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This story contains child abuse which I don't condone as I have suffered from it myself and Autism which I know a fair bit about as my younger sister has mild Autism. It is all fact.

Chapter: 1

"Minerva, have you received all the school reports for the muggle raised students yet?" Headmaster Albus Dumbledore asked from his place at the large table in the staff room where he and the four house heads were gathered for the first meeting of the year. This meeting was being held to discuss the new students due to start their first year of Hogwarts in September to discuss any potential issues with the new students 'mainly muggle-borns and muggle raised) and hash out plans to help them when they are sorted into their houses.

Minerva lifted her head from the file she was currently frowning at in concern and glanced at the other occupants of the room, eyes lingering on the ever scowling potions master before turning her attention back to the headmaster and nodding.

"I've been through all the files and all have returned their acceptance letters bar one…" She paused for a moment glancing back at the file. "This student is currently enrolled in a muggle primary school and has better grades then even those years above him, however his file is slightly concerning. The student was diagnosed with Autism in his first year and all of his teachers have filed a complaint with child protective services reporting suspected abuse with nothing ever coming from it as they had no proof and the poor child doesn't understand that the way his guardians are treating him is wrong so therefore is uncooperative. The school nurse has noted multiple broken bones and suspicious bruises along with malnourishment and is a lot shorter than other students his age. When the guardians of this boy are questioned about these things, they immediately brush it off as clumsiness and the child returns to school the next day with new bruises."

"Is the boy verbal?" Professor Snape questioned scowling darkly thinking back to his own abusive childhood and vowing to help the child as no child not even James Potter deserved that. How he loathed that man even now that he was dead. He was often the brunt of Potters pranks and insults when they were in school together and he swore to help any and all children who suffered like he had. He was also the reason he lost the love of his life, his soulmate.

"He has a high grasp of the English language and is smart well beyond his years but often gets confused with the way people word things and takes everything literally. Say for instance if Madame Hooch were to say to the class leave your brooms where they are as she is finishing the class or taking a child to the infirmary and he still had it in his hand he would take that literally and still fly around on the broom without supervision or walk off with the broom still in his hand and argue the point when told off for not listening to the teacher because she hadn't specifically said put your brooms on the ground or no flying without adult supervision because he doesn't understand the meaning behind what she has said. Apparently he loves rules and any deviation from his schedule results in a meltdown. He doesn't like to be touched and refuses to look people in the eye often looking at the forehead, nose, over the shoulder of the person he's talking to or at the ground. He has trouble with his motor skills find writing very difficult and often gets frustrated as he is unable to grip the pencil correctly to write with. When excited or upset he flaps his hands or twists them while rocking on his feet, he uses his hands as a form of communication. He is a very polite and kind child generally but when he has a meltdown it can be explosive, hurting himself, throwing himself of the ground screaming and the only way to bring him out of it is to grip him in a tight bear hug and talk to him about the problem until he calms down. According to this he absolutely loathes the colour green and one of the students in his art glass had thrown green paint on him and he had the biggest meltdown any of the teachers had ever seen and it took a good half an hour to calm him down which included him scrubbing himself raw in the showers and a change of clothes. He had refused to even take them home stating 'green is bad, green hurts' and he also has a problem with large groups of people being too close to him and loud noises spook him. He doesn't like the Unknown and needs every new thing described in detail before he will do it, he needs to know what is going to happen otherwise he gets overwhelmed and goes to hide somewhere to calm himself." Silence met her as she finished her in depth report.

"And this child is enrolled at Hogwarts but hasn't answered his acceptance letter? What's his name." The headmaster questioned while stroking his beard deep in thought.

Minerva turned and looked right at the unusually solemn potions master and answered.

"It's Harry Potter." His eyes grew wide in shock.

"You're….. You're joking right?" He choked out.

She shook her head "I wish I were."

"Severus I know you're past with his father but…" Severus cut him off.

"My past with his father has nothing to do with it Albus, I'm not so heartless as to take my hate out on a defenceless and disabled little boy who doesn't understand the reasoning behind it. I will help him as much as I can as I have experience with Autism. My cousin from my fathers side has high functioning Autism, I know what to expect." He scowled at the headmaster for even thinking such a thing. He bowed his head apologetically.

"Forgive me Severus, I didn't mean to insult you. Now, I would like for you to visit his house and see for yourself if anything his going on as you have the most experience with this sort of thing and if you find anything I want you to grab him immediately and bring him here and I will have to figure out an appropriate guardian for him during the holidays." Severus nodded and stood.

"I will do that now, if what that report says is true then I want him out of that place immediately." With that he swept out of the room with his cloak billowing behind him as he rushed back to his quarters to change into some muggle clothing before leaving the school and appearing in front of a house on Private Drive in Surrey that had him sneaking in disgust at the mundaneness of all the houses looking exactly alike.

Shaking his head he stalking across the road until he reached number four before rapping sharply on the door which opened moments later to reveal a horse faced blonde woman whose eyes widened in recognition before narrowing. "YOU!" She snarled at Severus who smirked.

"Hello Tuney, long time no see….."