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Bonus Chapter – Eye for an Eye

Inside Team RWBY's room at Beacon, Yang hosted for some of her friends from Chaldea. She had just closed on her scroll before walking over to Cleo, "Okay the food should be coming any minute now." The blond berserker said before hearing a hissing sound. The two then looked over to see Blake on Ruby's top bunk glaring down at Nitocris, who sat on Blake's bed. Sparks of rivalry collided between the two faunus, each remaining unwavering, "Yeah, I should have seen that coming." Yang said to herself before looking back up at Cleo, "I know the rest of my team and Mordred couldn't make it, but did you invite anyone else to our little girls' night?"

"Well, Tomoe said she couldn't come." Cleo said with a smirk forming, "She said she wanted to school this blue-haired dork who thought he was good at games. Her words, not mine."

"That reminds me," Yang said before she looked up at her teammate, "Blake, have you seen Sun around."

"No, I haven't." Blake responded, but did not break eye contact with Nitocris, "I asked Velvet and she said he left Vale a while ago. Something about him needing to reevaluate his life by traveling with his aunt for a while. When she asked where he was going, he just said 'West' and left."

"Yikes, maybe I hit him a bit too hard," Yang said under her breath, with Blake looking back at her in confusion.

"I wanted to invite Suzuka, but she was busy also." Nitocris added on, "Said something about tea with her new BFF, then I saw her walking off with a girl wearing sunglasses and a beret."

"I think I know who you're talking about there." Yang said before sighing, "Well, it looks like it's just us then." She said before hearing a knocking on the door, "Oh well, more noodles for us."

"Did you order mine with-" Blake spoke up.

"Yes," Yang responded.

"And mine with-" Nitocris added on.

"I made sure," Cleo responded as the two faunus smiled, but then resumed glaring at each other again. The snake-haired queen put her hand on the nob as Yang reached into her back pocket to pay. As Cleo opened the door, her eyes widened at the delivery woman.

There stood Miyamoto Musashi, the other member of Cleo's team. The one who found herself in Vale without a way to get back for months. Her outfit now was far different than what Cleo had last seen her in. Musashi now wore jeans and running shoes, as well as a large backpack. She had a red t-shirt and hat with the branding of the noodle company Yang had ordered from. On the right side of her face was an eyepatch with the hints of a scar running down her cheek, "I got your noodles from A Simple Wok," Musashi said before realizing her teammate, "Oh hey Cleo."

"Musashi!?" Cleo said before she hugged her teammate while Yang held the money in confusion, "Yang this is my other teammate." She turned to her.

"The one you said was stuck in Vale," Yang responded.

"Yep, been here for the last few months now." Musashi said before she had a sudden realization, "Man, I missed so many classes."

"Why are you working for that noodle company?" Nitocris added.

"Moreover, how did even get to Vale in the first place?" Blake said as she jumped off the bunk bed.

"Well, it would take too long to explain those." Musashi said as she took out her scroll, "And I have some more deliveries to do." She then reached into her backpack and pulled out five massive bowls of noodles: three plain, one with extra tuna, one with extra beef. She then took the money out of Yang's hand, "Thanks for the tip." The deliverywoman said before walking away.

"Wait!" Cleo said before grabbing Musashi's right wrist, "What happened to your eye?" she said with Musashi stopping, "I haven't seen you in forever, now I learn that you lost depth perception. What happened?"

"Oh that," Musashi responded with a slight giggle, "It's a long story also."

Yang then walked over with a smile, holding one of the bowls of noodles, "Well, you can have our extra bowl if you tell us." She said with Musashi turning around with a smile.

"I guess I have some time," Musashi said while walking towards Yang, taking the bowl out of her hand, and reentering the room. Yang turned to Cleo with a smirk as the two went back in the room as well, closing the door behind them.

After the five girls were situated with their noodles, Yang spoke up, "So, how did it happen?"

Musashi slurped her noodles before responding, "Well, not long after I started doing delivery jobs, I went to this place called The Club." She said with Yang's attention heightening, "I overheard a lot of scummy conversation as I brought the food to the bartender. Including one about the White Fang." She said with Blake now listening in more, "From what I heard, after a man named Roman Something-wick left Vale, a high leader of the White Fang took his place."

"What was his name?" Blake said with sorrow in her voice, the others looking at her in slight worry.

"Well, that's getting a little ahead out ourselves." Musashi responded, "You see, I overheard a plan to flood Vale with Grimm. The White Fang would use the subway system of an old underground city, load a train full of explosives, and BOOM!" She said before eating more of her noodles, "Needless to say, I wasn't going to let that happen."


On a night that had long since passed. Just on the outside border of Vale in a city marked for Grimm extermination, laid an underground city in ruins. At the far end near the train station, numerous White Fang grunts loaded crates of weapon and dust onto the vehicle. However, one grunt noticed someone walking towards them in the distance, someone in a blue and red gi with minimal body armor. She held a sheathed Katana on each side of her waist. A large straw hat covered the identity of the individual as she walked closer. As the one grunt alerted the other, the whole militia gathered in front of her, each with a rifle aimed at the ready, "Stop!" One of the grunts shouted with the swordswoman obliging, "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to make an offer," The swordswoman spoke up, her voice calm and collective, "Leave in good health, abandoning this invasion. Or leave in agony, if you're lucky." She said with some of the grunts giggling. Soon more joined in as the laughs echoed in the underground city, "…Maybe I wasn't clear." the swordswoman said before taking another step.

Suddenly, all the grunts stopped laughing as they readied their weapon. emerging from the crowd was a larger White Fang member, a lieutenant, wielding a massive chainsaw, "You threaten us, Human?" The Lieutenant said before revving his chainsaw, "I will kill you personally then."

"Nobody has to die here," The swordswoman said before pinching the front edge of her straw hat, "But if that is your choice, I've warned you." Suddenly, she quickly removed her hat and tossed it like a frisbee at the lieutenant, revealing herself to them as Musashi.

The lieutenant made a downwards slash with his chainsaw, cutting the hat in half. However, he gasped as Musashi was right in front of him, kneeing the center of the mask, and knocking him a few feet away. After the lieutenant stumbled a bit before recovering, he noticed the swordswoman had already drawn her two katanas, one longer than the other, "KILL HER!" The lieutenant ordered as the White Fang Grunts opened fire.

Musashi avoided the hail of rifle fire, dashing towards a section of the grunts. Before one could empty their clip, the swordswoman cut the gun down the middle. She then kicked him into other soldiers. A foot away, another grunt tried to shoot Musashi in the head, but the bullet bounced off the blade as she blocked. The grunt then gasped in fear as Musashi turned to him with eyes of death. She then slashed across his chest, cutting the rifle in half, and leaving a gash on the man's body. Another grunt rushed the swordswoman from behind. However, without looking, Musashi stabbed his left foot with the katana. She then spin-kicked him into another section of grunts before dodging more bullets.

"What is she?" One of the grunts said as they backed up in fear. Suddenly, he turned to see one of their stolen Atlas paladins, a smile forming on his face as he ran to it. Musashi continued her wielding down of the White Fang forces. However, she turned to see one the paladin armor running towards her. The grunt laughed as he fired ballistic missiles towards the swordswoman, but Musashi remained unimpressed. She rushed towards the missiles, jumping on then as she closed the distance. The missiles then redirected towards the crowd of grunts, sending them flying as they contacted with the ground. Once close enough, Musashi leaped on the paladin's face, slashing multiple times. As the chunks of metal fell off, they revealed the grunt looking up at the swordswoman with studded silence. She pulled him out of the cockpit before stabbing the control panel, causing many red lights to flash. As Musashi leaped off the paladin, it began to spark before exploding into scrap metal. Back on the ground, Musashi bashed the mask of the White Fang grunt with the bottom end of her lefthanded katana. She then turned to see, the lieutenant walking towards her, revving his chainsaw.

A few seconds later, the door to one of the train carts slid open to a man walking out. He looked over to see his lieutenant gasping for air, multiple cuts over his body, but Musashi remained undamaged. As his form wavered, the swordswoman rushed in. once within range, the lieutenant reached his right hand the grab her face, "Got you-AAAAA!" The lieutenant said in earlier celebration, but Musashi stabbed through his hand with her right katana. She then mover her right hand down as raised her left knee to his elbow, breaking his right arm. Musashi pulled out her sword before spin kicking again, this time into the lieutenant's head. In mid hit, she changed the position of her foot to make it an axel kick, smashing the lieutenant's head into the ground before the rest of his body could touch it.

Suddenly, Musashi heard a gunshot fired towards them, one from a different type of weapon. She turned to see a man in a fully black long coat over a red shirt. A red rose emblem was seen across his left shoulder and back. His hair was a spiked black and blood red, with a set of protruding bull horns mixed in. Aimed at the sky was a black sheath with the hit of smoke fuming from the opening. In his right hand was a katana made with red metal. The grunts all lowered their weapons, each looking at his Grimm mask. The lieutenant turned his head to see the man walking towards Musashi, "Adam…" the lieutenant said before passing out.

"So, you're the White Fang leader I heard about." Musashi said, "The one who plans it invade Vale through the train system."

"It was a mission I inherited from higher-ups, but I fully intend to see it through," Adam responded. His head leaned forward, glaring through his mask, "Tell me, why is someone from Apocrypha here?"

"It's that obvious that I'm a tourist," Musashi responded with a smirk, but Adam responded focused, "Well, I'm here because I don't like seeing any kind of manslaughter. No matter the arbiter, I will be the one to stop it."

"Yet here you stand, tempting fate by killing faunus lives on Vale." The White Fang Leader responded, "The war you can cause will exceed the one you are trying to prevent."

"Technically, we aren't in Vale right now." She said before readying her two katanas, "But just to be safe, I've kept my hands clean." Musashi said before Adam looked over to see the grunts groaning in pain, but none of the fully unresponsive.

"We're sorry sir," one grunt spoke up, "She's just too strong."

"But you can beat her!" Another grunt spoke up.

"Yeah, kill her!" Another grunt added on, "For the White Fang!"

Adam remained silent for a second before speaking up, "Those still able to walk, move the wounded to our second outpost."

"But Leader-" a grunt spoke up but was interrupted by Adam.

"I'll stay here and deal with this Human," Adam said before readying his weapon, "Without any distraction, I'll be able to defeat her," he ordered with silence filling the area. Slowly, the grunts started to evacuate. Two grunts moved over and picked up the lieutenant, another picking up the chainsaw.

As the crowd was leaving a female grunt gritted her teeth as she glared at Musashi, who was in a lax stance, her right sword resting the shoulder. The female White Fang grunt raised her rife to fire at the unaware swordswoman. However, she noticed Adam glaring back at his solider. In responses, she lowered her weapon and fled with the rest of the White Fang. Musashi glanced back and smirked before looking towards Adam, "The rumors said you don't care about a fair fight." She commented, "And that you don't care about human lives."

"Their part in this battle is over." Adam responded before grinning, "And rest assured, I can confirm the second rumor right now."

Musashi sighed, "Very well, I guess I should at least give you the same out I gave the rest of your group." The swordsman said before her gaze became stern, "Leave now, or-"

Abruptly, Musashi saw Adam fire at her head. She moved her skull out of the way, the blast whizzing her right ear. As she reposed her swords, Adam was already in front of her. He attempted a downward slash with his red sword but was blocked by her left hand handed katana, "And to answer the first rumor," Adam said before jabbing Musashi un the gut with end of his sheath, launching her back a few feet, "There is no such thing as a fair fight."

Musashi recovered her stance as she reposed with her two katanas. She then dashed forward but had a look of confusion as Adam sheathed his blade. Once she was within range, he pulled the trigger of his sheath, launching the sword out for a horizontal slash. At the last moment, Musashi jumped the cut. The swordswoman flipped over the White Fang Leader, aiming to slash him in the back. However, Adam blocked with his sheath before pivoting backward. He attempted a vertical slash with his red sword, but Musashi blocked with her lefthanded katana.

Musashi was launched another few feet away before recovering rushing back towards Adam. This time, he focused his gaze on her through his red sword as if he was looking down the scope of sniper rife. Once close enough, he thrusted his blade directly towards Musashi's right eye.

However, Musashi evaded the stab while keeping her momentum. She then tackled him to the ground, forcing him on his back. the swordswoman sat on his chest; her knees pressed against his shoulders. Musashi crossed her two katana's forming an x-shaped guillotine over his neck. The White Fang Leader gritted his teeth as Musashi smirked, "Not bad for someone self-taught. At least I'm assuming since I haven't seen anyone fight like you before." She said as Adam tried to move his hand with each weapon, but Musashi applied more presser to his shoulder. His right hand was unable to move his red sword. While he would swing his sheath, I could not reach Musashi, and the barrel was aimed near the ground. "Easy now, I could dislocate both your arms. Then how will you fight? Will you hold that sword with your teeth?"

"I'll bite out your throat," Adam said before aiming his sheath at the ground. He fired just he let go of the sheath, launching it at Musashi's head. the end of the sheath collided with the side of her skull, putting her in a staggered state. Adam used his left hand to pull the right katana away from his neck. He then pushed Musashi to the ground, sitting on her stomach with his left leg stepping on her right elbow. The White Fang Leader then plunged his sword towards her neck, but Musashi misdirected it with her lefthanded katana. The red bladed embedded in the ground near her throat. Sparks emerging as the two blades grinded against one another. Adam placed his other hand on the handle of his sword, the blade now inching closer to decapitating Musashi.

Sweat on her forehead, Musashi run her katana up the red sword. The motion of her left hand was like a punch as she bashed the handguard of her weapon into the White Fang Leader's mask, cracking it. As Adam recoiled, Musashi freed her left leg before kicking him in the stomach, launching him back a couple of meters. Adam led near his sheath, picking it up as he stood. Musashi stood back up, reposing her weapons in each hand. However, her eyes widened as she saw the mask break off, revealing his face. Adam's right eye was blue, but his left was sealed shut, scared with was appeared to be a branded number mark.

Adam's eyes narrowed as he gripped his sword, "Everyone who sees this…they all have the same reaction." He said before the image of the back cat faunus appeared to his mind, "…Everyone…" Adam said as that image got further and further away.

"…" Musashi said before sheathing her swords.

"You think I want your pity!?" Adam said as his voice filled with rage, "Who do you think you are!?"

Musashi closed her eyes, "Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin." She chanted as Adam had a look of confusion. Suddenly, a pillar of white light surrounded by a rainbow of colors erupted from Musashi's body. Adam then took a step back in astonish as the upper torso of a man emerged., his size that of the nearby collapsed building. His eyes and fanged mouth resembled that of a Grimm beast, the skin grey in tone. With an extra set of arms, the man wielded four gigantic blades, "Nioh Kurikara!" Musashi declared before opening her eyes, "Shoutenshou!" Suddenly, the human beast roared as he swung his upper left arm, the blade having a yellow glow of energy. Adam avoided most of the brunt of the attack but watched as the gigantic sword destroyed a section of the train. The White Fang Leader gasped as he saw the next swing. This one from the upper right arm with a blue wave of energy. He jumped to dodge the blast, but another section of the train was destroyed. Before Adam could fully recovery, another sword slash was heading his way. The lower left arm swung with a red wave of energy. Adam was thrown away in the shockwave. This time, the slash looked out half the dust and paladins meet to be loaded on the train. Adam shut his eye for a second in response to the pain, but then opened it when he saw the fourth gigantic sword coming, green energy following it. Barley able to get out of the way, Adam saw the other half of the supplies destroyed. As he refocused on Musashi, the White Fang Leader realized she was not done yet as she held a katana with both hands on the handle, "Come hither, my roaring sword, now unsheathed!" the swordswoman said as a pillar of white light erupted from her blade, reaching taller than the human beast, "Ishana, Daitenshou! Musashi declared before slamming the katana in a downward slash, the beam of light enveloping everything, including Adam.

Overtop in the above city, the ground exploded in a blast of light emerging. The collapsing building fully breaking apart as they fell into the deep below. Any unlucky Grimm in the area were crushed by the debris, more were destroyed in the flash. As the smoke cleared, Musashi stood where she was. Everything in front of her was in ruins, only rocks and scrap metal remained. The human beast started to fade away as Musashi sheathed her sword. As she took her first step away, she closed her eyes and sighed.

However, she opened them at the sound of something rumbling behind her. In turning around, she saw some of the stone break apart as Adam emerged from the rubble. His coat tattered and blood leaking from the top of his head, the White Fang Leader used his sword to aid in his standing up. "If you had stayed there, I would have thought you were dead." Musashi said as she placed her hands on her katanas, "You could have walked away from this alive."

"As I said, I don't need your pity." Adam said as he forced himself to stand up, reposing his weapon, "All I need is to kill you." He said as Musashi drew her blades. However, she had a look of confusion as she heard more rumbling. Around her in the carnage emerged four more Adams, each with a different aura around them; red, green, blue, and yellow, "It did a great deal for my semblance, but your attack did hurt me quite a lot." Adam said as his clones reposed their swords as well, "Trust me, this will hurt you a lot more."

A silence then fell over the area as Musashi watched for the first move. In response, the blue aura Adam rushed her from behind. She turned to face him but felt the green aura Adam move faster towards her, jumping with a downward swing. The swordswoman dodged right, attempting to slash him in the chest, but the real Adam blocked the blade with his own. He then shoulder-tackled Musashi, pushing her a few feet back. In her stunned state, she felt a sting in her back of her left leg. She glanced back to the red aura Adam had stabbed her in the back of her thigh. She elbowed him in the back, causing him to violently yank his sword out of her flesh. Her blood shot out, her left leg going slightly numb. She then looked to see the three Adams rushing her, each swinging the red sword a different direction.

Musashi was pushed back as she parried the strikes one after another. In seeing an opportunity, she stabbed the blue aura Adam in the heart. The clone gasped in terror, but then had a slight smile on his face. While the swordswoman was confused at the expression, she then saw another red blade burst out of the chest of the blue aura clone. Musashi barely had time to jump back as the sword entered an inch into her abdomen. She looked back to see the blue aura Adam fade away, revealing the yellow aura Adam had stabbed through his clone's body. He, the green aura Adam, and the real Adam, all reposed their weapons. Musashi felt a little bit of blood form in the corner of her mouth as she readied to fight as the ran for her.

Rushing from behind was the red aura Adam again, this time aiming for the middle of Musashi's spine with a horizontal slice. However, Musashi saw this one coming. She ducked the blade as she spun with her katanas, bisecting the red aura clone before the three could arrive. The swordswoman stood back up as the three attacked her in the same many. In parring the blades, Musashi saw another opportunity. She noticed the yellow aura clone moving back from the group like before, but he left himself defenseless. Musashi around the other two before standing in front of the yellow aura Adam, stabbing him in the chest with her righthanded katana.

The real Adam then rushed from the left for a vertical slash, but she blocked with her lefthanded katana. Musashi saw the green aura Adam doing the same form the right side, causing her to pull out her Katana form the other clone. However, she found herself unable to as the yellow aura Adam had not yet fully faded, his hands tightly grasped the katana as he cackled to himself. In her desperation, Musashi let go of her righthanded katana and kicked the yellow aura Adam away. She had barely enough time to avoid the green aura Adam's slash.

Musashi then kicked away the real Adam as she focused on the last clone. The two engaged in a clash of the blade, each not giving the other an inch. The slashes mirrored each other as sparks flew. Suddenly, both blades pieced their opponents' right side of the abdomen. Through the pain, Musashi gritted her teeth as she violently pulled out her katana from the clone's body. Before he could do the same, Musashi grabbed his right arm and cut it off with her katana. The green aura clone looked at the stump of his hand for a second before realizing Musashi was already in the middle of another swing, this one decapitating his head from his body.

The last of the clones faded, as did their weapons. Musashi coughed blood as more spewed out her wounds. She then turned to see the real Adam, glaring as he was out of breath as well. The two then reposed their weapons at the same time, another silence falling over the conflict. In the break of the wind, the two rushed for one another, reaching screaming what they believed to be their final battle cry.

In a flash of the collision, Musashi and Adam stood a few meters from the other, back to back. Their stance remained as if they unleashed their final move, but the White Fang Leader's blade was tipped with his opponent's blood. Musashi's dropped her katana and fell to her knees. She screamed in agony as she placed both hands over the right side of her face, trying to stop the blood from spewing out. Adam turned with a smirk on his face, taking a step towards the swordswoman with intent to finish what he started. However, he then realized it. A sharp pain ran across his chest before his mouth filled with blood. Suddenly, the front of his chest slit open with a geyser of blood shooting out. Adam fell on his back he dropped his sword, laying in a pool of his own blood. As he looked up at the night sky, the image of the black cat faunus returned to him. He reached out towards the image with the last of his strength, but his arm then fell limp to his side.

Present time

"There you go," Musashi said before slurring the last of her noodles, "That's how I lost my eye."

"So, you stopped an entire White Fang terrorist act and killed one of their leaders?" Cleo said before having a smirk, "That's not bad for a day's work."

"That's also not entirely true." Musashi corrected, "Whatever they were planning was foiled, but I didn't kill anyone." She said with the others looking at her in confusion, "As he said, it could cause a bigger war if news got out a student from Chaldea was on a murder spree in another kingdom." She said before scratching the back of her head, a goofy smile on her face, "I'm lucky there wasn't a Grimm extinction team in the above city when I did my Noble Phantasm."

"So, what happened to Adam?" Blake asked, "I mean, the White Fang Leader."

"I made sure he wouldn't bleed out entirely before making an anonymous call to the military." Musashi responded, "I saw them pick him up, while I snuck away unseen. Now, he's detained in their prison."

"Well, good riddance." Nitocris said as she crossed her arms, "The White Fang, giving faunus a bad name like that."

"Yeah," Yang commented, "This world doesn't need murderers like him."

"Are you saying you would have left him to die?" Blake said, not making eye contact with her teammate.

"No, I'm not that heartless. You know that Blake." Yang said as she realized her friend's history. She then turned to Musashi, "I mean, he took your eye, but you don't seem that shook up about it now."

"I've had my time to adjust," Musashi said as she placed her right hand over her eyepatch, "It still stings, but I can live with one eye."

"Still, that's a cheap move to go for someone's eye." Cleo said with distain in her voice.

"Like he also said, there are no fair fights." Musashi said before she looked at her scroll, "I need to go, I still have one more delivery to make. So, somebody else has to tell a story while I'm gone." She said before having a recollection, turning to Cleo, "Oh, how about you tell about that one time you were playing an MMO with Tomoe. Then you started filing with this one guy online to the point you wanted to meet in person. And when you did, he turned out to be super fat."

"MUSASHI!" Cleo said as her face turned red, "I said never to tell that story to anyone!"

"Whoops, got to go!" Musashi said with a smile before running out the room. Cleo turned to see Nitocris giggle as she looked at her, causing the snake-haired queen to pout.

Yang chuckled before noticing her remained silent, looking at the ground, "Hey, you going to be okay?" Yang said as she placed her left hand on her teammates back.

"…Yeah," Blake said before looking at Yang with a weak smile, "I just…I'm happy nobody died." She said with Yang having the same weak smile form on her face.


Far off inside an Atlas airship, Musashi had her deliver backpack run through a metal detector. After the guard approved it, he pointed down the hall. Musashi nodded before taking her backpacking and walking. Along the way, she passed two Atlas soldiers, each wiping off blood from there knuckles. She glared at them, but they paid her no mind in passing. Musashi made it to a metal door before opening it.

Inside was the Leader of the White Fang, his outfit now an Atlas prison uniform. Adam sat in the center of the room in a chair, his hands and feet cuffed with a chain to the middle of the floors. In the upper right of the room was a camera with a blinking red light. Slowly, he raised his head to Musashi. His face was a mess; his lip cut, blood running down from the top of his head, a black eye over his branded side of his face, "You again…" He said as Musashi took off her backpack, "Why…"

"I have an order of noodles for you." Musashi said as she pulled out the bowl from her backpack, "Don't worry, I'll add it to your tab. I don't know what they're feeding you here, but I guarantee this is better." She said before noticing Adam's figure was thinner than before, having lost some of his muscle definition, "You should eat."

"I don't need your pity." Adam responded before lowering his head, "Just leave me alone."

"Yeah, you say that every time. But I don't listen." Musashi responded as she crossed her arms.

"You think you understand me?" Adam said before looking up at with a glare, "A human can never understand what it is like to be born a faunus. At the very second of my exitance, people hated me."

"You think my parents gave me a boy's name because they wanted a daughter?" Musashi responded, causing Adam to go silent, "We don't get to choose what we're born into this life as." She said before picking up her backpack, "But we do get to choose what we do with this life." Musashi put on her backpack before walking towards the door, "See you next week." She said as Adam lowered his head.

Musashi sighed as she opened the door. As she walked out, a large male Atlas soldier with brown hair walked into the room, cracking his knuckles. He looked up at the camera before the light stopped blinking, then turned back to Adam with a smirk, "Well, look what we have here." The Atlas grunt said as looked at the bowl of noodles, "Looks like I'll have a snack after I'm finished with you today." The Atlas grunt said as Adam remained unresponsive, "Hey, I'm talking to you!" The Atlas grunt took his right hand, yanking Adam's left bull horn back. He glared into the White Fang Leader's eye, "That terrorist group you lead killed a lot of my friends." The Atlas grunt said as Adam remained unresponsive, "Anything to say about that!?"

"…It is not wise to touch a faunus on their animal trait," Adam responded.

"Why?" The Atlas grunt said with a chuckle, "Wait, I know this one. You mess with the bull, you get the-" Suddenly, Adam punched the Atlas grunt between the legs in the sensitive area. His eyes widened in pain as the grip on the horn was loosened. Adam then rammed his head into the Atlas grunt's stomach. The White Fang Leader then chucked him over his body and chair. The Atlas grunt slammed upside down in the opposite wall before sliding down on his head, laying there unconscious.

Adam sighed as he sat back in his chair. However, he glanced over at the noodles. He knew this assault was going to have a restriction on his food again, and his stomach rumbled. After a few second of debate, Adam picked up the bowl of noodles, opening the lid. The steam fumed on his face before he gave it a slight blow. He then slurped the noodles in a tiny taste before stopping, "…This does taste better than I thought." Adam said before taking a larger slurp of the noodles. Unaware to him, the door was in a jar. Looking from the outside was Musashi, who had a small smile before silently closing the door.

AN: There you go, the end of V2 in this continuity. Musashi had her own mini adventure while everyone else was in Apocrypha. She fights the White Fang and loses her eye to Adam. I'll admit he acts a bit OOC in this chapter at times, but I general did not like his character after the ending of V3. He had a cool design and potential for an interesting character, but then they went the 'Hello Darling' route with him and I just... To keep it short, I don't want 'that' character in this series. And I wanted to give him a little personality here that makes him a bit more complex, based on what was reveled in V6.

As I close out the last AN, I wanted to let you all know about the sequel. I will work on one in my off time between some other short story idea. Once I have the first four or so chapters made, I'll do a daily binge upload. As far as what I can say I have planned, the story will take place a year later from the events of this story. Team RWBY will be the focal main characters to follow, each having a separate mission to complete. Ruby will be attending a newly established academy as a transfer, Weiss will help her sister with a special operation, Blake will handle an issue with the White Fang, and Yang will be getting close to finding her mom. (All of this would be set up by chapter one, so it's not a spoiler). Not everyone will be returning, but the new character I plan to add have me wanting to get started right now. I won't give a timeframe when it will come out but know I will work on it as I have the time. That is all for now, thanks for reading, and hope enjoyed Fates Collide.

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