A Short Chapter. Which I mainly created just for Introductions. I've already started on the next, so expect it fairly soon.

Chapter 1: A Need to Trade Places.

Ah, the sweet sound of complete silence. One of the most peaceful noises anyone could possibly imagine. Especially someone such as The Courier, who spends the majority of their days listening to people screaming from pain, gunfire, and explosions. Was a rather good change of audio for her ears. The Courier was currently in her Presidential Suite, laying down in her very comfy bed.

Sometimes she had the great idea to just stay in bed through the entire day. But today that idea was nonexistent. For the Courier had herself a new Quest. An actual Quest! She hadn't received one in months. Made sense seeing as everybody was either getting along with each Other, or dead.

But it wasn't just Quests that The Courier hadn't seen in a great while. It was any excitement in general. No longer were people shooting at each other. No longer were people begging for her help. And no longer were Deathclaws appearing in places that they definitely shouldn't.

For the Courier now had one available Quest. (Well actually there were two of them. The other being ''What's In The Name?'' But that required a larger amount of Intelligence than the Courier Currently Possesses.) And she'll be dammed if she won't complete it.

Most of the Courier's Past Quests had confusing, humorous, and down right odd names. But this Quest was a little bit Different. For one it didn't even have a title. And Secondly it didn't even give an actual objective. Just a map marker for her to travel to.

Stepping out of her bed, the Courier quickly equips her Desert Ranger Combat Armour she received from Zion. Nowadays she always wore it wherever she went. The stupid reason being that she preferred the green eyes, Rather than the red eyes that came with standard Ranger Armour.

Exiting Her room, The Courier bumps into one of Her Companions, Arcade Gannon. Since Arcade was wearing His Enclave Remnant Power Armour, The Courier is pushed to the ground. Arcade quickly helps His friend up and Apologizes.

''Um, sorry about that. Last I checked Boone and myself are the only ones up this early in the morning. Though for very different reasons. Boone, because early in the morning is apparently the best time of the day for sniping people. And myself, because that's when the most crime take place.''

The Courier tilted Her head, ''Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that there's still some Crime left in Freeside!? I thought I got rid of all of the Bad People?! And the whole NCR, Kings Friendship. Violence should be down! I really need to get out more often.''

''Crime is Certainly down Considerably. Just a few Thugs here and there. And as for The Kings and NCR, They're doing Their best to keep as much order as possible. I'm glad you convinced them to let me help. By the way, I couldn't help but notice you're wearing your ''Adventure'' Armour. Is today finally the day you get back out there?''

''Why yes is it, My best friend. Oh and don't tell Veronica I said that. Last night I just received a random notification on my Pip-Boy. No title, No Objective. Just telling me to go to an area outside of Primm. I'll be back soon.''

''You said the same thing about Big MT. Not only were you there for three days. After you got out of there, you went straight to the Sierra Madre, Which practically took up just as much time.''

''Well in my defense, Those places were really cool. Well, One of them more scary than cool. Anyway I should probably get going. I am Officially making you Gang Leader until I return. Use this position of Power Responsibly. Oh, and tell Raul that I got Him access to Hidden Valley.


It had been months since the Courier sat foot in Primm. Last time She was there, She got the Town a new Sheriff. And judging by the Town's new Inhabitants, Deputy Weld was doing a pretty good job of Keeping Law and Order. (DUN-DUN)

''Okay let's see,'' The Courier said to Herself, Whilst examining Her Pip-Boy. ''Looks like I need to go Inside the Vikki and Vance Casino. I guess it wouldn't hurt to also say ''Hi'' to Johnson Nash while I'm in there.''

The Courier threw open the Casino's Doors. She greeted the Patrons inside, ''Hello Friends! Your Glorious Savior has finally returned from Her ventures of great Terror and Destruction!''

Johnson Nash Chuckled and approached The Courier. He handed Her a small shot glass of Whiskey. ''I'd recognize that wild Spirit from anywhere. Well, That and you're the only one I know who sometimes refers to themselves in Third-Person. How you doing kid? And what brings you back to Primm?''

The Courier removed Her helmet and quickly drained Her Shot-glass. ''First off, Third-Person is the best Person. Secondly, I'm Doing Fantastic. And Thirdly, Adventure brings Me here my Dear Friend. I don't suppose anything interesting Has Happened in here as of last night?''

''Afraid not. This Town is now a quiet one. Been getting a lot more visitors though. Especially since you Found that missing Gun of Our's. Yep, Nothing more than a few strange Individuals. Well, Definitely not as Strange as you are.''

The Courier laughed, Partly Because it was true. ''Yeah, yeah. Now, When you say Strange Individuals. Is there Anyone who sticks out more than the Others? I might need to talk with Them.''

''Now that you mention it. There's this one Fellow Sitting right over there. If you ask me He seems like bad Business. Dresses pretty weird Too. Hasn't even ordered anything or Played a Game. Just sits there. Could be He's been waiting for you.''

The Courier looked over to the man. Surely enough His Apparel was Beyond out of the Ordinary, Even for Her standards. His Outfit looked Oddly Clean, Especially Noticeable due to it's White Color. The Stranger's Hat was covering His eyes While He sat. The Courier, After having one last talk with Nash, The Courier took a seat next to The Stranger.

She was hoping to be the first to make official introductions. But the man beat Her to it. He started with a sigh of Relief. ''Phew, You certainly took your sweet time getting Here didn't you? I mean, I've been waiting here for practically a full day!''

The Courier, In a Confused Manner, Said. ''Okay, You're rude. But luckily for you, After dealing with Dean, I think I can get behind that. And as for why it took me so long. The Objective didn't exactly come with a suggested time of arrival. How the Hell did you send the Quest to my Pip-Boy anyway?''

The Courier didn't get her expected answer. ''That thing around your wrist? That's a Stupid name for it if you don't mind my saying. Not the best of Security either. Mind if we just cut to the chase? I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Basically, you're an interesting person. Some Friends of mine are interested in you.''

The Mysterious man reached into his Outfit and Pulled out a small Electronic Device. He handed it to The Courier. ''I'm going to need you to attach it to that Teleportation Gun of yours.''

The Courier complied. Only because the same Objective Appeared on Her Pip-Boy. The procedure was quite easy thanks in part to The Courier's Very High Science and Repair Skills.

''Okay, good. They did say you weren't a ''Complete'' idiot. Now before you pull that trigger, Which I know you're going to do, Seeing as you're curiosity always gets the better of you. You should probably know that this is a ''One-way Trip''. But I'm guessing this isn't the first time you've been told that?''

The Courier smiled and pointed her now upgraded Transportalponder to the Ceiling. ''Buddy, you got that right.

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