The process of change had been started and nothing could stop it anymore while the news of mutations appearing had already arrived at the top to the bottom as all forces had been commanded to find them and act accordingly.

Naruto sat on his throne as the people of his inner circle took their seats to discuss about the current affairs and their action plan.

"Where are Euryale and Stheno?" Gaia asked as she appeared beside Naruto and gave him a kiss before sitting beside him

"They are on the search for the Uzumaki clan along with Artemis and Jiraiya."

"And what happened to Hestia and the kids?" Hinata questioned as she walked through a portal

"To the parallel universe they went."

"Is beloved sure about such a thing being safe?" Hinata sat down on her seat and stared at him with a loving gaze like always while ignoring Gaia

"I am sure about my choice." Naruto replied with a smile as he playfully tapped her cute nose

"Guess I am the last one" Nemesis appeared from the floor as her body formed out of darkness and she walked to Naruto but Gaia saw through her intentions as she was seated forcefully

"Aw I was just getting a better seat." Nemesis said teasingly and she sat with a relaxed expression

"Okay since everyone is here we will summarize what has happened in these two days." Ella stood up as she wore official secretary clothing with red rimmed glasses

Looking around at the gathered individuals that represented the top of the hierarchy of both worlds she continued once she saw Naruto nod.

"To start off before the change took place, both worlds were in a stable state with a total of 20 criminal cases in a week that covered murders, theft etc.

The people's life expectancy was at least 100 years and the average strength of any trained individual was at least 5 tonnes.

There was no disease left that could not be treated and everyone lived a healthy life with our governance.

The only issue had been the constant increase in the rate of monster appearance and the threat of the Otsutsuki clan.

There also been rare cases that have had no solution till now and maybe related to forces in the shadows that desire chaos or the downfall of the current system." Ella showed the presentation while just pointing out these things as everyone should already know them

"Do you mean the situation took a turn for the worst after just two days?"

"Yes, we have entered a serious situation once again as the result of the change mutations have occurred in all living beings in both worlds.

Plants have changed and adapted new toxins while also becoming stronger and aggressive in some regions.

Animals have gotten not just bigger and stronger but gained special abilities making them extremely dangerous for the average person.

Finally the people have also gained mutations that gave them access to miraculous abilities while we are just beginning and so we can expect viruses to evolve and new diseases to appear.

The monsters and plants are not a problem as everyone understands but the people are another case since we cannot sense the changes and the mutants look same as everyone else except a few cases.

We might have thousands of mutants running around unchecked and they might gather together to cause more trouble across the world as even now there have been hundred cases of crime within two days.

The new taste of power has blinded them to the higher powers as our Lord doesn't ever act in sight. The people down there have no idea of the difference between them and us.

Their ignorance can lead too many issues."

"Are you implying for us to make a visual show for the people? Do you think it will keep them in check?" Gaia asked as she looked at Ella with displeasure since it felt like she was blaming Naruto for these things

"There is a possibility that they might be humbled through the difference in power or react in a worse manner but the main issue is that there are mutants among the enormous population of 14 billion across both worlds and we have no other course of action but to utilize our forces to check every person. This would cost us time and resources but the danger they posses cannot be ignored." Ella stopped as Leona brought forth her two captives

"This man has the ability to teleport to anywhere he wants with no signs of chakra while this man has the ability to turn invisible. Just these abilities should show how dangerous these mutations are for us if left unchecked." Ella finished with that and sat down leaving the room in silence as they took in the data presented to them

Till now 10 mutations had been found in just single city and they were among the weak people so the mutants were easily found when they showed panic or excitement.

But what if it appeared in someone powerful? How strong will the ability be?

Naruto felt many people becoming negative as they stole glances at him, "Relax, there is no issue. This is just part of the natural order and we will handle it as it comes.

How strong can the mutation be? Isn't that answer obvious. Weaker than us by a significant factor. Just treat it as new bloodlines appearing and cancel the search.

Let people come forth with their own choice by giving them incentives like we did for the clans. Just focus on the advancement of the ninja arts and technology so that we may always know when a crime is about to happen to somewhere and act. We should know when someone is suffering and provide assistance.

As leaders it is our responsibility to take care of our citizens and as the King it is my responsibility if even a single dog is dying on the streets under my rule.

This choice had been made by all of us but the final responsibility is with me and we shall compensate for the losses made. Regardless the change has brought forth the worst and best in our people and we will soon see the results as this step was inevitable unless we wanted to limit our forces to just all of us in case of real emergencies.

We all know the threats out there and they are powerful beyond many of us here. If they have an army then we are at a worse disadvantage.

So for now we will let the people see a sample of our power with a simple spar between us and continue normally as we change the danger ratings of many places and increasing the security inside the cities." Naruto spoke calmly but his powerful words broke their misconceptions and raised their spirits

Those words were final and the people gathered acted on them accordingly as the search teams were cancelled while all missions into the wild areas had been halted as the change was still taking place so the danger rating would change accordingly.

Bring people from the dead and rewinding time were two things only the closest people knew about Naruto.

It was a thing that could break the natural order and Naruto avoided ever using it unless for special reasons.

Bring back his parents, Nagato and Jiraiya was a special case. It was a gift to himself and his felt selfishness followed by marrying 8 women.

He had been selfless in many cases already so it was the least he could reward himself with and he couldn't imagine these girls with anyone else since it brought violet desires in his heart.

Naruto didn't regret his current action as he said; it was inevitable and only brought forth what was hiding in the shadows.

People who are evil would come out in the light and get dealt with properly instead of always hiding since they now had power at their disposal.

He wasn't the naïve child of yesterday anymore so Naruto expected deaths to happen in numbers. The thought brought him pain but it could not be avoided as the other choice led to massive destruction and a possible genocide.

Remembering the words of Chaos, Naruto thought about the incoming battle of universes after only five years.

It wasn't very far when he would come across his nemesis, his target since the battle with Zeus.

Otsutsuki King

The immortal king of these parasites but a meeting will just be a meeting unless he grows in power even faster as the target had immense and immeasurable strength.

'You will die with a mere thought.'

These were the words received from his father in law about the difference in power. The Otsutsuki had many prince and princess along with the Royal Guardians and the Guardian Beast of the race.

According to his current knowledge, he had only faced some low class minions before and Kaguya was only a baron that was five titles less than a prince.

Baron, viscount, earl, Marques, duke, prince, Royal guardians, Queen and finally the King.

'Just terrible' Naruto thought with a smile of excitement as it seems he loved to live on the edge

Without challenge life would become boring so he found it acceptable except the fact that his world might get erased was the only bad part of this deal.

"Father, what are your instructions?" Leona asked as the kids gathered behind him as they floated above the Planet

"I might have said that all forces to go back to normal but we need to take some precautions so you kids will act as superheroes from now on with papa here."

"Yay" Hima cheered along with Shiro and Indra

"Ishtar and Mary are so going regret missing this." Asura muttered beside his big brother Karna

"Indeed but they have their own adventures to experience so maybe not."

"Big bro, they are going to be green with envy. Remember I said it first." Asura shook his head and smiled as he thought about their crying faces for missing this event

"Ah maybe" Karna understood somewhat as he looked at his father's smiling face filled with love and adoration for them

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