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Chapter 7: Sibling Rivalry

The red eyes of Kurama slowly opened and blinked away the hazy vision that plagued. A groan escaped the red-haired Yokai's lips as feeling was brought back to his body. It turned into a small hiss feeling the awful ache that ravaged his entire body. Even after twelve years with a real body, pain was still new to him and Kurama was sure the amount he felt was as bad as one of Naruto's episodes with his chakra. Every part of his body stung, and all of his muscles so unbearably sore. In times like this, Kurama missed his former body because at least being a mass of chakra prevented him feeling all these complicated pains.

'Damn flesh bodies and their fleshy weakness.' Kurama grumbled in his head.

"Ano, you're finally awake, Kurama-nii-san." Spoke a familiar, flirty voice.

Kurama snapped his eyes to his far right finding a mop of blue hair with strands of black. Underneath was the pretty face of Matatabi, giving Kurama a smirk with her twinkling heterochromatic eyes of yellow and blue. She had not changed much over the years since Kurama had finally reunited with the last of his siblings that lived to be reincarnated. The only thing really not worthy since then was that Matatabi had grown in height and she grew her hair to reach her lower back. Life for her has been involved of becoming the next head of the Nekoshou and the new priestess to the Shinto death god, Shinigami. In fact, the last Kurama heard was that, according to Matatabi, Shi was trying to create a new type of legendary swords to rival the many mythological blades that are famed throughout the supernatural world. Something to do with souls, but Kurama had little care for such details, unlike right now.

"Matatabi, what are you doing here?" Kurama asked, his voice hoarse.

"Shinigami was in a bit of a panic all of a sudden when we both felt your spike of chakra as if you were going into one of your hissy fits." Matatabi explained. "Imagine my surprise that you got your butt handed to you but a god named Asura. I have to say, I never thought someone like that existed at all in this dimension. I don't think even Father or Kaguya would have stood a chance against him. Why did you fight someone like him?"

Kurama scowled. "Hey, he was the one that threw the first punch. A-And I had him on the ropes."

"Kurama, you are very bad at lying." Matatabi deadpanned, all sort of humor gone. "I was there in time to watch you throw both a Rasenshuriken and a Rasenrozu, and they did nothing."

"...I wasn't beaten that bad." Kurama mumbled.

"Nii-san, you were manhandled into the ground." Matatabi said. "You were out for several hours, and even Shukaku was so worried about you."

"Hours?!" Exclaimed Kurama. "Shukaku being worried!?"

It really came as a surprise to Kurama that he was knocked out for so long. His healing factor on a normal occasion would have the Yokai conscious even before the first hour. Then there was Shukaku being worried for him!? One would think the Tanuki would be jumping in joy, but apparently Asura had beaten him so bad that it upset his little brother. What's next? The moon was falling from orbit!?

Kurama tried to get up but felt his body weighed down by a foreign 'object' laid out over his unchecked left side. His eyes moved to find the nuisance and remove it, but his body completely stopped on the familiar shade of blonde hair. For a few seconds, Kurama was a bit put off of the sight of Yasaka resting her head across Kurama's stomach and holding his left hand. He could hear soft snores of sleep exhale from the blonde kitsune as her face was sent in a perfectly serene expression. However, that was marred by the tears marks on her pink cheeks.

"Poor girl." Cooed Matatabi with a smirk. "The little cutie refused to leave your side when you were brought in here. She was awfully worried sick for you. Ku-ku-ku. It's so adorable, don't you think Kurama-nii-san? Nii-san?"

Kurama couldn't respond at the moment as words failed to leave his throat that went a little dry at the sight of Yasaka. It was still so alien to him that anyone other than Naruto would actually be concerned from him. Yet, Yasaka has proven her worth to Kurama as a devoted throughout the years and still counting. Unknown to himself, a little pink dusted his cheeks.

'You really are amazing, Yasaka-chan.' Thought Kurama.

"Ku-kun..." Mumbled Yasaka as her eyelids quivered slightly, snuggling her face into her resting spot.

"Ara ara." Chuckled Matatabi behind her hand.

Kurama's left brow twitched. "I fail to see how this is funny."

"To me, it is extremely entertaining." Matatabi said.

Their ears suddenly perked up to the acute sound of feet walking over wooden floorboard beyond the room. The mischief on Matatabi's face lessened to a simple smile as her heterochromatic eyes looked to the only entrance into the medical ward. As the paper doors slid open, the Shinto goddess of the sun, Amaterasu, made her entrance, her presence itself giving a slight warmth to the room. Matatabi stepped at the foot of the bed for the goddess to have a full view of the Nekoshou, and the reincarnated Nibi biju gave a deep formal bow.

However, her own footsteps were accompanied by another set that had a heavier force to them. The source could not hide himself as the very god that beat the stuffing out of Kurama, the strongest god Asura. Matatabi stiffened as her more spiritual senses as a Nekoshou made her feel as if she were drowning in mud from the overwhelming presence the Hindu god gave off. Kurama did not take Matatabi's reaction lightly as anyone that could upset the Nibi biju as such was an extremely dangerous entity, and he already knew first hand the moment Asura walked unscathed by a Rasenshuriken.

Amaterasu eyed the bed-ridden Kurama, her features softening in relief. A knowing smile spread across her beautiful feature seeing Yasaka asleep over her fellow friend while still holding his hand. She had tried earlier to get Yasaka away to give Kurama better rest, but her surrogate daughter was extra stubborn to stay with 'her Ku-kun'. Her heart honestly could not stop the girl.

'They just look so precious.' Amaterasu thought.

"It's wonderful to see you again, Amaterasu-sama." Matatabi greeted as she lifted her hand.

Amaterasu waved it off. "It is of no need for that, Matatabi-chan. I'm just here to make sure my lovely kitsune boy was doing fine, and that a certain dumbskull needs to give some words."

"It's not that big of a deal." Asura said. "C'mon, the kid looks perfectly fine."

Amaterasu glared at her crush. "Kurama-kun would have been fine if you didn't throw your fists at him. Now tell him your sorry!"

Asura sighed in exasperation. "Fine."

Matatabi slightly shuddered in worry as Asura's intense presence came closer to the biju. She had enough sense to walk out the way, but found herself forgetting to blink. Kurama held up better already used to the god's aura, even if it wasn't coming close to what was really hiding inside the divine body of the Hindu god of justice.

"Kid, sorry for putting you through all that." Asura apologized as honestly as he could. "You just had a lot of potential that drew my curiosity, and I wanted to see it for myself. Frankly, I am impressed."

Kurama's brows twitched in barely hidden irritation. He called getting thrashed around 'impressive'!? The reincarnated biju could hardly move as he was right now, even with his healing factor.

"I'm afraid that isn't going to cut it." Amaterasu said sharply. "Please care to enlighten us why you punched Kurama-kun in more detail."

Asura sighed. "Fine. I'll be blunt when I say this. You, kid, have very dangerous potential. There is malice in you that needs to be tamed, and right now I am looking forward to being teacher."

This was surprising, and Kurama showed it with the rising of his brows. When he first got punched by Asura, the kitsune thought he was being picked on. He didn't expect that Asura was perhaps testing him, much less considering actually training him. How was he supposed to figure it out anyway?

"You have a strange way of showing it." Kurama bluntly said with a growling undertone.

Asura chuckled. "You're brutally honest. I'm starting to like you more, kid."

"Kurama-kun, I'd accept Asura's offer." Amaterasu said, getting surprised looks from the Matatabi and Kurama. "You have to understand that no one has ever given the privilege to be taught by Asura, and I do believe his teachings will do you very good. He will help you with your... difficulties of Senjutsu."

"Ku-kun, I also think you should accept this." Matatabi said. "I mean, this does seem a big deal. There's only so much you can do by yourself, but a teacher can do so much more for you."

As much as Kurama wanted to brush it off, he couldn't deny the golden opportunity that was given to him. Everything that Kurama has achieved in both skill and power was only based off of memory from his life as a sealed biju. Truly, he should thank that his memory was still intact to properly copy even some of the sword-styles Kushina used in her life, but he had no set fighting style beyond his own instincts whereas a teacher would be able to hone them better. He was still trying to get used to how to properly use his new body to its fullest extent. The more appealing factor was that he would be taught by a god of wrath, as in an entity who has mastered in controlling volatile amounts of rage and malice.

Asura had promised Kurama to temper that malice as well as training to his fullest potential. He needed this training if Kurama ever hoped to use Senjutsu without the malice of the world enhancing his own and be consumed by the whole flood of it. If it weren't for Asura, Kurama would've become a danger to everyone for miles around him before his siblings had the chance to stop him. In that time he could've severely or, Kami forbid, kill Yasaka by accident. Kurama refused to ever let that happen.

"So what do you say, Kurama?" Asura said (finally remembering the kitsune's name). "Will you accept to be my student for the time being?"

"I accept." Kurama agreed, with just a hint of reluctance.

Asura smirked. "Good, you will have to come with me back to India at midday tomorrow."

Kurama hitched his breath in surprise. While he wasn't that bothered of leaving, it brought up the question why he had to leave to train. Just what did he sign up for?

"What?!" Amaterasu and Matatabi exclaimed in alarm.

"WHAT!?" But none were more vocal to this shocking news than Yasaka.

The mere mention of Kurama leaving his home, especially away from her, summoned a nightmare in within her sleep as she comforted Ku-kun. Simple words that brought untold terror in Yasaka's heart she bolted awake in a frantic haze. Upon awakening, Yasaka immediately looked for Kurama, softening significantly on sight on her crush. Those golden orbs locked on the source of the voice that was Asura. Her fear grew knowing it was almost impossible to have Kurama stay with her if Asura of all people wanted to take the crimson kitsune with him.

"Asura-kun, could you please elaborate why you are taking Kurama-kun away from his home?" Amaterasu said in a deathly sweet tone that makes men of all races quiver in fear.

Asura was far more than a men as he met the sun goddess' gaze. "Tell me, Amaterasu. Do you have any idea of the boy's potential? Did you feel what he was capable of in that valley? I don't plan to give some simple things as fighting stances or anything like that. I've only seen his sort in the two Super Devils. No, I plan to bring the maximum potential he is capable of, including having him conquer his own demons. From we've seen, those demons can be quite destructive."

"But I can keep him contained if he goes on this so-called rampage!" Amaterasu argued. "He's my responsibility. One of my children."

'She's really going to make me do that, huh?' Asura thought. 'Forgive me, Amaterasu.'

"Like Tamamo was?" Asura rebutted.

All of Amaterasu's features froze at the mention of her name. One of her beloved children many centuries ago, and the last child of Inari. Yasaka took a step back as an oppressive aura filled the room as if the sun itself entered the room. Light without source burned the shadows away and hot winds blew through the room. Only Matatabi and Kurama weren't so reactive to the aura, but there was a noticeable expression of nervousness. She was a god after all, and just a small percentage of her power surpassed that of any kage from the Elemental Nations.

"Don't you dare do that to me!" Amaterasu hissed with tears brimming in her eyes. "Her heart was broken. She was hurt, and I didn't want to do it. Kurama is not like her."

"He is exactly like her." Asura said, pointing to Kurama. "That raw potential and malice. I've seen the same in that kitsune girl long ago, and perhaps he's even worse than that. He couldn't go into Senjutsu without succumbing to that malice, and we both know how much raw destruction that can cause if he's anything like Tamamo. You really think you can stop whatever damage if he loses it?! That's why I am bringing him with me so I keep an eye on him to stop any of his rampages and make sure he doesn't accidentally blow up a human country or two."

'Blowing up a human nation. Heh.' Kurama thought, remembering some memories where he launched Tailed Beast Bombs on humans. 'Those were the days.'

"So you see Kura-" Asura continued.


His words were unexpectantly cut off by the high-pitched scream that reverberated throughout the entire room. Kurama felt lithe arms wrap around his shoulder and hug him too tightly to a soft body. He gasped for breath from the sudden hold, but his words were stopped by the perpetrator herself. Yasaka was hugging him close to her body as tight as she could with tears streaming down her face.

"Please!" Yasaka begged as she sobbed. "Please don't take Ku-kun away! I don't want my Ku-kun to go! I want him to stay with me forever!"

"Yasaka, please this is for his own good." Amaterasu tried to coax her daughter.

"No!" Cried Yasaka.

"Yasakaaaa!" Kurama spoke that ended in a gurgled scream as Yasaka tightened her hug even more.

'Ow, ow, ow, why!?' Kurama thought with the pain wracking his already sore body. 'Why the hell is she so damn strong like this?'

If it weren't for his dense chakra running throughout his body, Kurama was sure his own bones would turn to paste by now. He knew Yasaka meant well, but he didn't want the girl to accidentally kill him. With the effort that lingered in his body he turned his neck to the right side where Matatabi stood for help only for the Nekoshou to already stare at him with a shit-eating grin.

"Matatabi help me here." Hissed Kurama, cut off with some chokes for air.

"Ku-ku-ku." Matatabi chuckled. "For shame, Kurama-nii-san. You're so cruel for making a girl cry like this."

'Ooh, when I get my giant form back, the first I'm going to do is stomp you into a pancake.' Kurama seethed in his head.

It would be a long while from this incident that Kurama would realize he could've used his nine tails to dislodge Yasaka off of him. Unfortunately, pain has a way of making people even as someone as a reincarnated biju to forget certain things.

"Listen, girl, you can't just - This is more complicated than that." Asura said, his features becoming tense.

The Hindu god did not want to have such a situation as this. He was strongest being on the planet, excluding Beast-class entities and the True Dragons. But one thing Asura always found himself in a hard spot was crying children. He knew Kurama was different than some children should be, but Asura simply did not know how to handle when a child cries, especially if he is the indirect cause of it.

"Would you just stop crying?" Asura muttered in an irritated growl.

"Asura-kun," Amaterasu said as she settled a hand on the god's shoulder, "we need to give them time. You have to understand that they are very close."

"Grugh." Asura growled before turning towards the exit. "Fine. I'll wait later for the boy's answer once he talks to his friends."

"Of course." Amaterasu preened with her usual warm smile, then she glanced to the kitsune duo. "You two settle this, alright? I'll go and prepare some dinner for you and our guests."

The god and goddess walked out of the medical ward, leaving the three Yokai alone together. Matatabi took one glance at the kitsune pair on the bed, her features softening at the sight of Yasaka clinging to Kurama like a lifeline. She smiled showing a rare softness to them from the Nekoshou, and knew that Yasaka was going to do good for her brother.

"I think I'll leave you two alone for now." Matatabi said, lacking any of her teasing as she left the medical ward as well.

Once Matatabi left, Kurama felt the need to lie back down as exhaustion and relief flowed through his body. Yasaka had finally loosened her hold on Kurama since Asura left, but he could hear her soft sobs once in a while. She had buried her head in Kurama's left shoulder and dried her tears into his clothes.

"Yasaka." Kurama called softly.

The golden kitsune barely reacted to Kurama's voice if only with the stiffening of her body and the sobs stopped for a moment. But when she lifted her head to look back at her fellow nine-tailed kitsune, Kurama felt something freeze in his chest. Her face looked so pitiful with flushed red cheeks highlighting still wet tears. Two rivers still trickled down Yasaka's face without end, and her pink lips quivered to the point of her crying out loud.

'Do I really do this to you?' Kurama lamented to himself.

Yasaka sniffled. "I'm not letting them take you. Ku-kun... I don't want you to go away."

Kurama wanted to argue, to somehow convince Yasaka that this was something that had to be done, but he couldn't find the strength to do it. His chest just continued to tighten at Yasaka so upset with him and the prospect with leaving. Kami, he hated seeing those tears on her face that he was the indirect cause of. It suddenly reminded Kurama of his days in the Elemental Nations before being sealed away when he made his fame known as a walking mass of destruction on civilization.

'Is that what I amount?' Thought Kurama. 'Just to cause all this suffering. I refuse to have that continue, and Asura is the only one who can possibly help me with this.'

Kurama's neck refused to turn away from Yasaka, and he felt there was something so terribly wrong with her right now. That the sight of those tears did not belong on her face, and her lips should not be at the breaking point to a crying mess. He couldn't really find the words to fix this. Instead, two of his orange-crimson nine tails snaked from underneath the sheets. They rose up in the air till each tail flanked one side of Yasaka's crying face.

Yasaka slightly jumped feeling something extremely soft stroke both sides of her face. She turned to both sides of herself in shock of the sight of two of Kurama's tails wiping away her tears. The sight and the act alone had stopped her crying in bewilderment, which was followed by her heart bumping faster. Knowing it was Kurama simply made her heart soar.

"Tears should not belong on your face." Kurama said. "You're better when you smile."

Yasaka sniffed and gave a half-hearted laugh. Kurama has always been so nice to her even while he was more 'passive-aggressive' to everyone else. She, reluctantly, relinquished her hold on Kurama, but her right hand lingered to still grip on Kurama's left hand tightly. The golden kitsune was so afraid that if she let go entirely that Kurama, her best friend, would leave forever.

"Y-You are not going to with him, right Ku-kun?" Yasaka asked, her voice quivering from her anxiety. "You won't leave me, right?"

"Yasaka... I'm sorry." Kurama said, ever word he spoke feeling like needles stinging his throat. "But this isn't something I can say no to. I have to do this."

He needed to get to his full potential and then some. Kurama had no idea just how far he could push his body once it reached its peak performance in handling all of his chakra, which is combined from the portion from his sacrificed siblings. This world was filled with powerhouses like Amaterasu that could level down the Elemental Nations, and Kurama needed to learn proper Senjutsu by getting his malice intact. Yasaka, however, would not care about this plan if she ever heard it, and more tears were coming back with a vengeance.

"NO!" Yasaka cried in a shrill tone, capturing Kurama's left arm in a crushing vice grip. "I won't let them take you away from me. I... I don't want to be alone forever."

"No, it won't be forever!" Kurama argued, as a sudden and rather strange idea came to mind.

'I'm going to have to pull a Naruto on this one.' Kurama thought.

"What do you mean, Ku-kun?" Yasaka said, her golden eyes full of hope.

"Let's make a promise." Kurama proposed, keeping his voice calm and steady. "A type that we can't break no matter what. And that is that no matter how long it may be, whether be a day, a month, a year, or a century we will see each other again. So, I, Kurama, promise you, Yasaka, that I will come back for you. That is a promise I shall never break for you."

Yasaka features lifted with every word Kurama. She knew of the utter conviction her fellow kitsune spoke in those words. He further ensured Yasaka by giving a comforting squeeze back with the same hand that Yasaka was holding in her own. Not trusting whatever words she might say, Yasaka accepted Kurama's alleged promise in an embrace, wrapping her arms underneath Kurama's armpits while wrapping her golden nine tails around the both of them.

"Thank you." Yasaka whimpered, her voice making her seem so vulnerable that made Kurama's heart ache at hearing it.

Kurama didn't respond with words. Instead, he lifted the rest of his nine tails and had them snake around Yasaka's form comfortably and had two lie under Yasaka's chin to function as a pillow. Mentally, Kurama made another promise that day. If Yasaka ever found herself without strength, then Kurama will be her strength.

(The Next Morning)

Kurama had recovered soon thanks to his healing factor and in time for a quick dinner before retiring for the afternoon. He had entered a quick sleep as the exhaustion caught up to him, both mentally and emotionally. He still cursed himself by making Yasaka upset like that at the notion of leaving, and he had already accepted Asura's deal. The biju needed the god's guidance to get himself stronger and no longer be a danger to everyone. Only his siblings would ever be able to subdue him if he ever went on a rampage and that was a stretch since only Son Goku had the increased reserves granted by their late siblings chakra to take him down one-on-one.

It wasn't even dawn when Kurama was banished from his dreams and forced into a restless state. After failing to fall back asleep, Kurama decided to do some last minute sword exercises with Muramasa. For two hours, Kurama went through the forms from via the memories of watching his second host Kushina practicing her own sword katas. To strike like lightning yet flow like water. Might and flexibility mixed together in perfect cohesion.

"But it's not my own style." Kurama grumbled to himself.

It may not seem to most, but in times like these Kurama felt like he was being a copycat Uchiha. Sighing from the more rotten thoughts clouding his focus, Kurama swept the blade across the sheath before sliding the demonic blade back into place. With his session done, Kurama now realized that the peak of the sun had just risen up, highlighting the sky in a shade of light purple. His body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the intense workout, but was soon rectified from the cool breeze of the still pre-dawn air.

"Can't sleep, can you Nii-san?"

The voice ignited instinct before thought process that already put the kitsune Yokai in motion. Faster than a blink of an eye Kurama unsheathed Muramasa, slashed around, and just held back from the final blow. The supposed opponent he would've struck down at the throat was Matatabi, still sporting a wide smile and waving both hands in the air despite Muramasa inches from having the Nekshou choke on her own blood.

"Matatabi?" Kurama exclaimed, internally alarmed he almost struck down his sister as he resheathed Muramasa away. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't you remember what Pops said, Nii-teme?"

"Shukaku." Kurama said, turning around to face his second visitor, and now opening his sensory ability to detect a third just to his left.

Kurama's crimson eyes settled on the reincarnated bijuu of the One-Tailed Raccoon now turned into one of the last of the Tanuki Yokai. He was the least in physical stature compared to Kurama being short and having lean limbs. Yellow eyes stared back at the kitsune Yokai just starting to hide behind strands of sand-colored hair. On top of his head were a pair of raccoon ears and waving behind him was a massive tail colored in stripes of black, blue, and sand. Surprisingly, Shukaku's appearance was oddly similar to his jinchuriki host, Gaara, and even mellowed down on his more violent tendencies since he was now being raised by a loving family. Too bad Shukaku seem to cause trouble in the more physical way with his control of sand, and ever since reuniting has taken upon himself to take down Kurama by a peg or two.

"We can always know we are, no matter the distance." Shukaku said, tapping his forehead. "Our old man's last gift was also able to be a bit empathic. With all those wild emotions you are letting out, you make for on nasty headache."

"So what has gotten you all angst up, Kurama?"

The last to make his presence knowns was Son Goku, and the years since their reunion proved to have the monkey Yokai of Asia a born a fighter. He had a much more muscled build complete with bulging biceps and twitching chest. Growing up, Son Goku had forgone the extra amount of hair of his typical Yokai species, going with a head of spiky red hair and his red monkey tail wrapped around his waist. Out of all the siblings, Son Goku expressed the best physical might, enough that Kurama felt himself overwhelmed at times. At some points, Kurama would admit to himself that Son Goku could even fight on par with him at full power as they were now.

"It has to do with that god, isn't it?" Matatabi said, showing her acute perception via their unique link. "Kurama, what did he want from you?"

"He saw potential in me, and he even saw the malice in me." Kurama revealed. "But he can train me to master it. I will have to go away from here however back to where he resides."

"Woah." Shukaku commented, his yellow eyes wide. "That's... pretty intense. I mean, Pops was sort of a god to the human back home, but you are actually going to be trained by an actual god."

"... There's no way we'll be able to contact you, isn't that it?" Son Goku stated, his stoic look straining.

Kurama nodded. "You know how the Shinto faction sees us and the potential we have. They're a bunch of sitting ducks, yet here we are as their last hope to not be smeared over by the rest of the world. Everyone's been tight-lipped so none of the outside factions know about us. Asura also knows he has to keep absolute secrecy."

Kurama can understand it to a point. The factions are like competing hoarders seeing who has the best, and people like himself were the biggest diamonds. If he was made known to the rest of the supernatural world, the next thing Kurama would know a Maou or a Maou-class entity was out to either recruit him or get him out of the picture. He had no intentions of abandoning the Shinto faction since it has proven to be a decent home, and it was also Yasaka's home as well.

"We probably won't see each other for a while." Kurama said.

Shukaku shifted slightly and Matatabi actually had a sorrowful expression as her ears drooped to her head. Being reunited and acting as siblings, it was honestly the best time of their life for any one of them. Matatabi was the most expressive always wanting to visit her brothers any chance she got, and when they get together it was almost euphoric. Because for almost an eon of their existence, they felt like an actual family, and the prospect of seeing one of her brothers leave for so long stung her heart.

Son Goku, always the stoic out of the four of them, stared intensely at Kurama. While nothing outwardly showed, there was enough to tell in the atmosphere as Kurama and Son Goku stared down at each other. He eventually relented the stare into an almost defeated sigh and approached Kurama in a neutral manner. Their faces did not betray what they felt, but in a surprising move Son Goku rested his right hand on his brother's shoulder.

"We may not get along." Son Goku said. "Heck, back in the day, some of us wanted to rip each other apart. But from the bottom of my heart, I will say this. Stay safe, Kurama, and get strong. Stronger than even the old man could ever imagine."

"Yeah." Kurama said lowly. "Considering how stubborn I am, it's going to be a long time."

"And we're not just going to stay so idle while you're off training with a god." Shukaku cried. "I still have to beat you to prove that we are all equal."

"Is that so?" Kurama replied with a smirk. "Then how about it this? Let's see where we all stand against each other. All of us right here, right now."

Matatabi widened her eyes in shock. "Are you serious, Kurama-nii-san?"

"Dead so." Kurama confirmed with a chuckle, flexing his fingers at his side. "I've got the time, and perhaps the power to remind you why I am known as the big brother. What say you?"

"Okay, I'm game." Matatabi agreed, extending her hands out that created claws of blue fire at her fingertips. "Don't whine if you get too scratched up, Nii-san."

"Oh hell yeah." Shukaku yelled, a huge cloud of sand erupting from the ground around the tanuki. "I've been looking forward for this."

"I could use a little hand-to-hand action." Son Goku said, cracking his knuckles that began to steam. "And we have a little surprise to show you after all of these years."

Kurama quirked an eyebrow in curiosity. His questions were never spoken as his words were choked down in shock from what he was instead shown. All three of Kurama's siblings closed their eyes and reopened to reveal the same crimson Sharingan eyes fully matured. Their three tomoes continued to spin rapidly adding to Kurama's further shock as the patterns evolved into three different distinctions. For the entire time possibly as long as himself; Matatabi, Shukaku, and Son Goku had their own EMS Sharingan eyes.

"Surprised?" Son Goku, breaking his stoic expression with a chuckle. "You're not the only one that Tou-san gave a little present."

"How about that, teme?!" Cried Shukaku excitedly. "Or are you too chicken?"

There were many things that should have alarmed Kurama with this revelation. He should be alarmed that their Sharingan eyes could potentially suppress his own chakra just like the Uchiha did. Much less the kitsune should be alarmed that his siblings shared the same damn eyes. But he simply could not. Instead Kurama felt in a rare time a sense of excitement. A smile continued to stretch his face in a fox-like grin, and Kurama opened his eyes to reveal his own EMS.

"Bring it on." Kurama challenged.

As soon as Kurama said those words, Son Goku, who was standing right in front of him, took the opportunity to smash his fist into the kitsune's face and sending him tumbling over the grass. Kurama broke his velocity digging his clawed fingers into the dirt, only to wince as Matatabi leaped over him and delivered a burning slash mark at the nape of his neck. The only thing he dodged were the waves of sand Shukaku sent after him.

Son Goku was the one to press on the attack first, kicking off his position with a bang from sheer raw strength. Kurama blocked his forward jab with an open palm, but Son Goku immediately threw another with his remaining hand. Kurama's Sharingan saw it in time to deflect to a less vital area, but he knew he was going to have nasty bruise under his armpit. With that done, Kurama locked Son Goku's arm down and went for wide backhand at the monkey Yokai's face, but Son Goku had other plans when Kurama felt a kick to his right leg and buckled down. Now on one knee, Son Goku hammered down his right arm aimed for Kurama's head, but was blocked by Kurama's forearm reinforced with chakra and countered by landing a punch to Son Goku's left ribs.

Their brawl was unfortunately broken as they both avoided a massive wave a sand from Shukaku, who was trying to bury the two. Unfortunately, the tanuki had to suddenly divert his attention more to himself as Matatabi aimed to get him out of the fight. Her claws were only held back by the sands acting in an instant defense similar to his former host, Gaara. Claws of blue fire met a dense wall of sand, turning it into glass on contact and were just several inches from Shukaku's face. Despite the failed blow, Matatabi had a wide smirk on her face.

"Remember, Nii-san, it's a royal." Matatabi reminded coyly.

"Oh I remember." Shukaku said ominously.

Matatabi blinked at the tone before the wall of glass shattered as Shukaku's massive tail swung around and batted Matatabi away to crash through a tree and boulder. With Matatabi recovering, Shukakau focused his chakra at his fingertips till they were surrounded in an almost white hue: a color of wind chakra. The tanuki swung his hands down, sending two crescent blades of wind chakra two stories ripping through the ground aimed at his siblings. Kurama and Son Goku dodged out of the way, and Matatabi countered with a swipe of her own claws using wind chakra as well.

The blue-haired Nekoshou took a breath and unleashed an inferno of blue flames headed for Shukaku. He avoided the searing flames with a forward that brought him too close to the fighting Son Goku and Kurama pair. It was according to Matatabi's plan as she rocketed off with blue fire roaring from the soles of her feet thus pushing her forward at frightening speeds.

Meanwhile, Kurama found himself getting pressed with both Shukaku on the offensive with his sand and Son Goku's martial arts that incorporated using their late brother's, Kokuo, Steam Release in his fists. Matatabi was on her way to join the fray, but his attention switched to the immediate danger of a wave of sand towering above him while at the same time Son Goku was flipping into an axe kick via the tracking prowess of his Sharingan eyes. As such, Kurama released his nine tails and three to block Son's punch. At the same time, Kurama spat a wave of frosted wind to freeze the sand in place to then smash it with another tail.

Matatabi used the new ice wall as cover by scaling up and pouncing down at the fighting Yokai siblings. She landed right between Kurama and Son, delivering a quick kick to both of their chins with a nasty crack. Growling, Kurama smashed down his nine tails to overwhelm Matatabi, but the Nekoshou proved her nimble motions weaving through the storm of fox tails to get close to Kurama to swing a punch. Kurama caught the blow and the follow ups including a flurry of kicks that got her into the air, but the kitsune Yokai did not let her escape as he grabbed her left ankle and yanked her back to the ground hard.

That was when Son Goku took his chance to tackle both Kurama and Matatabi with a shoulder charge, carrying them through the thicket of trees and rocks till they found themselves embedded in a large boulder. Son pulled back his right fist, steam bursting off his elbow for extra power to put into the blow. Kurama met with a fully formed Rasengan that blasted Son away, and gave Matatabi the opening to send a kick to the monkey Yokai's chest while also jumping off to kick off of Kurama as well. Once in the air, Matatabi unleashed a torrent of blue fire from her mouth, engulfing both of her siblings.

A blast of steam from Son immediately dispersed the flames, but he wasn't without some minor burns on his form. Kurama had no such defense with burns littering his body, but quickly healing due to his healing factor. Shukaku arrived back into the fight unleashing a volley of high-compact balls of sand firing like bullets as they pierced through wood and rock. While Kurama and Matatabi dodged out of the way and entered their own fight, Son took the charge reinforcing his body in a layer of molten rock and charged down the tanuki. Whatever defense Shukaku used proved useless against the lava armor, and when he swung his massive tail Son caught it and used as leverage to smash Shukaku around effortlessly.

Back with Kurama and Matatabi, the former was forced on the defense finding that Matatabi was more faster in close combat and he was only keeping track with his Sharingan. He also had to keep his footing safe as the Nekoshou would occasionally go for a low blow to get him down on one knee. Kurama swiped away a swift blow from Matatabi, followed by an elbow blow that Kurama dodged by moving his head out of the way. His remaining hand snapped up into an uppercut that struck Matatabi's chin, and in her staggered state allowed Kurama to press on the offense with a punch to her shoulder and another to her ribs that sent her flying back.

At that moment, Son returned with Shukaku with the latter having been thrown and anchoring his tail to keep himself on his feet. The four siblings now stood in one perfect diamond formation, their eyes darting to each other. They tried to assess which to attack first, creating a thick tension in the air. From some unknown signal, their limbs and bodies turned into a blur of motion as they engaged a in four-way fist fight. Four pairs of crimson eyes streaked across the space the blurring forms of the former bijuu occupied. The heightened visual prowess of their eyes made every kick, punch, and jab countered and reposted only to be repeated again.

This stalemate was finally broken when all of them was met with a simultaneous blow, whether to their midsection, chest, or face. They both delivered and were dealt a crushing blow that made all four stagger back as if hit by a freight train. Simultaneously, they snapped their heads up with their Sharingan eyes blazing a bright crimson.


The space between all four where their glares met exploded in a burst of black flames that knocked each one of them to their feet. As they recovered, they were treated to the awkward aftermath their battle had left with spots burning in black flames and too many trees uprooted. Kurama, Matatabi, Son Goku, and Shukaku glanced at each other before suddenly letting off amused chuckle.

"It would seem we took this a bit too far." Shukaku admitted shockingly. "I know my 'parents' would be pissed if they saw this."

"Heh, mine too." Matatabi agreed. "We could keep going, but who knows what will happen then. Wanna call it a draw?"

Son Goku shrugged. "Sure. You good with that, Kurama?"

"Yeah." Kurama said with a gruff chuckle. "That was actually really fun."

"How do you think I feel?" Shukaku commented with a laugh.

The four bijuus paused to dissipate the black flames of the Sharigan Amaterasu before there was any permanent damage to the environment. A silence descended between them before Kurama held a strained expression.

"Guys, come here for a second." Kurama said while gesturing to the bijuu to come closer.

The other three exchanged glances and shrugged before approaching Kurama. They stood before the kitsune Yokai awaiting for whatever he was going to show or say. Instead, they were shocked when they were all caught in Kurama's arms and held tightly that they could only identify as a hug. His face hung low as it was squished with the heads of his siblings.

"Father said that I am supposed to be the big brother." Kurama said lowly. "And yet in the centuries we have existed, not once have I not even given any of you a hug. This life we have been given is a new chance for us to start over, and I want us to be a family the old man would be proud of. It may not seem much, but you, and our late brethren, are the best siblings I can ask for."

"Nii-san..." Matatabi said in embarrassment, but snuggled closer to her elder brother.

Son was content in letting Kurama have his moment until he heard sniffles from his left. He turned in the direction and his face gained a perplexed look finding the source to be the crying tanuki that is their little brother. Seems Shukaku had been bottling up something for all this time.

"Are you crying?" Son said, baffled.

"N-No!" Shukaku denied unconvincingly. "J-Just got some dirt in my eye."

They did not know how long they stayed like that hugging each other. None of them could really care because for the first time in a very long while they finally felt like a true family.

(Unknown Mountain Range)

"We're here." Asura announced.

Upon Asura's announcement, the kitsune Yokai of twelve-years old with orange-crimson hair dropped his bag of supplies and dropped to the ground with his legs crossed, exhausted. Finally after a week of inconspicuous travel from the island country of Japan and across the continent of Asia did they finally arrive at Asura's private home. The final treks were a blur for Kurama, but he did remember at some point walking on air as if in the presence of invisible stairs, and here he was finally here now on top of mountain overlooking a valley covered in a thick white mist.

Not a single day went by without Kurama reminiscing his final goodbyes with his siblings, Yasaka, Amaterasu, and all that he knew that was home. He received a few hugs from Amaterasu and Matatabi, but the real problem was trying to get Yasaka to let go of his ankle. The entire time the golden-haired kitsune girl latched onto him, crying with so many tears to stay with her. It honestly hurt Kurama to see his only friend in this world look like that, and it took a full book of apologies and promises to soothe her down. Promises that he will live up to.

'If I can't keep a promise, then I'd be shaming you, Naruto.' Kurama resolved in his head.

In his travels, Kurama was treated with sights he never found in the Elemental Nation. While Japan's geography was more or less the same as it was in his previous home dimension, Kurama was not prepared for the wide expanse that the rest of this humongous world had to offer. The land of China contained its own beautiful lands of vast seas of greenery surrounding mountains that were more like giant fingers reaching for the heavens. Even the feel of the natural energy at a noticeable change to it compared to what he felt in Kyoto, almost like a different flavor. However, Asura had chosen to avoid any big time cities where both humans and the supernatural were highly concentrated if they wanted to keep Kurama's existence a secret.

"Not to sound like a whiny, but there is a whole lot of nothing." Kurama commented.

Asura ignored Kurama as the god stared at the valley below. His power suddenly flexed so small it came off a like a small wisp of orange, yet sent out a massive wave of his demonic-like energies shaking Kurama to his core. As if in reaction, the thick fog that blanketed the valley swept away. Standing in the center in all of its majesty was a massive golden Hindu palace the size of a city glimmering in the light. Eight towers surrounded it, their golden peaks topped with celestial symbols of stars, suns, or moons.

"Wow." Kurama responded with wide eyes. "Nice place. So... when do we-"

"Training begins now!"


Kurama never finished as a chromium fist met his face with a sickening crack, and thus marked the Shin Yokai's first day of otherworldly pain that was training.

That took... SO much longer than it needed to be, both in time and amount. But it was all worth it, and thus ends the introduction arc of the story. I had to establish a sort of bond between Kurama and his siblings since he has never been shown to care even though they are technically siblings, and also Yasaka's reaction to Kurama leaving that adds to her affection to Kurama. If you are wondering "why does he have to leave?", well, what kind of barrier do you think can even stop Kurama if ever goes on a rampage at full power? He needs someone so powerful to keep him in check if that ever happens when he goes into Senjutsu, and he needs to be isolated to prevent massive casualties.

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