May 2019

I smile fondly at Gale and Hunter as they try to construct the tent Hunter got for his birthday. I'm so glad that my son seems to favour outdoor gifts rather than the less stimulating computer games and Hunter insisted the tent got put up for his birthday party this afternoon. But my son sighs heavily when Gale puts the poles the wrong way round and shakes his head.

"The instructions are there to help you, Dad," he says.

"I've put up enough tents in my life to know how to do it without looking at instructions," Gale replies.

Hunter shakes his head again and I bite my lip to stop myself from laughing as Gale looks confused over all the different parts. I almost go over to help but the doorbell rings and I head inside to answer it. I smile when I see Peeta on the other side holding trays of mini pizzas, burgers and garlic bread.

I say hello to him before Peeta follows me through to the picnic tables I have set up outside. I help him lay out the trays of food and then slide my arm around his waist.

"Thank you for doing all this. I might eat it all before Hunter's friends arrive!" I say.

Peeta chuckles and gives my waist a squeeze. In about thirty minutes time this back garden is going to be filled with excited ten-year-old boys all squirting water guns at each other for Hunter's birthday. I'm not sure those boys are aware of the lengths I will go to get my hands on as many of Peeta's treats as possible.

Peeta looks over to Gale and Hunter and my son gives him a little wave. Peeta gives him a smile and then turns back to face me looking a little nervous.

"It's no problem," he replies. "But are you sure that Hunter doesn't mind me staying for his party?"

"You couldn't be a bigger hit with my son. You had him won over when he discovered you owned a Thor hammer," I say.

Peeta's shoulders relax a little and he turns me so he can put both hands on my waist. He smiles as he leans his head closer to mine.

"And thank you for not judging me when you found out that Rye and I still had pretend fights using it," he says.

"Your dorkiness is one of the reasons why I love you," I reply.

Peeta smiles at me again and then ducks down for a brief kiss. He lingers only slightly as he pulls away but we both are conscious of the eyes watching us.

Much to my delight Peeta and I have managed to fall back together. I had been so scared that he would have found someone else to love in this life. And there was an Italian fiancée he was with for six years but they split a little over a year before I met him again after she went back to Italy to see her family and then refused to come back. I didn't have to compete with anyone for his affections.

Hunter loved Peeta's cooking classes and every week I spent just that little bit longer talking to Peeta at the end. I was pleased to see that Peeta was still very much the man I fell in love with the first time and could only wait six weeks before asking him out again. I think Peeta was a little surprised by my boldness so soon after the divorce but eagerly took me up on my offer.

The pace of the relationship frustrates me at times. Peeta is conscious about not rushing everything so soon after Gale and I have to remind myself that although I have known him for nearly ten years he has known me for less than twelve months. But my feelings for him haven't changed in this life and I know marriage and another child is what I want from him in the future.

Gale finally manages to work out the tent and Hunter grins when he sees the tent take shape. They high five each other when it's finally erect. Peeta turns to me with a grin.

"How long did have they been trying to make the tent?" he asks.

"Close to an hour," I reply.

Peeta laughs and then Hunter waves us over.

"Mum! Peeta! Come and sit in the tent," he calls.

I smile as we walk towards the tent and then all crawl into the space. It's a bit of a tight squeeze with both Gale and Peeta in it but Hunter couldn't look happier.

"This is a pretty awesome tent," I say.

Hunter nods his head excitedly.

"Thanks Mum and Dad for getting it for me. I can't wait to go proper camping with it and make a bonfire," Hunter replies.

Gale wraps his arm around Hunter's shoulder and squeezes him tight.

"I've found a new campsite just outside St Andrews. How about we take the tent up there next weekend and give your Mum and Peeta some alone time?" Gale suggests.

"Urgh! Gross, Dad! Ben's brother told me what adults get up to at night! I know exactly what you mean," Hunter groans.

Peeta and I chuckle and then Peeta puts his arm around my shoulder so he can place a kiss on my temple.

"Your mum and I just want you out so we can get a shot of playing with all you Lego figures," Peeta says.

Hunter rolls his eyes and there is more laughter in the tent. Gale looks across to catch my eye.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you. I'm just trying to be a supportive ex-husband," he says.

I smile gratefully at him. I wasn't sure how Gale would react to my new relationship with Peeta but after some initial feelings of hurt he realised Peeta was a good guy and has made an effort to get to know him. I'm so thankful that the divorce seems to have eliminated all the issues we had in our relationship and there seems to be no bitterness between us. And in the last couple of months I really feel like we are getting back to the friends we should have always been in the first place.

"It's not a problem. But bear in mind I will get my own back at you at some point," I reply.

Gale laughs.

"I mean, have you phoned Madge yet?" I ask.

Gale blushes and looks down at his feet. Enough time has passed now for me to be comfortable with the thought of the two of them being together in this life. It seems obvious to me that both of them still have feelings for each other but both seem reluctant to admit it.

"I've been busy getting everything ready for Hunter's birthday," he says.

I roll my eyes at him but Hunter then tugs on my arm.

"Can we read a chapter of Harry Potter before the party begins? I want to know what the next Triwizard Tournament challenge is," Hunter asks.

"Go and get the book then," I say, nodding my head.

Hunter grins and then squeezes out the tent to retrieve the book. When he comes back he snuggles between Gale and I and opens up the new chapter. He then twists his head to look at Peeta.

"Can you see, Peeta?" he asks.

Peeta smiles and nods his head.

"I've got a good spot here. Start whenever you want," he replies.

Hunter nods his head before turning back to face the book and he begins to read aloud. I smooth some of hair down as Peeta slips his arm around my waist. Gale looks down, focused on our son reading and I think this is how my life should have always ended up.

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