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Chapter 1: To Save Them

"Okay, professor, what's so special about these ruins?" A buxom blonde named Yang Xiao Long in a brown boots, a short brown jacket, and lavender eyes spoke into a translucent device.

She was walking in the middle of a group of four, including herself all girls. The one in the lead was their official leader of a short girl at 5'2" wearing a black long-sleeved dress that fit her slim figure under a black waist cincher with red lacing. Thick black stockings covered her legs, ending in her feet wearing black boots with red soles. Wrapped around her body was a full red cloak in perfect condition. This was the blonde's younger half-sister Ruby Rose and leader of four-woman squad Team RWBY.

Waking behind her holding a glowing Light Dust crystal to light the way was a woman of 5'2" that looked practically frosty in her image. White hair tied into a ponytail swept down her back, icy blue eyes with one scar going to down the left one, a white dress with a short skirt, and white high heels. Her eyes carried a stern, yet careful watch of her surrounding and her teammates. At her waist was a silver rapier with a cartridge of Dust. She was Weiss Schnee, Ruby's partner in Team RWBY.

The last in the group walking behind them was a black-haired girl and bright golden eyes. She wore a white blouse and form-fitting pants. On her back was a buster sword that acted as a sheath for a single-edged blade. On her head was a bow tie that oddly twitched occasionally. This was Blake Belladona, Yang's partner, and the only Faunas on their team.

Her golden eyes were on the lookout at her teammates' surroundings, specifically the cave walls. The cave walls that were oddly decorated in very old designs that none of them could decipher. Only the man Yang was in contact with had any clue what they meant, and where they were exactly.

"It's Doctor Oobleck, Miss Xiao Long." Spoke a green-haired man on the other side of the call. "Yes. these ruins are more than special. Very special. A mining crew discovered the site, and local archaeologists were shocked by how ancient the network underground. It's so old that it had to have existed longer than the mountain you are under."

"If this place is under a mountain, aren't there a lot of dead ends?" Yang questioned.

"That is the most shocking." Answered Dr. Oobleck. "A sonic scan has revealed the entire structure is perfectly preserved, including all halls and chambers. Almost like magic."

"Riiiight~." Yang drawled on, having no clue what their history teacher was saying. "So, why are you out there?"

"Quite mysteriously since its discovery, the area has been experiencing earthquakes." Dr. Oobleck informed. "It is as if the land wants to hide this buried history in the earth again, so we have limited time. My purpose is to monitor activity so that I can keep you safe, my students."

"Alright, you keep doing that." Yang said, silencing the call. "Can't believe we're stuck in this creepy cave."

"I for one am very appreciative of this site." Weiss argued. "Just think of the rich history in the very stones here. Think about how people who lived so far back to have created this. How did they survive with the Grimm? How did they create a civilization without the use of Dust?"

Yang scoffed. "Didn't take you for a history nut, Ice Queen."

"I'm with Weiss here." Ruby said in her innocent flair. "I can only imagine how people made weapons back then. Cause they had to make something awesome to keep back the Grimm while building this place."

Weiss made a gesture in approval of her partner and team leader supporting her notion. Yang simply rolled her eyes and used the flashlight function of her Scroll to light the way forward. Slowly, the walls of the cave became more defined in design till they were no finding themselves within the walls of the temple. Deeper they ventured into the ancient underground temple that had caught the interests of archaeological professionals worldwide. They were 'lucky' that Oobleck was the first to capitalize on the discovery and send his best students to investigate. That being Team RWBY having proven themselves to be top prodigies within Beacon Academy.

Along the way, the group of four made multiple turns, but never finding split paths. There was nothing to tell what the people built this place for, or didn't even give an indication if there was a purpose. Only this atmosphere of perpetual gloom that coaxed them to turn away increased the deeper they went, but it wasn't anything hard to overcome.

Suddenly, they came upon a checkpoint of sorts. The walls were far more apart in distance on either side, and what lied before them was a wall that had the most defined carvings on it. In comparison to everything else they saw, it was by far the most preserved in this underground marvel. However, there wasn't a sign of a door to go forward, meaning they were officially at a dead end.

"Great." Drawled Yang. "We spent all that time just to find some random wall. Fan-freaking-tastic."

"Aw, c'mon Yang." Ruby tried to assure her sister. "It's - It's an interesting wall."

Yang was about to retort until her Scroll started to buzz for a call. Whipping out the device, she pressed to answer only for her right ear to meet the frantic exclaim of Dr. Oobleck.

"Team RWBY, you must get out of there!" The doctor cried. "Seismic activity has climbed up to dangerous levels. You're about to be buried alive!"

"Shit!" Yang exclaimed, quickly pocketing away her Scroll.

It was too late to make a move once the ground started to shake and the rocking motion threatening to off-balance Team RWBY. They were forced to stand still to keep standing, but their troubles did not stop as audible cracks reached their ears. Ruby's silver eyes widened in fright as the ceiling above them was starting to split apart, slightly raining down particles of rock.

Another violent of the earth made Ruby stagger back to the wall of the dead end, and she instinctively put her hand on it. Once the palm of her hand made contact, a square shape glowed a yellow light till the ancient stone turned to a shimmering gold. Instantly, Ruby gasped an intense burning sensation rushed through her arm like a hot iron piercing through her limb to her mind and then to her very soul. It both came with incredible pain yet blissful relief at the same time, and she could barely handle it to the point she almost lost consciousness. The last she heard in that moment was a woman's whisper.

'You will be the last resort.'

All manner of remembering the sensation left Ruby's mind. and the only thing left was a numbness in her right arm. The cave started to collapse on top of them, bringing down boulders of rock. Yet at the same time more gold lines stretched across the wall in a circuitry pattern. All at once, it dissipated in motes of golden light and sucked the girls through like a vacuum from a rather gory death. However, there was only darkness to greet them. Only the Dust crystal in Weiss' hand gave illumination.

"Okay, what the heck just happened?" Yang exclaimed, turning the flashlight on her Scroll.

"I think it's safe to assume that Ruby here," Weiss said, glancing to a still bewildered Ruby, "was lucky enough to find something that opened that dead end."

"But now because of me, we're stuck here." Ruby glumly said.

Blake smile comfortably. "Let's not give up yet. There still may be a way out."

"How unfortunate for you then." The voice that suddenly echoed through the darkness was of regal nobility. One on a level that the four felt they had to instinctively bow to in reverence, and only their fearful nerves denied so. "The way is shut."

Suddenly, rows of flames on either side of the darkness were ignited in ethereal blue flames going all the way down, revealing a massive hall. Stone did not greet their eyes, but sold gold in all of its legendary splendor. Glittering pillars flanked a red carpet leading to the very end of the hall where a very bizarre sight waited for Team RWBY. Upon the most splendid throne made of rich red cushioning and only the most pristine of gold structuring was a man in his thirties, who had a head of sun-kissed hair and piercing, almost predatory, red eyes that looked on them with a powerful gaze that no ordinary man should have followed with an unbearable pressure. Yet, Ruby could see a sadness and heavy look behind that immeasurable authority. Going on sides of his torso to his shoulders were lightning-like lines of crimson red that matched his eyes, and he was dressed in the richest of jewelry.

They would have worried more about the sudden stranger or the fact that a man was at all here in a ruin that literally no has stepped foot in for nearly 10,000 years. At that moment, their attention was on the golden chains tipped in daggers that trapped his arms and legs to the throne, and his figure was deathly thin. It was amazing really how the man looked so regal despite his haggard appearance.

"It fills me with such humiliation that I cannot give you the time of how long it has been since I have seen other faces." Said the man cryptically. "Rejoice for you four that fate has bestowed you the honor of gazing upon me, possibly for the last time."

"Wh-Who are you?" Ruby said, the first to find her strength to speak.

As soon as the man heard Ruby's question, the pressure in the hall lessened, making the four realize how labored their breathing was. Ruby paid close attention to the man, ready for whatever he might do to attack them if he did. Instead, she saw how the authority and power in his eyes cracked for sorrow and regret to leak through. If one were to take away his state of being and the power in his presence, they would see the man as simply tired on an emotional level.

"Who am I?" The man said with a slight hoarse chuckle. "In another life, I would have been gloating of my legendary kingship. How by birth and the will of the entire heavens that all of the world was mine to hold, command, or even destroy. I would boast how beneath each and every one of you were. That I tower above you all as both your only just king. Those days... are far behind me. Now... Now the only title I have been given is failure. But I suppose even the titles I once held in pride have no sway, so you may refer to me as Gilgamesh."

Ruby gulped nervously, but her shoulders slightly relaxed. "Okay. A... uhm... nice to meet you, Mr. Gilgamesh."

"I suppose that is the best I can have to a title in this world." Gilgamesh mused.

A silence descended between Ruby and Gilgamesh, leaving the others time to steel their nerves. Weiss was the first among the three to come to her senses, but her mind went into a blank mess when she saw how everything around them was made of gold. She dashed to a pillar testing the surface, hoping in vain that this was just a fake. A few taps with her knuckles proved otherwise, and she was stuck on her knees in complete shock. With the amount of gold in here, it already surpassed that of the Schnee fortune.

Yang was next to recover, putting herself in front of Ruby to protect her sister from any potential threat. As for Blake, she had it the worst as fear had flooded all of her senses as she slowly took two steps back in fright. Her heightened senses could pick up the sheer danger from Gilgamesh, chained as he might be.

"How are you even here?" Weiss asked. "By logic, no one should have been in these ruins, much less survive here. It's simply impossible."

"A ruin, you say?" Gilgamesh said. "Little girl, this is more of a tomb. No, a prison is more accurate. My gods did not take kindly to me denying their rule over mortal kind. They not only chained me away, but banished me and my prison far from my home dimension. All to hold me."

"Hold you?" Ruby gasped, eyes wide. "But that would mean you've been here for over a thousand years."

"Indeed." Gilgamesh confirmed nonchalantly. "Wicked they are in nature, the gods are no doubt the epitome of law in the universe, proven in the prison. Not only does it never allow me to die nor eat or sleep, it uses my life-force to keep me anchored here in this purgatory for eternity. And now you all share that with me."

"What?" Croaked Ruby in terror.

Guilt tugged on Ruby's heart, and tears were building in her eyes. She felt it was her fault for getting her team trapped in this room in the first place when she stumbled into the wall. Her legs felt like jelly, ready to collapse under her weight at any moment. No, she couldn't let this happen. She will find a way out, just so her team is safe from harm.

"There has to be way out!" Ruby cried, her eyes brimming with a small silver light. "We - I can't just give up if my teammates are in danger!"

Her silver eyes intensified in a noticeable silver glow. A glow passed down through the generations since before the world was named Remnant. To a time where two gods ruled over mortal lands, and one of them bestowing a blessing of a partial amount of his power to warriors against the darkness. A sliver of divinity that lasted to the present, so small that it barely changed the phenomena of the world. But the chains holding Gilgamesh, sensitive to divinity and programmed to act upon it, pointed their bladed tips and rocketed towards Ruby.

Ruby had just enough time to be shocked dissipating the power of the divinity within her eyes. The blades at the end of the golden chains stopped just inches from striking her in the face and wrapping around her. They soon snapped back in place to tighten the bonds upon Gilgamesh, who was giving Ruby an incredulous look.

'In that moment, this girl showed signs of divinity.' Thought Gilgamesh. 'Of course nowhere near as strong as myself, but enough that the Chains of Heaven reacted to her. How curious. Perhaps this can be a rare chance I can use. Not that I will ever live myself, but there are other ways.'

Soon an idea was formulated in the former king's mind from this surprise. A plan that most would definitely consider stupid or just plain crazy from desperation. Gilgamesh could even see his past self, both proper king and tyrant, scorning him for thinking up such an idiotic idea, but thousands of years trapped in this lonely prison unable had given the once prideful perfect being of god and mortal more than enough time to reflect and mellow out. If this works, it would mean that not all of his being will forever be trapped here and that he will have a legacy to spur the gods as one last 'fuck you', especially to that bitch Ishtar.

'Hopefully this will grab Pandora's attention.' Thought Gilgamesh.

"What was that for, asshole!?" Growled Yang.

"Do not mistake of the girl almost being struck down my fault." Giglamesh said. "These chains were designed to keep me down for all eternity as they were once used to bind the gods themselves. Whatever girl did, it must have grabbed Enkidu's attention enough to identify her as another divine presence. Speaking of which, what is your name for I will soon be bored of calling you 'girl'."

"...Ruby Rose." The leader of Team RWBY answered after a pause of contemplation.

"What a peculiar name." Gilgamesh mused. "You, who have opened the door here and have so loudly proclaimed to free yourselves, not for your sake but for your friends, I shall offer you a possibility of escape from my prison. First, satisfy my curiosity, Ruby. Just how far would you go for your friends?"

Yang, Blake, and Weiss gave Ruby worrying looks, knowing their leader the best. Despite being two years younger and a lot more innocent in nature, they knew that Ruby can show a fire of defiance when it came to protecting her teammates. She would gladly put herself in harm's way just for their sake. It all comes as a part of Ruby's code that she believed to be the same as her mother. To be a hero like Summer.

"Everything." Ruby said with a certain amount of steel more than usual. "I will do everything to make sure that my friends can stay alive. That's a promise that I will take to my grave even."

Gilgamesh chuckled lowly. "How very interesting. Many have said those same words to me when they pledged to me as their king, but you are one of the few that has shown a blazing truth to your words. As a reward, I shall tell you of the possible way to free yourselves from this prison, or at least make it safely somewhere where you won't die of starvation. All you have to do... is kill me."

The words in Ruby's throat were almost choked out. "Wh-What?"

The red eyes of Gilgamesh flashed with intense irritation that felt it struck RWBY in their hearts. "You heard me, mon-!"

He fortunately cut himself off before he finished his sentence and took a deep breath. His red eyes went back to their dim gloom that reflected his fate, but that momentary lapse of his previous self was enough to shake Ruby and her teammates to their core. They knew at that moment that if that man wasn't restrained they would be dead right now. Gilgamesh simply existed on a higher level of existence compared to them.

"Do I need to repeat myself?" Gilgamesh said in a neutral tone. "As I have said before, this prison is maintained by my life force. By killing me, you will give yourself the best chance at survival. I promise that on my name that is Gilgamesh, King of Uruk."

"But..." Ruby protested in soft tone, her arms shaking, "that isn't... right. I - I can't just kill you."

True, Ruby has slain through hordes of the monsters of Grimm, but never did she think of herself in killing another human being. Grimm were soulless in nature, but humans and Faunas were not because they had a choice not to do evil. As long as they had that choice, Ruby never believed it was her place to kill a person. In fact, her own style with the scythe, being ranked one of the most deadliest weapons in Remnant, was designed to be most effective against monsters while heavily deflating her chances in a fight against other people. It simply wasn't in her nature to harm another person, at least not so suddenly.

"Is that truly all?" Gilgamesh replied with a hint of disappointment. "What a shame, but not implausible for such a young person on the cusp of leaving her naive years to the reality of the harsh world. Perhaps some... convincing is in order."

The hall was flooded with what Ruby can only describe as pure power, almost bringing the four girls to their knees from the pressure. Golden light flashed to existence around them where the air mysteriously rippled. Ruby looked to the odd phenomenon, but didn't know either to squeal like a fangirl or gasp in horror as weapons protruded from them, all ranging from axes, spears, and swords. They were far from ordinary, their make mostly that of lustrous gold yet also sending out a powerful presence from each one that screamed of a great mysterious power none of them could understand. Unfortunately, Ruby could not ogle at the master craftsmanship of the weapons coming out of the ripples as those weapons surrounded Yang, Blake, and Weiss from all sides. All poised to use them as their new sheaths.

"What are you doing!?" Ruby screamed, her eyes snapping on Gilgamesh the fear of the man draining away in place of fear for the lives of her team.

"You said that you would do everything for the sake of your friends." Gilgamesh said. "I know you did not lie to me, but how far does your conviction go."

"Not like this!" Ruby shouted in desperation. "You don't have to do this!"

Gilgamesh only gave Ruby a blank stare and then his eyes looked to Weiss. One of the weapons, a sword of shining steel and golden guard, shot off faster than Ruby's top speed with her Semblance. Weiss screamed in pain as the soaring steel cut deeply into her flesh before striking the ground next to her. She soon collapsed on one leg while the other now had a thigh with a deep cut that ignored Aura and shredded through most of the muscle.

"I do not like playing games, Ruby." Gilgamesh said. "Either kill me or you watch them die."

"LET THEM GO!" Ruby cried, making a dash towards the king.

She was growing increasingly desperate at this point as she unveiled Crescent Rose to it full glory. Ruby did not intend to kill Gilgamesh yet. Only daze him to somehow free her teammates so they can possible get to safety. If not then... her thoughts for a proper plan were getting muddled in the heat of the moment. She just had to do something instead of nothing.

Ruby leaped forward to the trapped king on his throne, and her scythe twisted around her for a powerful swing in hope to break the chains and strike Gilgamesh. She twirled in a red blur, aiming for the shoulder for a possible nasty gash. The blade of Crescent Rose soon met the open flesh of Gilgamesh... and shattered into pieces.

Ruby stared like a dead fish at the sight of her broken weapon, reduced to the shaft. The remains of the giant blade of Crescent Rose were scattered about like bits of dull silver against the golden floor. Normally, Ruby would be devastated over the destruction of her precious weapon that she built, but her mind was still focused on the more dreadful problem at hand. One that Ruby felt she failed.

"Mortal weapons will never be able to harm me." Gilgamesh stated. "Only a divine instrument or force is capable of killing me like a mortal man."

"But that is..." Ruby said, her desperation leaking through with a foreign feeling that Ruby vaguely identified as anger. "I can't even kill you then! I don't have a 'divine' weapon! Just let go of my friends from this. There's no point in this, so just stop!"

Gilgamesh looked impassively at Ruby. "But you do. You merely lack the conviction."

His statement referred to the wall that Ruby touched that allowed them access. Not only was it the door to his prison, it served as a Grimoire for one of his Authorities. He knew what now lingered within the girl the moment she touched it, possible as a last resort to keep him down. Those foolish gods would soon learn their lack of wisdom in giving a mortal that sword as it shall serve his purpose one last time. All it needed was a little push from his soon-to-be killer.

Ruby glanced helplessly, her silver eyes filling with more desperation mixing with growing wrath, as the weapons from the portals went closer upon her teammates. Yang tried as much as she could to try and free herself, but it was an impossible feat with the close proximity and the uselessness of her Aura. The silver-eyed girl couldn't help but imagine in terror of seeing her family and friends skewered by all manner of weaponry from all angles. Just imagining it almost made Ruby scream.

"I swear, let them go!" Ruby demanded, heated rage seeping into her voice. "If you don't, I - I..."

"Kill me?" Gilgamesh said, a ghost of a smile on his face. "That is not bad thinking, Ruby. It means that you do have have conviction to go through with your goals instead of giving up when it seems impossible. That you will strike me down for the sake of your friends."

"Ruby, don't listen to this guy. He's crazy!" Yang cried, but her voice went on deaf ears.

"So I will ask you again, Ruby Rose." Gilgamesh said. "Just how far will you go to save your friends? Would you still fight for them if there was inevitable Armageddon? Would you deny the laws of the world or even the gods if they meant to harm those close to you? Do you dare to defy them to save your friends?"

"I..." Ruby started in a growl, her voice growing as rational thought gave way to more of a truth from her heart. "I'd still fight! I don't care who tries to threaten my friends, my family, or anyone close to me! I'd defy everyone one of them, even the gods. Even the whole world if I have to!"

That defiance and the sheer volume of how far it went served as to call something implanted in Ruby, ever since the wall. Her right arm became painfully numb to the point she felt her nerves were moving like splinters. Twitching fingers were grasping at a growing glow of yellow light, but in her current delirium state born from desperation. She just had the only goal of saving her team no matter what it took.

The conviction was enough to call forth the partial power of a god, his Authority once trapped in a Grimoire upon the walls of Gilgamesh's prison. It resided in Ruby once she touched it, waiting for her use it against its previous master while also at the same time to ensure the mortal user's destruction. For what she summoned was not supposed to be wielded in mortal hands lest its higher level of existence tear her soul apart. It came from the light starting with a large golden hilt that made everything else in the room dirt in comparison. A broad hand guard protected her hand on one side made of two segments of glimmering gold metal with blue accents of Summerian origin, but the blade deviates from the normal edge and gave way for three segmented gears colored black with lines of ethereal red of a contained primal power, making it more akin to a cylindrical drill shape. Two of the top and bottom of this 'drill' spin in a slow counterclockwise motion while the middle turns clockwise.

It was a weapon that should not be held by a mortal for despite being separate from its god, the divine construct in the form of an Authority was still gripped tightly in Ruby's hands. She did not register the swordspearwandthingplanetgodtruth she was holding, her mind more driven to ending this for the sake of her friends. To defy this man, no matter how powerful he was to the bitter end. Ruby did not even acknowledge the deterioration of her soul, slowed down by her minor yet foreign divinity as she made a leap to strike down the chained king.

At some point in her charge, Ruby did not even remember herself, the damage already taking its toll on her soul, visually shown of how dim her Aura was becoming. What she still had and clinged to like a taut thin string was that she had to save people. She had to have them live.

No matter of soul damage from a powerful divine weapon in her hands could hinder her thrust of it as the very weapon now pierced cleanly through its former owner's chest. A splatter of blood mixed with ichor gushed out the other side where the divine construct impaled him through, and a river of blood escaped his lips. Ruby looked at the someone who she can barely recall as someone she needed to eliminate for her goal. Unease, or what a damaged soul can possibly identify as such, filled Ruby seeing the look of approval on Gilgamesh's face that stretched into a smile.

"Well... done." Gilgamesh said, his voice still strong. "Indeed, you... may not be much... but it is better than some."

The chains that once held him in place slithered off his legs and arms sensing his their prisoner's diminishing life force. The portals holding down Weiss, Blake, and Yang were released, but their expressions showed the horror at the events that had transpired. More so than Yang when she had to watch her sister force herself to kill for the first time. In a surprising show of strength, Gilgamesh snapped his right arm on Ruby's shoulder to pull her close.

"With my death, you shall become something more." Gilgamesh proclaimed. "You will born anew, and I am bestowing the greatest honor of living to my legacy. Go forth, Ruby Rose, as the slayer of the God of Kings and Heroes, and the new Queen of Uruk."

The three who were, in the most workable words, coherent expected something along the lines of a back door opening to a vault of treasure, or the wall behind them opening up so they can escape. No, instead the body of Gilgamesh quite literally exploded and replaced by a singularity of pure black. A vortex so strong that gravity had been pulled sideways pulled them towards the black mass of distorted space. They would have tried to resist if not for the fact Weiss, Blake, and Yang saw Ruby almost limply fall straight in.


Instead of resisting the vortex, the three jumped forward to chase after their leader, potentially damning themselves to an unknown fate. As the last member of the team disappeared, the singularity imploded in an explosion that destroyed at the molecular level while the space held no signs of the distortion.


Dim silver eyes opened to... complete blankness. No discernible matter or sense, just a mash of colors focused heavily on white.

She... who was she? She couldn't remember very well. She knew colors and tastes, but her not her name. Oh yeah, she's a girl and likes... red(?)... and her name is Ru... Ru...

"What an interesting case you are, foreign mortal. And this has been the second time one from another has come to my domain."

Now did Ruby realize she felt the back of her head was resting on something really comfortably, and her eyes managed to get rid of the haze to stare at the youthful face of a seemingly young girl with light purple hair and dark green eyes. The more she stared at the girl, the more Ruby's soul and body were repairing themselves. The haze was still there, but she finally remembered her name was Ruby Rose... and that she killed someone. Someone named Gilgamesh. Oh now she was feeling bad about that, but the atmosphere neutralized to calming sensation.

The girl began to speak, which was the same all-encompassing voice. "Though Gilgamesh was two thirds god, his own power was still on the level of any divine entity, not unlike my children. Perhaps he can be considered a god, one of steel and heroes, as civilization followed the ideal of heroes from him. Hmm, what a strange case."

The 'girl' made a thoughtful expression. Ruby wanted to say something, but found that her soul still had not repaired enough to speak. Her presence was staggering to the former scythe wielder. Finally, the 'girl' made a gesture coming to a decision.

"I have decided." The girl proclaimed, holding the sides of Ruby's head. "By the blessings of I, Pandora, you shall be reborn as another of my illegitimate children. The requirements have been met. You have usurped the rule of one considered to be a god, and thus you I adopt you as my Campione. And besides, if I keep you around and you go back, perhaps you can be a doorway so I can visit Melkor and Empyrean. It certainly has been so long since I've met the Brother Gods."

Ruby didn't know what spurned her in that moment, and for the following centuries she will still look back on this in confusion. Perhaps it was the fact Ruby did not take a liking to being adopted due to her devoted love to her mother, Summer. Maybe she wanted to poke fun at the mother goddess. Or maybe she inherited more than just the power of Gilgamesh. Whatever the reasons, it was still funny to this day.

"My," Ruby spoke, "mommy's... boobs were bigger."

Ruby could swear she could hear Gilgamesh laughing in the back of her head as Ruby saw the gobsmacked look on Pandora's face. There were even a few tears building in her eyes. Why did her chest have to be so small!?

"Waaah." Cried Pandora. "My new daughter is so mean to me!"

"I'm not comfortable calling you Mom." Ruby stated with just a hint of heat in her voice. "But... maybe I can call you sister."

"I guess that's fair." Lamented Pandora with a cloud of depression hanging over her head. "Go now, Ruby Rose. Live your life as a god slayer. A queen among kings. My ninth Campione."

The last Ruby saw was everything fading to bright light.

So yeah, this is a thing. This is my first official triple crossover for RWBY, Campione, and Fate/stay night, and admittedly I don't know too much about Campione. In this fic, three whole worlds are involved in this mess of gods and god slayers, featuring a Campione post-Heaven's Feel Shirou Emiya, an alive Illya, and gods and servants from the Nasuverse remade into gods of the Campione universe. So what will Ruby do next in this hectic world more dangerous than Remnant armed with the body and power of a god? She hopes to make some friends, maybe another sister, or perhaps find love.

Shirou Emiya and Illya in this story are inspired by God Slaying Blade Works by Marcus Galen Sands. It is unfortunate that he hasn't updated in almost a year. Eventually, he and Ruby will be able to work out stable travel between their worlds.

As for pairings, you have your canon harem with Godou, but I have a twist for Shirou. He will have his own harem, making a pairing of ShirouXRubyXSakuraXRinXMedusa, with the latter three waiting for Shirou in Fuyuki. I believe this pairing makes sense because with how good Shirou cooks and his broken ability to remake Noble Phantasms, you know Ruby is going to be instantly in love with Shirou. Though there will be a little scuffle with Sakura.

Oh, and don't expect future chapters to be this long.

Here are Ruby's stats as of now:


-Strength: B.

-Endurance: C plus (B 2 plus with Aura)

-Agility: A plus (A 2 plus with Semblance) - Only surpassed by Kusanagi's Godspeed.

-Mana: B.


-Gate of Babylon: The signature Authority of Gilgamesh that gives access to the King of Uruk's unrivaled treasures he had in his life. These treasures include prototypes of most mythical and legendary weapons that were passed down through history, but all come back to Gilgamesh. This allows instant access of legendary to divine level weapons of all types to the user on a moment's notice or in a more deadly variant to launch barrages of Babylon's treasures upon her enemies akin to a missile barrage. The treasury also holds unlimited wealth in gold and jewels, various magical artifacts/consumptions, and food. It is inferior to Shirou's Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works.

-Perfect Body: In life, Gilgamesh was famed as being the perfect blend between mortal and god. As such, this Authority is always passive, gifting a considerable increase to all parameters. Grants increased thought processes as well to the user. This also adds on of giving the Campione unique physical features in the form of blonde hair, red tattoos, and red eyes, a signature look of Summerian gods.

-King of All: Gilgamesh was proclaimed by the heavens to be the one true king of the lands, and that by his decree shall all serve him without question. As such, this Authority grants the user to always have his words spoken as the truth and/or followed. It is not a hypnotic type of Authority, rather that regular humans and magicians have no choice but to bend to the user's commands and follow the truth of those words, but it is ineffective against Campione and gods. This also grants the user a perception on mortals, Campione, and gods to see their true self to the user, effectively making it impossible to lie or deceive the user of their true nature.

-Chains of Heavens: The great creations by the Summerian gods that were built to bind the gods. Once it was part of the creation known as Enkidu, who was great friends with Gilgamesh. Upon Enkidu's death, Gilgamesh took in the chains into his treasury in remembrance to his friend. Can be used in conjunction with the Gate of Babylon.

-Enuma Elish-Sword of Rupture: The Authority that is the divine construct known as Ea, the unique sword that belongs only to Gilgamesh. It was forged from a time before the concept of 'sword' even existed, before even life began in the universe. It is more of a 'reminder' to the world of the 'truth' it was once was before creation that was before the split of heaven, hell, and earth. The user of this powerful Authority calls forth a destructive power that existed in the star that existed in the nothingness before the universe, bringing total destruction that are on anti-world levels. Can only be defended by defensive-only Authorities such as Avalon or defenses that 'transfer damage to another world'.

-Age of Babylon: Gilgamesh was the great king of Uruk, and thus entitled to rule what was considered the whole world itself. This Authority allows the user to summon the once great city of Uruk to serve as a mobile fortress along with its magical defenses to hold out against a siege from gods, weapon armaments powerful enough to destroy a country in a day, and the ancient armies that served Gilgamesh in his life. The city can be despawned and respawned at any given moment.

In the next chapter, Ruby and the gang are not given a break as shortly arriving in a new world, they are attacked by Ishtar and Ereshkigal, and it is up to the new ninth Campione to defeat the both of them. Please let me know of what possible Authorites Ruby can usurp besides 'Noble Phantasms' because I don't have a damn clue.

Up next is Chapter 2: Slayer of War, Usurper of Death

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