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This will be Harry/Rhaegar and it will have 6 chapters.

It was Harry's first Christmas at Hogwarts and it was wonderful. He didn't have to spend anytime watching Dudley get all the presents and he didn't have to cook breakfast for his aunt and uncle and cousin on Christmas morning. It got better when he realized that he had presents! He actually received presents from his friends and from Ron's mum. One present in particular awed him and that was the invisibility cloak.

He wandered the halls after breakfast, looking at the various paintings and keeping an eye out for the Bloody Baron. Hermione was gone for the holiday and Ron was playing chess with Dean so he had some time to himself, which he enjoyed. He had also gotten Madam Pomfrey to start teaching him how to heal. The woman had looked at him sadly but agreed nonetheless. Harry had wondered if she knew about his home life but shrugged at the time. No one knew and probably no one would care. Everyone all thought he had a perfect home life too.

When his stomach started to rumble, his hunger growing for lunch, he turned around and started back up the steps from the dungeons. He was about to enter the great hall for lunch when something pulled him up and out of the castle. It felt like what magical transportation would feel like but he had never experienced this before. He had heard Hagrid call it apparation but he didn't… Harry tightly shut his eyes as whatever it was tugged him away and then after what felt like hours, deposited him in what looked to be Hogwarts? But… Harry shook his head, dazed and more than a little confused as he looked around.

There were no magical paintings or magical staircases or no sense of magic that he could feel. But… Harry yelped, his eyes widening as he stared up at the giant skull that was on the wall right behind him. It was a giant… something, definitely not an animal he recognized. He quickly took a few steps backward, his back hitting a door. He turned around and stepped through it, running into someone as he did. Harry stiffened as the boy who he had just run into winced.

The boy had silver hair, much like Malfoy, and it made Harry initially want to grab his wand but then he noticed the purple eyes.

"Hello? Who are you?" The boy asked, studying Harry just as much as Harry was studying him.

"I'm Harry Potter. Who are you?"

The boy's purple eyes narrowed in thought but then he grinned slightly. "I'm Rhaegar."

Harry nodded, watching as the boy studied him. It was like the other boy had expected him to recognize his name but Harry had no clue. "Uh, is this… Where is this?"

Rhaegar raised an eyebrow. "You don't know? This is the Red Keep. You're in King's Landing."

"What's King's Landing?" Harry asked, walking over to the nearest window and looking out, his eyes widening at the view. An entire city was in front of him, bathed in the yellow light of the sun. A city that most certainly did not look like London. Harry shivered at the thought of never getting back to Hogwarts, to his friends, to Hedwig. "Where am I?"

Rhaegar followed, peering out the window and then looking at him. "What do you mean? We're in Westeros. Are you not from Westeros?"

"I… No, I'm from England," Harry said, dropping his finger into his pocket to check for his wand and breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the familiar wood. "I was at school and then… I felt this kind of… pull and then I ended up here."

"I suppose… Would you like to come eat with me? It's almost time for the midday meal," Rhaegar offered, holding out his hand towards Harry.

Harry nodded hesitantly, reaching out to grasp Rhaegar's and following him. "Rhaegar?"


"I saw a skull out there," Harry whispered, as they walked up a set of stairs and down a hallway. Wherever he was, it was beautiful. It was like Hogwarts, possibly a castle, but all grey stone. But there was no magic, no paintings that moved, nothing familiar. "Back there through the door. What… kind of animal was that?"

Rhaegar stopped, his purple eyes going soft with what Harry thought might have been longing. "It was a dragon. That was Balerion's skull and Vhagar's right next to it."

"Dragons? Does this world have dragons in it now? I just saw a dragon hatch a few weeks ago," Harry said, looking Rhaegar over. Rhaegar had silver hair that went down to his shoulders that was well brushed and the clothes he was wearing were beautifully made, if Harry was any judge. They looked like the kind of clothes that a medieval prince would wear, soft silver tunic over a pair of black leggings.

"You what?" Rhaegar asked, his eyes widening. His arm curled around his chest in what looked to be absent mindedness but Harry saw the quick flinch. Rhaegar was hiding something, maybe an injury?

"I saw a dragon hatching…" Harry trailed off as Rhaegar's eyes grew bigger still. "What?"

"Dragons haven't been seen in this world for hundreds of years," Rhaegar murmured, shifting on his feet. "Where did you see one?"

"Back…" Harry sighed. "Back at my home. Not here, wherever here is."

"Red Keep," Rhaegar spoke faintly. "Come on. Let's go eat and I can introduce you to my mother."

"Your mother?"

They ran up another set of stairs and just as Rhaegar took the last one, he tripped, his knees buckling. Harry's eyes widened as he was on the first stone stair then reached down to grip his wand tightly, flicking it and willing it to catch his new friend.

Rhaegar stiffened as he fell and then he felt a strange power wrap around him, warm and gentle, as it slowed and then halted his fall. He almost wondered if it was Arthur who had caught him but there were no arms holding him up, just something foreign but not… a threat. He heard Harry race up the stairs and then help him up the stairs. The power around him disappeared when Harry got to him and then he looked into worried green eyes.

"You have a scar on your forehead," Rhaegar remarked quietly, holding onto his side where his father had hit him. Ever since his mother had had her third miscarriage, Aerys had prone to angry outbursts. Only in private though and he was never angry in public.

Harry's green eyes were wide as he looked Rhaegar over, seemingly looking for a visible injury. "Are you okay?"

"I am fine, Harry. I just had a long training this morning with my teacher."

Harry's eyes narrowed as he crossed his arms. "Right… I know that excuse."

Rhaegar blinked.

"I've used a similar one," Harry explained quietly, going over to sit down next to him. "It's always… I tripped. I ran into a wall. I used that once when my cousin started his favorite game of 'harry hunting'."

"Harry, I… Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm okay. I just learned that I'm a wizard a few months ago and now I'm in the school where my mother and father went to," Harry said, turning towards him. "Are you okay?"

Rhaegar sighed, uncurling his left arm from around his side. "My father sometimes takes his anger out on me."


Rhaegar watched as Harry pulled out a wooden stick, twirling it between his fingers. "Wait. Did you just say 'wizard'? Like woods witch?"

Harry giggled and nodded. "I am a wizard but I don't know about woods witch. Is that what you have here?"

"There are warlocks in Essos," Rhaegar spoke, flinching a little as he accidentally took a deep breath. "I should go see Maester Pycelle about this. Harry, do you need help finding your home?"

Harry eyed him then peered down at Rhaegar's chest. "I could heal that, if you would like? You probably have a broken rib. That's what I had a few days after my birthday. The doctors did say that having a broken rib could be dangerous."

Rhaegar studied Harry, seeing the young boy that was about his age. Ten and one. The other boy had moderately long, wild black hair and the greenest eyes that Rhaegar had ever seen. Greener than Cersei Lannister's. And Harry didn't even know that Rhaegar was a prince, talking to him like he was just another boy. Rhaegar didn't even have friends who did that, treated him like a boy and not the crown prince of Westeros.

"If you wouldn't mind?"

Harry shook his head, gesturing to Rhaegar's tunic. "Take that off. I think I need to see your side to do this."

Rhaegar slowly pulled off his tunic, making sure not to rip it, folded it and put it on his lap. Harry shuffled over even closer towards him and raised the stick right to Rhaegar's side, letting the tip of it touch his skin.



"Episkey," Harry muttered under his breath.

Rhaegar started as his chest warmed quickly, heat spreading around his side, and then it went cold with a crack. He didn't feel anything else as Harry drew away a little, watching him intently.


Rhaegar took a moment to think, raising his hand to gently touch his side. When he did, he felt nothing, no hurt and no sensitivity to touch. He grinned and was about to thank Harry when he heard Arthur and Lewyn call out.

Rhaegar quickly put his tunic back on and stood up. Harry stood up too, his eyes wide, when the two members of the kingsguard came around the corner of the hallway.

"Oh, there you are, Prince Rhaegar," Arthur said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Your mother was getting worried. Who is this?"

"Prince? You're a Prince?" Harry spluttered out.

Rhaegar elbowed him.

Harry snorted then he paled. "If I'm going to meet your mother, does that mean she's the queen?"

"Yes. My mother is Queen Rhaella Targaryen," Rhaegar explained, crossing his fingers behind him and hoping that Harry would still treat him the same. "I am Prince Rhaegar Targaryen."

"Uh, Rhaegar, are you sure I can meet her?"

"You're my friend," Rhaegar said. "I'm sure she would be pleased to meet you."

Harry stared at him then up at Arthur and Lewyn, who were looking between him and Rhaegar. His eyes widened when he saw the big sword on Arthur's back and widened even more when he realized what the two men were wearing. Both men had white cloaks on and the cloaks were strapped to gleaming armor. "Okay. If you're sure."

"Arthur, Lewyn, this is my new friend, Harry," Rhaegar said. "He's going to stay with me until we can find his home."

"Harry? Which house are you from?" Lewyn asked, looking Harry over.

"Back in my world, I was sorted into a house named Gryffindor," Harry offered. "But that's… not what you mean, is it?"

"Sorted?" Rhaegar echoed.

"At the school I go to, everyone gets sorted into a house at the beginning of their first year," Harry explained. "There's Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. You get sorted into the house with the people who are most like you. But you mean… which family am I from, right?"

Lewyn nodded, his dark eyes narrowed in interest and some suspicion.

"He's not from Westeros," Rhaegar said, with a glance to Harry, who nodded gratefully. "But I trust him. Come on. We should go eat."

"How are you going to explain his presence to your father?" Arthur asked, as Rhaegar gestured to Harry to follow him. The two kingsguard knights flanked them and just as Harry moved next to Rhaegar, he started to glow. Rhaegar's eyes widened as he watched Harry disappear in the next moment.


Harry dropped down back onto the stairs of the Great Hall, staring right up at Ron, whose eyes were big.

"Harry? Where were you?"

"I… I don't know."

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