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Legends; stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction. The creatures of Grimm set their sights on Man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning Man's brief existence into the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time Man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named Dust. Nature's wrath in hand, Man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return. So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called "free world" but take heed, there will be no victory in strength.

But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you have long forgotten? Things that require a smaller, more honest soul.

The City of Vale was enjoying a quiet night, the shattered moon had already risen high in the heavens and lit the streets with its soft glow. Few cars could be seen yet citizens were still numerous here in the great city's commercial district. Restaurants, bars, and countless shops with a vast assortment of merchandise on display still thumped with life. It was down this unassuming street strode a boy, a teenager in fact of hunter's garb and a shining, blue sword sheathed at his belt. He wore a blue tunic, draped by a darker blue hooded cape, a large sapphire clasping it together across his collar. Faded white trousers ran down his legs into black leather combat boots. While in the middle of possibly the safest place in this section of Remnant, he kept a gloved hand constantly present on the hilt of his sword. Black locks with a blue tint fell across his brow and tied behind in a ponytail reaching just past his shoulders. Youthful silver eyes, marred by a single jagged scar over the left, scanned left and right as they searched for something of great importance. He let out a sigh and stopped a passerby.

"Excuse me," he asked. "I'm new in town, could you point me in the direction of the nearest dust shop?"

"Sure thing kid. You'll want to follow this road two blocks and make a left. It'll be on your left hand side. The place is called From Dust Till Dawn, it's the only shop open at this hour, you can't miss it."

The boy gave his thanks and hurried his step. He wanted to catch the place before it really did close. As he turned the corner, he was surprised to see this particular street completely empty. On top of that, the power also seemed to have been cut, not just to the buildings but to the street lamps as well. All the lights were out save for one shop; the dust shop. His right hand drifted to the SMG hooked underneath his cape, twitching with anticipation as he strode forward cautiously, senses honed to his surroundings for any threat of attack. The night air was suddenly shattered as a man in a black suit was thrown through the window of the dust shop. Drawing his gun, he ran forward fearing a robbery but stopped when he noticed the one responsible.

A girl, a couple years younger than him, wielding a massive mechanical scythe challenged four more men, all garbed in the same uniform. Short, black locks framed her face, tinted in a peculiar red color. She herself wore a long red cape with a hood, similar to his own and was clad in a black blouse and waist cincher with red laces. Her midnight hued skirt displayed a frilly red trim, the belt home to a magazine pouch on her right, with large single rounds along the left. Sheer black stockings hugged her legs, leading down to rugged, buckled combat boots. She reminded him of something out of a fairy tale. Her lithe form swung the scythe in an elaborate display, betraying the obvious strength she possessed. The boy slowed his approach, choosing to instead observe the scuffle as it quickly became apparent the girl did not need his help. She made short work of her opponents, showcasing not only mastery of such an unwieldy weapon but unnatural speed as well, even by hunter standards, incapacitating them quickly but oddly, as the boy noticed, short of being lethal. They were left writhing in obvious pain on the asphalt.

"You were worth every cent, truly you were," came a sarcastic voice.

A final figure came out of the shop, this man in a white suit with a black bowler hat and cane. Ginger locks peeked from underneath and in his mouth was a lit cigar. He kicked a goon as he strode, eliciting a groan.

"Well Red I can say this has been quite the eventful evening," he continued towards the girl, dropping the cigar and crushing it with the end of his cane.

"As much as I'd love to stick around, I'm afraid this is where we part ways."

He then raised his cane towards her, a small sight popping up over the tip. It was at this point the boy decided to intervene.

"Do you usually point guns at little girls or is this just one of those nights for you?" his own firearm trained on the redheaded man. The girl spared him a surprised glance but kept her focus on the man currently threatening her.

"Well well well, isn't this a surprise?" he announced over the distant call of police sirens. "I have Red and Blue gracing me with their illustrious presence tonight. I'm honored, I truly am. But as I have stated already, my time is short. Ciao!"

In a flash of movement, his left hand fell into his coat, pulling out a dust crystal which he ignited with his aura. A flick of his wrist sent the crystal bouncing towards the boy. At the same time, he fired his cane towards the girl, a flare of red dust energy rocketing towards her. Using her scythe, she vaulted over the missile before it could hit her. Two explosions rang out through the streets as the crook made his escape. Disoriented but hardly injured thanks to his aura, the boy quickly scanned his surroundings for the attacker and spotted him scrambling up a fire access ladder. Gun in hand, he took off in pursuit, focusing his aura into his legs and leaping for the roof.

"Mind if I go after them?" the girl asked the aged shopkeeper as he came out of hiding from his ruined shop.

He gave her a shaky nod.

With a smirk, she planted the head of her scythe into the ground and by pulling a hidden trigger, fired a powerful round, using the recoil to launch herself up to the edge of the building. The young pair landed at the same time, confronting the white clad thief.

"Hey!" she yelled out, causing the thief to pause.

"Make one more move and I'm lighting you up," spoke the boy, his SMG trained on the man's back.

"Persistent..." he muttered under his breath

Refusing to turn and face them, a tense few seconds ticked by. His patience was answered as the roar of a bullhead transport rose from an adjacent street. Bright spotlights shown down on the two youths, blinding the temporarily as the white suited man scrambled into the cabin. The lights let up, allowing them a brief reprieve.

"End of the line, kids!" he announced as he threw a red dust crystal at their feet. Recognition lit up in the boy's eyes.

"Move!" he yelled, pushing himself and the girl to the side as a red bolt erupted from the thief's cane.

That same moment, another figure dropped in between them and the crystal, conjuring a violet glyph that shielded them from the blast; a huntress. She was perhaps in her late thirties with braided golden hair and spectacles. A white long sleeved blouse clothed her, neatly tucked into a high set black skirt. A tattered purple cape billowed behind her. Black stockings and heels finished off the display. She huffed in annoyance as she waved what appeared to be a wand. Adjusting her glasses, she swung in a wide arc, firing a volley of violet energy bolts at the bullhead. The armored hull suffered little more than large dents from the impacts. Not one to stand aside during a battle, the boy took aim and fired a hail of bullets from his SMG, the red dust infused incendiary rounds peppering the cockpit. The girl joined him, her scythe collapsing into a high velocity sniper rifle. Thundering cracks announced each round. The red-haired thief stumbled his way to the cockpit as his getaway bird lurched under the combined assault.

"We got a huntress!" the thief yelled at his pilot, who promptly rose from the pilot's chair and headed to the cabin.

The pilot was a woman, clad in a scarlet dress that fell to her mid thigh, decorated with gold embroidery, and glass high heel shoes. Glowing amber eyes were all that had shown from her mostly shrouded face. Her form rippled with the power of flame.

The bespectacled huntress ignored this new assailant for the most part, instead waving her wand as it glowed with the intricate spider-web of Dust energy, conjuring a billowing swirl of storm clouds above the bullhead. From its tendrils, large and sharpened chunks of ice fell upon the craft, embedding themselves into the reinforced steel. The thief, who had since taken the woman's place in the cockpit, struggled to keep the bird airborne under the new assault. He swore out-loud, quickly ducking to the left as one shard easily forced its way through the craft's canopy, showering him with glass.

A wave of the scarlet woman's hand conjured numerous orange glyphs where the trio stood. In haste, the huntress slid the two youths to safety with her wand as she herself nimbly danced out of range of the subsequent explosions. In response, the huntress waved her wand and took full control of the resulting debris, manipulating them into the form of a large spear. A flick of her wrist sent the deadly formation flying at high speed towards her target, only to be met with several volleys of fire that steadily wore it down in size. Switching tactics, the huntress waved her wand once more, splitting the spear into multiple tendrils and surrounding the craft, but the pyromancer had a defensive tactic for this assault as well, throwing both her arms outwards and creating a super-heated shockwave that reduced the debris to ash. Sighting in with her scythe rifle, the girl took careful and precise shots at the woman. Unfortunately the bullets did nothing, easily being stopped by the palm of the sorceress' hand. Needing an escape tactic, the pyromancer cupped her hands together, compressing the molten energy into a tightly packed ball. When she felt it had reached a sufficient level, she launched this ball at her three attackers. The huntress' eyes went wide when she realized how much more powerful this particular attack was in comparison to all the others. Gritting her teeth, she formed a protective sphere around herself and her two unexpected charges.

The explosion rocked the city across several blocks, startling the hapless citizens with its force and volume. The girl in red, despite the protective shielding, was knocked to the ground, alluding to the strength of the explosion. The boy buckled slightly under the force but remained on his feet, awed by the sheer magnitude of the attack. The concrete roof of the building glowed an angry red, flash heated by the sudden assault from the fireball. Drawing upon her deeper reserves of power, the huntress let loose a wave of energy, banishing the smoke and flames from around them, but by the time she was able to send another volley of bolts, the bullhead was already retreating into the night sky. With a frown on her face, the huntress adjusted her spectacles and set to work repairing the ruined roof with her telekinesis.

Sighing, the boy stowed away his gun, approached the girl and held out a hand to help her up.

"They got away this time, but maybe next time they won't be so lucky. My name's Raine, what's yours?" he asked as he pulled her to her feet.

"Ruby," she smiled back to him.

They turned to the woman looking down at them disdainfully. Ruby, for her part, gushed with excitement.

"Oh my gosh, you're a huntress! Can I get your autograph?"

"I hope you realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly, you two. The both of you put yourselves and others in grave danger," the blonde woman scolded.

The pair found themselves in an interview room at the local police station.

"They started it!" Ruby protested.

"To be fair ma'am, this wasn't exactly my first ride," Raine chuckled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Silence!" she punctuated with a slap of what Raine now recognized as a riding crop.

"If it were up to me, the both of you would be sent home tonight," she stated, "with a pat on the back..."

Ruby perked up.

"... and a slap on the wrist." To prove her point, the woman slightly smacked Ruby's hand with the crop, earning a yelp from the terrified girl.

"However that doesn't seem to be the case. Someone here would like to speak to the both of you."

She stood to the side as an older man entered the room. He, like his associate, also wore spectacles. Silver, slightly messy hair adorned his crown and an emerald scarf hugged his neck. A long, black overcoat with gold buttons draped across his figure, long sleeves coming down to white gloved hands. Unlike the woman, Raine recognized this man almost immediately: Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, and he was carrying a plate of cookies.

"Ruby Rose," he addressed the girl first, "and Raine Zaffre." He turned to the boy.

Both sat up in rapt attention.

"The two of you... have silver eyes," he spoke as if deciphering a puzzle. The two youths looked to each other in confusion, discovering the other did indeed have silver eyes.

"So!" continued Ozpin. "Where did you learn to do this?" he asked Ruby as he pointed towards the woman's scroll, showing a recording of the street fight.

"S-Signal Academy?" she hesitantly answered.

"An entry level school taught you how to wield one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?"

"Well, one instructor in particular!"

"I see," he continued. At that point, he set the plate down in front of her.

Ruby's eyes shot back and forth between Ozpin and the cookies. A pale hand slowly reached forward and took a cookie. She ate one, then another as her smile grew. In no time at all, she ravenously inhaled cookie after cookie, not even crumbs were safe.

"You uh... gonna share those at all?" asked Raine as he watched her vacuum the entire batch.

She nodded once and pushed the plate towards him, allowing him to eat the very last one.

"I only know of one person who can wield the scythe with such ease..." continued Ozpin. "...a dusty old crow."

Ruby mumbled an affirmation through a mouthful of cookie.

"Pardon me?"

She swallowed and giggled nervously.

"Sorry, that's my Uncle Qrow, and he's a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing, but now I'm all whooowaah watttchaaa!" she described animatedly, complete with hand gestures.

"So I've seen," replied Ozpin with a slight smile. "And what is an adorable little girl such as yourself doing at a school designed to train warriors?"

"Well... I want to be a Huntress."

"You want to slay monsters?"

"Yeah! I only have two more years at Signal and then I want to apply to Beacon. You see, my sister is starting there this year and she's trying to become a Huntress. I'm trying to become a Huntress because I wanna help people!" she rambled on. "Our parents always taught us to help people and I thought 'Oh might as well make a career out of it' heheh, and sure the police are good and all but Hunters and Huntresses are just so much more cool and romantic and exciting and gosh you know?" she squealed.

The woman fixed Ruby with a deadpan expression.

"Very interesting," chuckled Ozpin before he directed his attention towards Raine.

"Raine... you, unlike Ruby, I have already heard about and in great detail I might add."

Raine raised a brow and slightly stiffened at the remark.

"How so?" he questioned carefully.

Ozpin waved at the scroll, the recording now switching to one of Raine. This time, unlike Ruby who fought criminals, he was locked in a deadly dance with Grimm in a rural village. Ruby watched in awe as the older boy effortlessly wielded a pair of broadswords, twisting, turning and flipping about as he cut down one Grimm after another, mostly beowolves with the occasional ursa. The camera panned right just as Raine focused his aura into his weapons and with two mighty swings, sent a pair of crescent shaped energy waves towards an advancing group. The blades cut through them smoothly.

"One of my huntsmen had been called to the neighboring village of Oakwatch just outside the city walls to fend off a pack of Grimm. Imagine his surprise when he found you there already."

"You're already a Huntsman?" Ruby asked excitedly.

"N-not really," Raine denied. "I just had a really good teacher. Besides, I was just resting there when the Grimm showed up. I didn't want anyone dying when I could have helped them."

Gunshots echoed from the recording as Raine emptied a clip into the belly of a beowolf that tried to tackle him. They took a tumble to the ground, the Grimm's bloodied corpse being kicked aside by its would-be prey.

"And what do you mean by resting?" asked Ozpin.

"I've been traveling from Vacuo for the past month or so. Oakwatch was supposed to be my last stop. I was headed here to apply to Beacon."

"On foot?" continued Ozpin, raising a brow.

"Yeah..." he exhaled.

"And what compelled you to cover half the continent of Sanus for your education when you could have applied to Shade Academy in Vacuo?"

"Call it training I guess," he answered, dodging the question.

"The main mode of transportation between kingdoms is either by air or sea. To do so cross country is akin to suicide, you do understand correct?"

Raine's patience was starting to wear thin.

"With all due respect sir, what is this about? The way I see it, Ruby and I are innocent and the only people that got hurt tonight were those thieves."

Ozpin tilted his head. "Do either of you know who I am?"

"You're Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster at Beacon," Ruby answered immediately.

Ozpin, who had seated himself, leaned forward across the table. "You want to come to my school?" he directed the question to the both of them.

That was something Raine did not expect; a direct invitation from the Headmaster of one of the most prestigious hunting academies in Remnant. Ruby... looked as if she had received a gift from Oum himself.

"More than anything in the world," she breathed. He turned his gaze towards Raine.

"I... I would be honored to," he answered, still dumbstruck that this was happening.

Ozpin gave a questioning gaze to his associate. She scoffed and looked away, rolling her eyes.

With a broad smile on his face and eyes squinted shut, "Well alright."

Raine let out a long breath as he shut the door of his hotel room. He expected to have to work when he arrived in Vale before he would get accepted into Beacon, yet here he was now with an open invitation from Ozpin himself on his second day. He pulled the letter out of his pocket for reassurance. The woman who gave him and Ruby's official documents, Glynda Goodwitch, was also a teacher at Beacon and happened to be the assistant headmistress. The instructions were clear; be at the airstrip on the north side of Vale by 8am tomorrow. Raine set aside his cape on the vacant bed of the room and disrobed of his gear. It took only a few minutes to wash up and change into his sleeping attire, dark blue sweatpants and a white t-shirt, but he found sleep wouldn't come to him for hours. His mind was still racing, sure with the sudden entry into Beacon but mostly on the young girl he ran into by chance.

"Ruby," he spoke to the darkness of his room.

She was beside herself with excitement as they left the police station. With a quick hug of farewell and best wishes of running into each other again at school, she took off into the night back to Signal with that ridiculous speed of hers, leaving behind a flurry of rose petals in her wake. The thought brought a smile to his face, he was confident he made a friend tonight. She was eager, pure of heart, adorable in every sense of the word, and an incredible huntress in training. But what stuck to him the most was what Ozpin said to them when he first walked in; we had silver eyes. Raine knew of the old legend from his teacher and guardian, Urdin; the silver eyed warriors, humans of immense prowess capable of killing Grimm with a mere look. Raine sighed and rolled over; he couldn't dwell on all of this now, as tomorrow was an early day. Still, he intended to comb the Beacon Library for any information besides the folklore that everybody knew. With any luck, he would find far more than a simple children's book full of fairy tales. Most importantly though, he was no longer the only supposed "Silver Eyed Warrior." The thought brought a smile to his face as he drifted into blissful unconsciousness.

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