Crazy trouble with love part 9

Jasmine and Aladdin part 2

Author's note: Well, I can safely say that after reading all the reviews from part 8, about how you all understand if I stopped while wanting me to keep this series going really made me happy. I wouldn't have gotten this far without so many authors to help me get chapters out one after the other. That is why this is proof that the CTWL series is gonna keep on going as long as I can help it! So go ahead people! Throw your craziest pairings you got! I can't promise to do them all, and to those who keep making requests that didn't get made, I'm sorry. With this series it's random and my mind is focused on getting my latest digimon story resuming. So hopefully you can be patient a little bit longer. Also, I'm gonna try and do more yaoi stuff because yuri is fine, but how can it be crazy if I don't do more dude on dude? Anyways, read on!


-Agrabah, Sultan's Palace-

(Insert Wedding March)

It was a beautiful yet hot dry day as it was an important day for the city.

For the princess is getting married today!

People were excited to hear as the streets were in a rush to try and get supplies to celebrate while others went to find spots for good vantage points.

The air was full of music and merriment while some were talking in hushed whispers.

This was due to a single rumor…the princess is keeping a monster in the palace, one that ate any intruder that tried to cross the high walls.

Now normally this wasn't a problem, but over a short few years several dangerous and crooked beings came to Agrabah to destroy the sultan. These included Abis Mal, Mechanicles, Mozenrath and many MANY more, but every time they went in.

No one came out.

And this was a determinant not because of the sons of jackals deaths, they were glad they were gone. The problem was that if such a monster lived in the palace, what's stopping it from getting out and eating them?

Thus, this wedding, while a cause for celebration, was also one of danger and fear. For what would happen if they went in?

Of course that kind of rumor wasn't a factor in one of the rooms in the palace where Aladdin was currently getting fitted for his clothes.

He looked on while his attire looked similar to his princely attire, however at Jasmine's suggestion, the colors looked more red and black with a blue feather on the hat, which made him look both handsome and 'dark' due to a color association to a certain evil vizier. "Genie, how do I look?"

"You want an honest answer or a fabricated one?" He asked while turning into a pyramid with a single eye.


"It looks fabulous!"

He sighed in relief. "Thank Allah. And here I thought I looked like Jafar's son."

"Let's see." Iago said. "Mmmm, oh yes. You look like him, but without the squinty eyes, the over exaggerating chin, and the bald head."

Aladdin groaned hearing that.

"Don't give me that, it's your fiance who was all gungho about those colors."


"If you ask me, she's loonier than a fruit bat." Iago said before getting attacked by a fruit bat. "AHH!"

"Huh." Genie said while taking the form of a bat with a clip on it's left ear. "Must've missed that turn in Ferngully."

"Monkey! Get this flying rat off me!"

Abu rolled his eyes while munching on some grapes from the fruit bowl.


As this was happening, we find ourselves in Jasmine' room as it was still decorated in pillows and the like, but it also seemed to be filled with humming as well.

"Mmmm, mmmm~"

The camera zoomed closer before we see a woman with pointed ears, a G cup chest and a massive ass, a black and red striped tail with spikes on the tips, golden eyes with red slit like irises, wearing a red and black wedding dress with a gold trim adorned with a blood red ruby gem on the chest, a gold sparkle design on her dress skirt, black roses on each side of her head, and a long black wedding veil that went down to her ass, combing her hair with a comb made of what looked like ivory.

This was Jasmine, who over the years became a little more snake-like but also slightly genie-like due to her ears, other than that...she seems normal.

"Today's finally the big day. Oh I've been dreaming of this for years." She said to herself while feeling very happy. "And no one will ruin it."


She blinked as the comb broke, only to lean down and pull out a rib and started to bend it into a comb like shape before resuming her combing. "These combs are so hard to maintain, but after this wedding I'm giving Aladdin the time of his life~"

That was when she heard the trumpets in the distance and realized she was late for the ceremony.

"Oh no! I need to hurry up!" She said before slithering away, only to realize something.

If she went out like this, then she would be hunted down like a wild animal.

Jasmine sighed before changing to her normal form, although the dress did make her ass look big, and ran out of the room, not knowing that due to her stress and desire to mate with Aladdin...well let's let YOU find out~

(At the ceremony)

Numerous diplomats and guards were there, along with guests, a small band playing music to fit the mood as all eyes were faced to the door.

All the while, we find Genie, transformed into the jazz musician Louis Armstrong, doing a solo on the trumpet to give a feeling of excitement.

However, Abu and Iago were eyeing the treasure with greed and desire.

"Oooh." the monkey said while looking at a red ruby the size of his body.

"They sure don't hold out on the wedding presents." grinned Iago rubbing his wings and looked around before leaning in and whispered. "I don't think Aladdin or Jasmine would mind if we took a few off their hands."

Abu nodded before grabbing the ruby, only for a black cloaked figure to pick the monkey up and glared.

"Yui." spoke a red cloaked figure. 'Don't fuck the monkey, we have to be quiet or we will get kicked out."

"I wasn't gonna, but now that you bring it up…."

And cue Abu getting out of his grip and ran away.


"Yui NO!" he yelled as the figure ran after the monkey, making him groan as Iago landed on his shoulder. "Ugh, friends. Sometimes I think he just want's to fuck any animal….oh. Hey Gilbert Godfried."

"Who the heck are you?"

"A guest, also don't tell anyone but today a monster will pop up to make this wedding exciting." He said before walking away, making Iago blink.


"And it will eat you first."

He paled in horror. "Hey wait! You're just goofing with me, right?"

He turned to him. "Not really, you're going to get eaten this day, but when...spoilers~"

Iago started to molt in fear while the figure vanished into the crowd. "Ahhh!"

That was when the bride and groom danced their way into the hall while Jasmine felt very happy at the moment, especially after smelling his body.


'Alright Aladdin, don't trip over your feet.' He thought while the music intensified and the crowd clapped for them.

This in turn made them dance even faster as they looked to the entire world as a perfect couple, even if they had a 'monster' in the palace waiting to eat them whole. The couple danced to the front of the crowd before the music slowly died down.

Jasmine panted while feeling her hips getting warm from both the dancing and Aladdin's scent. '! I need to focus, the wedding, then...mmm, his seed~'

"So princess, enjoying yourself?" he asked with a knowing smile.

"Yes." She smiled. "I am my prince, this is all wonderful."

"I'm glad, especially when you get to see all those dancing classes pay off."

She chucked. "Oh Aladdin."

As the dancing stopped, they took their place on the purple and golden koshas as the guests got ready for the ceremony. The Sultan himself walked over and cleared his throat before opening a book.

"We are here on this glorious day, under the eyes of Allah the ever loving, to join my daughter Jasmine with Aladdin, a man of extraordinary courage and heart, in holy matrimony." he said while the crowd was in awe and silence, but with some of the guests a little nervous due to a 'monster' in the palace. "Who has proven himself to the kingdom of Agrabah that he has earned his rightful spot beside her, as the future sultan."

"Sniff." Genie sniffled while using Iago as a tissue. "That's my Al."


Genie blew on him while the two black and red cloaked figures watched on with their own sniffles/yawns.

"Can we snatch the cake now?"

"No." the red cloaked figure deadpanned while the other figure used Abu as a balloon. "And can you stop that, he's not Cynthia you know."

"Ah...ah…" the monkey said while looking scared and freaking out inside.

"Oh fine." he said before sending Abu away...and caused the monkey to float into orbit.


"Alright alright! I'll bring the monkey back down."

"After the ceremony and hush! They are about to exchange the vows." He said before whispering to Iago. "You are going to get eaten soon."

The bird paled while a guard brought out a pillow with two golden rings, as Jasmine was trying VERY hard to not change back.

'Come on...hold it together!' she thought with a gulp. 'Don't change, don't change, don't change!'

"Now." the Sultan said while another guard came and brought out a golden cup. "Drink from the holy goblet and say your vows as the guests examine the rings of matrimony, to bring boundless luck and a prosperous future to the groom and bride."

'DON'T CHANGE!' she thought while her legs started to feel very warm and itchy. 'DON'T CHANGE!'

Aladdin took a sip from it before handing it to Jasmine who quickly accepted it.

"I, Jasmine, offer you myself in marriage and in accordance with the instructions of the Holy Koran and the Holy Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him. I pledge, in honesty and with sincerity, to be for you an obedient and faithful wife." she said while trying not to sound hasty or in pain.

"I pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to be for you a faithful and helpful husband." Aladdin said while the rings went to the cloaked figures, who added some pink mist into them which glowed before giving it to Genie.

'Have fun with Lilium pheromones.' both thought with a smile.

"Genie, the rings please."

"Oh right." he said before giving them to the bride and groom, both putting them on as the rings started to make Jasmine feel very horny and lustful, making it very hard to concentrate on her disguise.

'Keep it together! You can't transform now! Imagine the horror it would cause! It would ruin your big day! Is that what you want?!' she thought as her ears started to become pointed.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The Sultan said. "You may now kiss the bride."

Both immediately kissed as the crowd cheered and Jasmine was relieved that she didn't change.

"Welp." the red cloaked figure said to his companion. "That monster girl pheromone was a want to get the cake now?"

"Can't, Yui Jr. already snatched it off, and didn't share any."

"..." he sighed. "Then let's get the Forty Theves and bring them to Jack. I would LOVE to see them steal his technology, only to kill themselves from stupidity...or we can just scare Iago. What do you think?"

"I think we better get out or else Jasmine might go Anaconda on Aladdin in front of everyone."

"Wait, I thought she was going Snakes on a Plane on him?"


"Fine." He said before they walked away. "Oh and Iago, there's a snake behind you."

The bird looked lost before seeing a cobra right next to him, although he didn't see that it came from the black cloaked figure's robes.

"Hisss." it said while extending it's hood out and bared its fangs at him.

"WAAAAH!" he screamed before flying away quickly.

(Later on)

Aladdin smiled while holding his wife in his hands, walking towards their 'usual spot' aka Jafar's hidden pleasure room, to celebrate their a boss.

But for Jasmine, after the wine, the cake, the presents and the lateness of the night, well...she was just about to lose out on maintaining her sanity, lust and body, mostly the second and third parts. Which was noticeable since she kept twitching, which Aladdin picked up on.

"Are you ok?"

"Y-Yes." She stuttered while her eyes twitched along with her legs. "J-Just fine." 'I-I can't hold it much...longer!'

They went into the room while Jasmine started to feel as hot as the sun right now in her nether regions.

"Are you sure?"


Aladdin placed her on the pillows while brushing his hand on her cheek. "Jasmine, if this is too much, we can just sleep and have the honeymoon another time."

And cue her floodgates breaking upon hearing that as her true form poofed into existence in a puff of red smoke.

"Cough cough!" he got out before getting his body wrapped by a very familiar tail.

"Hissss~" Jasmine let out with a hungry look as she cupped Aladdin's face. "Don't even think about it Aladdin, because I've about hit my limit~"

He gulped seeing the eyes before she ripped off his clothes with her hands.

"And you are going to help with my itch~" she hissed while licking his face. "It took everything I had to keep from changing in front of everyone, but now that we're alone, we can go wild~!"

He saw her pulling her clothes off while showing her very erect nipples, which made his cock harden.

"Now come." She said while moving him closer. "Penetrate this snake with your sword~"

"E-Easy Jasmine." he gulped. "We've got plenty of time."

"That's why we're doing this every day, night and everything in between." she smiled with lust. "All until you make me pregnant~"

'Oh boy.' he thought before finding his lips claimed by her with her moaning as she eagerly pushed her tongue in his mouth and licked around.

She kept on kissing him while using her hands to rub the tip of his staff, her nails flicking the entryway in a playful manner. 'So hard, just like our first~'

Aladdin moaned a little while feeling the tongue flicking against the roof of his mouth, his cock getting harder with each flick. 'Woah, she wasn't kidding. It's like she's trying to taste every bit before going in for the kill.'

Jasmine moved the tip of her tail near his ass before rubbing the tip between his ass cheeks, making them jiggle a little.

'Wait, what is she-'

She then slapped his ass while the points caused him to become paralyzed from the venom, something Aladdin remembered from his first time. 'You're mine now Aladdin~'

'Something tells me we won't be leaving the room for a while.' He thought before she squeezed his cock, making him cum on her breasts. 'Damn it!'

Jasmine smirked at this before licking her lips like a hungry tiger. "Time to taste my milk Aladdin~"


Genie floated in the hallway, exhausted because some cloak wearing guys tried and succeeded in turning his lamp into a roller coaster of death and chickens, something he REALLY didn't want in the middle of the night. So he figured he'd go out for a late night float to clear his head.

But as he turned a corner he heard the sounds of moaning, groaning, biting, licking, suffocation and over all longing within one of the rooms.

He yawned while opening the door, and slammed it close with a blush. "Wrong room."

Iago flew by and yawned while having red eyes. "What's with all the noise around here!?"

"Iago, ol' buddy ol' pal." smiled Genie leading him away. "Why don't we raid the kitchen? I think we could both use a snack."

"Oh? And what are you trying to hide from me?" he frowned while flying towards the door. "Oh wait! You're trying to start a mining expedition with the monkey aren't you!? Because I want half of the profits!"

"Iago, don't!"

He opened the door before seeing a snake like tail moving from under the pillows.

"Hisss...hisss…" it hissed while very tired as Iago paled in horror.

"Ahhhh! The cobra! It's back! I don't taste good!" he yelled before flying away in fear. "Ahhhh!"

"Mmmm." Genie shrugged before walking away. "Must've reached the conclusion of that foreplay."

But as he walked away, he noticed a human skull rolling out from a pillow as it stared right at him with it's hollow sockets.

He shivered and teleported himself away. "Not going to ask."

(A few years later)

It was a great day for Agrabah, although the heat was terrible, something was brightening the day of the Sultan and Sultana.

Two things to be exact. They were well...let's take a look shall we?

Iago yawned while cleaning himself on a perch, feathers falling off in the process while without a care in the world. "Man, I should try and get me a tan today. Maybe see if Thundra is up for a little flight." he grinned.

As he turned around, he didn't see a small girl with a small red dress or a boy with a blue top and baggy pants, right behind him with a cobra in their hands.

"Hissssss." It hissed while Iago paled in horror.

"Oh sweet Kali." he muttered slowly turning and let out a high pitched scream.

The girl and boy giggled while revealing their pointed ears and long snake like tails to the world. "Got you uncle Igy! He he."

He frowned while flying above them. "Oh it's you two, Aby and Crafty Eyes."

"No! I'm Ali." The boy huffed.

"And I'm Cassia." The girl pouted cutely as the snake slithered away.

"Whatever." he waved his wings and brushed some dust off his body. "Listen, why don't you two play dress up with the monkey, or fly around on the carpet, something that doesn't involve scaring more feathers off me than what I already got."

"But they left to…"

"Vesuvius I think." Cassia said. "And mom and dad are playing right now."

"So want to play uncle Igy?" Ali asked.

"No way."

Both pouted before getting an idea and opened their mouths wide. "Food chain tag!"

'AHHH!' He screamed in his head before flying away quickly, since he's now the prey!

"We're gonna get you uncle Igy!" Both said while slithering after him as we zoom towards a very familiar room, whose occupants were busy cuddling in the nude.

And who are these people? Simple, Aladdin and Jasmine, I mean who else would it be, the yeti and his bride?

They rested in the bed while we see how time as faired for the two lovers.

Aladdin had gained a little bit of muscle across his body with his face losing all baby fat and becoming quite sharp.

As for Jasmine, she was still as youthful as before, but her ass was even bigger along with her now I cup chest due to all the baby fat from her pregnancies, with longer hair, and had more scales around her stomach, chest and neck as right now her lower body was massive and fat due to the eggs inside her body being incubated.

Overall, time has made them quite young and without a single rinkle.

Although as we zoom closer to the left hand side of the room, in a secret room only Jasmine knew...we find an oubliette full of human bones, all without skin or flesh...all the victims of the Sultana's hunger and vengeance. Over all, a secret only she knew due to her secrecy and worry that her husband would fear her, HER, his ONLY love and the ONLY one that will love him, even if she had to 'get rid of' certain people, like the skeleton of that sand witch in the far corner, a recert meal for her hunger.

Suffice to say, it's helped make things calm and isn't that what really matters?

"Zzzzz." she snored while the camera zoomed away, to show more skeletons just under the pillows, all as the screen went black and the snake woman's left eye opened to reveal a crimson red eye. 'I am hungry~"