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Chapter 7: Reality of War

(Capital city of Lessu)

"You have disappointed me, Wat Tambor." Glowered Count Dooku, official head of the CIS.

The humanoid Dooku was projecting his silent rage on was a Shakoan in one of their usual pressurized suits. As a result, it was impossible to see any facial expressions due to the mask that provided methane gas to breath, but one could feel the fear from Wat Tambor. Dooku was as terrifying as he was charismatic among the CIS. His plans gave fruition to the independent systems to have a chance against the Senate they have loathed for their misgivings. Yet disappointing the count meant a quick death that nobody wanted.

"Please, I implore you, Count Dooku." Wat Tambor, his erratic voice effecting his equipment. "This isn't anything like the Republic. These - savages do not care for what they destroy, only that our forces are destroyed. And yet they are rallying the Twi'leks to their side. They are calling for my head on a pike. This 'Immortal Dominion' is out for complete domination, not liberation, and the natives are going along with it!"

The hologram of Count Dooku hummed in thought. Truly he wanted to blame the Shakoan for the failure of the subjugation of Ryloth, but it wasn't rational to do so. On a rational standpoint, Wat Tambor had been completely overwhelmed by a force that he was not prepared to counter. If it were the Republic, Wat Tambor had measures to halt their advance with the use of hostages. Coming from those black ships was not a force built for mercy.

These new aliens that made up the bulwark of the army of this new faction. Where the clone troopers excelled on the battlefield in superior training and coordination, these humanoids wielding both blade and rifle fought with a brutality. They did not simply fight on orders of their leaders, these roaring black horde was a race that lusted on war itself. If the CIS armies were organic, the lands of Ryloth would surely flood with blood and gore.

This whole debacle of the revelation of the Immortal Dominion joining in the conflict has completely derailed not only Dooku's, but worse his master's plans in the Clone Wars. It was such an unnoticed variable that no doubt made Darth Sidious silently seethe in rage. Years of plotting and scheming within the shadows have been instantly ruined with a third contender. The whole war may go in a completely new direction if this Immortal Dominion fought against both the GAR and CIS, or worse joins the GAR to win the war. There was not a chance with the Immortal Dominion joining with the CIS as their own operation on Ryloth was showing.

Then there was the most aggravating and unexpected factor that come from this: Skywalker. Somehow, that name had a way to be relative to whatever ruined Dooku's plans in the war, but this came from another who had the name as a possible relative. How shocking it was that Anakin Skywalker, the 'Chosen One' of the Jedi, had a living relative walking the galaxy.

General Alexander Skywalker, the Bane of the Hutt Empire as he proclaims, was a far different man than the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker he had to contend with. He proudly showed a furious passion that Dooku felt it tremor in the Force, and speaking of such, Alexander's was extremely strong in the Force. No doubt even Sidious had felt Alexander's presence from his place upon Coruscant, and how his master must be agonizingly enraged of someone that had rivaled, or dare he say, surpassed his power. Loathe he admit it, Dooku was worried of confronting Alexander Skywalker. Unlike Anakin, this Skywalker seemed to take war to the utmost extreme like an art.

Both CIS leaders were interrupted by a loud blaring from one of the consoles the droids were operating. Dooku's frown became more defined, and Tambor's eyes flicked with a certain irritation.

'It's one problem after another!' Tambor growled in his head.

"What is the problem?!" Demanded the Skakoan to the bumbling B1 droids.

"Uh, something is forcing into our communications system." Informed one of the droids. "We can't stop it. It's patching through."

Both Dooku and Wat Tambor gave pause as the holo transmission was joined by a full-rendered giant image of Alexander Skywalker. The projection had the Dark Lord at two stories high, allowing him to look down at the two leaders of the CIS with a smug smile. Dooku narrowed his eyes now meeting the face of the new opposition to the plans of the Clone Wars while Wat Tambor was struggling to put on a brave front. The look in Sauron's blazing golden eyes was too predatory to be merciful. This was no General of the GAR, but a warlord that has proved himself in conquest.

"Are you by chance the leader of the CIS forces here?" Sauron said with a disarming smile. "Strange that instead of leaders, I find an ant hiding in a mountain of steel."

Wat Tambor visibly bristled at the insult towards him. His fists tightened at his sides, but no voice of protest came from the Skakoan. Sauron seemed amused at the Skakoan and turned his attention to the projection of Count Dooku.

"And who are you?" Sauron mused. "An old man still embroiled in childish dreams of rule and glory? I doubt you will live before the end of this war when the grip of death comes for you."

"I am Count Dooku." The former Jedi master introduced himself. "And you must be General Alexander Skywalker who has openly unleashed hostilities. That is unwise to go against the might of the CIS."

The only response from the new Skywalker was a low chuckle behind closed lips. Dooku could see how Alexander could be related to Anakin in some ways with their insults, but at the same time the two couldn't be more different. Sauron seemed to have picked on Dooku's assessment as a brow raised.

"I sense that you find me irritating, but not necessarily stemming to me in whole." Sauron noted. "Do I seem familiar to a soul that has been gifted your ire?"

Dooku's brows creased. "Satisfy the curiosity of this 'old man' then. Do you have a relation to the person named Anakin Skywalker?"

"Ah, I see now." Sauron said. "It would seem my little brother still manages to make the ire out of some important people. But do well to know that I am nothing like my foolish little brother."

"Is that so? " Dooku said in a challenging tone.

"Quite so." Sauron said. "That is why you are to surrender all of your forces and the occupation to me. If not, all you may do is look outside."

Wat Tambor allowed himself to indulge this enemy to look outside. He wished he hadn't as the Skakoan watched one of the massive heavy cruisers descend from the sky. The CIS tyrant could see the weapons lining the girth of the ship priming them upon the city to reduce it to rubble. On the sight of the warship training the weaponry of the city of Lessu.

"Y-You wouldn't dare!" Wat Tambor roared/whimpered, staggering back in shock. "You would be destroying the Twi'lek's famed capital. They will not forgive you for this."

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Laughed Sauron from the foolishness. "You're first mistake is thinking I am like the Republic. The Republic is fighting for 'liberation' and 'peace' throughout the galaxy. I, however, am fighting in war. For in war, homes shall always be led to crumble in order to pave the path to victory. That is the reality of war the Republic is blind to see. I shall rain down the destruction of my flee. My legions will show no mercy. This is a war where you and the CIS... will burn."

The way Sauron spoke the last word screamed power from him, enough that it made Dooku flinch. Thick force energies filled the chamber of Wat Tambor, making him feel as if gravity were trying to force him down with his face eating the floor. Alarming creaks resonated from his pressure suit, bringing the Skakoan to a higher level of panic.

"Nothing to say?" Sauron said. "For shame. If the people of Ryloth want revenge for their capital, I'll just throw you to the masses."

The projection of the Immortal Dominion General faded away, leaving an irritated Count Dooku and a frantic Wat Tambor. He had entirely forgotten about Dooku's presence and focused more on ordering his droids to prepare a ship to escape. This all proved fruitless in the end as the warship in the distance charged its many weapons with an audible hum. A second later they fired a whole payload upon the lonely city of Lessu. Cut off from the mainland and being an island over a massive gorge, the CIS forces in the city were left to crumble along with falling towers. Fires raged upon laid stone and mechanical work like burning parasites and trails of smoke billowed into the sky above. From his throne aboard the mothership, Sauron drank in the fires of war with glee.

The heavy cruiser only stopped at one barrage. Anymore fire on the capital city of Ryloth and he would lose support of the inhabitants. Already, the necessary damage was done, and Sauron can still paint this in a way to blame the CIS. He did after all demand of their surrender and Wat Tambor was too stuck up not to give in. With the CIS forces in Lessu in no small amount of disarray, all Sauron needed was to secure the capital himself.

Upon the heavy cruiser, the massive warship unleashed one last projectile aimed at the lower levels were the damages were the least. It just bigger than the average missile of a payload, but the shape was more bulky than sleek for a missile. It did not explode on impact with the stone wall and smashed through the city defenses till it stopped in the streets after leaving a ruined trail. With all the fires and smoke in the city, the appearance of the pod was mostly unchecked.

The bulky tip at the front end of the pod blew off in a show of sparks and steam. The click of boots followed the arrival of a slender figure wrapped in a coal-black cape hiding black plasteel armor over the torso and legs. The hood was drawn up to hide up the upper facial features while everything of the nose and below was hidden in a face mask. Only glowing yellow eyes could be seen from the hood that projected a cold malice as feminine entity withdrew a lightsaber of a curvied design with retractable steel blade on one end and the emitter was shaped in a tsuba-like guard. On the index finger of her right hand was a golden ring with a red gem, glowing with eldritch powers of the Force binding her soul to is maker.

This was the second new Nazgul, Darth Azura, and had grown from a girl of eleven to blooming her mid-to-late teenage figure. In those years in the awakening of the Immortal Dominion, she had become Sauron's top spymaster, master in espionage, and greatest assassin. It suited her with her Force powers being average with the Ring of Power, but she excelled in lightsaber combat that complimented her status as an assassin. Among the arisen Nazgul, Darth Azula was the greatest in Makashi, and was well suited with Ataru and Juyo. Only the Witch-King and the brutal combat efficiency of Darth Malus surpassed her in a duel among the nine while the rest had the advantage with their natural physique.

'I have arrived within the city, my lord.' Darth Azura called out via mental link. 'What is your bidding to this loyal servant?'

'Find the one named Wat Tambor.' Ordered the bellowing voice of the Dark Lord Sauron. 'If we are to fully gain trust of the Twi'lek, we need the head of their suffering. Remember, my dark assassin, I need this worm alive for now. I do appreciate failure on your part.'

'It shall be done, my lord.' Darth Azura promised.

'Put those words into reality and we shall see.' Sauron concluded before cutting off the mental link, leaving Azura to her empty thoughts.

It was then that the smoke of fires lessened in the street from the droids going into emergency as firefighters. The smoke that once provided Azura with cover was now rendered mute, leaving the assassin of Sauron completely open in the street. She felt the optics of the droids stare on her for a second before she was now facing a line of B1 droids being led by a B2 super battle droid. None of them raised their weapons yet on Azura, and one of the B1 droids chose to speak to the Nazgul.

"Halt!" The B1 droid barked, its voice modulator making it far less intimidating. "You are in a restricted and hazardous area. Identify yourself and then you will be escorted to officials for further orders. If you do not comply, we will be forced to shoot you. So... please listen to us."

'What pathetic machinery.' Thought Azura with an eye roll. 'I suppose will play things out in a more messy fashion.'

Her right hand blurred behind the confines of her cloak and in the same second now held her curved lightsaber. The droids' optics tensed at the sight of the object and weapons were already humming to life. Alarms went off in the droids' programming when the curved hilt protruded a blade of crimson red in a shape of a single-edged sword held in a defensive, narrow Makashi stance.

"A Jedi!?" A B1 droid panicked. "Open fir - Ugh, you know what, why do we even try? It's useless. We're just gonna die-"

"Open fire." Commanded the deep baritone voice of the B2 unit.

It was the first among the battle droids to open a volley of red lasers on the supposed 'Jedi'. The term alone being associated with the likes of Azura caused her to sneer in disgust. Her flexible wrist wielded the crimson blade like flowing water deflecting the blaster shots away from her person while at the same time she made her approach on the droids. A few deflections went straight back to their owners, culling down five before the super battle droid. She called on the Force with her left hand to bend its wrist and make the droid blast itself in the face.

Her golden eyes spotted more droids closing on her position possibly from a shared network that notified every droid of any discrepancy. Azura scowled under her cowl, and decided it was not worth just fighting through these metal dolls. Golden eyes trained on the nearby high walls surrounding the street before she leaped into a jump on superhuman levels. The assassin angled herself forward and began to run along the vertical wall like a wall crawler.

She then launched off suddenly and jumped off toppled structures and tall piles of rubble, gaining in velocity and speed as she did to remain out of reach of the droid forces. These acrobatic feats of leaps and free-running were possible due to Azura producing small but potent bursts of the Force through her limbs. Where she lacked in pure power compared to the likes of Darth Malus and Darth Angmar, she more than made it up for her precise control with the Force. Ultimately developing a technique her master had dubbed Force Burst.

It made it child's play traversing the terrain of the ruined city. The few people in the city of Lessu were in a frantic panic, their screams being the only thing louder than the roars of the fires that plagued the lower and mid levels where the initial barrage was focused on. Scaling walls took only a single heft of her arms and she leaped over whatever gap lay between two rooftops.

Azura's destination was the very tower sat on the highest level of the city of Lessu. It had been purposely missed by the heavy cruiser's bombardment and was given a rather grim image of the pristine building surrounding by flames and smoke. Her eyes were locked at that attached docks at the base of the tower where she saw CIS ships leaving the planet in turns. She would have to hurry before her quarry made its escape into outer space, and then she would have to face Sauron's grim punishment upon her.

Her Ring of Power did more things than just grant her more power in the Force through twisted eldritch ways. At a certain perspective, the Ring of Power did more for Sauron by binding Azura's soul to the Dark Lord so he can do whatever he wanted to the Nazgul if he was ever... displeased.

She reached the mountain that started the base structure that held up the tower and leaped as high as she could with the help of a Force Burst to propel herself. Her hands latched upon leverage of jutted earth in the mountain, and another Force Burst with a heft sent Azura fifty feet higher. The acrobatic assassin repeated the use of climbing with Force Burst to quickly ascend the mountain where directly above her were the docks for the star ships. Eventually, her Force-enhanced climbing reached to the actual white walls of the city, its smooth texture leaving no leverage for Azura to use. Fortunately, she was right below the walls surrounding the plaza surrounding the tower.

With a growl, Azura hefted herself with a significantly more powerful Force Burst that almost put her in finger's reach of the wall's edge. Feeling the Force warning of her impending fall, Azura activated her lightsaber and stabbed it into the wall. Despite the plasma blade melting through the rock, the lightsaber did not sink down and effectively gave Azura her own vantage. Looking down, she was thankful it worked for the fall down to the ground would lead her to be a puddle of liquid gore and dusted bones on impact.

Azura swung up her hand that gripped the top edge of the wall, and one last Force Burst sent her in the air. She rolled in a few spins to then fall in a cat-like crouch with one leg extended. Immediately, all eyes landed on the intruder, and the only organic was stiff in panic. A malicious smile spread under her face mask as Azura's yellow eyes landed on her prey.

"Wat Tambor." Drawled Azura. "My general would like for you to stay for just a little while."

"Sh-Shoot her!" Wat Tambor exclaimed, pointing at Azura with a quivering finger.

The Shakoan immediately made a beeline for the closest ship, not even caring for the riches he was stealing if his life was in danger. His commander droids coordinated the droids on the platform to open fire on Azura, but their red bolts of plasma would never land on the assassin. This time, Darth Azura used a more formal type of power becoming a blur through the line of fire with Force Dash. She struck as quick as the wind and in arcs of red rendering the droids into sliced parts. Yet those yellow eyes of the Nazgul never left the retreating form of Wat Tambor getting closer to escape via his ship.

'I do not think so.' Azura thought.

As she deflected red bolts aimed behind her, Azura drew upon the eldritch powers of her Ring of Power. Her connection to the Force became stronger ten times over, and she reached that incredible strength forward upon the ship of the Shakoan. Wat Tambor stopped in place, his eyes in terror watching the hull of his ship crushing in on itself as Azura's right hand made a squeezing motion. At the same time, she lifted the remaining droids around her and turned them into compact balls of wire and metal. Sparks started to fly from the crushed internal circuitry, and in five seconds the star ship had been turned into a compact ball of scrap.

Wat Tambor tried one last ditch effort to escape, but Azura's lightsaber poised at his throat stopped him into his tracks. The Mandalorain turned Sith Nazgul smiled in a feral way drinking in the fear from the humanoid alien.

"Do stay." Azura said, sending a mental message to Lord Sauron of a successful mission. "My master would love to meet you."


Victory belonged neither to Republic or CIS, but to the Immortal Dominion. That day on Ryloth in the city of Lessu did the galaxy awaken to the battle cry of the Uruk, the rage of the troll, and the boot of the emperor. For in war, the Immortal Dominion was might incarnate, and 'Alexander Skywalker' relished the high of victory upon the porch of the tower.

Most knew Sauron as Gen. Alexander of the Immortal Dominion, the Bane of the Hutt Empire, and champion of the emperor. To his Nazgul and in the subconscious minds of the Uruk, he is the emperor. In fact, he was the empire itself, and he lorded all of that power at his fingertips. Sauron was their god, and his orc, Uruk, and conquered people revered him, even if the latter did not know they were no different than slaves.

The lives of masses ultimately meant nothing to the reincarnated Maiar, but what was important at this stage was their loyalty. More specifically, loyalty willingly given to him, which put Sauron out of his usual prime of enslaving the masses. It wasn't out of his ability as his moniker as the Deceiver proved itself. Sauron could not allow the galaxy as a whole to view the Immortal Dominion as a tyranny, at least at first glance. In this way, his fight with the CIS and his support for alien species jeopardized the Senate of the Republic as the people doubted their leaders.

That was a major important factor in the victory of Ryloth. Not just to gain a planet for new resources, but the loyalty of an entire people that span across the galaxy in hundreds of billions. By taking the Twi'leks out of the Senate, or at least a majority, into the Immortal Dominion will cause a political upheaval that will most certainly go violent. Nonhuman species will demand for rights promised, yet long forgotten in the Republic, and support of the Jedi may crumble if the Senate pushes them to make drastic measures.

Sauron deeply enjoyed this game of open war and political manipulation. He felt that he the entire game in his hands, and his opponents had too little pieces to play. In Arda, it was only because of the elven races that he lost despite the fair folk leaving to the white shores in the far west. The kingdoms of men were too easily manipulated, their hearts too weak to resist to temptation due to their mortal lives.

But enough about that. He had a show to put. From the shadows of the tower, Sauron stepped forward into the light upon a raised platform overlooking the entire city of Lessu. The streets once filled with flames with smoke were put out leaving the damage that marred the city. Filling the streets however were the now freed Twi'leks from across the world, and Sauron from his vantage could clearly be seen by the populace.

"People of Ryloth!" Roared Sauron, his voice enhanced with the One Ring. "You are not just free from this decrepit CIS subjagation, but from all tyranny henceforth. Ryloth and its people are now born anew with the Immortal Dominion. No longer will the galaxy see you as simple playthings. Nay, they shall see you as people to respected and feared! No longer will slavers prey on the women and children just as these CIS dogs have done. Let this day mark that the Twi'leks will finally get what the galaxy owes them!

"I know that some of you fear me and the Immortal Dominion. How that look upon the might of this empire that I serve with trepidation at the destruction they have unleashed on their homes. I will not lie that it was I who ordered my ship to burn your capital, but not without good reason. With my overwhelming force, I chose to give the CIS dogs to surrender, but in their stupidity they endured just in some vain delusion to see Ryloth's people suffer! Never do I give my enemies a second mercy, but this destruction could have been avoided if they were to see reason! But this is not something to woe about. Homes can always rebuilt in war, but the lives lost are eternal. I took such a course of action for you, the people! You are Ryloth, and I would burn this whole world if it meant that you can be saved!

"But would the Republic have done in this crisi!? They would have gone on some foolish venture to 'liberate' Ryloth by sending in forces too few to save any of you. They thought it was best to have your homes preserved, and so they had sent forces too few and under armed! The Twi'leks deserve better than that! Why should homes of stone be more important than the agony you all faced!? The Republic time and time again has failed to give you what you deserve. They never gave you the strength or just the feeling of safety in this dreadful galaxy! I come with you, offering power so that Ryloth and the Twi'leks become a name to be feared by all for your strength. Let the galaxy know Ryloth never yields!"

Sauron's lips curved upwards at the roars of cheers at the end of his speech. Mortal philosophy was daft, but it had its uses drawing in their support. Give them honeyed words and enough given promises to make it almost true and one had an entire people had the palm of his hand. Now it was time for the closing 'act'.

Sauron gave an opening display of his Force sensitivity as he reached out his hand towards the shadows behind him and levitated Wat Tambor in an invisible grip. The Shakoan could only squirm in the tight hold, and the Twi'leks below him were gaping at Sauron's power. Those faces of awe turned to snarls and outrage on sight of the oppressor of their home. Absolute fear was clear in his eyes, especially when Sauron had the Shakoan float over the edge.

"If the Republic came here, they would have denied the justice and your vengeance upon this worm of an oppressor." Spoke Sauron over the crowd, smiling at the growing outrage he was creating. "All they would've done was take him away and lock him in prison. As if a worm of his sort even deserves to live. What say you!?"

In return, Sauron was met with the blissful roars from the Twi'leks drunk in rage. They called out not just for the death of the man, but Wat Tambor's rightful mutilation. For all the pain he caused Ryloth, the Shakoan should be given it all back tenfold. All those vicious cries detailing Wat Tambor's gruesome demise made said CIS leader quiver on the spot.

"Fortunately, I am a just man." Sauron said, glancing to Wat Tambor. "Well then, it appears the people have made their decision."

"Please no!" Shrieked the Shakoan. "Those animals will tear me apart."

All of Wat Tambor's hopes vanished from the sinister smile the Dark Lord was giving the nonhuman. "I am looking forward to it."


Wat Tambor didn't get the chance to finish his scream once Sauron used the Force to accelerate him down to the people, only slowing down near the end. The gathered crowd of Twi'leks created a small clearing as Wat Tambor fell to the ground flat on his face. There was a tense silence as Wat Tambor raised his head and shook under the murderous glares from the surrounding denizens of Ryloth. Of all the people that he had tortured and stolen of their treasures for his pleasure and greed.

It only lasted a second before a male gave a raging war cry to make an orc warrior proud and lunged at the former oppressor. The rest followed, hiding the Shakoan in a pile of violent Twi'leks. Soon, there where splatters of blood and ripping of flesh as the angry mob focused their hatred by literally tearing Wat Tambor apart. Sauron smirked at the brutal display of a seemingly peaceful race now unleashing the first of what was eons of a history of enslavement, and he drank their brutal rage like a fine wine.

He had now sown the seeds of hate in these people and with careful molding the incarnated Maiar can turn all of these people into a fighting force of warmasters to rival the Uruk. Sauron knew that despite their known nature as a tranquil race they were heavily corrupt towards wrath. All it takes at this point is to bring up more of that repressed anger that they all held considering their infamy as 'easy' slaves. The carnage concluded when the Twi'leks managed to rip the cowardly slime's head off and mount it on a pike for all of them to see.

'How wonderfully brutal.' Sauron thought in amusement, walking back into the shadows.

"What a sight to see these people become like rabid dogs given a piece of meat." Commented the voice of Darth Azura, who was leaning against the wall hidden in the shadows. "This is a side of them the galaxy has never seen."

"And they shall see more of it." Sauron stated. "I trust you have brought something of interest."

Azura proceeded to fish out a holo-disk that projected an image of two fighter star ships designated only for Jedi personal. "The Republic fleet from earlier has dispatched two fighters and are heading for the capital. Shall I order-"

"That will not be necessary." Sauron interrupted, cutting off Azura with a raised hand. "Let them land unharmed."

"My lord?" Questioned Azura.

"Are you questioning my commands?" Sauron said with narrowed golden eyes.

"No sir." Azura said quickly in a submissive bow. "They will be here in a few minutes."

"Then I shall see to this myself." Sauron said.

The tower of Lessu was mostly empty at the moment with him just 'retaking' the city from the CIS. There were no orc to follow him, and any of the Nazgul knew not to get close to him with his command to stay back. As he walked to the landing platform, Sauron yet again stretched his senses out to the Force. There was a bright light of a talented Jedi padawan, but it paled in comparison to the massive presence right beside it. Sauron knew that presence no matter where it was in the galaxy, and oddly enough had the inclination to see to this meeting himself.

The winds swept at his face and cape flowed back as two ships of the Aethersprite class touched down on the platform. Simultaneously their cockpits opened, but the first to jump out was a young Togruta female around the age of thirteen with blue eyes trained on Sauron in nervousness and curiosity. But Sauron's attention was focused solely on the man that stepped out of the second starship, standing at 6'3" with a balanced build of a body between lean and muscular. Once sandy blonde hair was turned into a simple brown, but those bright blue eyes were all the same to Sauron, except the odd addition of a scar over one eye. Unlike the Togruta, those eyes shone with more emotion including joy, hope, and relief.

"Alex?" Anakin spoke just barely heard for anyone to hear.

Sauron could not help but chuckle; Anakin had hardly changed. "Hello, little brother."

And then did Anakin move from his rooted spot, admittedly faster than any of Sauron's could move. But no attack came to Sauron, an the Maiar found himself at a slight loss as he felt arms wrap moderately tight around him. It clicked into place that Anakin did what any brother would do in his place and was giving Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor and the Rings of Power, a hug.

Sauron would have let out an exasperated sigh, but chose for a discreet eye roll. He was thankful that he had his Nazgul kept back to save face in that moment. Probably would've killed them if any of them did.

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