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"Oh! you're so beautiful my dolls." Ms. Kobayashi said to her daughter/s. Amaya and Kin, she was actually the same child. Her soul split into two bodies at birth, a mistake caused by her mother's quirk. (Mother's quirk: She can split things into two new wholes of the original thing.) So the girl was like twins, with herself. The mirror was right before the four-year old. But she didn't use it. She looked herself over from her opposite bodies. Her long black hair braided along her scalp, then pulled into a ponytail. Wavy and curled at the tips. She wore black blouse. Pink knee length skirt. Little black sandals with bows on them. 'Amaya' spun around, then 'Kin'. Then she smiled as she looked up into her own deep slate colored irises.

It wasn't at all bad being in two bodies. She got a bigger room, a bigger bed, bigger dresser and desk. She could have both the backpacks she couldn't choose between. She could actually hug and snuggle in bed, somehow, she never felt afraid of nighttime. She didn't mind playing hopscotch and tag and jump rope alone. Taking baths and braiding her own hair was easier. She could have two flavors of ice-cream when the ice-cream truck came. She could taste them both, at the same time, but not. It was hard to explain really. She could feel and taste with both bodies of course. But it wasn't connected to the other body. But Her mind thought the same in both bodies. Sometimes though, she forgot 'Amaya' from 'Kin' herself. It sometimes became hard to remember the two conversations she was having at once. Being twins with yourself was weird. She was the same person even if she was in two bodies.

Mommy kissed her forehead/s. "Have a good day my darling." Both 'Kin' and 'Amaya' waved and chimed good lucks and love you at the same time. She skipped up to the door hand and hand with herself. "Good morning Kin, Amaya." The teacher greeted. The girl giggled, others didn't know she was the same person. Only she and Mommy knew that, everyone else was told she was twins. Which was much easier to explain, people had a hard time understanding it all.

'Amaya' couldn't really remember what they were really arguing about. She didn't really think Bakugo could remember either. But neither of them wanted to admit that they had no idea why they were fighting. 'Kin' was with more friends at they other end of the classroom. Both of her though, felt strange sensations deep in her chest/s. 'Kin's' was warm, safe, pleasing. 'Amaya's' was hot and cold, trembling and bitter. It was faint and she was too busy playing with racecars/arguing with Bakugo to really notice. But when Bakugo yelped and cried. Guilt flooded both little hearts. He had pulled her hair and poked her tummy too hard. But 'Amaya' bit him. And her quirk had manifested in that moment. His fore-arm was burned bad. 'Kin' ran over, 'Amaya' didn't know how to apologize, aside from instinctively run over and wrap her arms around him. 'Kin' had a faint glowing aura. It didn't heal him or take the pain away. But he stopped crying and soon smiled and returned the hug.

'Kin and 'Amaya', were the very first of the class to manifest her quirks. But because of the accident it wasn't celebrated by the class. (Kin's quirk: "contentment" when she or others feels distressed, through embrace a feeling of warmth, safety, happiness eases them. Amaya's quirk: "nuclear" can produce a nuclear power from her hands, and sparks of nuclear escape her mouth from extreme emotions- excited, irritated, frightened, ect.) It was the next day. "Stay away from me! You're so scary!" One of her best friends dodged 'Amaya' and ran away. She stayed in the back of the class, being quiet. She just played with everyone as 'Kin' today. And she got a front row seat as Bakugo's quirk manifested. Everyone was in awe. It was so pretty.

Now with her new quirks, daily life of course was a little different now. 'Amaya' had to wear long gloves and mask, so her quirk didn't leak. She chose cute masks of course, the one she wore most often had a cat nose and whiskers, printed in white on the black material. Because of her quirk her taste was dulled, so she delighted in her food being either very tangy or really spicy. She couldn't taste sweets so she didn't eat them. But through 'Kin' she spoiled herself with Konpeito and Riesen candies. 'Kin' had her first sleepover without 'Amaya'. She had never slept, alone? Because of her quirk, she felt safer. But her 'Amaya' side had her first nightmare. Both bodies woke in the middle of the night. 'Kin' only sat up and gasped before she curled up again with tears in her eyes. 'Amaya' was screaming, her mother came rushing into her bedroom. Cooing and kissing her forehead, Mommy had to sleep with her that night.

She didn't expect everyone to still be afraid. It had been a few years. But it was all right, she just conversed and hung out with people through 'Kin'. As 'Amaya', she read and studied. Always quiet, out of the way. She figured out she could get away with being blunt, realistic or just ignore others through 'Amaya'. Since people avoided and basically expected negativity and the cold shoulder from her. She began going to different schools. So she could learn and strive hard in the top schools, and stay with friends and meet new people in lesser schools. As 'Kin' she was in gymnastics and dance and roller-skating. Went out to arcades and karaoke. As 'Amaya' she learned Morse Code and Brail, Roman Numerals just for fun. Played the piano and recorder. Did stretches and yoga, had the fastest tract time.

When puberty hit, it was expected that both bodies would be developing at the same rate. To her surprise though it didn't work that way. After some thought it made sense. Her bodies consumed different food, had different schedules. 'Kin's' breasts were slightly bigger and skin tanner. In the shower when she looked her selves over, purely a reaction, she slapped her own hand away. She burst into laughter. As she got older, she wanted a new hairstyle and fashion. Another perk of having two bodies. 'Amaya' cut her hair shoulder length, with bangs. She wanted to blend in as well as compliment the required mask and gloves. Dark shades, a navy blue (boy's) dress shirt. Slate color pleated skirt. And a dark, faded, denim utility jacket. 'Kin' dyed thin gold blond and bronze streaks into her long hair. Parted it down middle and had two braids down her scalp, then pulled into low pigtails. She wore an active shirt, the sleeves and breast white, from there down was maroon. A purple bustle skirt. White knee-high socks. And always carried a very bright yellow backpack with charms dangling.

Most of the time she had extra classes or outings after school. But sometimes she'd get to walk home peacefully with herself. Trading and sharing various sandwiches to experiment how they tasted. Suddenly she was dragged into an ally. Three men, drunk, trapped the both of her. "Hey there sweethearts." "Feel like playing with us?" 'Kin' was standing between two of them who began to roam her with their hands and lips. "She's so soft and has great curves." 'Amaya' was pinned against the brick wall, the other man doing the same. She was terrified. She swallowed back a cry to stop the sparks that burned her throat. Then he began stripping her, he unbuttoned her shirt half-way down, then he decided to take off her gloves first instead. It happened before she could think. She trembled on her knees and 'Kin' was covering her head. The alley was half destroyed, and the men, had been disintegrated by the powerful, close range, when her quirk set off.

She ran home, 'Amaya' was faster than 'Kin' and dragged her along. She rushed past the kitchen so Mom couldn't see her but simultaneously shouted "I'm Home, Hi Mom!" in a cheery voice. The first thing was a lightning fast shower. Clean clothes. Brushed hair. Then she sat down on the bed to let it all soak in. One would think that it would be easier to comfort herself. But whenever she was sad, she gazed into her own eyes. And today she could see the great depth of fear and guilt and disgust and sorrow. The tears fell freely, until the deathly silent room filled with chocked utterly depressed sobs. She didn't curl up with herself. She didn't try to smile. When she felt unhappy, she truly felt unhappy, and today was the worst she ever felt. That night she was quiet at the dinner table but told her mom nothing. Days passed, weeks passed, nobody knew. Nobody knew… thank god! She felt safer on the inside now. She felt calmer, maybe more confident too. She was cooking dinner as she suddenly burst out laughing. Relieving laughter, uncontrollable relieving laughter. Everything was going to be okay. She was going to be okay. It was all okay. Nobody was ever going to know.