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"Finally," I say, shutting my computer lid. Peeta towel dried his hair, walking toward the kitchen.

"Yeah, sorry I took so long. I'll get started on dinner now." I followed him in.

"I'm starving, I'll shower after we eat." I say, hopping up on the counter to watch him cook. Watching Peeta do things always calms me, I love seeing the care he puts into each item he makes. He works quickly and puts a couple dishes on the table, gesturing for me to join him.

We sat at the kitchen table enjoying the meal. Everything was simple, pleasant and easy. Simple foods with flavor to die for, pleasant conversation and an easy relationship. Me and my best friend sharing a meal in the little cabin we're currently living in, what could be better than that? We chatted a bit about what we want to do tomorrow, cleaned up after ourselves and left the room.

"I'm going to draw while you shower, I'll just be out here." Peeta tells me, settling into a chair with his pencils and notebook.

"Okay, I'll try to be quick." I say, climbing up into my loft to get fresh clothes and my towel.

I decided that now is the time to wear my most risky outfit. Risky for me is still pretty conservative, but if Peeta is even a little interested, that will be the outfit to start something between us. I can tell both of us are wanting more of each other, and if he won't, I'll give us the push we need to get this going. I grabbed the cutest pair of panties I own, soft grey shorts that I've been told make my butt look good, and a low cut, strappy tank top, skipping the bra. Granted, I don't have a lot of boob to put in a bra, but the tank is tight and will give a hint of nipple and show my stomach, so that counts for something, right?

I passed Peeta on the way to the bathroom, trying to now show him the tiny amount of clothing I'm bringing. He looks up just long enough to smile warmly at me, making me smile as well.

Once in the bathroom, I relaxed. The steam filled the room, and I let the water warm up my still icy skin. This may be an important night, so I took the time to shave, wishing I'd brought some kind of shaving cream to avoid cutting my legs. I rinsed myself off one more time and shut the water off.

I dried my hair as best I could, scrunching it up from the ends hoping it would miraculously get some waves in the damp room. I put on the outfit I'd brought, putting my hair back up into a turban to keep it from soaking through my top. I gathered up my damp clothes I swam in, opening the door and walking to the mud room to put them in the dryer.

I could feel his eyes on me as I tried to ignore his gaze. I went back into the bathroom, taking my hair down and arranging it to look presentable.

When I came back out again, Peeta was gazing at me with a look in his eyes that makes me want his hands all over me. He bit his lip as his eyes came back up to meet mine. A shiver ran up and down my spine, I'd never felt this sexy or desired before and I'm quickly becoming addicted to the feeling.

"Okay," he said, his voice husky. "Either you are trying to seduce me, or I've been friend zoned to the point of being the gay best friend."

I laughed a tiny nervous laugh, my hand reaching up to mess with my wet hair. His eyes dropped down to where my stomach was exposed with the movement.

"I can promise you, you're not in the friendzone, Peeta." I said quietly. His hand automatically went to rub the back of his neck. I licked my lips as he began to stammer.

"You really... I haven't... I'm not?" He asked, his blush coloring his soft pale cheeks and a tentative smile on his lips. I looked him in the eye.

"Maybe we should just kiss to break the tension." I suggested nervously, trying to make a joke but it came out too serious.

He walks closer, and my body feels a confidence my brain doesn't have - I'm internally screaming as we get closer together. He takes the hand I hold out to him. "Only if you want to, of course." I add, my heart beating faster as I realize it would be horrible if he didn't want to kiss.

"Y-yeah, fuck, Katniss, of course I want to. I just... I don't know... I've never..." He wouldn't meet my eyes now. I give his hand a squeeze.

"This is your first kiss." I say. He nods. "I know. Mine too." I admit. He looks up.

"It is? I thought you and-"

"We never did anything, it wasn't like that. I wasn't interested in him." I tell Peeta, not wanting to talk about that whole misunderstanding. "I was too busy looking at someone else."

Peeta's eyes light up as I stand on my toes to bring our faces closer.

"I was looking at you, if that wasn't clear..." I whisper with a smile. He laughs lightly, leaning in so I can feel the warmth of his lips just a breath away from mine.

Then his lips are on mine, his hands cupping my jaw and we're both breathing hard before it even begins.

Our first kiss is clumsy and awkward and mostly a clash of teeth and tongues, but with every sigh I draw out of him and the incredible feeling of us being together warms my entire body. This is the boy I love, and no matter what he looks like, I'll always love him the same.

Our second, third and fourth kisses become more coordinated, hungry and longing. Hands start to wander, his shirt is on the floor in seconds and mine is not far behind. He scooped me up, almost running to his room where he threw me on the bed, both of us grinning widely. I shed my shorts and he dropped his pants, joining me on the bed in just our underwear.

This story's rating doesn't allow me to go into detail about what happened after that. We didn't go the whole way, not yet, but we did get pretty close, and it was incredible.

Let me just say... that summer vacation in my uncle's empty cabin was the best summer I'd ever had in my life.