Title: Different Kinds of Smarts

Author: Wereleopard58

Pairing: Tony DiNozzo/Nathan Stark, slash

Rating M or Explicit

Crossover: NCIS/A Town Called Eureka

Spoilers: All of NCIS and Eureka

Summary: McGee is jealous that he can't get to meet Nathan Stark. Tony goes to the conference and gets up close and personal with his teammate's idol. McGee will still get his chance when Nathan decides to visit NCIS. There are different kinds of smarts, and each one is attractive in its own right.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with NCIS. I am not making anything from this. I am just doing this for fun

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A/N This is the first in my DiNozzo's Men series. Tony is paired with people within NCIS and other shows. The only person he will NOT be paired up with is Gibbs (I, of course, will still be writing Tibbs). I do have a Tibbs story with Nathan/Tony friendship. This was supposed to be a one shot, but I wanted too much to happen. I hope you enjoy.


"Boss, I think maybe I should go instead of Tony. I mean he's…" Tim's voice faded off.

Gibbs stared coldly at his agent. "DiNozzo's what exactly?"

"Well, Nathan Stark will be there and I…he's…"

"Aww, McGeek has got a crush." Tony felt he had to comment. He hated how McGee and Ziva talked about his intelligence, or they believed lack of one.

Tim turned, glared at him and then turned back to the more important conversation. "We need to show NCIS in the best light."

Tony lowered his eyes and concentrated on his monitor as Ziva laughed in agreement. He didn't want to see the look in Gibbs' eyes as he agreed with them. There was always a doubt that he wasn't good enough. He'd always felt like that; his father always made him feel a failure. It was why he wanted acknowledgement when something was completed well.

"Stark's isn't the only talk going on at that conference. There are a lot more workshops that lean towards the investigation side of things. Since DiNozzo is the best one we have, he's also worked at different police departments; I think he's the best one to go. Remember McGee there are different kinds of smarts; one is not necessarily better than the other."

"Yes, boss," Tim mumbled.

"Thanks Gibbs."

"I have no doubt that you'll do us proud DiNozzo." The older man smiled encouragingly at him.

"I will, I promise."

"I'm going to check on things with Abby." McGee stomped out in a sulk.

"He will make us a laughing joke at this event."

Tony stared at her with confusion, and then it dawned on him. "You mean laughing stock Ziva."

"David, you'll show DiNozzo respect, he has earned that. If not maybe we should look at you being transferred somewhere that you can learn it." Gibbs wasn't going to allow this crap to carry on. Things had become worse with those two. "Remember he has earned his position, you were put on this team because of your friendship with Shepard. Oh, and we can't forget who your father is either."

Ziva opened her mouth to argue, to point out about her training. The look on his face made it clear it wasn't something he wanted to hear.

Tony glanced between the two; this was something new. Gibbs had never stepped up to stop these comments before. It looked like things were changing.


"I can't believe he's sending Tony." He whined.

"What are you mumbling about Timmy?"

"There's a conference, and Nathan Stark will be there doing a talk. You know I applied to work with him, but I think my work here put him off. I am sure he must have looked into things and been told how I'm needed."

"What are you talking about?"

"Gibbs is sending Tony instead of me."

"What's going on at this thing?"

"Nathan will do a talk on what he and his team are working on, which will include new computer systems."

Abby rolled her eyes, "and the other things going on?"

"Investigation techniques, different areas of forensics."

"There are a lot of things going on; I could even go. Why should it be you? You're also representing NCIS and the MCRT which is an investigative team. Tony is the most –."

"I'm a great investigator, just because I didn't start as a beat cop. He only did that because he was injured so he couldn't go pro, or so he says. I could–."

"Just stop." She sighed; Abby wasn't in the mood for him to whine at how great he was. She hated how he changed once Ziva joined them. Tony didn't deserve these snide little comments from his teammates. She hoped it would only be a temporary thing, at the moment it was a long temporary thing. If Gibbs didn't step in soon, she was sure Tony would be pushed too far and would leave.


"I have work to do." She turned back to her 'babies'.

Tim waited for her to say something else; when nothing came, he turned and left in a huff. "She doesn't understand." He mumbled.

"Baby." She whispered knowing he wouldn't hear.


Gibbs had let him go a little early as they had started to work on cold cases. Tony had a flight to catch. He also wanted to avoid the explosion when they found out about the case they had been given. If Tim found out that the very 'difficult' cold case was one that Tony had solved in an hour that deadline had already passed. You could tell by the look on Gibbs' face that he was going to enjoy telling them.

Abby knew about it and was up there at his desk. She would call him later and tell him everything that went on. He hoped that his little probie would learn his lesson, they were a family. When it came to Ziva, Tony didn't care what she thought.


Tony finally arrived at the hotel and booked in. The conference was being held at the convention centre; it was about a five-minute walk. It was time to relax for an hour or so before he headed over to grab his pass and welcome pack. He hated these kinds of things. Were there things he could learn here? He hoped so.


McGee and Ziva sat huddled together going over the cold case. Gibbs looked up and saw Vance. The Director raised an eyebrow, Gibbs shook his head. Both men smirked. Vance had agreed to this little test; he'd received complaints about the attitudes of these two. This was to prove a point when it came to investigating Tony was far ahead of them. He'd hoped that this would cut the comments out, but doubted it. They had to try this before the warnings started. Ziva was also now an NCIS agent, so she had to follow the rules. They had both been given some leeway and look at what they did, harassed a senior agent. Things would change.

There was also a reason Vance wanted Tony to go to this conference and to portray the agency in the best light he could. The young man had a lot of potential if he'd just cut out the clown act and to stop the pranks. A future liaison position could work as he was a good-looking, charming man. The fact he could read and play people was an excellent skill. There were plans for him to take some courses to move him towards that goal. Once Tony was back, and feedback was received, they would sit down and discuss his future. Vance turned and left them to it.

Gibbs had remembered the look his SFA had given him; it was clear something else was going on. He knew that his protégé would shape up, but it could mean that he would lose his SIC and the best young agent he had ever worked with. Tony had always had that special something; it was clear back in Baltimore. Now it was time to deal with Tim and Ziva. They were not going to like the change; things had gone too far.

"How are you two doing? Solved it yet?" Gibbs managed to keep the smile off his face.

"Of course not, it's a difficult case, which is why you gave to us while Tony was away. You didn't want to embarrass him." Ziva smiled arrogantly.

"We understand that you didn't want to upset Tony. You should've just told me that is why he was sent. I now understand." He nodded with his ex-Mossad friend and colleague.

Gibbs couldn't get over the arrogance of them. "I gave this to you to prove a point, and no it wasn't about beating DiNozzo."

"Then why did you give us this particular case then?" Tim crossed his arms over his chest and glared. There was more going on than he thought and wanted to know what it was.

"You all have skills…Don't say a word against DiNozzo. This is a perfect example of why I did this. Tony solved this case in an hour. You're way past that, and there are no new clues to work on."

"If it's solved why give it to us." Ziva snapped.

"He's a better investigator than the two of you working together and before you ask; no I didn't help him in any way. When you come in tomorrow there will be new rules; if they aren't followed, you will be written up. You can start with one of them now, no more snide or nasty comments about my senior field agent. He has that position because he's earned it. You will also do things like getting the truck ready, and more paperwork will come to you. It should've been passed over ages ago."

"We should talk Ziva," McGee whispered and waited for her to nod.

"Oh and don't bother complaining to Vance, he already agreed. If you don't like it transfer or leave those are your only two options. Do you want a new case, or to carry on with this one?"

"This one." They both replied if Tony could solve it so could they.

Gibbs smiled at the look of determination on their faces.


Tony had grabbed his welcome pack and went to the restaurant on site. He had a cup of coffee as he went through and planned what he was going to do over the next few days. Inside was a mini case; it was a test to see how the recruits could solve a crime. Some of the brightest new agents from the different agencies were here. As soon as you solved the case you handed it in with your details.

He pushed everything else out of the way, used the pen and pad they gave you. It didn't take him too long as it was a basic case.


Nathan walked into the restaurant and looked around. It was packed full of people. He couldn't believe that he'd been talked into coming here. There were plenty of scientists that could've been sent in his place. Just then his gaze landed on a very good looking man who was sat by himself. All of his concentration was the paper laid out in front of him. This conference may not be a complete waste after all. He rubbed his beard, smiled and walked over; there was no point in wasting any time.


"Can I join you?"

Tony looked up and into the eyes of a handsome man. Dark hair, beard beautiful green eyes and a muscular body under the obviously expensive and well-cut suit.

"Of course, please do. I'm Tony, Tony DiNozzo."

"Nice to meet you, Tony, I'm Nathan Stark."

"You're Nathan Stark?"

"So you've heard of me." He smiled a little cockily.

"My teammate is a huge fan. He wanted to be here himself. I'm probably not smart enough to understand your field of expertise."

Nathan laughed; it was a deep masculine sound that sent shivers down Tony's spine. "I wouldn't worry about it; there aren't many people in my field of expertise smart enough to understand half of what I talk about." He winked, and the smile he received was incandescent. It felt like it lit up the room. "So, uh, what is this then?"

"Right, so as a speaker you wouldn't receive our wonderful welcome pack that contains a case to solve." Tony looked him up and down. "Do you think you could solve it?"

"You want me to try and solve this?"

"Why don't you think you can Nathan?"

"Challenge accepted Tony." He watched as the other man hid his notes and then pushed the mini file towards him.


Ziva and Tim stepped towards Vance as he walked towards his car. The Director held up his hand before they said anything.

"Gibbs has told you the changes and that if you don't like it, you can transfer or leave?" He waited for them to nod. "I have nothing else to add, you both brought this on yourselves." With that, he left the two shocked agents.

"What just happened McGee?" Ziva asked after Vance had left.

"I don't know, but hopefully Tony will mess up, and things will be back to normal."

"Maybe we could help that along. Let's see what we can come up with." The two of them grinned at each other.


Nathan dropped the pen in frustration. All of the information was supposedly here, and yet nothing led him to the killer. "It's not possible."

"It is you've just missed some things." He laughed, which was when he noticed they had a crowd. Nathan Stark was more well-known than he thought.

"What have I missed?" A sexy pout appeared on the scientists face.

Tony had the urge to kiss him, but he was trying to show NCIS positively. Looking like he was sex starved wouldn't help that cause.

"Why don't you explain where he went wrong then?" A man stood just behind him; it was one of the organisers.

"But what about the others who still have to complete it?"

"I think we have the majority in and I would like to see your take on it Mr…"

"Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior from NCIS, please call me Tony." He reached out and shook the man's hand.

"Tony, I'm Clive Witherson, please call me Clive, and that includes you Dr Stark."

"Nathan please, now we have that out of the way can you please tell me where I have gone wrong Tony?"

"Okay Nathan, you assumed it was a murder, and that's how you looked at it. Everything from then out was to prove this. When you start a case never think of what it could be, you follow the clues, the evidence."

"It wasn't a murder?" Nathan glared down at the file as if it had betrayed him.

Clive smiled, "please continue." He'd be joined by his colleagues, and slowly the other attendees were coming over to see what was going on.

"No forced entry, no marks from a lockpick. If there was a crime, it could be committed by a friend, or the victim was robbed. It could've happened elsewhere, and the body brought back here. One of the things you need to do is be able to read people and their surroundings." Tony heard some squeaks as chairs were dragged closer. As he looked around his audience had grown, and some were taking notes. All the attention of Nathan was also on him. "Unless the person was interrupted it wasn't a robbery. If you look at the pictures all the electronics are there; he still has his watch and ring. The watch is fake, but it's a good one. It would fool a lot of people. Now carry on with the crime scenes. You can see there is a missing picture, glass on the floor and ash in the fireplace. There's a gap in the wardrobe as if clothes had just been taken out. In the bathroom, there's room for toiletries. There are also anti depression tablets that look like they haven't been open, yet the sleeping tablets are nearly empty, and they were both refilled on the same day."

"You think it was a suicide, what about a note."

"Not everyone leaves a note, and if he had a girlfriend, it might have been sent to her."

Everyone turned to look at Clive. "It was a suicide; he refused to take his meds and lashed out at his girlfriend, more than once. She told the police he wouldn't get help and she felt as if she were in danger. He did leave a note; it explained everything. This case was to see how our recruits would do. Excellent job in explaining Tony."

Slowly people began to leave, but they all managed to thank Tony and asked if they could talk with him over the weekend. He was in shock as he nodded in agreement. It was going to be a busy time if everyone came to see him.

Nathan reached over and squeezed Tony's shoulder and leaned in close. "You are a smart man in your expertise, and it's just been proved I'm not in your league."

Tony had to force himself not to bury his head in the other man's neck; he smelt so good. "Uhh I've been trained to look at things a certain way, you haven't. I'm sure it wouldn't take you long to pick up."

"Not if I had a teacher like you." It was more than just looks that now turned Nathan on. But more than that he wanted to get to know this man better. "Would you care to have dinner with me?"

"Uhh sure, but I'm not dressed for it." Tony glanced down at his casual clothes.

"You look great; we can eat in my hotel room. I'd like to get to know you better."

"Sure I'd love that." Tony stood and walked towards the convention centre entrance.

Nathan just stared at how well he fit those jeans; he shook his head and quickly caught up. Both men tried to ignore how attracted they were to the other. They were here for work and had to be respectable. There was nothing wrong with making friends and creating contacts, right?