Chapter 17: Frustration

Things should have been easier now, that Alexinia knew her father was alive and she had told Nik her feelings. She should have been getting better health wise, but instead she was getting sick constantly and she refused to have any of Nik's witches look her over. She didn't trust them not to try and mess with her magic.

Teddy was also more clingy with her growling when anyone he didn't know came near her. He had never done anything like this before. Although he was completely fine with Nik and his siblings being around her.

Not to mention Nik was acting strangely around her as well. He hadn't even tried to do any of his old tricks, although he had kicked Rebekah out of his room and moved back in, but it was like he didn't want her anymore. Sure he was affectionate kissing her whenever the opportunity granted itself, but he hadn't tried to get her back in his bed. Yes Nik had said they would take things slowly, but Alexinia hadn't thought they would go this slow. She ached for Nik. Longed to be held in his arms again. It was ridiculous she had been a virgin before Nik, never truly being interested in the carnal passion, but one night with Nik and she couldn't stop craving him.

She also had a weird craving for dill pickle crisps, she hated dill pickles! But it's what she wanted and she couldn't stop herself from popping over to the store to grab some, practically moaning in delight when the taste hit her tongue. Never had anything tasted so good, Merlin they tasted better then Treacle Tart! It was a crime, nothing should taste better then Molly Weasley's homemade Treacle Tart, nothing should have even the thought of having the delightful concoction making her stomach roll in protest.

"Come on Pronsglet at least let me make an appointment with a healer for you!" Sirius demanded his eyes wild. Her dad was right beside him looking like he agreed, but to afraid to voice it. Their relationship was a little strained. After all James had no memory of her being his daughter, and she hadn't known that he had been looking after her her entire life. She had never truly been alone.

Alexinia still didn't know how he had become the Arctic Fox she had constantly seen around her growing up, and had been convinced she was going insane when she had seen it at Hogwarts. He had been a stag, and Alexinia had never heard of someone's animagus form changing, a Patronus sure, but not their animagus form.

Growling at Sirius she rolled her eyes, he had been begging her for the last week to see a healer. Everyone else just seemed to be ignoring him, like they already knew what was wrong with her. Considering they were thousand year old vampires, it was likely they could tell only from her smell. Alexinia would really like it if they filled her in.

Actually she was going to demand they fill her in!

It was her health. She deserved to know what was wrong with her. Even if it meant she was dying. Merlin maybe it would finally convince Nik to turn her, so that she would never have to be apart from him again.

Yesterday she had tried to bring it up to Nik and he had just shut her down cold before storming out of the house. He had looked pained. As if she had done something to break his heart. Alexinia hadn't seen him since.

"No Sirius, I only trust people back in England, and I don't want to do the trip right now. I'll be fine."

Growling Sirius threw his hands up into the air, "whatever, but when you are too weak to fight me I am going to force you to the healers and find out what in Merlin's name is wrong with you!"

"Drama Queen," she muttered under her breath before turning back to her bag of crisps.

"Beks when is Nik getting back?" she whined bored out of her mind. Besides Nik would be the easiest to demand the information from. She would just have to strip down to nothing and seduce it out of him if he refused to tell her when she asked nicely.

"He is back, the coward's just been hiding in his studio since 4 in the morning."

Really. Honestly Nik did he really think he could hide from her forever. They were in a relationship now. Just because he didn't want to turn her into a vampire, or was mad at her over something, didn't mean he had to avoid her. Ok maybe she didn't really have a leg to stand on here, she had done the same thing to him in the past, but that was different. They had only been best friends then, not lovers, and she believed that made all the difference.

He was the big bad original hybrid and here he was hiding from little old her. Sure she had magic and could easily pin him down with it if she really wanted, even use it and apparate directly into his studio and force him to talk to her, but instead she wanted to wait for Nik to talk to her first! He was the one who was always open about things, so he shouldn't be hiding her health from her.

Merlin was she actually going to die? Was it so severe that not even vampireness could do anything about it?! Alexinia had heard of cases of turning severly ill people into vampires going horribly wrong, they never did last long after their transition begging someone to end it. That would be worse on Nik then just letting her go naturally, because then he would directly be responsible in his eyes for her death.

"Aunt Xi," Teddy said cutely coming up to her rubbing his eyes after his nap before he dropped the bombshell on her, "when's the baby going to come?"
Everyone in the room seemed to suddenly stiffen as Alexinia turned confused eyes on Teddy. Beks and Kol were sharing a look when she turned to look at them wondering if they knew what Teddy was talking about, while Sirius just looked murderous for some odd reason.

"What baby Teddy honey?" she asked thinking maybe Hermione and Fred were finally going to have their first child. They would be a little annoyed that Teddy told her first, or maybe it was another Weasley Merlin knows there were enough of them married.

Alexinia just didn't even suspect what Teddy was going to say next. All because it seemed so impossible.

"Your baby Aunt Xi, you smell like Aunt Fleur did when she had Ellie in her tummy."

Stumbling backwards if it hadn't been for Kol's hand suddenly steadying her back Alexinia would have landed on the floor. There was just no way she was pregnant. For Merlin's sake she had only ever had sex with a vampire! Alexinia most certainly hadn't had the right potions in her system to reproduce with one; and considering Beks was still childless after all this time Alexinia was fairly certain that Nik didn't know about the potion. Even if he did there was no way he would try to trap her with a pregnancy out of the blue. He couldn't have even known that she would snap that night and want him so badly, even if he was that type of guy which he wasn't.

"Teddy honey I'm not pregnant," she tried explaining gently. Looking at Sirius for help, but instead his eyes were just wide with realization. As if everything suddenly made sense, and sure if it hadn't been that she had only ever had sex with Nik she would agree that her symptoms did seem like they could be pregnancy related. But there was just no possible way for Nik to have gotten her pregnant.

"I'm sorry Ali, but you're wrong you are pregnant. Kol and I have been able to hear the heartbeats for a while."

If it hadn't been for Kol she would almost be on the floor again. Instead he was just looking down at her with a steady gaze. Much different from his usual mischievousness.

"That's impossible Beks, I've only ever slept with Nik!"


That seemed to get the vampires attention and make Sirius growl in anger. He could just suck it up he wasn't the one with his life being turned upside down at the moment.

Then it clicked what Beks had said, heartbeats, she wasn't just having one child she was having multiple.

All of a sudden Sirius's wand was on her and silver light was hurtling towards her before Alexinia's instincts kicked in and she twirled out of the way. Snarling she crouched low, but it was nothing compared to Sirius being dangled in the air by his throat. Nik's eyes red with rage.

"What the hell are you playing at Black?! It better be good, or it doesn't matter who you are to her I will kill you!"

Alexinia stiffened suddenly fearing for her godfather's life. She had never seen Nik so furious. It was even worse then when they had first met.

With how quickly Nik had gotten here after the spell was fired he must have been listening in on their entire conversation. It made her a little pissed off, that he would hide from her, and then eavesdrop on something that completely turned her life around. There was no way Nik hadn't known she was pregnant.
Had he thought so low of her that he thought she had jumped into bed with someone else after their night together?

Now though he knew in some way the babies were his and he would do anything to protect them. Even if it meant making her hate him in the process. Not that she could. Even if he did take Sirius's life. Nothing could stop her from loving him, now that she finally realized how she had felt all these years. Even if he turned into the monster he was feared to be.

"Well there's no way you got her pregnant, I was checking for potion residue or memory tampering, it's an old Black family spell. Someone took advantage of my baby girl and they will pay for it!"

Of course. Sirius was only worried about her. Not that Alexinia had even thought of that possibility. She had all of her memories. There was no mysterious blank in her memory. Besides in her heart she was certain that these babies were Nik's.

"Sirius no one raped me."


"No I would know. But if it would make you feel better Nik can look in my mind. He's certain to find anything suspicious that would be missed by a spell. No memory charm holds up against an Originals legimancy."

Nik slowly let Sirius down. Before gently taking her head in his hands and then he was in her mind. Unlike with Snape it didn't hurt, instead she just felt peaceful.

"There's no tampering with her memory, somehow these are my children. I've never come across something like this in my life."

"I have, but no one could have dosed Alexinia with the potion, meaning we should check you for tampering. Someone could have smuggled it in something you drank..."

Before he could say more Luna pranced into the room, a pair of baby booties in her hand, and a wreath of flowers on her head. "There's no need for that Sirius. The answer is quite simple. Niklaus is the original hybrid, he is a wolf and vampire, both dead and alive at the same time. He doesn't need potions, the moment his wolf side was released his ability to sire children came back."

Of course Luna would know this. It was just one of those things you came to expect from the spritely blonde.

"Well Nik looks like you're going to be a father."

"Kol not the time."

Alexinia didn't know what to do. She was going to be a mother. Since she could remember she had wanted a family of her own, but she had accepted that adopting would be the only way she could have children. According to her personal healer the damage from the war should have made it impossible for her to ever even conceive. Now not only had she conceived, but she was carrying multiple hybrid children.

"So when's the wedding?"


"What the horny wolf got my god-daughter pregnant. I know he's a traditional man, so when will the wedding be?"

Nik's eyes turned towards her all the love he had shining through, yet his next words surprised her, "there won't be a wedding. Not yet anyway. Xinia and I only just started seeing each other, I'm not going to marry her until she is sure that's what she wants. When we marry it will be for as long as we exist. Nothing will ever let me let her go if she allows me to call her mine."

It was sweet, possessive in a way, but sweet. Alexinia felt the same way. Except she already knew Nik was it for her. She didn't need time, if he asked she would have married him today. However she knew once Nik got an idea in his head he was a stubborn fool. She wait wait for a time, but if Nik took too long she would just take matters into her own hands and ask him to marry her.

"I love you too Nik."

"What did you just say?"

It was then that Alexinia realized she hadn't told Nik she loved him since they had become more then friends. Nik hadn't said it either. It felt right though telling him, as she cuddled into his chest listening to his heartbeat increase.

"I said I love you Nik, I'm in love with you. I am yours just as you are mine."

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