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Issei's Harem: Rias, Akeno, Asia, Xenovia, Raynare, Koneko, Kuroka, Roygun Belphegor, Irina, Rosswiesse, Liala, Aine, Homura, Asuna, Medusa, Yasaka, Tohka, Ravel, Hinata, Sakura, Saeko Busijima, Elminhilde, Azuki, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Sinon, Tsubasa, Tearju, Haruka, Hikage and Ingvild Leviathan.

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Life 34- Gods of War

Lilith, Underworld

The city of Lilith was a war zone. The screams of the innocent rang throughout the air followed by the sounds of spells firing, buildings being destroyed and glass being shattered.

{for the nostalgia. Play the avengers theme song from the 2012 movie}

In the heart of downtown Lilith, stood the Shinobi along with the devils and Daedra. Venom let out a beastly roar in rage as the others readied themselves for a battle. As this happened, a man dressed in green robes with a golden horned helmet smirked as he stood on top of a sky scraper.

"Good. I see you have found a successor to my brother, father. No matter, send the rest." He said in the communicator in his ear. He then watched as more yoma and berserkers dresses in armor flew out the portal in the sky to attack the underworld.

Back on the ground, the group turned around and saw the reinforcements flooding through the portal, making Rin scowl. "These things are just like roaches. You take one out, a hundred more arrive." She spat as she took Uprising out it's sheathe. "Call It, Rias." The Rider spoke as Brynhildr was casted on his hand with his chain in the other.

"Alright everyone I have a plan. Until Lord Ainz and the others get here, it's up to us to maintain the fighting and limit the damage. Raynare. I want you, Kalawarner and Aine on the rooftops and have eyes on everything, call out the patterns these things take." Rias commanded to the two devil fallen hybrids and the goddess. "Yeah yeah, just make sure I don't get fucking killed." Aine sighed as he opened her pocket dimension and pulled out her Barret M82 sniper rifle before flying with the two to the rooftops.

"Yurishia. You, Irina, Rosswiesse and Celis have the perimeter. We can't let any of them leave the downtown area and into the suburbs and housing. If they get too far out, turn them back or shoot them down." Rias followed as the girls nodded and took back off in the sky. Before Rias could get another word in, Tsunade and Rin stepped in.

"Listen to me. Sakura, I want you and blondie over there to find the civilians and keep them away from the streets. Put them in buildings or in the subway but keep them as far back as possible. Take those two with you." She pointed to Miyabi, Mieri and Hinata. The former growling in annoyance while the latter nodded her head nervously. The group ran off into the chaos of Lilith, leaving behind the others in the intersection.

"Akeno. I want you and Maria to bottleneck that opening. Slow them down long enough to by the others time to escape." Mio then voiced as the two girls took off onto a nearby skyscraper. The duo landed onto the top, the wind piercing their skin as Akeno held her hands to the sky with Maria. A large, Yellow and purple magic circle the size of a building appeared as lighting crackled around the building, shattering the glass.

"NOW!" Maria screamed as they shot their combined magic towards the portal. The result being that the berserkers and foot soldiers were reduced to mere ashes yet some still made it out. The sky crackled with high amounts of mana as lightning arcs continued to dance and kill its foes. As the girls kept their magic strong and steady, Celis flew by in her scale mail and unsheathed Ascalon. [BLADE!] Ddraig's voice boomed as Celis rushes her foes with Yurishia.

Back on the ground, The Shinobi and the devils laid out their final plan. "The rest of us need to keep the fighting here so the yoma won't reach the populated areas. And you two." Tsunade looked at Venom and the Rider who stared back at her and Rin. "Do your thing." She commanded, making Venom smirk. "With pleasure." He snarled as he jumped high into the air, followed by the Rider who used his chain to yank himself towards a group of Yoma who were on the side of an office building.

Venom roared with fury as he rammed into a yoma that was perched on a building, reducing the beast to a bloodstain on the brick wall. The yoma beside it screeched in rage as it's brethren was killed beside it. It swung its sword at Venoms neck in order to decapitate the symbiotes. However, the slash on the symbiotes throat healed quickly before Venom growled. "My turn." He said with a sadistic grin before unhinging his jaw and bite the Yoma's head and half of its torso off with the other half falling to the ground.

"Dude really?" Issei's voice rang throughout the symbiotes head as Venom swallowed the meat inside his mouth. "Fuel in the tank." Venom replied before the sound of fire being erupted caught his ears. He looked behind him and saw Ghost Rider spitting out flames from his mouth and reducing three yoma to ash. The Rider then used his chain and threw it at the last yoma who was trying to get away. "GET OVER HERE!" The Rider screamed as he yanked the chain back with the yoma still impaled. As it got closer, The Rider swung Brynhildr downward through the body, separating the Yoma's torso with its legs.

As Venom and Ghost Rider hopped from building to building killing the Yoma, Celis flew by with her scale mail with three yoma were on her tail as she passed by Aine. "Hey Dragon Empress. Bring them back to me." Aine said through the comms as she switched the ammo for explosive rounds. Celis nodded and stopped mid flight and shooting upwards in the sky, the yoma following her as they shot energy blasts towards her.

After a few seconds, Celis flew by Aine again who fired the shot, the .50 Caliber bullet lodging into the Yoma's skull and exploding on impact and taking the other two with it. "Thanks for the assist. What else you got for me?" The Red Dragon Empress Asked as she headed back towards the portal to thin the herd out. "Kakashi and Konan are taking on a squad two blocks from here." Raynare replied before throwing a large light spear at a seven meter yoma, the spear lodging into its skull and allowing black ooze to fly easily.

"Got it." Celis replied before turning back and headed towards Kakashi.

She began to hear explosives and ear screeching screams as she got closer to the location that Kakashi and Konan were fighting. She looked down and saw the two Shinobi fighting against a horde of berserkers while Sakura was evacuating the civilians in the nearby bank. "Shit." Celis muttered as her fists began to glow green.

[BOOST!BOOST!BOOST!BOOST!BOOST!BOOST!BOOST!] Ddraigs voice thundered throughout the sky as a green orb appeared in front of Celis right hand. "DRAGON SHOT!" She screamed as she punched the orb towards the horde, creating a large explosion that incinerated ten berserkers upon impact and made the newly appointed Asgardian god to look and see her in the sky.

"This will be pointless unless we can cut to the chase." Said Kakashi as he dodged a stream of dark chakra. He quickly did a few hand signs before a light blue disk appeared in his hands.

"KAMUI SHURIKEN" He shouted as two electric discs flung to the yoma, reducing them to mere ribbons. As the yoma screamed in agony as the black, ooze like blood splattered across the pavement, three paper like shuriken flew at fast speeds and imbedded itself in the Yoma's eyes, killing them instantly.

"What do you suggest?" Konan's voice was heard as she walked beside Kakashi who was looking around at the skyscrapers. "My guess is that Loki is here someone still directing this attack, the armor and weapons these things have is too advanced for yoma such as these." He replied before dodging a six foot yoma who narrowly managed to cut Kakashi in half with a large axe.

Kakashi gripped onto Mjolnir tightly and swung it as hard as he could at the Yoma's chest, the result being that the force behind his attack made the upper body of the yoma literally explode. "Huh. Neat." Kakashi said nonchantly as he looked at his hammer. If he was being honest, he was still trying to process that he was no longer human and now a god.

Konan rolled her eyes at Kakashi before a large scream was heard, making them turn as see a family of four cowering at the hands of a yoma. Immediately, the grey haired ninja along with Konan and Celis were upon it. The yoma grinned evilly as it fired a large ball of decay magic at the family, hoping to reduce its victims to mere bones. However, Kakashi and the others arrived just in time and stood in front of it.

Kakashi quickly did Hand signs and slammed his hands to the ground, pumping some of his chakra into his arms. "Earth style: mud wall!" He shouted as a wall made out of the ground erected and blocked the attack. As if on cue, Konan ran towards the yoma as the chakra began to race through her body, turning parts of her body into paper. The yoma screeched in fury before rushing at the blue haired girl, it's arms began to radiate with black lighting.

The yoma roared as it swung its fist in hopes to kill Konan. However, Konan instantly knew the attack and slid on the ground, effectively doing the splits as the punch flew harmlessly above her. Celis unleashed Ascalon and severed the arms off the yoma, making it scream in pain before it coughed acid on Celis, making the girl step back.

[Don't make that... abomination hit you with that attack again Celis, if I didn't boost your mana reserves right there it would of eaten away a part of your armor.] Ddraig commented in Celis head, making the Dragon Empress nod.

Konan slid back up as multiple paper shurikens formed in the air before flying at the yoma. The yoma didn't have any time to react as the attack riddled its body, reducing it to a bloodstain and a mangled mess on the ground. Konan's body began to reform around her as the paper disappeared. She looked at Kakashi who was busy evacuating the civilians in a local coffee shop.

"Go go go! Head west and stay away from the street!" Kakashi ordered as people began to run away. Seeing this, Konan's body slightly shimmered as paper began to fly outward and onto the street, forming over five clones of her. "Follow then to safety ." She commanded, her clones nodding as they escorted he clones back to Sakura and Hinata. As the clones left, Miyuri's voice rang through their ears from a message spell.

"Just a quick update, Venom and Rias has just met up with the battle maids in the financial district. They will lead a little help as I see four berserkers closing in on their position so move your ass. Asia! Quick, get to the triage room on the second floor and help Ravel!" Miyuri screamed as the message spell disconnected. "Let's go." Kakashi said as he was about to take off with Konan. However, Celis armoured Hand stopped him.

"No. Celis and I will go. You said it yourself. If we can find Loki and close that portal, it will help." She said, making Konan glare at her. Kakashi was silent for a few minutes before sighing in defeat. "Fine. I'll go." He said before taking off onto the buildings to find Loki. Back on the ground, Konan's heart slightly cluttered as she watched him leave. She didn't know why.. but she was slightly worried for the lazy ninja. Sure he survived fighting Nagato, but this was a god. And Kakashi has only been a god for a couple of hours.

Shaking her head, her chakra ran through her system again as her body completely turned into paper, forming into butterflies before taking off with Celis.

'Be okay.' Was Konan's lingering thoughts as she left the area with the red Dragon Empress.

A couple of minutes later

On top of the capital building, stood a man wearing green robes with a golden horned helmet. In his hand, was a gold staff with blue energy radiating from the tip. The screams of men, women, and children were music to his ears as he watched the carnage unfold on top of the capital building in Lilith.

"Peaceful and easy. Yet that fool was afraid." The god of mischief spat as he remembered the deal with the traitor of soul society. He hoped that Aizen will keep his end of the deal after he spent so long delivering his own.

'Regardless. That arrogant fool was just like my brother. No matter, he will die with the rest.' He thought to himself while a sadistic grin appeared on his face.

However, the grin disappeared after he felt a familiar yet foreign energy signature. He looked to his right and saw a man with grey spilt hair with a headband covering his left eye. He was wearing a black shirt with a green vest over it, black pants and combat shoes. In his hand, was something that made the god growl. It was his brothers hammer.

"So you are the one who it chose?" Loki said sarcastically as he walked over to him, showing no signs of weariness or fear to him.

"And you are Loki." Kakashi replied as he watched the man smile at him.

"Please tell me your going to appeal to my humanity and realize your efforts are fruitless." Loki chided as they walked around in a circle, the cold air hitting their skin as the yoma flew by above, followed by the occasional sounds of Aine's rifle being fired. Kakashi shook his head as Mjolnir was still in his grasp. "Actually no, I'm giving you a chance to surrender." The lazy ninja responded to the god.

Loki rose an eyebrow in curiosity before chuckling. "Should of brought some friends for that one."

"Yeah well there a little.. occupied with your after school club in the city." Kakashi said as the God of Mischeif gave a nod. "Would you like to have a drink before you give up?" The lazy ninja began as he pulled out a small flask from a pouch and took a quick sip.

"Stalling me won't change anything." Loki responded.

"No again, I'm asking you to surrender. You sure you don't want some?" Kakashi says as he holds the flask out to the god. "It's just root beer." He followed. After a few seconds, the lazy ninja sighed before putting the flask back in his pouch.

Loki looked back to the city as he watched a pack of berserkers utterly decimate a group of civilians. "What have I to fear? Ainz Ooal Gown and Sapphire? You have only been a god for an hour." Loki said with a cocky smile on his face.

"Oh you have a lot to fear than that. There's me my students, and three girls which one is a drunk and the other is a monster. Not to mention you have the ENTIRE devil faction about to be on your ass and a black monstrosity with very bad breath. Which by the way, you managed to piss off everyone of them in the span of an hour, world record if you ask me." Kakashi replied to Loki who laughs.

"That was the plan."

"Yeah it wasn't a good plan." Kakashi spat.

Loki grinned as the staff began to glow a dense blue, something that didn't go unnoticed by Kakashi. "You really think that you, a human who just recently became a god, has the chance to defeat me?" Loki said as he began to laugh.

"That's not the point. An invasion this size into the underworld which by the way is home to both the fallen angels, devils and demons as well as having Amaterasu's kin just reeks of war against you. It may not be today, nor tomorrow but you can be damn well sure that you will lose." Kakashi spat as he readied himself for a fight.

Loki sighed before his eyes shined a dangerous colour. "Well then.." the staff began to radiate energy as the power radiated off him in waves. "LETS TEST THAT." Loki roared as he sent of large wave of blue energy at Kakashi. The ninja jumped back a few yards away to gain distance from the attack. Loki ran forward, easily becoming a blur as he raced towards Kakashi at an alarming speed.

Seeing this, The lazy ninja got to his feet quickly and raised his arm, blocking a high kick that was aimed for his head. However, Loki used the opening and leaned forward and punched him hard in the gut, making Kakashi double over before receiving a punch on his jaw, making him back away a few feet. Loki tried to run at the lazy ninja, only to have a hard punch received in his gut, followed by two kicks to his jaw that made him collapse to the ground.

Quickly, Kakashi's hands made symbols before raising his hands towards his mouth with the temperature suddenly spiked. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Kakashi yelled as a large fireball formed and sent towards the god of mischief.

Loki sat back up and growled as the scorching heat of death of close to him. However, Kakashi's eyes widened as the attack seemingly phased through the god. "Not bad. But not good enough!" Loki roared as he reappeared behind him and slashed at his back, making Kakashi grunt in pain.

The lazy ninja turned his body and swung at Loki with full force with Mjolnir. "GAAH!" Loki cried out in agony as he was sent over the edge of the capital building. Without wasting anytime, the grey haired ninja ran towards the edge and jumped off, hurdling himself towards Loki.

The air blistered pass the two gods as they were hurdling down to the pavement below, the occasional gunshot and explosion rang throughout the area as Celis flew by with two yoma behind her.

Loki glared at the Shinobi who was easily catching up to him as he ran down the glass windows on the side of the building. He quickly swung the staff in front of him and aimed it at Kakashi. A pale blue light began to emit from the staff as a beam of baby blue energy shot to Kakashi.

Seeing this, The grey haired ninja quickly made a number of hand symbols before running his hands on the glass. "Earth style: Mud wall!" A large wall of glass erupted in front of the beam, taking the brunt of the attack yet still managed to clip Kakashi on the arm, making the limb heavily bleed.

"This is getting annoying." Kakashi muttered as he jumped over the shards of glass. Lightning began to cover his feet as he shot himself towards Loki like a bullet. The kick connected in the god of mischief's stomach, sending him flying down to the ground and into the pavement, cracking it from the force.

The grey haired ninja landed a few feet away from Loki, The lightning now disappearing as he took a small step towards the god. "Get up. I know an attack like that wouldn't stop you." He demanded as he held Mjolnir tightly.

As if on cue, Loki began to chuckle as he slowly stood up, dusting himself off before cracking his neck with an audible pop. "You know.. the stories don't do you justice. The famous Kakashi Hatake." Loki grinned as he and Kakashi began to walk in a circle amongst one another, never taking theirs eye sight off one another.

"Why are you doing this? What do you accomplish from attacking the underworld." Kakashi spat as he noticed the mad look in Loki's eyes. "Everyday you factions bring the factions closer to destruction. The fall of Ataraxia, The death of Sparda, the countless amounts of hollows, strays and ignorance that plagues the world and yet what do you do? What does the heaven, Hell, Asgard, Olympus or even the Soul Society do? Nothing. What they need is a true king." Loki spat with clear venom and disgust for the factions and sub factions.

"Look around you." Kakashi replied as he extended his arms and gestures to the countless deaths, pain, and agony that were being caused by the yoma and Loki. "Do you really think that this will end with you on top? For you to rule over? Give up Loki. This will be my final chance for you to surrender." Kakashi finished as he stopped a few feet in front of Loki.

The god of Mischief tilted his head with a grin forming on his face. "Hahahahahahaha. Funny but i will have to decline your offer." Loki said before dashing towards the grey haired ninja and slid on the ground, hoping to trip him.

Kakashi noticed instantly and front flipped over the mad god, clearing the distance easily as he landed on the pavement. Immediately, he turned around and ran at Loki who did the same. The god jumped in the air, sending multiple kicks to Kakashi who blocked them with his arms easily.

As he landed on the ground, he punched Kakashi in the jaw, making the Ninja grunt in pain before getting hit again in the jaw. As Loki was about to hit the newly god again, Kakashi ducked underneath his fist and uppercutted Loki, sending the dark haired god in the air.

Loki was sent back ten feet before rolling on the ground and catching himself on his knee, stopping his fall. He glared at Kakashi who crossed his two fingers together. "Shadow clone Jutsu!" A large puff of smoke appeared beside Kakashi as three clones appeared beside him before rushing at the son of the frost giants.

Loki got to his feet instantly and raised his arms in an 'x' position, blocking a downward kick from a clone that jumped into the air. Without wasting anytime, Loki grabbed the clone by the foot and slammed him into the pavement, creating a large spiderweb crack a smile the clone landed. The dark haired god growled before using the blade of the staff and stabbed the clone, making it disappear.

The other two ran towards him and sent a volley of punches and kicks, making Loki become on the defensive as the attacks didn't let up in the slightest. Finally seeing an opening from a clone who wasn't blocking his face, the god grinned before jumping into the air and wrapped his legs around the clone. Using his body weight and momentum, Loki easily pushed the clone to the ground and snapped its neck, making it disappear.

The last clone tried to throw a punch that was covered in lightning. However, Loki caught the arm and sending it to the ground with full force, the act alone made the clone disappear.

"You ninja relying on your tricks. How pathetic." The god snarled before running at Kakashi with immense speed. He swiped downward, hoping to cut the newly god in half with his staff. However, Kakashi dodged easily and sent a powerful into his chest, followed by another to the jaw.

"Too slow." Kakashi muttered as he lunged at Loki. He kicked downward, planting his feet into Loki's chest plate and cracked his armor. "Ahhh!" Loki breathes out before hearing a sound of a blade being drawn.

He looked up, seeing a sharp kunai gunning for his head. Growling, the god of mischief punched Kakashi in the nose before kicking the blade out his hand, allowing it to fly into the air. While he was stunned, Loki lept towards the Kunai and kicked the blade at Kakashi, making the blade cut into his cheek before embedding itself into the road as Loki landed.

Kakashi balled his fist and sent a punch towards Loki, the latter doing the same as their fists collided from another, resulting in a shock wave and the ground cracking beneath their feet. "I'm surprised you're keeping up with me." Loki chided as he put more power into his hand.

"Don't underestimate you're opponent." Kakashi replied before they ran towards one another with their weapons ready. They both slashed at each other's stomachs, the weapons sparking against one another as they cancelled each other's attack.

Loki tried to raise the blades staff in the air again but was parried by Mjolnir. Kakashi jumped and raised the hammer in the sky, hoping to crush Loki into a pulp. The god of mischief simply smirked before dodging the attack by moving his body to the left and sent a dagger at the grey haired ninja, clipping him on the stomach.

Kakashi grunted in slight pain as Loki slashed him across the chest with his staff, painting the pavement below them in a bright crimson. However, the lazy ninja jumped again and kicked Loki hard in the chest with his feet, making his armour dent and crack as he was pushed back a few yards. Wasting no time, the Lazy ninja gathered his chakra and condensed it into his hand, allowing lightning to violently spark into his hand as he glared at his opponent.

"CHIDORI!" Kakashi yelled as he slammed his palm into Loki's chest, making him fly into a brick wall at break neck speeds. Loki growled at the ninja as he began to pull himself out the wall, cracking his neck before smirking.

"Not bad. That one actually stung." Loki spat. Kakashi narrowed his eyes as he ducked underneath the energy beam Loki fired, the attack hitting a retreating family and turning them into a pile of ash.

"NO!" Kakashi yelled before looking at Loki with anger. "Alright. Now I'm pissed." He snarled as he raised his headband off his eye, revealing his sharingan. "Now we're talking. Looks like I get to see this Sharingan in action. I'm honored." Loki grinned in mock satisfaction.

Kakashi's eyes pulsed as he watched Loki intensely, gripping onto Mjolnir tightly was the god of mischief had a grin on his face. The god then dashed at the Shinobi, ramming his staff in Mjolnir after Kakashi effortlessly blocked the attack. The force behind Loki's attack was so powerful that they both skidded back against the gravel at high speeds.

Loki slashed against Kakashi's hammer, narrowly missing the ninjas face as he dodged the spear attack again. They both began to slow down, no in the financial district of the city and passing by The Ghost Rider who was blocks away from them.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes before raising his foot and slamming it into Loki's gut, sending them god flying back a few yards before he dashed at him again with a snarl.

Kakashi began to dodge Loki's spear attacks before gripping onto a kunai from his belt. "It's no use. You won't be able to hit that often now, Loki." Kakashi said as he parried Loki's spear and slashed at his throat, making Loki growl before he disappeared, making his clone take the hit while he appeared at his left.

Loki then tried to slash at Kakashi again but the grey haired ninja side stepped and began to infuse Chakra into his leg and kicked Loki at the side of his head, making him fly back at high speeds two blocks away. Without wasting anytime, the newly god dashed after him, hoping to catch him off guard.

However, Loki snarled and forced himself to fire multiple beams from his staff mid air, managing to clip Kakashi a few times and cutting his body. Kakashi narrowed his eyes before gathering Chakra in his hands, creating two lightning based Shriukens that were growing in ferocity and strength.

"Kamui shrunken!" The ninja yelled as he threw the attack at Loki who began to correct himself mid air. The attack shot through the air like a bullet, destroying glass and ripping the street apart as it was hurdled to Loki.

Seeing this, The god of mischief growled before shooting the attack with magic, canceling it out and creating a large sonic boom, obliterating all the glass panels on the buildings. "What the? I didn't make the Kamui shriukens that strong..." Kakashi muttered to himself before reaching Loki.

The two gods began to clash at high speeds, creating shockwaves as Loki attacked him with his spear and Kakashi tried to attack with Mjolnir. Kakashi tried to punch Loki but the god dodged and countered by uppercutting the ninja, sending him in the air. Smirking, he the new three the spear, only to have it phase right through him.

"What!?" Loki screamed as he saw Kakashi reappear beside him and swung Mjolnir at him, making Loki barely dodge. 'I didn't see him create any clones. Do you mean to tell me that after he became a god, he's able to even copy magic now?' The god of mischief internally growled at his recklessness, knowing how powerful and annoying the Sharingan eyes can be.

Loki kneed him in the gut, followed by a punch to his temple that Kakashi blocked with his arm before he swung Mjolnir as hard as he could at Loki, making him scream in agony as the force created a shockwave and sent Loki hurdling into the air at super sonic speeds.

Kakashi ran up a large building as fast as he could, shattering what remind of the glass windows from his speed as he caught up to Loki mid air and kicked him hard in the stomach with a chakra infused kick, making the god cry out again before being sent back into the city, now landing in housing projects. Kakashi shot himself down back to the ground, hoping to catch Loki off guard by covering his feet in lightning once again. The wind rushed violently around the grey haired ninja, the world becoming a blur as he was getting closer to Loki's crash site.

The Prince of Asgard growled as he spat out a bit of blood and raised his arm, coating it with dense flames before shooting it at Kakashi, making the newly god growl in pain. In the confusion, Loki swung forward and shot another pale blue energy attack at Kakashi, jumping to the air and punching him hard in the face, sending the grey haired god to the ground and creating a small crater. Before Loki could follow, He noticed that Kakashi's body simply vanished only to re appear beside him. "Not bad, you made me cough some blood." The grey haired ninja spat before punching the god hard in the chest, following it up with a kick to the head and made the god fly back with immense speed.

The grey haired god began to complete multiple hand seals before slamming them on the ground, causing the earth below him to shake violently as gallons of water erupted from the sewer system, swarming around him like a tsunami before it took the shape of a great white shark, razor sharp teeth decorated his mouth as Kakashi drew his hand back. "Water Release: Water Shark Bullet technique!" Kakashi screamed as he thrusted his hands forward, sending the shark at Loki who began to get on his feet. Said god began to growl as he channeled mana around his body, the air becoming thick as a green aura exploded from his body. "Tenth tier magic: Body of Effulgent Beryl!" he shouted as his a thick, dark cloak overtook his body, allowing it to take the brunt of the attack before the shark and the cloak began to dissipate. The water exploded as if a bomb went off inside, causing water to erupt before noticing Kakashi using the Napalm spell.

Loki grinned as he caught the attack and deflected it, allowing it to shoot off into the distance. When he looked back, he saw Kakashi a few feet away from him with Mjolnir raised and ready to attack. He dodged the attack and planted his feet on the ground and began to pivot, shifting the momentum back and slicing through Kakashi's body with his spear, only to have said body dissipate into water harmlessly.

"What?!" Loki shouted in shock before being punched in the back of the head. "Made you look." Kakashi mocked before dashing to Loki and punching him hard in the face, breaking his nose before recovering mid air. Loki jumped high and slammed his foot into the shinobi's chest, making Kakashi cough blood as he was through back several blocks while Loki gave two began to fight at high speeds, only becoming a blur and leaving afterimages of themselves as they traded blows.

Kakashi and Loki both punched, their fists connecting and creating a loud sonic boom. Kakashi took the moment and uppercutting Loki with Mjolnir, dazing Loki long enough before kneeing him in the stomach then punched him hard in the stomach, sending Loki through the wall protecting the city and outside in the field several yards away and hitting multiple trees, breaking them with the force from Kakashi's attack. The grey haired ninja lept high into the air, grabbing onto several Kunai's with exploding tags and through them as fast as he could down to the ground. The kunai's exploded in impact, creating multiple shockwaves and ripping the ground apart. The once green and lush field by the city was now being formatted into a smoggy landscape with multiple craters decorating the area and black smoke began to rise into the sky.

Kakashi began to gather his chakra, allowing lightning to dance across his body as thunderstorms began to erupt behind him, setting the area on fire. "Kamui Shriuken!" Kakashi yelled as two large buzz saws made of lightning shot forward to the ground, causing the ground to explode and create an inferno of fire. Black smoke began to rise profusely, blocking the sun out the area as Kakashi landed and searched for Loki.

"Come out Loki! I know that couldn't of finished you off!" Kakashi yelled. As if on cue, he jumped back a few feet, dodging a light blue energy attack as Loki appeared from the firey smog. His once green robes were now tattered and his muscular body was now covered in bruises and scratches similar to Kakashi. Without warning, Kakashi began to dodge Loki's energy attacks, the strength behind each magical attack sent the ground to shake with each impact.

The two once again became a blur, trading blows at super speed as blood began to fly out from their bodies. Kakashi's shirt and armor were shredded, revealing his muscular body that began to be decorated by Scratches and bruises while Loki's temple was beginning to leak blood profusely.

Kakashi managed to break the stalemate by kicking Loki hard in the chest, making him slide back a few feet in a daze before Kakashi managed to punch him again, followed up by multiple punches and kicks while Loki dodged majority of them. Loki retaliated by elbowing Kakashi in the face and swung the blunt end of his staff at Kakashi, breaking his nose and sending the god a few yards away from him. Seizing his chance, Loki charged a large amount of mana into his staff, thickening the heated air due to the raging fire around them and readied his spell.

"Tenth Tier magic: Explosion!" Loki yelled as a black beam shot towards kakashi at an alarming speed. Seeing this, Kakashi gathered a large amount of chakra, allowing lightning to dance around his hand and began to spark violently. "Rasengan!" he shouted as he slammed his palm into the attack, creating a large explosion that sent both fighters back. The result was that of a shock wave that was so powerful that it caused the ground to erupt in a large explosion, sending dirt and mulch into the air which put out some of the fire but still left a lot.

Kakashi got his bearnings, standing up and coughing a wad of blood onto the ground. His hair was caked in dried blood and a gash was across his face, revealing parts of his muscle around his face. He couldn't find Mjolnir due to the smog, making him growl before seeing Loki getting up off the ground, his left eye bloodshot and a part of his arm being burned by the fire. "ILL KILL YOU!" Loki shouted as he dashed at Kakashi and swung his fists, making Kakashi dodge both punches before punching him hard in the jaw, followed by several punches to his body and creating miniature shock waves from the power behind his punches.

Loki snarled in rage as his aura erupted, punching Kakashi hard in the face and sending him flying back several yards away before dashing after him and punching him again, creating a loud sonic boom as Kakashi crossed his arms in an 'x' formation and blocked the attack. Kakashi broke away from the stance and punched him hard in the jaw, cracking the bone and followed it up by a knee into the gut and a kick to the face. Loki tried to get his bearings but Kakashi was too quick, already having lightning infused in his hands. "CHIDORI!" Kakashi screamed as he slammed his palms into Loki's gut, making the god cry out in pain as he was sent hurdling several yards away and collapsed to the ground.

Kakashi sighed as he began to catch his breath, feeling that he was down to half of his chakra reserves as he stumbled around the area. He then began to form several hand seals, pulling the water out from the large hole from the housing district and allowed in to rush to him. "Water release: great waterfall technique." he muttered as he watched the waterfall douse the flames and smoke before dissipating into the air.

He walked towards Loki, picking up Mjolnir and began to walk to the god once again. Loki began to chuckle hoarsely, making Kakashi narrow his eyes at him. "Wow... You really live... up to your reputation Kakashi..." Loki said before spitting out blood onto the wet grass. "I told you... ill stop you, Loki. That this madness wont end with you on top." Kakashi replied before feeling a sharp pain in his gut, making him look down and see Loki with a dagger in his stomach. "Did you really think... ill go down that easily?' Kakaski was kicked back by Loki who began to chuckle, his body began to glow a dense green energy and began to raise in the air.

Kakashi began to rip the dagger out, throwing it to the ground as he watched Loki summon multiple Asgardian Nordic runes, each as large as a basketball court. " Feyn do juun, kruziik staadnav!" large appendages began to appear through the portal, glowing a ethereal light blue as Loki began to finish the chant. "YOTH AAN BAHLOK WAH DIIVON FIN LEIN! RELEASE NAHAGLIIV!" A large, nineteen meter ethereal wvyern appeared with Loki inside in the body, releasing a dark chuckle as he began to speak through the dragons soul.

"I will commend you for making it this far, Kakashi Hatake. NOW IT IS TIME TO DIE!" Loki growled out as the large wyvren reached out and tried to crush Kakashi with its large hand, laughing manically as the wyvren lifted its hand and tired to squeeze Kakashi into a bloody pulp. The grey haired ninja infused his strength with chakra and began to push back with Mjolnir and his hands. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kakashi yelled in fury as he managed to push one of the large fingers away from him. Using this opening, Kakashi grabbed the last kunai in his pouch and sliced the finger open, letting a small amount of mana out and seep into Kakashi, replenishing a small bit of his reserves. Kakashi gathered as much chakra and mana into the air, condensing it into his hand. "SEVENTH TIER MAGIC: CHAIN DRAGON LIGHTNING!" Kakashi roared as a violent arc of lightning shot forward and slammed into the wyvren's eyes.

"ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" Loki and the wyvren roared in pain as it let go Kakashi, letting him fall through the air as the wind blasted violently around him while he was sent falling to the ground from hundreds of feet in the air. Kakashi gripped onto his weapons tightly, waiting for his moment before stabbing the kunai into the beasts palm, slowing his descent before ripping it out and landing on the other hand of the wyvren. "YOU IGNORANT LITTLE NINJA!" Loki and the dragon roared in fury as Kakashi began to ran up the arm. Several yoma began to appear on the the wyvrens arm, trying to stop the ninja.

The ninja growled in annoyance before swinging Mjolnir and his kunai, slicing through the yoma as if they were mere butter and painting the ethereal arm in black, inkish blood. He then began to ran up the arm, dodging the yoma before he felt the appendage move heavily. "HAHA! I FOUND YOU YOU LITTLE NINJA!" Nahagliiv and Loki roared as the large beast stood on its legs, making Kakashi infuse chakra onto his feet to stick to the arm and kept running up the arm. He dodged the other hand that almost crushed him. Pivoting his weight and momentum to stab his kunai into the large finger and gripped tightly as the hand began to move.

"You will not win!" Nahagliiv and Loki roared in fury as he began to shoot multiple magical based attack from his eyes. 'I need to blind him again!' Kakashi thought to himself as he readied another attack by gathering a large amount of chakra into his hand. "Sixth tier spell: ACID JAVELIN!" Kakashi roared as he sent a large, spear like javelin made of dark green acid onto his eyes, making the dragon roar in pain as it through Kakashi high into the air. The shinobi growled as the wyvren began to fly into the air.

The grey haired ninja growled as he slammed his kunai into the back of the wyvren into its back, making Loki growled as he fired multiple spells at Kakashi who narrowly dodged his attack before running to its left wing. "Tenth tier magic: Stream of Lava!" Kakashi yelled as a pool of molten lava covered the left wing. He swung Mjolnir hard at its wings, breaking the bones before channeling both his dwindling chakra and mana into his kunai. "Tenth Tier magic: REALITY SLASH!" The shinobi screamed as he slashed through the wings at high speeds, slicing through space itself andletting the wings disappear and making both Loki and Nahagliiv scream in agony and begin to fall to the ground.

The shinobi began to jump off the wyvren, falling to the ground and rolled onto the ground. Without wasting anytime, Kakashi jumped as hard as he can, cracking the ground beneath him as he shot through the air like a bullet with lightning radiating off of Mjolnir. Nahagliiv and Loki's eyes widened in shock as Kakashi was sent through Nahagliiv's body like a missile, making the wyvren scream in agony. Kakashi was sent high into the air, easily passing the city walls and seeing the fight inside the city that was still raging on as he got as high as Lilith tower. He channeled all of his remaining mana and chakra into Mjolnir, making it spark violently as he was sent back to Nahagliiv's body as he and Loki were trying to get away.

"This is the end for you Loki! SUPER TIER MAGIC: METEOR FALL!" Kakashi screamed as a pale blue aura surrounded him and slammed into Nahagliiv's body, causing a large earthquake and a large crater. The attack was so powerful that a loud sonic boom erupted and caused a large chunk of the city wall and multiple apartment buildings and houses in the housing district to collapse.

After twenty minutes, Kakashi wobbled out the crater, blood covering his body along with several cuts, bruises and scratches. He looked around, seeing Loki unconscious in the crater with blood leaking out from him. He then wobbled to the large gate, only making a few steps before collapsing to the ground due to exhaustion. He then heard footsteps, making him slwoly look up and see Sakura and Konan running to him. "Oh... hey guys..." he wheezed out, making Sakura growl.

"BAKA! you couldn't ask for help!?" Sakura screamed as she was in Kakashi's face. Konan on the other hand managed to walk past Kakashi and went to Loki's unconscious body and knelt down to him. "This him?" she asked, making him nod. Konan nodded before picking up Loki and walked back to him. "Now since hes out.. we just need to close the portal. Ainz and Sapphire figured out a way to do it." she replied, making Kakashi nod.

"Aw good. im done... lets go get some Shawarma guys... maybe watch black mirror too? better yet... ill just... shut up..." Kakashi muttered before falling unconscious due to his injuries, making Sakura sigh before picking him up. "I'm starting to think that him being my sensei isn't such a good idea." Sakura sighed before looking at Konan.

"Let us go to the infirmary, im sure we will get answers out of him." she spoke as she nodded to the unconscious Loki, making Sakura nod before they both dashed off to The Great Tomb of Nazarick with Kakashi and Loki in arms.

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