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Chapter 21: A Not So Needed Expulsion

Seeing Ulysses and Graham proved to be quite good for Courier Six's spirit. She viewed the men as if they were both the human incarnation of the word badass. And to be fair no one disagreed with her. Either because everyone saw them the same way, or because not many people knew them as personally as she did.

This idea was only strengthened when they were once again reunited in the forest. Not only was their introduction beyond spectacular, they also made just a few noticeable modifications to their appearances since they last saw each other.

It was a little weird, and for the Students and workers at the Academy it would even be horrifying, to see Joshua without his bandages. But in a way the Courier was happy to see him this way. Aside from his eyes and choice of outfit, Ulysses just looked like your average man.

But there was very little time to celebrate their arrival. Coco, still being in a very drunk and out of her mind state, needed immediate medical attention. Which also meant that they were once again going to have to fast travel. While Six's two old friends were well adjusted to seeing the horrors of the Multiverse, her four new Companions were not. As a result there was a lot of vomiting once they returned to the Academy.

Needless to say a lot of the people present in the halls at the time were a little more than shocked to see a bunch of students and two complete strangers appear out of virtually nowhere. But there wasn't anytime to explain how the device allowed teleportation. The Courier theorized that Coco didn't have much time until she would inevitably overdose. So having Joshua and Ulysses carry her and with the aid of Velvet's directions, they all rushed her somewhere she could receive medical treatment.

Six could tell that everyone was pretty pissed off at her. And they weren't exactly hiding it from her, leaving her alone with her two friends after they dropped Coco off. She wasn't going to worry about that however. She could try and make it up to them another time.

For now though she really wanted to speak with the one who helped her crush the White Legs, and the only other person who has walked the most dangerous of roads. ''Weird day, huh?'' She said rather casually, starting the conversation.

A few seconds passed without a proper response from either of the men. Joshua decided to be nice and give her a few words. ''No more than it usually is when you're around.'' He said, getting a nice laugh out of the Courier. ''You have a rather bad habit of summoning the abnormal wherever you go.''

Before Six responded to the claim that she absolutely agreed with, she took a few minutes to bask in the sexiness of his one of a kind voice. She wasn't attracted to men, but she was able to make an exception with the man's beautiful and poetic way with words.

After her turn of not speaking for a few awkward seconds she reminded him of the added benefits of being a magnet for the bizarre. ''But think about all of the cool stuff that happens to me because of that. Going to the Big MT, the Divide, Zion, the Sierra Madre. And those are just the places, think of the people. Ghouls that were obsessed with going to space, that Elijah guy who almost killed me with the flashing light people, those three strange men who showed up out of nowhere and asked for funding for some kind of resurrection project, and best of all... you guys.''

The Courier once again forgot that being categorized as a weird person isn't exactly appealing to most people. Her two mentors were willing to overlook her bad judgement in words. That and Ulysses decided to ask a few questions that he had just come up with.

Positioning himself in front of Joshua he spoke to the other Courier. ''You seem to have already adjusted to this place in a short amount of time.'' He said, his voice sounding very different without his mask. ''Thought you would, always manage to find a way. How did you preform against the beasts in the forest?''

Putting on a pretty confident face, Six answered his question. ''I killed a good amount of them. The meat is absolutely delicious. Though you have to get it fast before they disintegrate. Oh, and I should also probably that I nearly destroyed half the forest and shot a bunch of Cops in the City.''

Ulysses wasn't planning on bringing it up, but her first experience sounded much better than his own. When he first came to the other World he was nothing more than a young and naive man serving in the Legion. He wanted to know how much use it could truly be to Caesar.

He had to find out the hard way that even the might of the Legion couldn't conquer this World. After he brought in a small squad of Legionaries to see what kind of Military they would be dealing with, Ulysses immediately regretted finding the place. In the end only he managed to escape with his life intact.

Wanting to make sure no one else would discover the horrors that could easily destroy the New World, he sealed it's entrance, locking it up so that no one else would become a victim. But that was quite a long time ago. Things were very different than from how he remembered them.

Finally Ulysses decided that he would leave his thoughts alone for now. After that he found that Six and Joshua were having their own conversation while he daydreamed. ''That's a shame.'' Joshua said to the Courier. ''It always seemed like you two were very happy together.''

In a bit of a sad manner she shook her head. ''I really do miss being with her. Of course we're still friends... even have the added benefits. But for awhile now our relationship has been completely over. When I get back to the Mojave I'm hoping that I'll be able to change that.

Ulysses asked a question about the Courier's old Girlfriend. ''Her name is Veronica, right?'' He asked, getting a nod and widened eyes as an answer. ''Christine told me about her at the Big MT. How she was separated from her because of Elijah. It is an understandable reason for wanting someone dead. I'm assuming that you never told Veronica that you left her at the Sierra Madre?''

That accusation made Six put on an angry frown. Not the one of deceiving her lover, but of leaving one of her Companions behind. If there was one rule that she would never bend or break it was that one. ''She wanted to stay.'' She said, crossing her arms. ''Apparently someone has to be in charge of watching over that place. If it was up to me I would've brought her back to the Mojave and let her join our little team. Unfortunately that can't happen due to that fact I can't get back to the Madre. And even if I could, there is no other reason for me to go back there. I learned all the secrets and I got all the treasure.''

Most of the treasure anyway. She only manged to escape the vault with a few of the gold bars. Still, just a few of them were still valuable enough to the break the entire economy. And by the end of her shopping spree when she returned it was more than broken.

''What's the real reason you two are here anyway?'' She asked, realizing she should have done so when the chance first presented itself. ''I know it's not because you missed me or something along those lines. Especially sense there's no one else in the Mojave who knows about this place.''

Joshua was about to inform her that they were there to make sure that she was okay, that they were summoned by odd and mysterious individuals, and Ulysses's previous knowledge and encounter with the World and its people. But he would have to wait for another chance, for they were about to be interrupted.

The two individuals doing this interrupting being Miss Goodwitch, who looked extremely upset but that was nothing too out of the ordinary, and then there was Ozpin, who looked like he was very concerned about something, most likely because he had heard about what happened in the forest.

Before the Courier could think of the right words to use to calm them both down, she took a turn being interrupted. Only this time it was solely Goodwitch who gained her attention. She gained it by beginning to walk at a faster pace. Six just guessed that she was very eager to receive her explanation. What ended up telling her that she was wrong was a hard slap to her face. More specifically it was to her right cheek.

Ozpin sighed, knowing that it was really stupid of him for not have guessing that would have happened. He approached Glynda and placed a hand on her shoulder. A good sign that she was going a little bit too far. Everyone else completely agreed.

Glynda crossed her arms and gave Ozpin a particular look. It was the kind of look you give someone when they're supposed to say something they're not too eager to say. After giving just one more sigh and helping her up, Ozpin began to speak with Six.''

''Miss Courier.'' He said, his voice as gentle and as kind as ever. ''After we received the information of what took place within Emerald forest, including the ideas that you might have supposedly drugged Miss Adel, and caused four of the other students to become traumatized, I'm afraid you'll no longer be allowed to attend the Academy.''