Dark Desires for Pain

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Chapter 1 by AnarchyX-Phile

It had started out as simple comfort—a nice way to end a horrible day; and, of course, it had started with Mulder. They had been partners for a little over a year, yet it still amazed Scully how he could take the simplest case, blow it up into a massive conspiracy case, and then—to top it off—he'd wind up getting hurt…luckily it was usually small injuries, easy to heal.

Tonight was another quick fix. Mulder had fallen while chasing a monster he swears was a Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch hybrid. In the loose gravel parking lot in front of the lake, his shoes lost traction and he fell, skinning up his knee and twisting his ankle.

Scully helped him to their car and grabbed her medical kit from the trunk and ran back to him. He was sitting sideways in the passenger seat, his long legs extended out as his heels dug into the gravel.

"Where does it hurt?" She asked as she put her hands on his upper thighs as she lowered her body to the ground, in between his legs. Mulder bit down on his lip and groaned as his ankle began throbbing again—although if he was completely honest, that wasn't his only throbbing body part at this particular moment—with her hands on his thighs as she steadied herself between his legs.

"Left ankle, right knee." he groaned and twisted his upper body so that he could lean back against the head rest.

He felt her begin rolling up the bottom of his pants, checking out his ankle first. "It's not broken but it'll hurt for a few days. We'll put ice on it when we get to the hotel. She took his shoe off and wrapped an ace bandage around his foot and ankle.

He knew she was just being thorough in her examination, but her left hand moved up his bare leg to caress the back of his calf muscle as her right hand messed with the ace bandage. It felt like heaven to have her hands on any part of his body. Once she was finished, she gave a nod of approval for her flawless wrapping talents and she eased his foot into the floorboard, careful not to bump it against anything as she eased it down.

Mulder was just staring at her, watching her care about him so much that she didn't want him to even feel a small sliver of pain while in her hands. He watched her roll his other pants leg up, and start wiping away the blood and putting a bandage over the scrape. "Leave your pants leg rolled up so that the bandage stays on, you can change into some shorts as soon as I get you back."

She put all her supplies back in the kit but just when she went to shut the door, her eyebrows furrowed as she looked at his forehead; she reached forward and ran her fingers through his hair, moving the strands away from his hairline and he hissed as he felt her fingertips glide against open skin.

"Sorry," she said with a frown as she bent down to get a closer look. "It's not actually that bad, the blood is mostly dried now. I'll wash it later and you'll be fine. No scars." She said as her fingers pushed through his hair again. He smiled up at her and their gazes connected. She leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss on the back of his cheek, just below his ear and whispered softly into his ear, "you'll be fine in the morning."

That simple phrase fueled his lust addled brain for the next two weeks as he imagined her whispering it to him in all kinds of situations—and all those situations led to her being stripped of her clothes while she stroked him into oblivion in the name of comfort.

After two weeks, he knew what he needed to do. He needed to get hurt again.




So the idea for this story came from me rewatching some episodes with a friend. I thought it was actually pretty funny how one of them got hurt in every episode-so I figured I could turn it into some slow-burning romance between our two favorite characters.

Just how desperate for comfort are they?