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A/N: What's up, uhh, humans? Is that a good way to address you guys? Meh, I don't know. So how are you? this is my first fanfic. (Ignoring my actual first one which was a complete and utter failure.)

So for a while now I had this idea stuck in my head "What would happen if Salem found a baby Ruby?" So now I will be writing this fanfic and I'll make it at least 5 chapters and each chapter will contain between 2k words and 5k+ words (Excluding the A/N) So without further blabbering, I present to you, Little Grimm Riding Hood!

Little Grimm Riding Hood

Chapter 1: Forever Fall

"Rot in hell you monster!" They yelled. "Kill her! Burn her!" They screamed.

Those were the words Salem woke up to this morning, she had gotten used to it by now, it would still be better if she didn't hear those words every time she dreamed of her childhood though.

It wasn't even considered much of a childhood seeing how everyone treated her only based off how she looked like, they thought she was a monster, they treated her like a monster, now she is a monster. It is only logical.

But in days like these, where Salem had little to do, she often would go to the forest of Forever Fall to take her mind off of things, it wasn't that easy to try to destroy all of humankind, after all.

Her favorite place to take long walks was definitely this very place, mostly no Human or Faunus would ever dare to enter this forest, for the amount of Grimm that called it home was far too dangerous, even the most experienced of huntsmen and huntresses would never come to this forest unless the reason is great, but occasionally Salem could find humans who are left for dead for reasons unknown or even children who are left behind by parents who weren't ready for kids.

Salem had the habit of killing anyone she encounters in this forest, but she couldn't ever do it to children, not because she had anything against killing them, no it was far from that, the only problem is that they reminded her of herself when she was disgraced and chased until she found herself alone in the forest, the very same forest she is currently taking a pleasant walk in, that is why, when she did encounter a child in this forest she would just turn around and leave, and if the child is brave enough to follow her, she would turn around and snap her finger, which results in the summoning of a Grimm to frighten the small being away.

This day, however, was going to change everything.

As usual, Salem was walking in the Forest, singing her favorite song softly to entertain herself.

The song went like this.

"The little girl was sobbing in the woods all alone until one man came to her asking, Little girl little girl why are you crying?"

"Leave me alone. Leave me alone. You won't understand so just stop trying."

"Little girl, what's your name? I might be of help, I can help you believe me I am not lying!"

"There are no good guys, there are no good girls, there are only humans and you're all the same, so just leave me alone before you end up dying!"

"I might be a stranger but I will help you, for if you stay here you'll just end up food to that Nevermore that's flying."

"I warned you! I told you to leave me alone! It's too late now you have no chance, and I'll hang you up blood drying."

Salem always grinned when she sang that song, especially the last part, the song reminds her of her first ever human kill, and most probably her most brutal kill even until this very day.

Now she was ready to leave the forest after enjoying a long and calming walk, She had spent enough time by herself, she had to return to her castle and make sure Tyrian didn't cause any trouble between Cinder and watts, she honestly felt like Hazel is the only one out of the four that she did not need to babysit.

As Salem started walking towards where she came from, a weird feeling struck her, a feeling that came completely out of nowhere, a feeling of power, it was vague and almost annoying, she had chills just for concentrating at the direction of which this power was coming from.

She decided to just shake off the feeling and walk away, and that is exactly what she did, but right after she started walking away is when she heard it.

"Waah Waah!" The sound of not only a child but an actual newborn baby crying in the woods, this was a new low... Salem knew humans are horrible, even comparable to herself sometimes. But she never would have expected one to go as far as to leave a newborn baby alone in the most Grimm infected forest in the kingdom of Vale.

Salem wanted to leave, she really did want to leave, but she couldn't, she had to go back and make sure the baby is safe, and it wasn't because of a weak spot in her heart, it's because she believed that every living being deserves some kind of chance, she knows exactly what happens if people aren't given an honest chance, she experienced it before. And who knows what this baby can grow up to be.

"Damn it..." she muttered to herself as she turned around moving towards the direction of which the crying was coming from, strangely enough though, with each step she took towards the voice, the more she felt the weird power she had felt earlier, it was as if it was getting closer by the second, as if the power was following her.

Or maybe Salem was the one following it.

When Salem finally reached the baby that already made her go through so much trouble, she did not need much time to notice that the baby was in fact in someone's arm, someone who is dead.

Salem did not care for who that person was, she only cared for what's in its arms, or to be exact, what's in her arms.

Salem approached the baby, and with each step, the power that she had felt earlier got stronger and clearer, by this point Salem was sure the power had something to do with this child.

And as Salem got even closer, she noticed something, the person who was holding The baby wasn't an ordinary person, not even close, the white cloak that person was wearing only reminded Salem of one person, there was only one candidate to who wore that cloak.

"It can't be." Salem muttered in disbelief. She moved closer to the person in front of her, slowly and cautiously.

It was Summer Rose herself, the silver-eyed warrior that caused nothing but trouble and suffering to Salem for years, the one Warrior to have ever nearly defeated her in battle.

Salem was incredibly satisfied as she raised the hood from above Summer's face, making sure it was actually her, and she wasn't wrong, it was indeed Summer Rose.

Salem now had only one thing to do, she had to Deal with this Child, Summer's Child, Salem wanted nothing more in the world than to kill that child right here right now.

So she did the only sensible thing, she got up and raised her hand, ready to summon a Grimm that would devour the baby, it would probably gulp the whole baby in one bite seeing how small the baby was compared to the common Beowulf.

The baby's crying had gotten louder as soon as it spotted Salem, the Baby was obviously terrified just by the mere sight of Salem.

It was typical for Salem, just another disgusting human that judged her only by her looks, just like how people judged her as a kid.

She was more than ready to just get this over with, she only needed a snap of her finger and the child would be dead in a heartbeat.

Just before snapping her finger though, she noticed something, she definitely knew the source of the power now, it was nothing other than the baby itself, or more specifically, the baby's eyes.

"Y-you have...silver eyes." Salem muttered in complete shock, she had absolutely no idea this trait could be hereditary, or was it even? Was this just a joke from the gods? Was it just destiny? Or just complete and utter luck?

One thing Salem knew for sure now is that she had to kill this child, not only is it the child of Summer Rose, her biggest nemesis, but it also has the same rare trait as her, this was only a bomb waiting to go off, and the sooner the better and safer it is for Salem and her associates.

So brushing off any feeling she had against killing a baby, she snapped her fingers, summoning a huge Ursa, she then commanded the Ursa to rid the world of the baby, and the Ursa had no choice but to comply to its master, so it moved closer and closer to the baby, with every step the Ursa took it seemed to get more and more frightened of the newborn, it had probably already noticed the terrifying silver eyes the baby had, soon though, the Ursa was right in front of the baby, raising its huge claws to slash the baby, killing it before devouring it, it roared with all its might before taking a huge slash at the baby.

"STOP!" The Ursa stopped as if it was a statue, it did not even take a second to respond to its master's wish, the beast had enough time to only barely touch the baby's cheek with its claw, it left a mark, but it wouldn't hurt anyone, even a baby.

Salem motioned at the monster to leave, and the monster had no second thoughts, it ran into the woods, terrified of the silver eyes, even if it was only a weak child that possessed them.

Salem cussed at herself, she had no idea why she couldn't bring herself to kill this thing, but she knew she can't just leave it here, no Grimm would dare approach this child, it would be too scared and intimidated by the eyes that the baby possesses, and if she does leave it then a huntsman was sure to find it, there is no doubt that Qrow Branwen will hear of what happened to his best Friend Summer Rose, and when that happens he is sure to gather the best of huntsmen and search everywhere in Vale, if not all of Remnant.

Then the most brilliant idea struck Salem's Mind.

"Silver Eyes, how...fortunate to me." she said as she knelt down and took hold of the baby, lifting it up and carrying it in her arms, looking straight into its eyes " You, dear-"

Salem realized she did not know if the baby is a male or female, so she checked just to make sure.

It's a girl, thank the gods. was what Salem thought to herself, she was relieved because she did not know if she could deal with a boy as a child, she would probably not be able to stand it, at least a girl is more manageable to her.

"You, dear girl, will be a fine addition to our" Those were the words Salem whispered while looking at the baby's eyes.

The baby had stopped crying as soon as Salem held her, it was surprising to Salem that the more she stared at the baby straight in the Eyes, the more the baby looked as if it is getting comfortable and calm.

Maybe this one wasn't as bad after all, but Sadly for Salem, however, the more she stared at the baby's eyes the more she felt as if a knife is forcing its way into her skull.

Salem took her time going back, she liked the feeling of looking at the now sleeping child in her hands, the headache she was getting had gotten progressively weaker since the baby went to sleep. Salem had also never held a child before, she never thought that it was this comforting to hold one.

This would have been much better, of course, if Salem wasn't still getting minor headaches whenever she looked at the baby's eyes, even though it got better than when she was still awake, it still annoyed Salem a tad, but this was surely temporary, and she knew she will get used to it.

While Salem was walking, a huge blush suddenly grew on her face as she came to an immediate halt, she felt the baby's hand, and it was somewhere it wasn't supposed to be.

The blush and humiliation on Salem's face was visible as the sun.

A baby just cupped her.

"Oh my! What are y-" Before she even knew it, she was interrupted by the baby bursting into tears.

"Waah Waah!" The screams made Salem's ears ring.

"Ok ok! Shhh shhh, now, it's okay now, stop crying." The girl slowly stopped crying and calmed down, trying to put her thumb in her mouth, she was so young that she couldn't even move her arm enough to reach her mouth so Salem gently grabbed the baby's hand, guiding her to her mouth and putting her thumb in her mouth.

"It's okay now, dear, we don't want to attract any huntsman now do we?"

Salem giggled by what had just happened, a human had just done something she would most definitely burn anyone for doing, and instead of killing it, she tried to calm it down and comfort it. That was something she never expected to happen, yet it just did.

Salem kept gently humming to the baby until it fell asleep again, then she continued on her way, humming her favorite song instead of singing it, she did not want to risk the baby waking up.

Meanwhile in Salem's castle

"Is that all you've got?" Tyrian Screamed as he adjusted himself back into combat position.

"No, but if I give you all I've got then nothing of you will be left to give to." Said a grinning Cinder.

Tyrian launched himself at her to continue the spar that the two of them were having, while Hazel and Watts where both watching, Watts clearly more entertained.

"It's like watching two kids having a fight over candy, don't you agree?" Watts was with no doubt enjoying every moment of the fight.

While Hazel only muttered. "As long as they don't forget that they are just practicing I don't care."

The fighting sounds soon came to a halt as everyone heard the door to Salem's castle open.

As Salem walked in, she stared at the Human and Faunus who were fighting not a moment ago, she heard the fight, and she wanted to know why they were fighting.

Cinder was quick to respond to Salem's questioning look. "Oh, Salem! We were just practic- wait...what is that?"

The other 3 in the room took a moment before Seeing what Cinder had just seen.

Salem had a newborn in her arms... Salem, out of all people on Remnant, had a baby.

Salem...a baby.

That just doesn't add up.

Tyrian was so shocked he almost forgot to say "Your grace." Before speaking. "Y-your grace, w-what is that?" Was the only thing Tyrian can think of saying.

"That, my dear Tyrian, is the newest addition to our group, and I expect you all to welcome her with open arms, for she is more special than you might ever think."

The Group was speechless, but they didn't take long to understand why Salem brought this child here.

"Your Grace, is that what I think it is?" Said an understandably intrigued and almost impressed Watts.

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