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Fairy Tail

Moka, Ruby and Kokoa had managed to distract the security just like they were supposed to, they even thanked Ben for taken out multiple guards, however, despite all that they were pinned down and had no means of escape. "Dammit, this is such bullshit!" Kokoa shouted as she ducked into cover to avoid getting shot at, "You guys get the real stuff and all I get is this dinky little toy gun!"

Ruby blind fired at the guards who were shooting at them in an attempt to get them to back off. Ruby then placed her hand on her ear and made a call, "This is Ruby, how is your guys' side of the mission? We're kinda losing control on our end. We drew too much attention. Even with the break we got from Ben our route looks completely sealed. We may not be able to buy you as much time."

"Okay, we'll move quickly. Thanks!" Tsukune replied on the other side.

"We have to fall back!" Moka shouted, "We can't move forward and it'd be pointless to stay here." The trio fell back and eventually made it back to the grand hall.

"Oh, greeeaaaaat idea, sis." Kokoa scoffed, "Now we are no longer siting ducks near an exit, now we're sitting ducks open to attack from both sides! We have no cover on our asses, you might as well as just have us surrender!" the trio continued to hide in cover until they realized that they couldn't hear the gun fire from the security anymore. "Wait...did they give up?" Kokoa looked up from cover to see a massive explosion and the security that was firing at them went flying in all directions. "Wooooaaaaah!" Kokoa smiled, "Why didn't you guys tell me you had explosives?"

Ruby gulped, "That...that wasn't us." the trio got up from cover to see a figure emerge from the dust. Ruby noticed that it was definitely female. As she emerged from the dust more Ruby was able to make out her features more clearly. She was of moderate height and wore white heels, and cross earrings, she had coffee colored skin and blond hair, her eyes were blood red and her dress long, beautiful and white and had long elbow length white gloves to match. The woman radiated beauty. Ruby then looked at Kokoa and Moka and noticed the absolute horror on their faces.

"No..." Kokoa muttered, "Why are you here...Kahlua nee-san?"

Ruby's eyes lit up in realization, "Wait...big sister? So...she's a vampire?" Ruby quickly got on the communicator to warn the other group, "Guys, can you hear? It's Ruby! You have to get out quick! The enemy is much stronger than we think! We won't all be able to escape!" she warned. Ruby bit her lip while the two sisters grimaced, all they could do was stand and watch as the elder vampire walked towards them the sound of her heels clicking throughout the hall. What's a vampire doing in Yuki-Onna village? Ruby thought, More importantly...why does Kokoa look so frightened by the sight of her sister? Is this person...our enemy?

Just as Ruby had thought that Kahlua had accidentally stepped on the bottom of her dress causing her to trip and fall on her face. "Oww." Kahlua whined as she got off the ground and dusted herself off, "Oh dear, I tripped over my dress!" This is the enemy we should be scared of? Ruby thought with a confused expression. Kahlua noticed her sisters and smiled, "Hope that didn't ruin my appearance and make me look foolish." she said with a childish expression.

"No, it look like you tripped over moss." Kokoa groaned. "And more importantly, what the hell are you doing here!?"

Kahlua smiled as she hugged her younger sister, "Long time no seeeee! This is so unexpected, Kokoa." she said while rubbing her face against Kokoa's, "Just what are you doing in a place like this?"

Kokoa growled and pushed her sister off her, "Dammit, I asked you that first!"

Moka took a few steps forward and nervously swallowed a lump in her throat, "K-Kahlua?"

Kahlua turned to Moka and squinted her eyes and analyzed the girl before she realized who it was, "MOKA!" she shouted, her face lighting up with a large smile. Kahlua quickly dashed to Moka and cupped her hands and cupped her hands, "No way! I can't believe it's you, Moka! Look at you, cute as ever I see." she looked down and saw the rosario still around Moka's neck, "Oh, still keep your powers in check I see. Good for you!" Ruby looked on in awe as she saw Kahlua pull her two sisters in for a big hug. "I'm so happy, meeting my two littles sisters on accident." Kahlua looked up and smiled at Ruby, "Oh, is this person your friend? I'm sure my little sisters are always causing trouble for you."

Kokoa blushed from embarrassment and eventually forced Kahlua off her, "Let go of me Kahlua!" she shouted. Kokoa stared at Kahlua with slitted eyes, "You still haven't answered me, Kahlua." she said sternly, "Why are you here? You don't leave home unless you're doing a job. So...who are you here to kill?" Ruby stared at Kokoa with a somewhat shocked expression, Kill? Her? She doesn't look like she'd harm a fly.

Kahlua frowned at her littles sister's accusation, "That's so cruel of you, Kokoa." Kahlua pouted, "Let me clear up this misunderstanding, today I'm acting as the organizations 'Goodwill Ambassador'." she stated.

"Goodwill Ambassador?" Kokoa questioned with a facial expression that said she didn't believe a word she was being told.

"YEAH!" Kahlua replied excitedly, "Look, our negotiation partner has come along as well! Won't you please come in, Snow Priestess?" as Kahlua said that several men in suits brought out a woman in a wheelchair. The woman was bound to it with tape and rope. She was also placed in a straight jacket, blinded and gagged. She looked liked she was on the set of a BDSM porno. "We would really love cooperation from you guys." Kahlua smiled.

"Just...who are you?" Ruby asked.

Kahlua clasped her hands together and smiled, "I'm so glad you asked! The organization's name is Fairy Tail. I've been working with them quite a bit recently. Right now the organization and the village are forming an alliance. According to the alliance agreement 'Mizore Shirayuki shall become a hostage for the organization,' and it's already passed the schedule date." Kahlua frowned, "My situation requires me to forbid this to come to pass. Which is why I tied up the Snow Priestess. She must be shown that she cannot withdraw from the alliance!" Kahlua pressed her hand to her ear and smiled, "It seems like Mizore and her friends shall be in our custody any second." the girls gasped in surprise.

"No..." Moka whispered.

"No way." Ruby shook her head, "We were meant to be the decoys. If Tsukune and them get captured then our battle was meaningless!"

"Fufufu." Kahlua laughed, "Well then I suppose our job is done here!"

Kokoa's legs began trembling, actually they had been trembling but she just realized the reason why. It's...I'm trembling in fear. she thought, Of course. Having Kahlua-nee as an enemy would be...very, very bad. Even since long ago, when we were kids...that care free smiling face it...it's always frightened me.

"We have to run." Moka whispered. Kokoa's eyes widened when her sister spoke up. "I'll be the decoy. So Ruby, get Kokoa and escape through that window." she motioned her head towards one of the many stained glass windows. Moka turned her hips and began running off from the others. If one of us escapes. She thought, If one escapes we can get help and rescue the others.

Kahlua groaned at the sight of her sister running away and in mere seconds Kahlua had gotten in front of Moka and cut her off. "Did you think that if you get more friends you could rescue Mizore?" she asked with a frown, "Please, just...don't resist, I hate that more than anything. I don't want to have to hurt you too, Moka."

Moka's face scrunched up in anger, "Stand aside, Kahlua." she commanded

Kahlua scrunched her face as her sister dashed forward, "Stop being obstinate!" before she could do anything she got a call on her radio again, "What is it?" Moka stopped for one reason or another. Kahlua sounded upset perhaps the others are alright. "What do you mean 'just one?'" Kahlua's eyes widened slightly, "What did you say? Bug? What do you mean by bug!?" Kahlua looked as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing, as if someone she knew other than her sisters were here and against her, "NO! Don't engage, that man is dangerous!" Just as Kahlua said that one of the windows shattered open with Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari and Tsukune.

"We've found Moka and the others." Kurumu said on the communicator, "They're safe for now but...just hurry." The men in black that brought the Snow Priestess out had gotten out there guns and ready to fire, but Kurumu and Mizore were quick to take care of them on their own.

Moka smiled when she saw the group was safe, "Mizore, Kurumu. And Tsukune and Yukari too!" she cheered, "W-Where's Ben?"

"Don't worry," Mizore assured, "He's fine."

"Are you sure?" Moka asked.

Spider-Man stood in front of the group of men who all had there guns out and laughed, "Oh man, what bad luck." he said before squinting his lenses, "Seriously, what are the odds of having and Eight v. One fight and every single one of you drawing the shit end of the stick."

Music Queue: Keanu Reeves--Logic

Spider-Man took a deep breath. Time seemed to slow as he squatted low and crossed his arms shooting weblines at the shotgun holders. He ripped their weapons out with a solid yank and then webbed them to the walls. "There, now it's a fair fight." Spider-Man zipped over to the first man he disarmed and sent a massive punch across his jaw followed by a kick to his chest, but instead of forcing him back Spidey used his adhesive ability to have the man stick to the sole of his foot. He then spun on one foot before jumping in the air and doing a front flip to gain momentum and fling the man across the room at one of the assault rife holders. The other assault rifle holder was almost directly below Spider-Man, "SPECIAL DELIVERY!" he shouted before using two weblines to yank himself down and slam his feet into the man's face

SPIDER SENSE! A man had a pistol pointed at Spider-Man's head and was standing right behind him. Quickly reacting, Spider-Man threw his left elbow up and hit the man's hand causing him to fire at the ceiling. Spidey then shot weblines behind him and pulled himself between the man's legs to end up at his back. He then jumped on the man's back and wrapped his legs around the torso, then he leaned back and attached his hands to the floor while bringing the man with him he quickly slammed the man against the ground, head first. "If you experience a concussion you should consult your doctor and ask for work lea--AGH!" he cried out, narrowly dodging fire from the assault rifle across the room.

"You ruined my joke!" Spidey shouted, "Oh, you sonova--" he quickly zipped to the man and punched him in the face, followed by dodging a beating from the butt of the rifle by performing a back handspring and webbing the barrel causing it to jam. "Uh-oh, looks like it's clogged! Have you heard of the revolutionary new cleaning solution called KICKING YOUR ASS!" Spider-Man webbed the man closer to him before running up his torso to gain air and the webbed him again so he could spin him in the air and slam him to the ground. "See how effective it is! Guaranteed to wipe out piss stains like yourselves in seconds!"

"SHUT UP!" a man shouted as he threw a punch at Spider-Man, which was easily caught by the vigilante who broke the man's wrist and punched him in the face to knock him out.

"Ooooh, snap, crackle, POP! you in the mouth!" Spidey stood up and looked at the last three men who all had their pistols out. "C'mon, I know I'm beautiful, but that's no reason for all you boys to whip 'em out at once. The men in black looked at each other for a bit before they all began firing at once. Spider-Man, of course, dodged the bullets easily.

"What the hell is this guy? Some sort of monster?" one of the men asked.

"Cool guns, let me show you mine." Spider-Man made his hand into a finger gun and pointed it at one of the men, "BANG!" he shouted as a ball went racing at massive speeds to the man. The ball detonated on contact and enveloped the man in webbing, the force was strong enough to send him to the wall and keep him there. Spider-Man then shot a web ball at a man's face and blinded him, "Oooh! That's called a MONEY SHOT, BABY!" Spidey shouted as he zipped across the room and one hit K.O.ed his opponent. One left. he thought.

The final man held up his gun and fired only for it to click empty. "Oh, shit."

Spider-Man yanked the pistol out of the man's hand with a webline and spun it around him before swinging it around back at the man with the intention being to hit him. Instead, Spidey didn't realize how long the webline was and instead had the web-weapon combo wrap around the man's neck like a grappling hook. Spidey shrugged and yanked the man forward causing him to slide on his face before flipping around and landing on his knees again. Once he was close enough Spider-Man performed a back somersault kick and knocked the man out, "FLASH KICK!" he shouted.

Spider-Man landed and took a look around the room and laughed, "Man, you guys are looking like one of my commissions...a white, sticky mess. HA! Get it 'cause you guys..." he waved his hand, "You're all unconscious you won't hear me."

Back with the others...

"Pretty sure." Mizore said, nodding to Moka. Mizore looked behind her to see the woman who had captured her bound and gagged, "Snow Priestess?" she asked. She walked up to the woman and shook her head, "This is terrible, even though you were forming an alliance they did this to you." Mizore sighed and began undoing the restraints on the woman, "Even so, you did say it was for 'the sake of the village' didn't you?" Mizore removed the restraints and looked the Snow Priestess in her eyes, "I don't bear any grudges against you. I also like the village and want to do what I can to help it. But...just a bit more, please give us a bit more time." she smiled as tears formed, "For the sake of my friends who came to save me just a bit more will be fine so that we can become closer together."

"Mizore..." Kurumu smiled before she Yukari and Moka gave Mizore a hug, "so you'll definitely be coming back to the academy with us?"

"Then you must run." the priestess muttered causing the cheering to stop, "Run away and take the villagers." The priestess began to groan and her eyes shone a bright light before she opened her mouth and a ghost like creature began spewing out from her body. It shone a fiery blue and had what looked to be antennae coming from it's head as well as a face that looked like a jack o' lantern.

"Too bad...it's too bad." it spoke with a more high pitched voice. The sight itself caused Yukari to nearly jump out of her skin in fear. "Everything you have done up till now is worthless. The organization will invade the village. The alliance us the only way to stop blood from flowing." it warned. "I am the great Jack Frost, this ectoplasm is the embodiment of the Priestess' 'Prophecy Ability'. In other words, I am the one who is always telling the Priestess what the future holds."

"What do you mean, 'the alliance is the only way to stop blood from flowing'?" Mizore asked.

"That is my prophecy." the spirit replied. "If they go back on their deal with Fairy Tail then a rain of blood will befall the village. Look, misfortune is about to fall upon you right mow." the spirit warned Mizore's eyes widened as she felt something stick into her lower back.

Looking back Mizore could see Kahlua sticking her hand through her body and shoving it in further. "MIZORE!" Kurumu called out as she tried to pull Kahlua's hand out of Mizore. "What the hell are you--" in an instant Kahlua smacked Kurumu down with a single punch, leaving both the teens to lie in a puddle of their own blood.

"T-That's why I said it..." Kahlua said, her lips trembling slightly, "From the bottom of my heart I said to form an alliance." Kahlua looked up to the other teens with tears flowing down her face and her sobbing, "I HATE YOU ALL!" she cried.

Ruby cocked an eyebrow in confusion, "Why is she crying?"

Kokoa gulped, "Run away. Run away now!" she commanded, "She's throwing a tantrum, she only does this when she's working!"

"Working?" Ruby asked.

"What is this, Twenty Questions!?" Kokoa complained, "Kahlua is the top assassin of the Shuzin family!"

"Wait, what?" Tsukune asked, he didn't even have time to process what was going on before Kahlua shoved her hand though his gut.

"TSUKUNE!" Moka shouted, "Kahlua, stop this!" Both Moka and Ruby tried to stop Kahlua's rampage, with Moka holding her arm and Ruby putting her in a headlock, but Kahlua just elbowed Ruby before kicking her off and threw Moka to the ground.

"Idiots! I said, RUN!" Kokoa cried out as she herself was stuck in place from the fear of her sister.

Moka looked up at Kahlua and processed what was going on, "So to avoid this, the Snow Priestess made an alliance with the organization--" Before Moka could even finish speaking Kahlua's fist came ramming into her face and knocking her backwards.

Meanwhile, all Kokoa could do was sit still, struck by fear. Kahlua doesn't hesitate when killing. That's just how she was taught. Instead she'll shed tears, until he purpose has been completed and until she loses all other thoughts of consciousness. She loves us, her sisters that much I know. That's why she hates fighting. And that's also why...she cries while she fights. With everyone knocked down and bleeding Kahlua just stood in the middle and bawled her eyes out.

"Kahlua, please...stop." Moka begged as she grabbed her older sister's ankle. Kahlua cocked back her hand to strike her sister down, but before she could do anything she felt two feet plant against her face and send her flying across the room.

"Sorry I'm late for the party. But I had to deal with a few bad eggs who wanted to crash it." Spider-Man stood tall as Kahlua slowly got to her feet with tears still running down her face.

"You aren't..." she mumbled.

"I'm sorry, WHAT!?" Spider-Man yelled out holding a hand against his ear, "Speak up you're mumbling!"

"You aren't who I thought you were." Kahlua said as she continuously looked Spider-Man up and down, "Tell me...do you know a Meta by the name of 'Kaine Parker.'"

Spidey felt a chill go down his spine, "Yeah...that's my brother. Whhhhhhyyyy?" he asked.

Again, Kahlua began to sob furiously, "That makes this EVEN WORSE! NOW HE'LL HATE ME FOR SURE!!" Kahlua cocked her hand back and in an instant was in front of Spider-Man, but to her own surprise she didn't strike him. No, he had avoided her attack.

Music Queue: Ignite--Jeff Williams

"Yo, Waterworks, you need to calm down. A good way to do that is by taking a NAP!" Spidey zipped from nowhere and slammed his fist against Kahlua, tears and blood flying off her face due to the impact. "Oh...you are still up. Greeeeeaaaaaat." he groaned. SPIDER SENSE! This time Spider-Man was not fast enough to react as he felt her hand jab into his side and pierce skin, "OW, YOU BITCH!" Spidey headbutted his opponent before connecting his hand to the center of her chest and using his adhesive ability to hold her, "UP AND OVER!" he shouted as he jumped and slammed the vampire into the ground, causing a crater. Kahlua merely got up as if nothing had happened, "What kinda T-850 bullshit is this!?"

Spider-Man jumped into the air and began swinging around massive columns, as he predicted, Kahlua chased after him, "You really want to kill me that badly?" he then stuck to the side of one column and waited, "Fine, you can have me!" just as Kahlua was about to make contact she felt nothing but concrete as Spider-Man had avoided her attack again, "HA, PSYCH!" he then jumped back to the ground and waited for Kahlua. Finally she had jumped back down and faced the Meta, "So.. you're a vampire right? Like, that's the only thing that makes sense." Again, Kahlua attacked Spidey, however he didn't get away this time as she anticipated him to dodge her attack. This time she grabbed him by the leg and slammed him into the ground. From there she began punching him repeatedly in the chest while she cried.

Spider-Man shot two weblines behind Kahlua to the column she punched earlier. On that column was a clear crack of where it would break off at had it been damaged anymore. Spider-Man, using all his strength, pulled the massive column and rolled away from where it would be landing. The massive cylindrical stone landed on top of Kahlua. "YEAH! WOOO!" Spidey cheered. Just as he did so, Kahlua stood up with the pillar in hand, practically unharmed aside from a few scrapes and bruises, "NO! BOOO!" Kahlua chucked the giant pillar at Spider-Man and he avoided it by jumping on top of it and running along the side before zipping over to Kahlua.

Kahlua saw her enemy coming towards her, she cocked her hand back and just when she thinks she's going to hit him, he retreats early. "Huh?" She asked before being kicked in the face by a very pissed off Inner Moka.

"Long time no see, sis." Moka smirked.

Spider-Man landed and held his side, air barely coming in and out of his body, "Who the hell is this bitch?" he asked.

"That's my older sister." Moka stated, causing Spider-Man to stand straight up and fumble over his words.

"Did I say 'bitch' I-I-I meant, GORGEOUS woman. I mean, who doesn't love a dark skinned Onee-san." Spidey said with a nervous laugh.

"No, you were right the first time. She is definitely acting like a massive bitch right now." Moka smirked.

"M-Moka, Ben." The two stopped and turned around to see Tsukune and the others. Tsukune held onto the rosario for dear life as the others slowly tried to help each other. Moka rushed to Tsukune's side while Ben helped Kokoa to her feet while Yukari got Ruby and Kurumu helped Mizore.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Kokoa asked Ben, "Do you know how easily Kahlua could have killed you."

"I must not be that easy to kill of I'm still up and moving though, huh?" Ben chuckled causing Kokoa to blush slightly.

"Yeah well...my point still stands!"

"At any rate," Moka started while taking a deep breath, "We should get out of here. If Kahlua were to get up again..."

"I don't mean to ruin your speech, but 'If' has become 'When' and 'When' is 'Right now'." Ben interrupted as he pointed to Kahlua standing on her own feet.

"So strong," Kahlua stated with a smile, "So much so that nobody has died. So I too shall release my bonds and show my true power."

Ben blinked a few times in astonishment, "I'm sorry, what?"

Kahlua then took a bow to Moka, "But first, I must commend you. Releasing that seal is no simple task. And if you are able to do it, you must be truly exceptional." Kahlua sighed, "What to do...do I finish the battle now and let the sisters I love do much run away." Kahlua asked herself before tears began to flow again, "No...I must kill you all, Kokoa, Moka, all I love. Because that is my task."

Ben let out a long sigh, "Anybody got a lighter?"

"What, why?" Kokoa asked.

"Because they say having a cigarette is nice after getting fucked." Ben chuckled.


"What? Nothing?"

"No, that was good. Good job." Kokoa complimented, "Just don't get used to it."

Kahlua then removed the cross earrings, her 'limiters' as she called them, and the entire group could feel a massive spike in energy, so much so that it was palpable. Suddenly, blood began to gush out of Kahlua's right arm as it practically exploded, tendrils soon took its place as well as when looked to be razor sharp bat wings, at least five or six of them. "What the hell is that!?" Ben yelled out.

Moka grimaced, "Guys...get back. WAY back." Kahlua was even faster now as the swipe of her bat wing blade arm reached Moka in milliseconds. The others gasped as they thought they had just watched Moka get cut to ribbons, but was smart enough to believe otherwise. "I see..." Moka said as her after image disappeared, "that's how you attack with your arm." when the after image faded, Kahlua looked down in surprise to see Moka striking her foot upwards. Kahlua had her head knocked backwards causing her to take a step back, but she recovered quickly and tried to hit Moka with a headbutt, only to find her head being pulled in the opposite direction.

"Mind if I join in?" Spider-Man, "I mean, she was my opponent first so it's only fair!" Spidey pulled Kahlua enough so that he could get a few punches in, but immediately he had to back off or suffer being cut to ribbons.

"YOU IDIOT!" Moka shouted, "I told you to get back!"

"Now Moka--WOAH!" Spidey grunted just as he dodged a swipe from Kahlua, getting only a few cuts in him, "OW! Anyways, sharing is caring, Moka!" Spidey shouted as he avoided getting cut again.

"What the hell is with that arm?" Kurumu asked as the others watched the battle in horror.

"It's a vampire's transformation ability." Yukari explained, "Vampires have what's called 'a wealth of power' shaping their bodies into the form of rats, bats or wolves are some of the abilities they are famous for. However, due to their pride and sense of beauty, transformation is seen as shameful and in recent years has become a more forgotten ability."

Moka got knocked back but was placed back on her feet thanks to Ben lifting her up with a webline. Mizore watched on as Ben painfully tried to fight Kahlua, but it was as if his punches were hitting steel. "Stop..." Mizore cried, "Moka, Ben, you have to stop! This whole thing is because of me. If you lose, then we all die! I can't let that happen--MMPH." she was silenced by Ben webbing her mouth causing Moka to smirk.

"Do you know who you are talking to?" Moka boasted, "Just watch."

Ben finally landed back near Moka and was nearly out of breath, "I have a plan."

"What a coincidence, so do I." Moka replied, "I/You need to kick her." they said in unison.

"Okay, I see, but does your plan involve a distraction?" Ben asked, gaining a cocked eyebrow as a response. Ben removed his mask to see a battered up face, "Just watch. Ben then stuck his finger into his cuts to cover it in his blood before sucking the blood off his finger and mixing it with his spit. Once Kahlua got close Ben hocked his bloodied saliva onto her face and into her mouth. The smell, and taste of tainted blood was enough to force the vampire to recoil in disgust. Moka could only look on astonished that Ben's idea actually worked. "Uh...Moka, you wanna, like do the thing? NOW!?"

With that Moka cocked her leg back and sent a perfect blow to Kahlua's gut. The sounds of popping was heard, but not of bone, no, it was the sound of internal organs being destroyed. "SHE DID IT!" Kurumu cheered.

SPIDER SENSE! Ben quickly formed a thick web shield and blocked Moka the best he could, however, Kahlua's wing blades were still able to pierce the shield and stab into Ben. "Fucking kidding me?" he grunted, "Every time, huh?"

"Impossible!" Moka yelled out, "I destroyed her organs, how can she move? Is she charmed?" Moka gasped as another blade came up and was about to slash the two apart.

"If we die I want you to know..." Ben coughed out, "That you're pressing your boobs against my back, and they are awesome."

Just as the blade came down it was stopped before it hit the teens. The person who stopped it, surprisingly, was Miyabi Fujisaki the man Ben and Tsukune knocked out earlier. "That's enough Kahlua, you can stop here." he commanded.

Kahlua seemed to snap out of her stupor, "Miyabi?" she asked.

Miyabi smiled lightly as he disconnected his arm from Kahlua's blade, "Thanks to you our purpose here has been met. But...I don't remember asking you to act as an assassin. 'Boss' Orders?' 'Kill everyone in the village?'" he scoffed, "Make no mistake Kahlua, no matter what the boss may have said, I am the one who hired you. So you listen to me and me alone. So since I'm the one who did so I'm counting on you. You don't need to kill anyone anymore. Let's go, Kahlua."

Kahlua smiled, "Really! I don't have to kill? The order has been cancelled?"

"Yeah," Miyabi replied, "I just gone done talking to the boss a little bit ago."

"Then...my sisters, the villagers?"

"Yeah...you don't have to kill anyone."

Kahlua's eyes returned to normal as she began to wobble back and forth, "Thank goodness! Thank goodness, thank goodness, THANK GOODNESS!" and with that Kahlua collapsed into Miyabi's arms.

Moka grimaced, "What are you planning? Why did you save us?" Moka asked.

"He didn't." Ben groaned, "I know a sincere save versus a 'save my own skin' save any day."

Miyabi chuckled, "Yes, the human is right. Kahlua, while in battle, has the innate ability to paralyze her sense of pain. Combine that with a vampire's strength and healing ability It means that for a short amount of time she can become 'charmed.'" Miyabi took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood off Kahlua's face, "However, when she goes back to normal the catastrophic injuries catch up to her. If she does not notice them...she'll die. If the battle had continued then it only would lead to death for Kahlua. It's your victory this time, in order to heal our injuries we'll be leaving this village alone." Victory. Ben thought, That's such crap. We lost and you know it. You could have stepped in at any time. Miyabi bridal carried the critical Kahlua to a door where a helicopter appeared by the balcony, ready to pick up its ally.

Tsukune got up slowly, his teeth clenched, "What is your purpose!?" he asked, "Why were you so aggressive towards the village? Why did you hurt Mizore!?"

Miyabi looked back and smirked, "The day when you'll understand is coming. When that day comes, we'll meet again. See ya' later, kid." and with that Miyabi hopped on the helicopter.

Ben's temper rose. They had lost, there was no way around it. They only won in terms of semantics. Ben watched as the helicopter raised itself higher and he aimed his hands at the propellers. When he squeezed his palm...nothing came out, just the sound of air. Empty shooters. "Hmhmhm." he chuckled. His chuckling turned to laughter, his laughter soon turned to hysterics. All the teens stared at Ben as he laughed his ass off before immediately flipping a 180 and slamming his hands against the ground, "FUUUUCK!!!" he shouted as he punched the ground repetedly cracking it with every hit. "They were right there! We HAD THEM!"

"Ben, relax," Moka said calmly, "we won."

Ben stood up immediately, "Are you delusional!? We didn't win shit! THEY got away, we are left half-dead. We only won by semantics!"

"The village is safe." Moka argued.

"But for how long? Who's to say they won't be back within a few days? I HAD THEM! Right there, if I still had web fluid I could've stopped their helicopter."

"Oh? And then what, genius? You'd get killed if you fought them."

"At least I'd die trying! At least I could say I gave it my all. What? You'd run away? You wouldn't try?"

"No!" Moka shouted, "It'd be suicide! If you had stopped them do you really think you could have beaten him? You couldn't even stop Kahlua!"

"I KNOW!!" Ben shouted, "I...I know." he repeated quietly. "It's because I based all my power scaling off you! I didn't think there was someone stronger."

"There's always someone stronger." Moka replied.

"Yeah, but they are usually a couple years down the line not in the same family like.. as your sibling." Ben held his side, the pain finally getting to him. He punched a column in frustration, "Next time...I'll be prepared. Next time they won't beat us." he breathed heavily as he walked past his friends some of them looking terrified at his uncharacteristic anger. "Mizore..." Ben called out, "Are you okay?"

Mizore nodded, "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." she smiled.

"Good." Ben nodded slowly as he limped out of the shrine, "I'm going home. I'm fucking tired of this place."

Later the group packed by the bus as it was near the flowers. Ben was out of his suit and instead was shirtless and covered in bandages to stop the bleeding. While the others were by the bus discussing amongst themselves, Ben was by the flowers getting lost in his thoughts. "I can't believe all this happened because it revolved around a stupid flower ceremony." he sighed. He picked up one of the snow whites and sniffed it, "Actually...they smell nice, honestly they aren't that bad looking either." Ben looked at the flowers a little bit before picking a bunch out of the ground.

"What's Ben doing?" Kurumu asked.

Yukari squinted her eyes, "I think he's picking flowers." the teens' eyes all widened, "Wait...did Ben ever actually hear that these flowers are basically just an aphrodisiac?"

Moka, still in her Inner form, walked over to Ben as he picked flowers, "What are you doing?" she asked

"Picking flowers." Ben replied in a somewhat irritated voice.

"Okay...but why?"

"Because it's relaxing."

"This relaxes you?" Moka asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"I mean, yeah...it does. You want one?" Ben held the flower to Moka's face and she quickly batted it away, "That was rude."

Moka snickered, "They're aphrodisiacs, dumbass."

Ben blinked a few times trying to comprehend what he was told, "They're WHAT!?"

The Snow Priestess and Tsurara stood next to each other to say their goodbyes to the teens. "I am deeply grateful." the Snow Priestess said with a bow, "I still do not know whether or not our fight with Fairy Tail is over. But even so, today in the village nobody is worrying. It is a different peace compared to yesterday." The teens smiled and looked at the village, "This," the Priestess continued, "This is the view of what you have protected. Today you are the village's saviors."

"Everyone!" Ruby called out, "It's time for us to go!"

The teens turned around and began getting on the bus, Ben meanwhile had stopped the bus driver to ask him something. "Mizore Shirayuki." the Priestess called out to her again, "I harmed you for the sake of the village and for that...I'm sorry. There is still one more thing that must be said." the Snow Priestess held up her hand to show a miniature glyph on the backside of her palm. From that glyph popped out a mini version of the Jack Frost.

"Be careful...they are dangerous." he warned, "I feel they have a special destiny. Yes...I sense a destiny that shall move the whole world. All three of them!"

"Three?" Mizore asked. She turned around to see Ben with Tsukune and Moka. He was rubbing Tsukune's shoulders with a goofy smile.

"I won't say that bad things won't happen if you are with them."

"That's fine." Mizore smiled as she pulled out a new lolipop, "This whole ordeal has taught me an important lesson. Precious things, being firm about yourself. That's all I care about. Ben's right, destiny is bullshit." she smiled.

After the arc...

The teens piled onto the bus and began heading home. Ben looked at Moka who was still in her Inner form. "So...any reason you didn't change?" he asked. Moka only replied with a shrug. "Good talk." the bus entered the tunnel. A light could be seen at the end and the next thing they knew the students were out...but not back at the school like they expected.

"Um..." Ruby started, "Excuse me, where are we?"

Ben laughed, "Welcome to Jersey. The shithole of the east coast."

Moka's eyes widened in surprise, "Wait, why are we in the States? HOW are we in the States?"

Ben grabbed his phone out of his pocket and began dialing, "Take a left up here." he told the driver. "Hey," Ben started when her got on his call, "Look, I'm gonna be honest, I'm in a bit of a bind. I...I need your help." Moka eaves dropped the best she could but couldn't really hear what the other person was saying. "Yeah. No, I know. I...I made some really bad enemies today. I need to be prepared for the next time we meet." again silence. waiting for the person to respond, "Do you still have the Mk. II?" Ben asked.

Mark II? Moka thought

"No, I'll finish myself, that's fine. I just need the blueprints." Ben frowned slightly, "Look man, I don't ask for much and you were making it for him anyways. You may as well let me use it, instead of having it rot in a storage closet." Ben smiled and pumped his fist, "Thank you, Tony." Ben hung up and coughed into his hand. He grimaced as he saw blood in his cough so he quickly wiped it on his pants.

"What was that?" Moka asked.

"Jedi business." Ben replied with a smirk, "Top secret." Moka's response was a disappointed frown.

After about forty-five minutes of driving the group finally made it inside a small suburban area and piled off. "Make yourself scarce," Ben told the driver, "People will question why a Japanese bus is in Queens. The group walked up to a home that had a brown van parked on the side. Once at the door Ben rang the doorbell. The again. And then he began button mashing the doorbell.

"Oh..." Mizore said with a frown, "You're one of THOSE people.

Finally the door opened with a very angry looking teen with a slight stubble, bandaged ice pack on his side and holding an ice pack on his head, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WAA--" the man stopped and looked who it was. "Oh..." the man's tone changed when he saw Ben. "It's just you."

"Hey Kaine." Ben said with a slight wave, "What uh...What the hell happened to you?"

Kaine looked Ben up and down and chuckled, "I should be asking you the same thing. You look like Venom chewed you up and spit you out." Kaine turned around and waved his hand, "Come on then." Kaine had the teens sit around on the couch and love seat, "Make yourselves comfortable, except for the vampire, I don't care if you're uncomfortable."

"Why are we here?" Tsukune asked.

"I need to get some stuff and it was easier bringing you here than it was you know...sneaking out." Ben stood up to go look for the things he needed, "Entertain them. I have to go to Manhattan."

Kaine looked at the monsters and sighed, "So...has he told you he draws porn yet?"

"Oh, yeah." the students laughed in unison.

"So what happened to you?" Kurumu asked.

"Uh...Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, sent an assassin after me and...she's a lot tougher than she looks." silence once again filled the room and Kaine rubbed his head at the awkwardness, "Sooo...what happened to you guys?"

"Kaine," Moka started, "Real quick, how do you know my sister, Kahlua Shuzin." Kaine bit his lip. "Are you sleeping with her?"

"Oh god no!" Kaine defended, "She's a vampire." Kaine shook his head, "No, I know her because she and I worked together on a mission with Blade...you know...Killing vampires." again silence took over. Kaine continously cracked his knuckles. Please let this end. he thought, I would literally rather die than talk to these people right now. After what felt like hours of silence Ben finally returned with a large case, "Thank you God!"

"Kaine!" Ben yelled out, "Where's the Spider Armor?"

Kaine shrugged, "Uhh...Celler?"

After a couple hours of gathering supplies Ben finally gathered everything into boxes. "What the hell is all this?" Moka asked.

Ben turned to his friends with a large grin, "Preparations." he began to point at the boxes one by one, "Spider Armor, Mk. 1 and 2. Old Web Shooters. Chemistry set. Spider Tracers. Spider Light. Holy Water. Annnnd...top secret."

"You're serious about this aren't you." Moka mentioned with a smirk.

Now with everything set the teens finally set out to go back to the academy. "Good luck with...whatever." Kaine smirked.

"Kaine." Ben stopped and looked at his brother with a serious expression, "These guys...you know about Fairy Tale, don't you." Kaine nodded, "What are our odds?"

Kaine sighed as he hung off the door frame, "Not good. You may not make it back."

"You know what this means, right?"

"I'm not taking Spider-Man."

"No, I mean...you know that this is probably the last time we'll see each other if that's the case, right?" Kaine nodded. "Kaine...I know that you and I haven't always got along. But you have always tried to make me a better person, even if it was inadvertently. You're my brother through and through." Ben opened his arms out and, surprisingly, Kaine returned the gesture and the two went in for a hug. But just a quick hug, like three seconds. Ben began walking to the bus and turned around one more time, "I love you, man."

"Gay." Kaine replied as he flipped Ben off. Ben couldn't help but laugh. Kaine waved the teens off and closed the door. Once out of sight Kaine swallowed a lump he had in his throat. He leaned against the door and slid down letting out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. "Last time, huh?" Kaine sighed, "Dammit Ben, just don't make May cry, okay?"

To be continued...

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