Sunset was slowly waking up she looked at herself she looked like she was twelve all shrunk up as she jumped and screamed at the massive cage holding a giant red fox with nine tails.

the fox looked at her and said, "oh finally my jailer comes to visit me!" he said as he looked at her, "and look she's at her right age thanks to the trip to her real home that that fucking pony place that fucking space time jutsu sent you too!"

Sunset looked confused till she saw a blonde boy in orange walk in and a second cage with another fox.

The fox In that one rubbed his chin and said, "Oh look the kits mindscapes are meeting thanks to us my other half!"

The boy crossed his arms and said, "Ok… START EXPLAINING WHAT IS GOING ON FUZZ BALL!" he yelled!

the fox in Sunset's cage rolled his eyes and said, "I am happy you are not the one I was sealed into Naruto but we can do that. As both of us where there when it all happen grant we were one in the same at the time!" he said as he rubbed his chin as he said, "I am the yin or evil half of the nine tailed fox Kurama your half Naruto is the yang of my good half!"

Naruto turned in shock and blinked before he said,"…. Oh wait good half of a demon right… makes sense.. in a twist kind of way, " he rethought to all the times he was hurt and spotted his wounds healing in seconds, " while you always give me some of your power when I need it because you're the nice one! And nice is a relative term!" he said stunned.

Naruto's fox nodded his head and said, " hell yeah I am! Now it all goes back to the day of your breath our last jailer was both of your's mother now watch our memories, they will split when we split!"

In a moment they where treated to the night of the sealing only thing different was after Naruto was born so was Sunset and Tobi captured them before sunset could get a name.

the events played out close till the end where Minato sealed one half into naruto and one half in to sunset as he said, "Well daddy's sorry about this kiddos but only someone with uzumaki blood may contain the nine tails!" he said sadly before dying.

Naruto growled as he looked at his reflection in an iron bar of a cage as he touched his whisker marks, "I really am an idiot! And so is this village! I MEAN LOOK AT ME ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME AND THE BASTARD IS THE FUCKING WHISKER MARKS!" he yelled.

the memory now shocked Tobi opening a drift that Sunset fell into as he said, "if all less fails she will be weak and I can have half the fox back easily!" the mask man then left.

form there they where treat to Sunset and Naruto's respective memories. With Sunset as a new born looking at her now hooves as a pony found her and took her to an orphanage.

Sunset cried when she watched her former bully self as she looked to her fox, "IT WAS YOU! YOU HAD CONTROL OVER ME! YOU ARE PURE EVIL!" she yelled in rage crying into her hands.

The fox laughed, "that pony body made you age so fast in all ways but mental it was easy to be the voice in your head making you do bad things it was fun but go look at your twin's memories." Sunset turned and jumped in horror as Naruto was down on his hands and knees screaming form seeing every last beating he had gotten.

Sunset was in tears as she looked to her memories of Anon-a-miss making her run away only to land here as a kid or her real age before being jumped here.

Naruto's last memory was heading to the Academy only to be jumped by Root anbu. Naruto growled as he remembered, "Dad told them I was a hero! I HATE TO HAVE SEEN WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF HE SAID I WAS THE GOT DMA BAD GUY!" he yelled In rage his fox's chakra clearly entering him.

Yang Fox rolled his eyes and said, " the bigger question kit is this! With out me to boost that uzumaki healing ability would you have even made it to this day?" he asked smirking with pride, "For let's face it the third lied to you he knew your parents he just didn't tell you or give you what they left you! How sad is that? A cruel old man under all that niceness to look a scared child in the eye and lie! To lie and not explain the reason he is being treat is because the village is too stupid to see the difference between jail guard and the prisoner! If he had told you you probably would have run away form the village to a place here you just would have been a normal orphan on the street, much better then the beaten homeless child you are where?"

Sunset just gasped and cried at the statement as she let out a sad, "That is a horrible logic.. and it's true! And I thought being framed was bad! But wait how did I end up back here instead of Equestria!? " She asked her half of the demon's chakra entering her.

Yin yawned and said, "This guy named Danzo wants the fox as a weapon to turn the village into a military state were everyone is a mindless solider drone, and while trying to remove it form the knocked out and drugged naruto it triggered my link to my other half drawing you here, where just luck and dance happened."

Yang Kurama sighed, "Not that it would have mattered to Naruto in the slightest he always failed on clone jutsu when his sense knows thanks to me he has to much charka to do that simple little trick, the greater shadow clone with solid clones would have worked in fact I have memories of Kushina using it here take it kid!" he then touched naruto's head making naruto's head gain the knowledge on how to do a jutsu as the fox said, "there you have enough so you don't have to focus just use it and you'll probably get like seven clones or what ever. Not that it'll do much good right now!"

Naruto looked confused as the other fox spoke up and said, "What part of extract don't you get kid? We are being ripped out but we are being held in by your negative emotions triggering a drain form us! Your sadness and rage is the only thing stopping your lights form going out!" he said in a mocking tone.

Sunset gasped before she heard a voice crying and turned to See Kushina and Minato there parents as the Yang fox said, "yeah they left part of there chakra in the seal so they could appear as ghost before you up in here! I opened them as if you kids are going to die might as well see your family!"

In a moment Sunset screamed and punched Kushina in the gut as Naruto punched there father.

Yin Kurama laughed and said, "I so saw that coming I mean trusting the pervert old toad to raise your kids if something happened to you! You idiots had that gut punch form your kits coming!" he said while holding his side laughing in the cage rolling around.

Sunset looked to her … mother she felt nothing but hate and rage as she said, "Save the story! I hate you both! I can't believe I am saying this but being sent to two other worlds makes me the lucky sibling as I got to grow up normal in both! Well for the most part!" she said turning away form them.

Naruto did the same thing as he growled to himself his eyes red like the demon fox's as he said, "Well sad sister dear at least you only cried form bad words I cried form the yearly fox hunt on my birthday!" he growled roaring in rage.

Minato and Kushina reached out only for there kids to avoid there touch and Yin Kurama laughed as he held his gut and said, "Oh that was nice and so much negativity it's almost like me and my host are merging!" he laughed about.

the yang nine tailsthen took a moment and checked, "with a faulty make shift tailed beast remover and all this negative emotion we kind of are! Made worst by this shared mindscape" All turned to the yang fox.

The orange fox sighed as he lowered himself to look at Naruto and he said ,"Kit I am going to till you a few things in hopes that they will survive the mental shock if you live through this night! Your mother want you to marry a women like her and Sakura is like her!"

Naruto spat his tongue out and yelled to Kushina, "NO!" he then turned back to the fox his crush on the pink haired girl dead thanks to the hate of his own mother.

The fox then said something else, "Hinata who is to shy to talk to you because of her crush on you is the opposite if Sakura." Naruto nodded before blinking and saying, "oh so that's why she turns red… I really am an idiot!"

The Fox then said, "Also this one goes to the girl we can only call Sunset Shimmer uzumaki Namikaze, your friends will return! They were lead a stray but those they cared for long before you and have been betrayed they learned the worst listen on friendship possible, loyalty is pointless if it's to the wrong person, and wrong person can even be someone you share blood with, case in point your parents!"

Sunset turned to her parents and point to the yang fox and said, "what parents? You've been a parent to me and my brother and I have only known you for what a minute? Then this two could have ever been! At least you give a shit!" Minato and Kushina broke down crying.

Kushina cried as she held her heart as she said sadly filled with regret, "yeah Kurama is right loyalty is pointless if it's given to the wrong person. This village was the wrong person!"

Minato cried as he said something cold, " Destroy this village! Burn it down! I hate it and disown it! Erase the forth hokage me form history! Make them pay like I can't form this betrayal that coast me the life of my children! I will seal this memory into your minds so if anyone tries anything to your mind they will see it me the forth hokage father to Naruto and my daughter who I didn't even get a chance to name disowning them wishing for there end! The will of fire is dead and gone and has been for a long time!"

He then touched both his children on the head making the seal appear through his chakra as he faded away saying, "Make them pay! They treated you like a monster so be a monster!" he then faded away.

Kushina was crying holding her heart as she said, "I did this as I thought it would give me a chance to hug my babies but no! I have to spend all eternality knowing they hate me! And understanding why, I also told you to listen to your teachers naruto! Clearly that was a mistake! Don't listen to any adult in this village!" She then vanished much like her husband.

Sunset sighed as she sat down and sadly said, "I always wonder where I came from now that I know I wish I hadn't no offence brother." She said sadly.

Naruto sighed as he did the same thing, "yeah and I was lied to about it! At least the I don't knows for you where honest …. Sister."

the two siblings then cried and took a moment to hug as they start to vanish along with the foxes.

Yin sighed as he said, "Not how I want to get out of here!"

Meanwhile in the outside world.

the root Anbu where running as blast fired and what looked like Naruto missing his jacket with nine red tails tipped in orange claws fangs red fox eyes and his ears red fox ears tipped in orange.

beside him growling in an equally feral way to her twin was Sunset who had the same alterations.

The two twins roared ferally like a savage animals as they charged.

out of instinct Naruto put his fingers together and in a moment Seven Shadow clones came into being and charged exploding when they hit something blasting wholes in the base making the ground above shake.

Sunset roared as she opened her mouth and fired of a stream of a fire like beam at the Root anbu slaying them. As the two feral twins charged through it all Danzo showed up.

Danzo held his arms covered in Sharigan eyes out along with his own one as he said, "Look in to them Tailed beast control!" he said only to get an image of the Fourth hokages final moments with his children making him gasp as he backed up, "… even in death you out smart me Minato!" he then held out his hand making a plant grow and fire off thorns like a Senbon needle machine gun.

Naruto wrapped his tails around him and his twin and they harden and took one a steel like appearance before the hairs fired off like needles back making the in coming fire perfectly.

A moment later Sunset picked her head over and fired off one super weak tailed beast ball blast that hit Danze making him scream.

In a moment he appeared one of the nine eyes in his arm missing as he gasped, "right I am fighting two tailed beast not children!" he said in panic!"

to be continued.