Chapter 1: Saved

Uncle Vernon was mad at her because her hair had grown back after Aunt Petunia had cut it all off. Usually using her strange powers ended up with her being backhanded and then shoved into her cupboard until school time. This time however seemed different. Uncle Vernon had driven her into the woods where there was a really old cabin. He was cursing her the entire time blaming her for being such a tempting little vixen despite the fact that she was a freak.

Alexinia didn't understand what was happening. One moment she had been sitting silently waiting for her uncle to give her whatever punishment he had come up with and the next her uncle was screaming. Lifting her head up, since she had put it down knowing her uncle hated when she looked him in the eyes, Alexinia was shocked to see with her uncle with his pants down at his ankles and a man biting deeply into his neck. The man seemed enraged and his eyes were a strange color, she knew a normal girl would be afraid of him, but Alexinia felt like she could trust him. After all she might only be eight, but she knew very well what her uncle must have been thinking of doing to her with the state of his clothing. This man had saved her when he didn't even know her, it was odd considering no one wanted to help the freak, but maybe he was helping her because he didn't know she was a freak.

"Don't kill him please, people think I'm enough of a freak if he ends up dead it will make it worse. Please!" She begged the man knowing he wouldn't hurt her, but she felt like he would kill her uncle if she didn't stop him.

The man looked at her like he was shocked and even more furious at what she had said, however he released her uncle who scrambled away in fear. Alexinia figured he had his vocal cords torn, since he wasn't screaming for help, that or he was just too afraid to utter a word. A part of her wished that she hadn't stopped her savior from killing her disgusting uncle, but she knew her words would reign true, and knowing her Aunt she would be blamed for his death if he died.

Nodding his head after he stared into her eyes for a few seconds the man made his way to her uncle. "You will believe you were attacked by a wolf in the woods having gone too far in, you will not remember me or the girl being here, and you will never try what you did to the girl again. You will treat her with indifference and never lay a hand on her again, nor will you allow any you live with to physically harm her."

Her uncle's eyes went blank and he nodded before he left leaving her with her savior. She wasn't exactly sure what he had done to her uncle, but she knew that somehow his words would make her uncle do as he said. It made her feel relieved knowing that what almost happened today would never happen again. It was odd how she trusted that what he had done would protect her, but even odder that she didn't feel afraid of him after watching him drink her uncle's blood.

"Thank you. I wouldn't have noticed what he was planning until it was too late to stop him."

"You thank me, after seeing what I did? Are you not afraid?!" He asked his eyes incredulous as he looked at her like he had never heard such words before. He probably hadn't.

Taking her time to answer Alexinia allowed herself to look at the man who had saved her. He was gorgeous! Something even her eight year old self could recognize, and she knew her Aunt Petunia would swoon seeing a man like him. He had short dark blonde hair that gave him a boyish look making him look younger then he probably was. However it was his eyes that truly made him attractive. They had this old soul quality in them with a touch of madness, but at the same time she could see how lonely he was. The dark blue-green color making her think of the depths of the seas. They were so sad and made her want to hug him, although she doubted he would appreciate that.

"Why should I be afraid of you? You just saved me from what my uncle was planning to do."

"Odd, you humans usually go screaming when you see something like that, unless if they are psychopaths, but I highly doubt that is the case with you. Such beautiful eyes you have and they truly show you don't fear me."

"Most people fear me because of the lies my family had spread. I know what it's like to be feared for no reason because of people's ignorance. I only fear those who give me a true reason, and you've done the exact opposite. I'm Alexinia Ivy Potter by the way."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Potter. You may call me Nik."

The two of them spent the next couple of hours speaking and Alexinia told him about her life. How her parents had died in a car crash, and what her Aunt and Uncle had told her about them, and how she doubted they had told her the truth. Told him that they saw her as a freak, but not telling him why just yet. She didn't wish to lose her first friend even though he was much older then her.

In return Nik told her how he was a vampire and centuries old. When he had admitted that she could see the touch of fear flicker in his eyes quickly before he hid it again, obviously thinking that she would change her mind about him. Instead she had just asked him to explain what he knew about vampires. Not wanting what she had heard on the telly when Dudley would watch his shows, to color her view of him. His eyes had widened in surprise and kindness before he told her everything he knew. He even gave her an anklet, saying it was harder for other vampires to notice an anklet over other jewellery, filled with vervain promising her that it would protect her from vampires controlling her.

Nik became her first friend and for weeks she would meet him after school. He would help her with her homework telling her that she shouldn't hide her intelligence because others were jealous when he realized she was holding back. At the same time he taught her self defense not wanting her to be attacked in such a terrible way, as she had been lucky to escape thanks to him, ever again. It was difficult for her since Nik didn't always know how to hold back against her more fragile body, but he would always use his blood to heal her if he was a little too rough.

After realizing he would never leave her Alexinia told Nik about her strange powers, and he told her everything he knew about wiccan witches. He even offered to find her a teacher, but she told him she would prefer to wait until she was older and could leave the Dursleys legally. He had given her the choice to leave, but she didn't wish to be a liability to him she explained, so she would wait to travel with him until she was capable of protecting herself.
When it came time for Nik to leave she had felt devastated, but he had gifted her with a phone programed with his number and promised to call her as often as possible. He also made her promise to call him if she ever felt in danger from anyone.

With tears in her eyes Alexinia finally stopped fighting her instincts and hugged Nik tightly to herself. She was glad when he hugged her back instead of standing stiffly. Nik made everything better and she wished he didn't have to go, but she was glad that his leaving wouldn't completely take away her first friend.

"Stay safe Xinia love, and remember I'm just a call away."

"Goodbye Nik," she said knowing better then telling him to stay safe. Nik could take care of himself.

During the years Alexinia kept in contact with Nik and until she turned eleven he was her only friend. When she had gotten her letter from Hogwarts she had called him explaining she was a wand wielding witch, not a wiccan witch like the two of them had believed. He had immediately returned to England to learn more with her about the elusive wand wielders, and to make sure she would remain safe. Nik even bought himself an owl just in case the cell phone he had given her, charmed by his own wiccan witches, wouldn't work within the castle walls.

She had hated having to leave him behind once September 1st came along. Nik stayed out of sight, but he was there until she found the Weasley family and went through the barrier. Alexinia quickly made friends with Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and his older twin brothers. Yet she never told any of them about Nik knowing how people felt about vampires in the wizarding world, and she didn't want anyone to ever take him away from her.
Luckily she and Nik didn't have to worry about owl male since the cell phone he had given her worked within Hogwarts. The two of them would talk once a week or every two weeks depending on how busy they were, and slowly the years went by. Nik was livid at her for the adventures she got into well in Hogwarts. Fighting Voldemort and saving the philosophers stone. Saving Ginny and killing a basilisk. The things that went on with her godfather in her third year, and being so close to a werewolf when he transformed. Getting sucked into a dangerous wizarding tournament and the darkest wizard in history being revived, as well as watching Cedric's murder by the same dark wizard.

Although he was glad that she hadn't been tricked by Voldemort in her fifth year when they tried to convince her they had her godfather, Nik had luckily calmed her temper and gone to check Grimmauld himself. As an Original Vampire the fidelous charm didn't work on him and he was able to smell her godfather within the building and reassured her that he was safe. Alexinia knew if it wasn't for Nik she might have gotten seriously hurt and her godfather could have very well ended up dead trying to protect her. After that Alexinia made sure to master Occlumency never wanting Voldemort to come close to messing with her again.

In her sixth year he was upset that she had gotten involved with such dark magic as horcruxes and that she was there when her headmaster had been killed. He was pissed that he couldn't get into Hogwarts to protect her. Then before the Horcrux hunt the following year Nik had helped her get all the supplies she and her friends would need to survive. He had been worried when she had been captured and it was only because of the fact that he was hunting down his own leads that he didn't come to England to take her away.

Then finally the war was over and Voldemort was dead. The second the last funeral was over Alexinia had called Nik telling him she was ready to leave England. She had lost too much to stay and she longed to be with Nik. Tonks and Remus were dead, and even though she was little Teddy's godmother she knew Andromeda needed him more then she did. Fred had almost died, and Hermione and Ron had finally gotten together. Her duty as the chosen one was finally over.

"Hello Xinia." Nik greeted her and she had to use all the self control she had to not show Nik how he affected her after it having been so many years since they saw one another in person. She was nineteen now, but she wasn't going to ever risk her friendship with Nik by letting her body control her thoughts. It was just lust she told herself as she ran forward enveloping Nik in a tight hug.

"I've missed you Nik."

AN: Yes I know I have a lot of fanfics, some not finished, but I recently started reading TVD and HP fanfics and this one came to me. I have a lot planned for it. This is based in season 2 and will make a lot of changes to how things went down afterwards. It will be a sort of slow burn romance because Alexinia will be fighting her feelings, which will be explained later on. Hope you guys enjoy and please tell me what you think.