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Current Ages:

Boruto: 10

Himawari: 8

Epilogue Part 2: Our Grandchildren

Boruto & Himawari

"But we don't need babysitters, you know! I'm 10 now; double digits! That means I'm perfectly capable of watching Himawari and myself for one weekend!" Boruto gripes.

It doesn't seem like Mom or Dad are listening to any of his points, happily continuing to double check their luggage and paperwork. Naruto finally glances his way though, arching a brow at his crossed arms and pouted cheeks.

"Right, and have you already forgotten how you nearly flooded the entire kitchen practicing water jutsu last month? The cost to repair the sink wasn't cheap you know." He remarks, pleased that makes him unfurl his arms as his shoulders slump in realization at the memory.

"That...That only happened once Dad! How about instead of having one of our grandpas come over Hima and I sleep over at Inojin's or Shikadai's house?!" Boruto continues throwing out various options. At least then they could play cards and discuss the various new video games about to come out, the weekend would go by before he knew it.

"No, I want to stay here! I don't like any of those games as much as you do Big Brother!" Himawari cries out, glancing back over to them in alarm.

Naruto only smiles, he had to give it to Boruto he really was trying desperately to get out of this. It reminded him of himself at his age in trying to get out of low rank missions. He could see why he had been seen as such an annoyance then, wishing Boruto would calm down like his sister currently resting on the couch helping Hinata look over everything.

"Maybe that can happen...next weekend! This weekend you'll be spending it with Pervy-Sage!" He declares.

Hinata blinks, turning away from zipping up their carry on luggage. "Wait Dear, I thought Father was coming to watch the kids..."

Naruto pauses, equally perplexed. "Ah, is he? Pervy-Sage had offered when I met up with him for lunch on Monday at Ichiraku's. I thought he and Hanabi were going to a session downtown on helping her prepare to be a team instructor at the Academy?"

Hinata shook her head, thinking it over for a moment. "Oh, that's next weekend. Father is looking forward to this. I told him about our weekend getaway for our anniversary a few weeks ago."

Naruto shrugged as he went over to her side, pressing a kiss to her head making her smile once more. "It's fine, they can just both watch them then in that case!"

'What, no! That's a terrible idea!' Boruto panics.

It was bad enough dealing with regular Grandpa's embarrassing stories he felt necessary to regal his friends with on top of his bear hugs, but Toad Grandpa added to that too with his known behavior around the village?! It would be impossible to escape from them both knowing their advanced skills in tracking and capturing with the one thing they always agreed on was trying (and failing) to understand his and Himawari's new and growing interests.

He would need switch to homeschooling now to save himself the pain of dealing with his classmate's looks after this...

And Himawari meanwhile doesn't seem bothered at all by any of this to help back him up, happily setting up her pink panda beside her on the sofa. The weekend promised sunny weather, perhaps both their Grandpas would take them out the park, the pool, the movies, the art shows, etc.

There was so much to cover from her list of favorite places!

"Papa, Mama; be safe! Take lots of pictures! Oh, and bring big brother and I back lots of souvenirs and candies!" Himawari calls out with a wave.

She could surprise them with a gift as well maybe, to show she was just as mature and knowledgeable as Boruto despite his current behavior.

"The train leaves at 1:30 pm Dear, we should get going." Hinata notes with a quick glance to their living room toad clock.

Naruto nods his agreement, doorbell ringing right on time. "Yup, that's probably one of them now!"

Hiashi greets him with a tiny nod and smile, gesturing to Hinata's sky blue sundress and his casual orange sweatpants and white T-shirt.

"You two are staying at that new Hot Spring Gardens and Resort: The Ruby Crown, correct? It's been so long since either of you have taken a proper vacation alone so please don't worry about anything here with the children or related to your work as Hokage and diplomat/hospital duties respectively." He notes before waving to his grand kids eagerly over their shoulders.

His eldest daughter looks just as happy and flushed as the day she and Naruto married, recalling how much over the past few weeks she and Hanabi have been marveling over the Hotel's gold and scarlet designs to the latest in style baths, spas, and room service she and Naruto plan to indulge in.

'This anniversary trip could bring back more than just them being refreshed.' He muses at watching his son in law happily tangle Hinata close with peppered kisses to her cheeks in excitement when he thinks he's not looking.

But for now he'll enjoy his two grandchildren, no matter how much one of them currently wishes he wasn't here going by his grandson's expression after he and his sister hug their parents goodbye.

"Yes, that's the right hotel Father. Now I know you already know their likes and dislikes in terms of foods and allergies, however make sure you they go to bed on time; no matter what Boruto tells you he can stay up past midnight!" Hinata advises before Hiashi ushers her and Naruto fully out the door.

"We'll be fine; enjoy yourselves." Hiashi reiterates.

As soon as they're gone though does he hear the sudden poof of a jutsu deactivating, pausing at seeing familiar long spiky white hair now in the corridor.

'What is he doing here?' Hiashi questions himself. He was sure Hinata would've mentioned Jiraiya stopping by.

"So, looks like your parents have just left out! You guys ready for this exciting weekend!" Jiraiya cheers out, enveloping the pair in a hug much to Boruto's chagrin and Himawari's delight as the ends of his hair tickle their noses.

"No." Boruto huffs when he manages to squeeze out of his hold.

"Yes! But you have to wait for other Grandpa to unpack and then we can head out." Himawari states and Jiraiya turns then to see Hiashi standing by the door, luggage situated by his side.

The two men look at each other, at least Jiraiya seems a bit puzzled as well.

And of course, neither Naruto or Hinata explained the other was coming before they left.



"So, that's how it is. Well, it's fine if you come along." Hiashi decides after Jiraiya explains what brought him here.

As long as he doesn't interfere with the scheduled activities he has planned for Bolt and Hima, he sees no reason why Jiraiya can't take part. In fact, the more company the better in this case if they resist any of his own ideas for fun.

But Jiraiya only narrows his eyes, smirking. "What did you exactly have in mind for them to do?"

His tone is mocking, goading him to list out what he actually has planned.

"I was going to take them to the zoo, museum-"

Jiraiya holds up a hand before he can continue, dropping his voice low as they head into the kitchen out of sight of the pair. "Hiashi, those are activities they liked as toddlers! Boruto is heading towards being a preteen, he likes those Ninja card games and role playing games now!"

"The what now?" Hiashi asks back, completely lost.

Jiraiya sighs, well Naruto had no idea what he was talking about either when he gave him suggestions of gifts to get Boruto for his birthday a month ago.

"We have to do a mix of things they like or Boruto will try to trick us with a clone or distraction! I know how much you love spoiling them with little gifts and what not and I do as well, but their interests are changing as they get older now." He explains.

Hiashi nods solemnly, he had to admit Jiraiya had a point going by seeing from the corner of his eye Boruto pulling out his phone to play with one of the many game apps he still didn't fully understand.

"What are you two talking about?" Himawari inquires, poking her head in to be in on the conversation. Even Boruto glances up, cobalt eyes equally marred with curiosity.

Jiraiya ruffles at her hair affectionately, Hiashi following after him back into the living room. "Just the top secret plans we have for this weekend! Right now it's a little after 2:00 pm on a Friday, I was thinking we check out the sights at the river walk. They always have booths set up there on Fridays along with some mini festival activities."

'Would that interest them? That doesn't sound like anything at all that I thought they would like.' Hiashi wonders. After all, Boruto had complained most of the games were for 'babies' the last time he had been out with him and the rest of the family to a downtown fair commemorating Founder's Day for Konoha.

"Okay!" Himawari beams, twisting right around to head upstairs to change.

Boruto meanwhile doesn't look even half excited, Hiashi pursing his lips thoughtfully before speaking up.

"I'm pretty sure this area you're referring to Jiraiya is also known to have performances by the center square and even have these new virtual reality games they've been having passing shoppers or tourists try out." Hiashi adds in.

And it's this that makes Boruto's eyes light up with renewed eagerness, rushing upstairs for his own room.

"Good thinking there! We can spend the rest of the afternoon there, grab some dinner, and then head back home." Jiraiya suggests.

Hiashi nods his agreement, retrieving his suitcase to head over to the guest room to unpack.

If this weekend was going to go smoothly, they were going to need to use teamwork!



'Wow, who knew there were so many woman vendors that set up shop here! Why didn't I think of this before?' Jiraiya beams, proud of himself for recommending this spot. There's brunettes, blondes, and raven-haired beauties as far as the eye can see!

"Must you do that?" Hiashi hisses by his side, none too gently poking his sides with his elbow.

"Do what?" He replies back.

Jiraiya blinks innocently to add to his apparent confusion, Hiashi straining not to probably hit him with a gentle fist at his aggravated look. "Staring at all the women here like that! Honestly, can't you act your age?"

"Nope!" He replies cheekily before going back to taking in the colorful sights around them. Stand's banners pop out in bright yellow to neon green fonts, beckoning would-be customers closer. The air too sizzles with fresh stews boiling, of salts and spices he remembers from his journeys...

It's all here in Konoha now, the blending of cultures from every nation.

Boruto and Himawari run ahead, Himawari to the art booths and Boruto the VR experience a representative is hosting towards the end.

"You two, stay where your Grandpas can see you!" Jiraiya yells out, unsure if the pair even heard him as his voice gets swallowed up the cheers and noises surrounding them.

"Don't worry, those two look out for each other. Boruto especially if he believes Himawari is any danger, not that she even needs his help at times with how she's coming along with her training!" Hiashi brags.

Yes, he had seen first hand Himawari's byakugan activating, usually out of anger or extreme upset though she had gradually learned now how to activate it without her emotions flaring up.

Jiraiya gives Hiashi a friendly slap on the back, earning him another irked look from the man. The only time Hiashi's expression seems to change is mentioning his grandchildren's latest achievements melting his usual stoic expression.

"This is a mini festival, let's enjoy ourselves as well!" He exclaims.

Everyone is having fun, the Akimichi clan is having a food eating contest with Choji and his daughter leading while even the Inuzuka clan holds a mini adopt-a-thon for all animals in need of a home.

Hiashi arches a brow though, pearl orbs darkening back to the same air of the Hyuga clan. "You just want to get drunk and possibly make a fool of yourself flirting about."


"Geez, tell me how you really feel about me Hiashi!" Jiraiya chortles, insults bouncing right off him. They move about for a bit taking in music stores, sculptures, and various clothing and hodgepodge from every nation. He could get his favorite sweets from Kumo and Iwa here. Hell, maybe he he could even get Naruto and Hinata a sand themed creation from Suna if he did enough digging and haggling around that they could put in their living room.

A tugging on his sleeve stops them both from heading over to a vendor's wood carvings shop supposedly passed down from Hashirama's days, Himawari bouncing excitedly on her heels. "Grandpa, Toad Grandpa, I need your opinions!"

She leads them back to the art station, pointing between a oil canvas of a field of sunflowers to a smaller watercolor design of morning light resting along a forest river.

"They both look so pretty! I want to surprise Mama and Papa with one when they return from their trip!" Himawari explains.

"Do you have enough ryo Hima? If not, Hiashi and I can-" Jiraiya begins, but Himawari rapidly holds up a hand to cut him off, pouting her cheeks and stomping her feet in a way that reminds him of her Father.

'Boruto may have both his hair and eyes, but Himawari looks just like him when she gets upset.' Jiraiya smiles.

"No Toad Grandpa, I have to buy it myself! I saved up my allowance from all the chores I did." She further clarifies and Jiraiya has to remind himself that Himawari is now 8, able to understand properly how to purchase items on her own and show off her creativity.

She's growing as fast as her brother, gleefully counting out her ryo having enough to buy a painting and snack for later. "I'll get something big brother and I can share at the food stands next!"

Hiashi points to the sunflowers after staring between the two images carefully, it was clan tradition to name the children after bright or sunny places/objects. Besides, the landscape had Naruto's favorite colors of orange splashed in along the petals and Hinata liked flowers in general. Granted, she hadn't planted any sunflowers in the garden in years after learning the toxins they give off killed the marigolds and poppies that had been nearby it.

Jiraiya pats his shoulder, gesturing that he'll go check on Boruto while he stays with Himawari.

As he walks along he sees many other parents and old colleagues, from Asuma happily carrying along a multitude of stuffed animals he's won for his daughter Mirai to even Kakashi and Itachi out enjoying the scenery with Gai and Sarada respectively.

"Enjoying this youthful weather too Jiraiya?! It's days like this that give me the energy to complete 100...no 200 laps around the city! Isn't that right Kakashi?" Gai boasts.

Kakashi for his part is too buried in his latest Make Out Paradise novel to respond to Gai's statement (one of his most loyal customers based on his subdued excitement for the movie based on his first series coming out at the end of summer), but he gives a small nod his way just to confirm he sees him.

Sarada catches his gaze as well, nudging Itachi who waves following Jiraiya's movements deeper into the crowds.

"Want to spend time with your friends?" Itachi inquires at seeing blond hair in the distance where Jiraiya is heading. This whole time he's been taking her around the target practice ranges and book stores without thinking she would want to be around kids her own age.

Her facial expression twists in annoyance seeing her classmates get so excited over silly character cards of famous shinobi, shaking her head. "Uncle, you know Boruto isn't my friend! He just happens to be in the same class as me."

'I suppose Sasuke would be glad to hear that.' Itachi muses.

Lately in Sasuke's opinion at least, the boy has come up far too often at the dinner table to be a coincidence as she retold pranks or interruptions he had done in class that day. He'd even gone with him to see his former sensei Anko to ask her to keep an eye out for things which she only took half-seriously going by her smile.

"The last time I saw Sasuke this serious was training him to prevent him from defecting, before we went to war...now his biggest concern is his daughter's skills and non-existent love life!" Anko snorts, rolling her eyes as Sasuke leaves out of her office.

"It can't be helped, he wants to give her everything our childhoods never had." Itachi remarks.

Anko nods at that, eyes moving towards the window where recess was going on down below. "Well, I'm not changing Sarada's homeroom class in the middle of the school year like he wants! Besides, whether he likes or not Boruto when he's being serious matches her in skill and intellect. What will he do if they end up on a 3-man squad?"

They both already knew the answer to that: Go over options with Sakura then ask Naruto to change it immediately.

It was something to worry about for later though, he'd support whatever path Sarada wanted to go down and guide her as best he could the same way Shisui had done for him.

"That's fine, let's check out the clothing shops next then. You said you saw a jacket the other day that I might like." Itachi suggests with a grin, knowing not to drag the topic on. Sarada readily agrees smiling back, taking him by the arm to not lose him in the crowds.


Jiraiya meanwhile finds Boruto nowhere near the so called Virtual Reality experience or even near the video games stand, instead he is curled in the shade with Shikamaru and Sai's sons.

"What, how did you already get the Lord Seventh card?! I thought it was ultra rare!" Inojin questions, holding it up to the light to check it's authenticity. He hands it back with a sigh, burying his face into the grass.

Boruto snorts beside him, waving it off. "Sure Dad is a strong card, however even rarer is Uncle Sasuke's card! I haven't been able to find it even with all the packs I've bought."

'What on earth are they talking about?' Jiraiya wonders.

Only one way to find out!

He plops himself down right beside them like he was invited, looking at Naruto's likeness in the card's design. "Wow, he has an S-class rating. That must mean I'm like a Triple S; right?! Anyways, what type of card game is this exactly?"

Boruto looks horrified at his abrupt presence, smile cracking apart while Inojin and Shikadai gaze at him in equal surprise.

Shikadai peers between him and Boruto, slow grin marring his face. "Aren't you Boruto's other Grandpa? One of the legendary Sannin?"

"What are you talking about Shikadai? He's a complete stranger to me." Boruto answers sharply before he can answer, azure eyes cutting into him like glass silently asking why he's here.

Jiraiya gives him a secretive grin back, he should know by now he can't let an opportunity to tease him just pass him up!

Inojin scoffs, catching Boruto's glare in amusement before gazing back to Jiraiya. "Doesn't appear to be that way! Aren't you the same guy who's always trying to peep into woman's bathhouses and then requires urgent care from Sarada's mom Dr. Uchiha?"

"The one and only!" Jiraiya answers with ease, he even has the remnants of bruises from his escapade last weekend and of course the old scars from Tsunade to prove it.

"You can't say you don't know me Bolt, I still have that old photo of us dressed as toads from the costume festival all those years ago; remember?! We even won for best matched pair!" He continues, pulling out his wallet to show off the offending picture. It may have become worn to time now a bit of a murky gray with chipped edges, however it's obvious who they are as they beam for the camera.

And it's this that breaks the two out into full on laughter that Boruto actually is connected to this guy no matter what he says, Boruto's cheeks turning an angry red that could give his mom a run for her money back in her youth.

"Stop showing everyone that! Anyways, it's not something to be proud of being a dirty old man! Boruto hisses.

Jiraiya merely shrugs as he puts the photo away out of his reach to tear up, casting a look towards the sky. The sun was beginning to peek lower, vibrant streaks of amber and violets marking them closer towards evening. They need to get going before all the best restaurants get packed considering it's a Friday night, especially since neither he nor Hiashi made any reservations.

"Come on Bolt, Himawari and Hiashi are probably waiting on us so we can get dinner!" He advises, sitting up as he brushes blades of grass off.

He doesn't have to say it twice to get Boruto to follow.

"What are you doing?" Jiraiya questions him as Boruto attempts to pull his jacket over his head like a hood.

He fixes him with a glare, face still crimson.

"Thanks for embarrassing me like that in front of friends! Ugh, maybe this is just a nightmare and I'll wake up soon to have Mom and Dad back at home!" He quips, tone laced with acid.

Jiraiya affectionately pats his head in response, kid was only drawing more attention to himself doing that. Boruto enjoys causing mayhem and teasing others just as much as his Dad did back in his heyday with silly pranks, he's only giving him a taste of what it's like to be on the receiving end of it a bit.

"You're welcome!"


Naruto & Hinata

"It's strange; we haven't received a call or text from any of them." Hinata notes, staring at the dark screen of her phone. After they had confirmed they had made it in safely and checked into the hotel there had been silence on their end, Jiraiya only responding a few minutes later to say they were heading for the booths along the river walk.

Nightfall approaches now, moon rising against the violets and reds of the fading sunset. They'd enjoyed the view with dinner, lounging beside the pool before heading back for their room.

And before she can ponder anymore on it though is her phone is gently whisked from her hands, tossed to the side of the bed out of her reach.

Naruto rests his head against her shoulder, feeling his devious grin thrumming right alongside with her pulse. "No news is good news in this case. This isn't the first time they've watched the kids after all you know."

He drops a kiss then to her collarbone while his other hand reaches to untie her robe, letting it fall open to palm and massage at her breasts drawing out soft moans of his name.

"Naruto, ah. Right there..."

Hinata melts just as he expects, breath quickening at his ministrations as his fingers trail downward pulling her legs apart. "We promised each other we weren't going to worry about Boruto or Himawari this weekend. They're responsible and independent enough to handle us not always being there in close range."

If there truly was danger, a messenger toad or bird would've been sent to them. That or a clone of Jiraiya or Hiashi directly asking them to return to the village to take back over as parents.

Naruto rests her back against the pillows and sheets, Hinata reaching and tugging at his own bathrobe. Pearl orbs sparkle with a mischief reserved only for him, restraining a groan as she pulls his boxers down letting his hardened member spring free. "I shouldn't be the only one becoming undressed."

"You smell like cedar-wood, the forests on a misty day." She hums out, fingers tangling into his still damp hair. She takes in the smell of his body wash and lotion before resting herself on top of him to start things off. Hinata rocks into him slowly, lavender meeting blue eyes silently telling each other what the rest of the night will entail.

Naruto smirks before grunting, hands guiding her hips allowing for him to go deeper, to bury into her warmth.

"I know it's your favorite."



'I made the right decision.'

Hiashi repeats the phrase over in his mind, he knew Thunder Burger would be Boruto and Himawari's top choice for food (as it always is), though perhaps he should've forced a different choice going by how long they've been here now.

Jiraiya yawns beside him, muttering under his breath how late it's getting before leaning his head against his palm to observe as they reach the second hour mark of being in this restaurant. He's watched patrons come and go as the night wanes on, definitely not how he expected this day to end on. "Boruto eats hamburgers the same way Naruto eats ramen!" He mouths out when Boruto isn't looking their way.

This bill is going to be higher than what either of them want to really think about.

His main concern right now though is that Boruto will pay for all this eating later when he's sick to his stomach or jumpy, unable to sleep.

Himawari rests in his lap, sapphire orbs hardening in impatience.

"Big Brother, hurry up! I'm getting sleepy." She complains.

"Then sleep; Grandpa doesn't mind you know! You need more sleep than me anyways being the baby of us all." Boruto advises.

Hiashi clicks his tongue, giving his grandson a reprimanding look that withers him to finish up his meal quickly or everything he had would be thrown away.

'Such a poor choice of words...'

Because Himawari's eyes sharpen, blue washing away into white.

"I'm not a baby!" She snaps at his comment, loud enough for a few of the waitstaff and other customers to glimpse their way.


Jiraiya stiffens uncomfortably beside him while Hiashi pats at her back to soothe her; the worst tempers and flare ups between the siblings came out of little fires like this if they weren't put out fast enough.

"You're the youngest one here so technically, you are the baby." Boruto emphasizes after a moment, egging her on just enough for her to slam a hand down against the table knocking Boruto headfirst into his plate.

"Maybe you're a baby if you can't even eat your own food properly." Himawari hmphs just as Boruto flicks a ketchup laced french fry right at her face in retaliation.

All hell breaks loose then.

Pieces of hamburger scatter across Hiashi's vision, grabbing both of the two by their arms while Jiraiya pins their legs with his hair.

And it's then the manager of Thunder Burger steps in, taking in ketchup, mustard, and whatever else has morphed along their clothing to the table and floor.

Hiashi already knows what is coming from his ire, gray hair even seeming to stand on alert.

"It's getting near closing time and telling by your current states, you all should be heading home too." He advises with barely veiled politeness.

"He/She started it!" Boruto and Himawari point at each other as soon as they're back into warm night air.

Hiashi attempts to rub away the beginnings of a coming migraine, opting for a glare that quiets the pair down instantly. This was supposed to be a simple way to end the evening...

"This was bound to happen, they're good kids but its hard to keep up with having the image of perfection being the children of the Hokage and a prominent Hyuga clan member." Jiraiya considers quietly.

"What would you have suggested then?" He questions back.

Jiraiya points in the direction of the night markets, Hiashi already knowing where he's referring to then.


"Boruto doesn't like ramen the way Naruto does; you know that!" Hiashi hisses, barely keeping his voice low.

"Well, he just wasted half of those hamburgers he loves so much starting a food fight. Or better yet, we could've gone to a neutral location." Jiraiya counters.

'Tonight was only a setback. The rest of Saturday and Sunday can go according to plan.' Hiashi decides to himself.

Jiraiya must be thinking the same, he normally isn't this silent unless deep in thought.

"So based on the fact that we did one activity today I decided on that went very well and we went with your suggestion for dinner which went...kind of terrible, no offense! I say for the rest of this weekend we just do what I suggest!" Jiraiya decides eagerly after a moment of contemplation.

The dull throbbing of a coming headache returns tenfold, perhaps he could just incapacitate Jiraiya here and now with a gentle fist...

But he would see it coming, Jiraiya is renowned for more than just being a pervert when it comes to his skills and intellect for battle. Losing his arm against Pain all those years ago hasn't taken away his keen sense of awareness to his surroundings and having a proper way to fight back or defend himself if need be.

"That's not going to happen." Hiashi retorts, enough teetering anger and sharpness to his tone for Jiraiya to stop his joking at least for now.

He still has a whole two days or so left to deal with him for his grandchildren's sake.

And this fiasco has only strengthened his resolve to make sure the rest of the weekend goes smoothly, tonight is the last mistake he'll make when it comes to activities with the kids.

Especially to have Jiraiya make a mockery of his ideas!


Naruto & Hinata

"Hello?" Naruto calls out to the quiet living room.

This wasn't the type of greeting they expected upon arriving back: total silence.

'Where is everybody?' They think in unison.

Naruto gives Hinata a confused look, Hinata activating her byakugan to look around.

"They must be upstairs." She determines after a moment and indeed they soon hear the pattering of footsteps coming hurriedly down.

"Mom, Dad, thank goodness you're home!" Boruto cries out in relief, latching himself to their legs.

'Wow, when's the last time Boruto ran to me for a hug?' Naruto considers, not that he isn't going to make the most of this rare opportunity by affectionately squeezing him back in return.

He lowers himself to his level, checking him for any scratches or bruises though there's nothing that stands out to him or Hinata.

"I'm okay Dad, nothing happened to me." Boruto voices, shifting away in laughter at his poking.

"Alright then, so what's going on here? Cause some sort of prank or trouble you can't get out of?" Naruto asks.

Boruto gives him an indignant look, joy at seeing him melting into annoyance. "Hey, why are you assuming I did something?!"

Naruto and Hinata glance to each other before back at him making him fidget. They had spent the weekend trying not to think of ways he could misbehave or raise Himawari's ire, luckily distracting each other one way or another before they could slip up in the forms of massages or long kisses. "It wasn't me this time Mom and Dad; honest! Toad Grandpa and Grandpa started it!"

'Started what?' Naruto and Hinata wonder.

Today was supposed to be the easiest, the pair would only need to watch them for a half day making sure they had a proper breakfast and lunch. While today was warmer than the past few days, they still could've gone out for a bit to enjoy the forests for a mini trip or have gone fishing taking in the dark turquoise hue the rivers became around this time of year.

Himawari needles her way in at their closeness having bounded the stairs after her brother, nuzzling into Naruto and Hinata as well.

"Papa, Mama! I got you a sunflower painting Toad Grandpa helped me hang up from a festival we went to on Friday! We had so much fun staying up late eating popcorn, watching movies, dancing on the sofa, and now Toad Grandpa challenged Grandpa to beating his high score in Boruto's Ninja Fury Coliseum game!" She explains in a rush, still giddy and hyper with most likely remnants of sugar in her system.

Boruto groans beside her, gesturing to his room. "Make them stop Dad! What if they spoil the adventure mode by somehow activating all the secret quests and boss fights against the dragons before I get there?"

Naruto has no idea what he exactly means by that, amusement lying far more in seeing what exactly Boruto is describing.

Because despite Boruto's theatrics over his grandparents, the duo are just sitting in front of his old mini TV, concentrated looks upon their faces as they rapidly tap at buttons on their controllers.

"You two doing okay?" Naruto gestures with a wave.

Jiraiya spares him a brief glance and Naruto winces at seeing the dark luggage of bags underneath his eyes. "Fine kid, will be better once this old guy beside me gives up!"

Hiashi simply scoffs, creating some random combination with the control buttons that K.O.'s Jiraiya's virtual player. "You were saying on giving up? Now that I've won I say we go with an egg rice breakfast to keep things simple. I've made it for Boruto and Himawari plenty of times before and they loved it."

"Father, it's almost lunchtime now." Hinata cuts in, frowning at his equally worse for wear look.

"Best two out of three! I still think Boruto and Himawari would prefer this new brunch restaurant close by that serves a mix of regional cuisines!" Jiraiya challenges back.

How long have they been sitting here competing on things to do with the kids? Clearly Boruto and Himawari got bored enough to go make their meals themselves and find other ways to be entertained without leaving the house. Going by Himawari's earlier statement, this was probably the last activity done that they got too caught up in.

Naruto gestures Hinata and the children back out (he'll get Hiashi and Jiraiya out later after feeding them a proper lunch), congregating them back at the kitchen table. Naruto and Hinata peer to each other as they take a seat, silently communicating a joint decision.

"Papa and Mama have decided based on this experience that next vacation, we'll just travel all together!" Naruto announces.

And the azure eyes of their children light up eagerly, both looking ready to pack their bags for another adventure that will take them out of the boundaries of Konoha.

Or this time period.

"The most exciting things do happen when we're all together." Hinata hums, leaning onto Naruto's shoulder remembering that it was a stormy day that started this all ultimately leading them to this new present day Konoha by stopping so much events from happening.

Naruto nods his agreement, squeezing her close at having the same line of thought. It was during that brief chaotic period of seeing their older counterparts on top of everyone's interest in either wanting the duo dead or forcing answers out of them that they learned so much and trained to become stronger. Those lessons and secrets gained that began on an alternate yesterday morning brought them to this perfect today.

"Wouldn't have it any other way!" He chimes back.


The End.

Ah, another bittersweet conclusion! I want to once again thank Kurotanbo for providing me with this story idea. It was quite a challenge at times to write while weaving in suggestions and ideas and while I did get disheartened a bit along the way, I hope overall you enjoyed it along with the rest of my readers new and old. I hope I was able to bring a smile to your face!

This was a very fun story idea, I know it's not perfect and I would probably fail a difficult Naruto quiz though I made it to the finish line so that counts, right?! I'm open to future story challenge suggestions just send me a message as long as they're reasonable and I can imagine an ending to them so I don't end up stuck. Doesn't even have to be for the Naruto fandom if you have a burning idea!

I have no current story ideas plotting about in my head except to write a collection of Uzumaki family one-shots or just move on from the Naruto fandom to explore other areas and animes that I like. I prefer writing multi-chaptered stories at the moment so that one-shot idea has just been drifting in the back of my mind.

Please let me know your thoughts overall on the story, I do want to keep improving my writing!

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