Son of Thor!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers or Thor.

This story is set after the battle of New York of which Loki had no part in other then to help defeat them. Loki and Thor are married. This will be a Male/Male and mpreg story, if you do not like those sorts of stories then I suggest you don't read this one. Enjoy.

Chapter: 1

Asgard 2010

"Come on baby, you can do it." Loki encouraged his almost 2 yr old son. They were in the living room of their quarters and Loki was trying to teach young Haraldr how to change the colour of his fathers clothes.

"Mama, did it mama. Did it." He cheered as he clapped his hands enthusiastically.

"Yes you did, now let's put these back before your father returns." He said just as the door opened and the man in question entered.

"Where is my little Raven?" He boomed as he entered and stopes dead as he saw what said Raven was holding. His once red cape was now a bright hot pink and it was sparkling.

"Look it dada, I did." Haraldr cheered proudly as he dropped the cape and ran and jumped on his father.

"You're not supposed to tell him you did it." Loki laughed

"Mama did it dada." He said so innocently you could almost believe it if he hadn't of giggled right after he said it. Loki gasped and placed his hand over his heart in mock hurt.

"You're not supposed to tell him I did it either." He said as he got up to tickle his son and kiss his husband in greeting.

"Teaching him your tricks already, he will be causing mischief in no time." Thor smiled as he set his son back on the ground whom immediately went back to the cape and changed its colour again, this time to a sky blue.

"Fear not, you can corrupt our next child my love." Loki smiled as he placed his husbands large hand on his stomach and watched as his face lit up with joy.

"Truly, you're pregnant again?" He asked as he placed both hands on his wife's flat stomach.

"Indeed I am, I found out this morning. I feel this one will be your heir, I can feel his strength already." He smiled as he placed his hands on top of his husbands much larger ones. The moment was soon ruined as the door was thrown open and a guard ran in bloodied and out of breath causing Haraldr to shriek and hide behind his mother.

"My Lord, we are under attack. Frost Giants have stormed Asgard." Loki gasped in horror and snatched up his son and held him close.

"I will be there momentarily." He said to the guard whom nodded and left. Thor turned to his small family and smiled as he hugged them both in his big arms. "Take one of the servants and take Haraldr from here, I will find you when it's over."

"Dada?" Haraldr looked fearfully at his father, not really understanding what was happening but sensing his mothers fear as he held him.

"I will see you soon my little gem, be good for your mama." He said as he kissed his son on the head then kissed his wife with another touch to his stomach. "I love you." He smiled and left the room.


"Yes my prince?" Answered the servant whom appeared immediately after being called.

"You will accompany my son and I, we must leave until Thor comes for us." He told her as they walked out the door at a brisk pace.

They were half way down the long hall when suddenly Loki grabbed Dahlia's arm and yanked her into a room off to the side.

"They are coming this way, I can sense at least six of them. You must take him and go, do not wait for me. I will cloak you both and distract them enough for you to get away. Protect my son, we will find you when it's safe." He looked down at his son who was looking back at him with tear filled eyes. "I will find you soon my son, you must go with Dahlia for now. Be good for her until you dada and I come for you ok. I love you." He let a few tears fall as he kissed his son on the head and gave him to his servant. "GO!"

After the battle was won Thor and Loki met up on the bridge on their way to the bifrost to retrieve their son. Thor was surprised and slightly angry to see his wife there.

"Loki, why did you not leave with our son? You should not have fought in your condition." He placed a hand on his wife's stomach, face a mask of concern.

"I sent him off with Dahlia, we ran into some Frost Giants and I needed to give them some time to escape. We must go to them now, he was so scared." He told him tearfully.

"And we will, do not fret. Heimdall, in what realm did you send them?"

"When the servant reached the bifrost she was wounded and I was battling some Frost Giants as well, I was able to get away long enough to open a portal to Vanaheimr but the servant was weak from the blood loss and stumbled. The direction of the portal changed and I lost sight of them both, I do not know if the servant girl is still alive. I saw nothing after the direction of the portal was changed, I'm sorry my Princes." Heimdall bowed his head at his failure.

"No, no there has to be a way, you have to find him." Loki cried out desperately clutching onto his husband for support. "He's still alive, I can feel it. You must find him."

"I am sorry my prince, I see nothing." He replied solemnly making Loki collapse into pain filled sobs and anguished cries.

"No, no, no. My baby, my little boy." He cried as Thor's arms wrapped around him and pulled him tight to his chest.

"We will find him, I promise you." He tried to reassure his wife who was sobbing hysterically as a tear of his own fell at the loss of his son. "We will find him."