide, all of his teeth showing.

"Ok." The girl nodded with a small smile of her own, wiping away her tears and squeezing his hand tightly.

"Quickly, children. You must go to the gate. Please, protect yourselves and each other." Anna hurried them to the gate and gave them one last hug before they went in.

The children watched the gate doors close, before they free fell into a boundless void of energy.

"What's going to happen to us?!" the blonde boy asked.

"I don't know, but Anna said we'll be fine if we stick together!" a boy with long black hair answered.

The children continued falling through the void. Waves upon waves of powerful magic colliding with their bodies. It was so overwhelming that it made it hard for them to breathe. Without warning, a massive wave of energy hit the group, causing their grip on each other to loosen.

"Hold on!" The long-black haired boy shouted.

The waves of energy continued to bombard them one after another.

"It hurts!"

"Just hang on!"

"Don't let go!"

Another blast of energy hit the children, this one finally causing the pink-haired boy to break his grip.

"No!" the young girl shouted. She reached out to him, but he was already floating farther and farther away.

"Help!" the boy yelled. He tried to fight the current but it was too strong. He watched his brothers and sister called out his name one last time as a wave of black energy engulfed him.

"I think I'm lost."

A young man with pink hair let out a low groan as we walked through the backstreets of the city of Vale. It had been a long day, and judging by how far he was from home, it would be an even longer night.

"I should have just got on the air ship…but I hate those stupid things." He let out another sigh. He stepped out of the alley and into the Vale marketplace, seeing a shop at the edge of the street with its light still on. "Maybe I can ask the shop owner inside for directions."

When he walked towards the shop, he heard a creaking noise. "What's that?"

Suddenly the shop window shattered and man in a black and red suit and what appeared to be a mass of red cloth fly out into the street.

"What the hell?!"

He watched as the cloth rose from the ground. Now under the light of the street lamps, the boy saw that the cloth was actually part of a cloak belonging to a young girl.

She had short dark red hair, and her billowing red and black skirt gently waved in the wind. Due to the angle her head was turned, the pink-haired traveler could see the girl's striking silver eyes twinkling in the moonlight. The pole in her hand also extended, forming into a giant scythe. She swung it around, sticking the blade into the ground.

"Is that her weapon? It's huge!" he marvelled.

Unaware of her pink-headed spectator, the girl looked through the broken window of the shop at a redheaded man wearing a white suit. Taking a small drag from the cigar in his mouth, his eyes narrowed on the girl.

"Ok." His tone was a mixture of surprise and irritation. He looked to his men, wondering why they were still just standing around. "Get her."

Three men in suits similar in style to the man's on the ground filed out of the shop, each surrounding the girl.

The pink-haired young man knew this meant trouble. "I should help her." He started to run to the girl's aid.

One of the men ran at the girl with his sword held high to attack, but she was ready. She gripped the polearm of her scythe tightly and lifted herself into the air. She spun around, her kicks hitting the man in the chest and sending him flying back. She vaulted her self into the air and landed on her feet perfectly, holding her scythe behind her back.

The pink-haired young man screeched to a halt. "Whoa." He said in awe.

She surveyed her remaining opponents and pulled the trigger on the polearm, the recoil of her shots sending her dashing through the street in all directions. All the while she swung her weapon with ease, knocking one of the men into the air before seamlessly slamming another into the ground.

"She's fast." the boy observed. It was like watching a dancer perform.

Soon there was only one of the suited men left. He readied his gun to shoot, but as soon as he pulled the trigger the girl was once again gone.

She pulled the scythe trigger, once again firing bullets into the air. She approached the final man in a heartbeat, sweeping him into the air. She jumped into the air after him, swinging around her scythe and knocking him back to the ground in front of his boss.

"That was awesome!" the young man exclaimed.

The man in the white suit looked down to his unconscious henchmen. "Truly worth every cent I paid." He said facetiously. He stepped toward the girl with the scythe, dropping his cigar to the ground and putting it out with his cane. "Well, Red, it's been fun. Really it has. But I'm afraid this is where we say our good byes." He pointed his cane to her, the bottom coming up to form a scope. Suddenly a blast of fire shout out from the cane.

The girl braced for impact when she saw someone get in front of her.


The salmon-haired boy opened his mouth wide, eating the ball of fire to the surprise of everyone.

"Wow!" the girl gasped.

"Well…that was unexpected." The white suited man sneered. He took off towards a ladder on a nearby building.

"Did you just…eat that fire?" the girl asked her savior. "Wouldn't that burn your tongue off? Not to mention hurt...a lot?"

"Not really." the young man turned to her with a smile. "It did taste nasty though."

"Well thanks for saving me…guy, but I think the bad guy is getting away." She pointed to the ladder on nearby building. Sure enough the man in the white suit was currently climbing it.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go get him!"


The pair ran to the ladder, just to see their target reach the roof of the building.

The girl held out her hand. "Grab on. It'll be way faster if I take us up there."

"Ok." The boy took her hand. "But how are we going to get up there?"

"Just hold on tight." She grinned mischievously. She placed the top of her scythe on the ground and pulled the trigger, the force of the shot propelled the two high into the air, letting them reach the top of the building.

"This is awesome!" The boy exclaimed.

"I know right?! Totally beats climbing!"

The two landed on the roof and saw the man in the white suit standing on the edge.

"Hey!" the girl called.

He looked back to them and sneered. "Persistent pests, aren't you?"

An engine could be heard revving and slowly an airship rose up into the air from the side of the building. The fire eater's stomach started to gurgle.

"Not one of those things." He groaned. The longer he looked at the spinning propellers, the more his stomach turned.

"What's wrong?" his new friend asked with concern.

The white-suited man hopped into the open side door of the ship and turned to the pair. "End of the line, kids." He grabbed a red crystal from his jacket pocket and threw it at their feet. He then shot another blast from his cane.

"Get down!" despite his encroaching sickness the fire-eater moved to protect the girl from the ensuing explosion, but soon found himself saved by a woman with blonde hair. She had seemingly descended from the heavens, waving a riding crop to create a shield that protected all three of them from the blast. For a brief moment this woman looked familiar to the pink-haired young man, but this memory soon faded.

The blonde huffed in slight amusement, pushing up her glasses before swinging her arm again. A trail of lights zoomed to the airship, hitting it and causing it to rock unsteadily in the air.

The man in the white suit tried to stay upright during the barrage and managed to stumble his way to the ship's cockpit. "We've got a Huntress!" he told the pilot. He took over the controls while she went to take care of their attackers.

The blonde Huntress pointed her riding crop above the ship, firing a beam of energy into the air that condensed and formed into a furious storm cloud. She swung her arm downward and the cloud started to rain down pointed shards of ice upon the airship. One of them pierced the windshield, almost sticking into the white suited man's head.

"Witch!" he sneered.

The pilot walked to the still open side door of the ship. A good portion of their body was covered in heavy shadow, but the long dress they wore and the fine manicure of their nails identified that it was woman they were now facing.

The designs on her dress started to glow and she waved her arms around, firing a ball of fire at her blonde-haired enemy.

The bespectacled woman created another shield to deflect the attack.

In response the pilot raised her arm, and a circle appeared below the blonde. Feeling a strong energy pulsing beneath her feet the blonde flipped backwards, watching an explosion erupt from where she was standing.

She pointed her riding crop to the floating debris, forming into a giant spear that she aimed at the pilot.

The woman in the airship shot continuous blasts of fire at the creation, but each time she thought she destroyed it, it reformed.

The blonde waved her arms again, changing the spear's target to the cockpit.

The man in the white suit tilted the ship down, the spear just barely grazing off the top of the vehicle. Another wave of the blonde's arm and the spear broke apart into trails that once again targeted the woman in the door again.

"How is she doing that?" the dark-haired girl asked.

"I don't know." the pink-haired boy answered. "But it looks awesome."

The shadowed woman in the ship gathered her power, creating a shockwave that disintegrated all of the debris the blonde was using as a weapon.

The girl in red's scythe blade folded in, creating a gun. She shot bullets at the woman in the ship, but they were easily deflected.

The shadowed woman waved her right arm, creating a half circle of exploding sigils around the two.

"Move!" the pink-haired boy pushed them out of the way, clearing all three of them of the explosions. When they looked up they saw the side door close and the airship fly off into the night.

"Damn." The boy cursed. "They got away. I really wanted to fight that fire chick."

"Wow!" the girl in red gasped, her eyes fixed on the blonde haired woman. "You're a huntress."

"She is?" the boy asked.

The blonde woman looked to teens she had saved. Both of their eyes were sparkling.

"Fight me!" the boy demanded.

"Can I have your autograph?!" the girl eagerly asked.

"This is completely unfair."

"Yeah. We didn't even do anything wrong."

The girl and her fiery new companion sat in a dimly lit room far away from where they fought their mysterious enemies. Having been virtually dragged to the room by the blonde woman with glasses, the pair anxiously awaited for her to return.

"You were pretty cool with that scythe." The boy complimented with a smile.

"Thanks. You're fire-eating was cool too. Did you have to train to be able to do that?"

"Not really, just something I could always do. Guess you could say its part of my Semblance."

"Neat. My name's Ruby by the way. Ruby Rose." The girl extended her hand. "We never got to properly talk during all of that burglar craziness. What's your name?"

"Nice to meet ya, Ruby." The boy shook her hand. "I'm-"

Before he could fully answer the door swung open, startling the both of them. They stopped shaking hands and sat attentively in their seats - backs straight and eyes forward - anxiously watching as the blonde woman who saved them walked in. She held in her arms a video tablet. It was currently playing footage from the battle in a continuous loop. She paced around the pair, her silence making them even more uneasy.

After about a minute or so she finally stopped in front them, pushing up her glasses.

"…Are we in trouble?" Ruby finally asked. She was more afraid of the answer than she was the silence that proceeded it.

"That would be an understatement." The woman replied. She paced around the pair again, her eyes focused on the battle footage. "Your actions will not be taken lightly. You two not only put yourselves at risk, but who knows who many others with your reckless behavior."

"But we were only trying to help." The boy argued.

"Yeah!" Ruby spoke up. "They started it!"

The woman stopped in front of them again, when she saw the defiant looks in their eyes she sighed. "I know. Your hearts were in the right place so I can't fault you for doing what you thought was right. That's why if it were up to me I would send you both home with a pat on the back…"

The pair's eyes lit up.

"And a slap on the wrist." The woman sharply finished, slapping her riding crop on the table. Once again the two found themselves frightened - Ruby even yelping at the smack of the crop on the hard table. "But…there is someone who would like to see the both of you."

The stern woman stepped aside and in through the door walked a man with short gray hair, teashade glasses, and a plate of cookies in his hand. Neither Ruby nor the boy next to her knew what to make of him, but they were both salivating at the thought of eating the cookies.

"Ruby Rose." The man said. He leaned in close, staring at her face for a small while. "You have silver eyes."

Ruby was more than a little confused by his first words. "Um…"

The man leaned back. "So. Where did you learn to do this?" he directed the pair's eyes to the tablet screen. It was currently showing Ruby's fight against the men in suits.

Ruby was hesitant to answer. "S-signal Academy…" she muttered.

The man was slightly surprised at her answer. "Signal Academy?" he repeated. "They taught you how to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?"

"Well not exactly…" Ruby explained. "It was one teacher in particular."

"I see. That makes much more sense." The man placed a plate of cookies before Ruby.

She warily looked to him before taking one and eating it. It was delicious. She reached for another, but the plate was quickly snatched away by her accomplice.


"Showwy." The boy apologized, his mouth now full of cookies. "I haven't eaten all day."

Ruby started to pout.

"Interesting." The man looked over the footage again. "I've only seen one other person with a scythe technique this precise. A dusty old crow…"

"That's my uncle." Ruby revealed. "He was my teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage until he started to train me. Now I'm all…" Ruby began making kung-fu noises with her mouth as she sliced her arms through the air.

"He shounds awthum!" the boy said, still shoveling cookies into his face.

"Right?" Ruby said. "He's totally awesome."

"I want to fight him."

"I don't think you'd win. My uncle Qrow is pretty strong."

"Only one way to find out." He leaned back in his chair and burped. "Those cookies hit the spot." He slid the plate over to Ruby. "I saved you one."

"Thanks." She smiled and ate the cookie.

The man cleared his throat, garnering both of their attentions. He then looked over to the pink-haired boy.

"You…you're Natsu Dragneel correct?"

"Yeah?" the boy raised his eyebrow. "You know me?"

"Of course. Not many forget the male heir of the Schnee family."

Natsu's eyes widened in fright. "You know my family?!" he shrieked. "Please don't tell them I snuck off! Especially my sister! I'm begging you!"

"You can relax. I'm not going to tell them anything that happened tonight, but you probably should let them know where you are."

"You have a sister?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah." Natsu sulked. "She's really scary."

Ruby giggled. "My sister can be scary too."

The man took a seat in front of the pair. "Do either of you know who I am?"

"Should I?" Natsu retorted.

"You're Professor Ozpin." Ruby answered. "The headmaster of Beacon Academy."

"I am." The man nodded. "It is nice to meet the both of you."

"Nice to meet you as well." Ruby respectfully returned.

"Wait…Beacon Academy?" Natsu asked. "That's that school that trains people to be Hunters and Huntresses right?"

"I'm surprised you know of it." Ozpin chuckled.

"Of course I do. I'm not a total idiot."

"That remains to be seen." The blonde woman muttered.

"Now, now, Glynda." Ozpin said. "No need to be crass with the boy." He turned his attention back to Natsu. "Is that why you came here? To enroll in the academy?"

"No. I just came to Vale with my little sister. She's the one going to Beacon."

"My older sister's going there this year too." Ruby said.

"Do you wish to join them?" Ozpin suddenly asked.

Both Natsu and Ruby were stuck dumb by his question.

"I still have two years left at Signal." Ruby pointed out.

"And my grades aren't high enough to get in to Beacon." Natsu said.

"Hm." Ozpin grinned. "I'm sure I could pull some strings to allow you admittance." He looked to the blonde woman – now known as Glynda – for approval. She simply looked away as if to say "it's your decision."

Ozpin looked back to the pair. "What do you say? Would the two of you like to come to my school?"

Natsu and Ruby looked at one another for a few seconds before smiling and looking back to Ozpin.

"More than anything." Ruby accepted happily.

"Where do we sign up?" Natsu asked.

Due to the success of Dungeons & Dragon (which I can't thank you guys enough for by the way), I decided to start another a crossover. In case you guys haven't figured it out yet, this time I'm crossing Fairy Tail with RWBY. However unlike Dungeons & Dragon where i mixed the worlds of DanMachi and FT, this fic is more placing one character inside the already existing world as someone raised there (that being Natsu obviously).

I noticed other RWBYxFT crossovers are basically Natsu comes to Remnant with his memories or abilities in tact in some form or fashion. Personally I think that can be a bit lazy in terms of building a character so I decided to change up the formula just a bit. As such Natsu has never met Fairy Tail or know anything about Earthland. Also (since I know some people may ask) this is NOT a harem story.

And don't worry, I won't neglect Dungeons & Dragon.

So what do you guys think? Would this be a story you are interested in me continuing? Let me know your thoughts in a review.

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