The road to hell!

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This story contains mentions of past child abuse and Male/Male scenes. This story is rated M for a reason. If you don't like this sort of story then turn back now, you've been warned.

Chapter: 1

"Help!" The voice was muffled but it made Dean pause, he had just climbed out of what looked to be his grave when he heard the voice shout out for help. "Help me, please let me out. Please help." Banging could be heard from the ground directly next to where Dean was buried.

"Hey calm down alright, I'm gonna get you out of there." Dean shouted as he got down on his hands and knees and started digging.

"Please hurry, I can't breathe." The voice was panicked.

"Alright I'm almost there." Dean shouted as he pulled the latch from the wooden coffin and opened it.

Oh man that hurts! Was all Harry could think as he was rescued from his coffin which he has no memory of how he got there.

"Are you alright kid?" Harry slowly and carefully removed his hands from his face and looked up at his rescuer. He was tall at about 6ft with a muscly build, tanned skin and leaf green eyes with mousy blonde hair.

"I'm not sure, where are we, how did I get in there, what the hell is going on?" He asked panicking.

"Hey, hey, calm down and tell me you're name, how old you are and what you remember." Dean tried to soothe the frightened teen. "My name's Dean by the way, Dean Winchester."

"You'll think I'm crazy." Harry whispered as he stood on shaky legs and took the offered hand to help pull himself out of the ground.

"Trust me kid, whatever you tell me I can handle. I know weird." Harry looked at him as if judging him and nodded.

"My name is Harry James Potter and I'm 18 yrs old. I was born a wizard to parents who were killed in the first wizarding war in 1992 and I was Scotland in a fight to the death with their murderer when I died taking him out with me. He was a monster who killed hundreds of people including children and I was prophesied to defeat him. And I did dying in the mean time, what I want to know is why I didn't stay dead. You can't bring back the dead, that's the one thing that everyone agrees on as it upsets the balance. Fate must really hate me if I'm still not allowed to get any peace. I was dead and apparently that's not good enough." Harry ranted and flushed as he remembered his company.

"Born wizard?" Dead asked suspiciously.

"Yes, there is such thing as magic." Harry explained.

"I know that but I didn't now there were natural born magicals."

"How do you think a deal witch gets their magic? Through a natural who was sent to hell for one reason or another. It is very rare for us to be sent there, the magical must be dark to the core for that to happen."

"Right, well I hate to break it to you but you're not in Scotland anymore. This is America, though I don't know exactly where we are as I am in the same position as you. I was dead, ripped apart by hellhounds. I'm supposed to be dead too."

"Do you know of somewhere we can go to clean up and get answers?"

"Yes, but I don't know how we're going to get there and I also don't think my presence will be taken lightly either."

"Don't worry I can get us there, take my hand and hold on tightly while thinking of where you want to go and I'll do the rest." Harry said holding his hand out to Dean who took it while looking at him skeptically.

"Alright then, what the hell." He muttered as he closed his eyes and thought of where to go and before he knew it he felt like his insides where being sucked through a straw. "Woah dude, a little warning would be nice." He groaned as he graced at the young man beside him who looked equally as affected, if not worse. He stood up and looked around taking I all the cars surrounding them and grabbed Harry's arm. "Come on, this way." He lead him through the car yard and up to the front door of the house that appeared up ahead and knocking on it. They could hear shuffling and the distinct sound of a shotgun being cocked behind the door making the nervous teens already frayed nerves disappear completely as he shifted slightly behind Dean as the door opened.

"Dean?" The older man gasped as he opened the door further spying the two men on his front porch.

"Hey Bobby, it's me." He managed to get out as what appeared to be water was thrown at both of them. "I'm not possessed." He said as he dragged Harry over the threshold into the living room where he picked up a silver knife and made a cut on his arm."I'm not a shapeshifter either." He told him as he handed the knife to Harry who took it and looked at him strangely.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" He asked peering at the knife as though it might bite him.

"Just make a cut up your arm to prove you're not a shapeshifter." Dean told him.

"A what?" Harry asked confused as he looked back and forth between the two men.

"I'll explain later, just do it. Please." He added when he saw the teen make to protest.

Harry nodded reluctantly and sucked in a breath as he quickly cut his arm with the knife then passed it back to Dean.

"Did I pass?" He asked looking at Dean who didn't get a chance to answer as he was pulled into a bear hug by Bobby who looked close to tears.

"It's good to see you too Bobby."

"What I want to know is how I'm seeing you at all, we buried you Dean."

"What do you mean you buried me, why didn't you salt and burn my bones? Not that I'm not great full."

"Sam wouldn't let me. He said you'd need a body when he brought you back, you don't think he did this do you?" Bobby asked suspiciously.

"If it was just me I would say yes but Harry was brought back too and he died in Scotland, he was in a box right next to mine so no I don't think it was Sammy." Brining Bobby's attention back to Harry who was fidgeting and looking more than a little lost.

"What's you're deal kid?"

"I'm a born magical and I died in battle due to a cutting hex to the throat." He told him as he gingerly touched where the scar should have been.

"A wizard?" Harry nodded.

"How do you know this, we're supposed to keep our world a secret."

"I've run into your kind before, and even if I didn't didn't you just break your own law by telling us?" Bobby pointed out to Harry who just shrugged.

"I'm dead, it doesn't count."

"Where's Sam?" Dean asked breaking up the conversation.

"I don't know, I haven't seen him in months. He was real quiet after your death, trying to find a way to bring you back. Tried to make a deal and everything with no luck, one night he just up and left in the middle of the night and I haven't seen or heard from him since."

"I can find him." Harry said gaining their attention. "I need a map and family blood, the closer the better."

"I'm his brother." Dean offered as Bobby lead them to the kitchen table where a map was already spread out.

"Perfect, just make a cut on your hand and let the blood drip on the map." Dean did as told and kept the blood dripping until Harry grabbed his hand and hovered the other one above the map and concentrated. "Locatus familias." He chanted as he pushed his magic out through his hands, through Dean's and onto the map. After a moment the blood on the map gathered into one puddle and made a clear line across the map. "He's there."