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chapte: 1

"'Invenire desiderium animae' is a particularly difficult potion that I don't expect a single one of you dunderheads to understand, let alone brew it even half decently. You have two hours in which you will attempt to brew it, directions are on the board. Get moving." Snapped the perpetually angry potions master otherwise known as Professor Severus Snape.

Harry was the last to get his supplies, wanting to avoid the stampede along with the unavailable pushing and shoving that comes with it. It was three weeks before his seventh year graduation and this was their last practical class at Hogwarts before revision and exams start the next week.

As he worked Harry thought long and hard on what he was going to do once he graduated, he had absolutely nowhere to go and had no friends to speak of anymore. The few he'd had, had betrayed him and he found himself hanging out with Draco Malfoy of all people and not only him but Snape as well.

The two had developed a healthy respect for Harry after the war as he had saved them both from a certain fate in Azkaban using his hated title to do so after he had awoken in the Infirmary. He just couldn't let them suffer in that horrid place, Draco had been forced into that life by his father and the fact that his manor had been home to the dark lord at the time. It was a do or die situation for him and he had saved Harry's life, for that he was eternally grateful and had decided that he would help him by any means necessary.

Snape on the other hand had saved his life many times since his start a Hogwarts not to mention that he had been bound to an Oath he had sworn to that meddling old coot who hadn't even seen fit to leave anything behind to clear his name should he need it. No, Harry had taken it upon himself to get their names clear and had succeeded.

So intent was he on his thoughts that he didn't even notice Ron Weasley, his ex-best friend walking past him until he felt an elbow jab him sharply in the ribs as he was picking up the cork to seal the phial of potion he was holding.

Snape whom had glanced up as he heard a sharp inhale of breath watched in horror as the uncapped potion was thrown all over Potter's face and Weasley's quick retreat fro the saviours table. He was instantly on his feet, wand in hand and running towards the now screaming teen but was too late as he realised that Harry for once had made an absolutely flawless potion as it did it's job. It was taking him to his soul's desire, wherever that may b. He watched unable to do anything as Harry vanished before his eyes leaving nothing behind but the echo of his pained screams.

All was silent in the classroom as everyone processed what had just happened before chaos ensued.

"SILENCE!" Snape roared before rounding on the smug redhead standing before him and grabbed him securely by the ear and twisting it painfully. "You can say goodbye to the rest of your education Weasley, you had also best hope that Harry returns within the month unharmed otherwise you may also kiss your freedom goodbye." He sneered at the traitorous brat in front of him. Although Harry had never said anything to him or Draco, Severus had no doubt that Weasley was the reason that he could no longer walk properly and was in a coma for three weeks after the war.

"You can't do anything to me, there's no proof I did anything and besides even if I did how was I supposed to know to know that he would disappear screaming like that?" He protested smirking at the end thinking he had won.

"On the contrary Weasel, there's a whole class full of witnesses that saw what you did and as for not knowing what the option did, maybe if you'd pick up a book once in a while like your know it all girlfriend and learned the language all our sells and potions are in you would know then wouldn't you?" Draco snarled at the vermin.

"Enough, class is dismissed. I want a foot long sheet of parchment on the meaning behind the potion, it's purpose, the ingredients and how they interact with each other to make this potion successfully." He snapped out as he dragged Weasley from the room by his ear all the way to the seventh floor where the Headmistress's office was located.

Transformatus.' He murmured to the gargoyle guarding the entrance before dragging the whimpering weasel with him not even pausing to knock on the door before barging into the office.

"Severus, what's happened? Unhand Mr. Weasley please." Minerva McGonagal demanded as she lurched to her feet in concern at the abrupt entrance and the frightening expression on the potions masters stony face.

Severus released the ear between his fingers only to grab the back of Weasley's neck and shoved him roughly into the chair in front of the Headmistress's desk before hastily explaining what had happened in his class to his fellow professor and friend and watched as her face paled dramatically at the explanation.

"Is there anyway to know if Harry is alive and well, can we bring him back?" She asked but he was already shaking his head at her question.

"I'm afraid that's just not possible Minerva, there's no telling where that potion took him. He could be anywhere from the past to the future for all we know."

"I will have to make a call to the Ministry and get the Aurors involved in this, you had best start your praying Mr. Weasley. Harry isn't here to save you this time and you better believe that I will be pushing for the maximum within the months end." She informed him as she made her way towards the fireplace.

The first thing he felt as he came back to consciousness was pain. He hurt all over as pain flared from his damaged left thigh, from his head and back where he felt someone rubbing something on it. He groaned as he fought the dizziness and the ministrations on his back immediately ceased.

"Are you well?" Came the soft voice with an accent that he had never heard before, making his head snap in the direction the voice had come from as fe jumped to his feet automatically drawing his wand as he looked around the unfamiliar surroundings and backed away from the handsome stranger whom had raised his hands in the universal sign for peace.

"Peace, I mean you no harm child." The man said smiling gently at him, never once lowering his hands.

"Who are you, where am I?" Harry asked shakily, lowering his wand slightly with unease clear in his voice.

"My name is Salazar Slytherin and you are in my tent on the boarder of Scotland where I was collecting potion ingredients." The man answered as he lowered his hands but made no other movements so as not to startle the slight teen in front of him. He was truly beautiful with his shoulder length black hair and the most striking emerald coloured eyes he'd ever seen. He had a slim, petite form and slightly wide hips that suggested strong bearer genes with a short stature of 5'6" which was extremely small compared to his 6'7" muscular frame.

"Haha very funny, seriously who are you?" Harry demanded whilst scowling at the stranger whom was obviously trying to make light of the situation by making jokes.

"I have no reason to lie, I speak the truth. I am Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogmarts School in Scotland that has been open for almost two years now." He informed him, frowning slightly at the young man in concern as he paled dramatically.

"Well, how the hell did that happen?"