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Chapter 6: Power of the Pack

"Are you sure about this, Ruby-san?" Asked a nervous Shirou.

"I am extra positive, Shirou-kun." Chirped Ruby as bright as ever.

It had been a month and a half with the addition of Shirou into Ruby's life with Madara and Obito. Ruby had opted to have Shirou share the same lodge with her in the forest instead of staying in that desolate cave with her great-grandfather or one of Obito's hideouts. To her, Shirou deserved more... heartfelt company than dreary loneliness her relatives were more akin to. It was also far easier for Ruby to teach Shirou in the shinobi arts as they lived together. Certainly none of her reasons were based on Shirou's absolutely divine cooking.

She lived up to her promise to Madara in teaching Shirou if he wanted to stay, and as soon as they started training Ruby realized her new friend was a natural in combat. Due to Shirou's own massive reserves that exceeded her own by a significant, his use of the memory transfer of Shadow Clones boosted his skill level to an appropriate level as Madara deemed so. First, Ruby trained him in the art of sword and found Shirou's strongest asset with the use of dual wielding two wakizashi at the moment, and he basically swam through with basic katas before Ruby let him study from kata scrolls of the Uzumaki. Ruby was sure by six months with the use of so many Shadow Clones and his own diligence, Shirou will come to rival that of Jounin and above.

In terms of the use of his chakra, Ruby took Shirou's use of his jutsu in a different way. Instead of using techniques that had standardized results, Ruby had Shirou practice his use of chakra through sheer manipulation. The result was a field of chakra manipulation with greater variety and a lack of handsigns, especially for Shirou's Kekkei Tota. Ruby found this art of chakra more useful than what was used in the modern era as a standard jutsu would have to go through handsigns for just a singular result. Shirou would simply manipulate his chakra into any of his given elements or sub-elements for any kind of effect. So promising was it that Ruby dedicated some of her time to use her chakra in the same way for offensive jutsu as her Crystal Release worked in similarly flexible manner.

His only weaknesses Shirou had were his inexperience and chakra control. Both factors Ruby herself had trouble she first started training under Madara. Two weaknesses Ruby knew Shirou would overcome, and become as much of a warrior as she would. Madara himself had stated that his potential rivaled Ruby, and he spoke it in these words.

'Shirou will become your Hashirama.'

Ruby did not know how to feel about that. On one side, she was ecstatic that not only would Shirou become strong with the right training, Madara himself acknowledged the orphans potential. However, Ruby was slightly nervous about the whole rival tone to it. History always portrays the Senju and Uchiha as fated bitter rivals, their clashes always ending in blood. She didn't think it would happen, and she knew both herself and Shirou would defy the stereotype. They were two of the same type of people with the same goal: help others.

The months of Shirou staying with Ruby had helped his physique. His body was awfully malnourished and almost skinny to the bone when Ruby freed him from his slavery. Once twig-like limbs filled out with toned muscle, at least a healthy above average for a ten-year-old, and his red hair gained a brighter tone to it. He already hit a bit of growth spurt with better food, getting taller than Ruby by at least three inches in height. He long ago changed from the rags of his slave life, now wearing a black shirt with a turtleneck snug on his body and grey pants stuffed in leather boots Ruby made from a killed bear. Around his waist was a typical belt holding the sheaths for his wakizashi that hung from his back and holsters for any kunai.

"I get this is powerful but," Shirou said with an air of caution, "using the scrolls to study katas and chakra exercises from the Uzumaki artifacts is safe. I've read about these things, and this is pretty risky."

"I wouldn't do this if I wasn't completely sure we weren't prepared for the worst." Ruby countered. "Besides, I've got this in the bag. You trust me, right Shirou-kun?"

"Of course." Shirou answered without missing a beat. "You helped me become stronger so we can help people. Just what we want."

Ruby gave an ecstatic nod before redirecting her silver eyes back to the grassy ground of a clearing in Ruby's forest home. They were on their knees looking over four massive scrolls almost as half as tall as they were. The Uzumaki artifacts Ruby recovered from the slavers months ago was the greatest find of her great-grandmother's clan, containing unique kenjutsu arts, weaponry maintenance and creation, and infamous fighting styles not seen since the Third Great Shinobi War. Yet the greatest prize were these scrolls for they were the Uzumaki clan's only four Summoning Contracts they had: Dragon, Badger, Wolf, and Sabrecat respectively. Today was the day Ruby decided both herself and Shirou were going to sign from one for each.

A Summoning Contract was one of the greatest arsenals in the shinobi world, allowing a user to summon an intelligent beast dependent on who they were affiliated to. If a shinobi were trusted enough, they were then allowed to the animals' summoning realm to master Senjutsu and become their sage, which was Ruby's ultimate goal in mind. Not to mention she wouldn't mind some more friends, give or take if they weren't exactly human.

The Uzumaki clan with their skill in fuinjutsu were one of the first to create Summoning Contracts, thus they held the most powerful in the nations. These four specifically were not only of the top-tier, but also held spiritual significance to the Uzumaki clan. Badger, dragon, wolf, and sabercat represented the core traits of the clan of their determination, power, unity, and ferocity in that order.

Having one of them as a summoning ally was a sure way to become a legend if the tales of the Sannin were anything to go by. The danger however that Shirou was trying to point out was that there was still a chance of rejection. Signing a Summoning Contract is a pact for a mutual relationship between the shinobi and the animal clan he or she is trying to ally with, but in order to become their Summoner the signer had to prove their worth to the clan. This can range from a simple contest to surviving an indefinite amount of time from the boss. Considering how close these animal clan were to the Uzumaki, they may be a bit bitter to have anyone else sign their contract since the genocide of Uzushio.

Ruby and Shirou had the best chance to sign these contract with the Uzumaki blood running in their veins. Though Shirou had a much better chance of the two being he was half Uzumaki, while Ruby was anything remotely so from her great-grandmother. The red-tips in her raven hair were the physical proof Ruby was related to the Uzumaki clan, and she hoped the bosses of these summons judged more than just the blood in her veins. Worse case scenario, they may not take so kindly to someone with Uchiha blood within them.

"You know as they say, nothing gain without some risk." Ruby said, keeping a positive facade. "But I think I should go first... and you should probably make some space for yourself."

Shirou didn't need to be told twice to run away from the clearing. The redhead heterochromatic used a lightning-style Body Flicker, disappearing in a cloud of blue electricity and reappearing in a tree branch tens of meters away. He gave a supporting salute from his vantage point, leaving Ruby to go back to the four Summoning Contracts.

She already had one in mind. With a relieving sigh, Ruby's right hand grabbed the scroll for the Wolf clan that symbolized unity. Family to be precise, and it is a value Ruby herself carried highly. Unrolling the scroll, it revealed boxed spaces for anyone to sign their name in the contract with their blood. A frown marred her face looking at the beginning of the scroll where over twenty users have signed. All of them had the name of Uzumaki, and all of them were faded out as a sign of death, including the most previous one.

'And here's hoping there was someone left alive.' Ruby thought glumly.

She set the contract to the next empty space, ready to be signed. Ruby stuck out her left thumb to her mouth and bit down on the digit hard enough to draw blood, unflinching of the spike of pain from the act. Next, Ruby wrote her name on the parchment with her thumb as a brush and her blood as ink till the paper spelled out 'Ruby Uchiha-Rose'.

'Now comes the hard part.' Thought Ruby.

After using a bit of her chakra to seal the wound in her thumb, Ruby began going through a set of handseals as was mandatory. In case Ruby was going to use one-fifteenth of her reserves in the summoning for the chakra usage.


Ruby slammed both hand on the ground, and a sealing array automatically imprinted on the ground. Her chakra flowed into the array, and the resulting reaction came in the form of a cloud of smoke as it exploded out. The silver-eyed Uchiha wiped the smoke away and opened her eyes to see what she had gained. What greeted her made her heart flutter.

"Ohhh myy Kaaamii..." Gasped Ruby, clutching her chest.

At her feet from where Ruby slammed her hands was a wolf pup standing a height shorter than her knees. Its fur was a dark grey shining in the light of day, but the feet and facial area had a darker tone to it. Beady yellow eyes blinked in surprise as tiny fluffy ears twitched erratically revealing inner fur that was a startling pearl white. Behind its hind legs wagged a stub of an infant tail with an underlying of white fur.

"Where am I!?" The wolf pup suddenly spoke, his voice high-pitched but definitely masculine to identify as a male. "The human world!? How did I get here? Who are you!?"

"So cuuuuute~!" Squeaked Ruby, hearts forming in her pupils.

Unable to contain herself, Ruby snatched the talking pup and hugged it to her bosom. The wolf pup tried valiantly to dislodge through swipes and kicks, but they only served to make Ruby giggle from the tickles they caused. Meanwhile, her hands stroked the fur on his back and rubbed his belly comfortably. In that moment, Ruby was in total bliss with puppy love.

"Kawaii, kawaii, kawaii, kawaii, kawaii, kawaii!" Squealed Ruby, going back to Japanese language in her bliss.

"Let me go!" The pup protested, thankful his fur hid away his blush. "A-At least tell me how I got here please!"

It would seem the magic word for 'please' managed to snap Ruby out of her self-induced trance. Reluctantly, she held the pup at arm's length under his armpits. She noticed the wolf pup was giving a glare, but it may as well have served to make him ten times more cute. Ruby was physically shaking to not glomp her summon again. She needed to act professional for now... then petting later.

"Sorry." Ruby apologized. "My name is Ruby Rose and I am the one who summoned you."

The pup's eyes widened. "Oh Kami, we have a new summoner! I have to tell Tou-san!"

Before Ruby could say a word, the wolf pup disappeared in a burst of smoke, leaving no trace of him. Ruby felt her world shatter for a moment, feeling as if something was violently ripped from her heart when the cute puppy disappeared. All she could do was hang her head down added by a cloud of despair. From the treeline, Shirou had a frown of his face. He never liked it when Ruby was this depressed and he was about to go down to comfort his only friend and mentor until...

Ruby's depression turned into blank surprise as the whole clearing and then some to the forest was filled with chakra smoke. The nearby birds and other wildlife immediately scurried as far away as they could from the general area, and Shirou was frozen in place from shock. The smoke cleared to reveal the clearing and forest crowded by a giant pack of wolves, all of them vicious looking and ready to right. So not like a puppy.

"Uh oh." Ruby muttered.

These weren't the average wolves at all as can be seen at first glance. They had varied colors of fur from auburn to red to blue. Most of the wolves were twice as big as regular wolves, and they all gathered within the woods beyond. However, there were a few that were three times bigger than a horse and covered in plated armors similar to the make of samurai, brandished blades in their mouths, and featured a horn growing from their heads.

That did nothing to compare to the giant majesty that stood in front of the giant pack. This wolf was the boss of the summoning clan, and he stood at such an enormous height that even the trees could not reach its knees. It towered over the entire forest, its dark blue fur contrasting to the sky while puff of white at the joints, pits, neck, and tail shined in the sunlight. Yellow eyes glared down at Ruby with a star just above the brow where a horn grew out from. The legs, body, and neck were covered in dark blue armor and a giant daito blade was sheathed at his side ready to be gripped in his maw and drawn out.

'Kami, he's as big as a bijuu.' Ruby thought in both excitement and alarm. 'He's beautiful.'

The boss of the wolf clan did not say anything, but she felt the air be disturbed as it lowered its head down to get a closer look at Ruby. Once at ground level, Ruby was staring at a giant pair of yellow eyes behind a muzzle tipped with a nose bigger than herself. She flinched as the boss sniffed Ruby, her ears popping from the sudden difference in air pressure.

"You..." The wolf boss spoke, his voice like thunder echoing throughout the forest. "Who are you?"

Ruby swallowed down her fear to meet the boss' gaze. "My name is Ruby Uchiha-Rose. And I am the one who signed your contract. Sorry if I caused problems."

"You have the scent of an Uzumaki." The wolf boss noted. "Though it is very faint."

"My great-grandmother was half Uzumaki." Ruby explained. "Again, sorry for abruptly summoning, or for somehow pillaging your contract or whatever. But I felt you guys didn't deserve what you got when I found your contract, and with the Uzumaki gone there was no way for you to come here. So I guess in the end, I just really wanted to meet you all. After all, I am very a big dog person."

"She's right, Pops." Said a familiar voice, and Ruby looked to find the pup she summoned nestled between the boss eyes. "She snuggled me like crazy when she summoned me."

The wolf boss gave a groaning noise that reverberated throughout the entire forest, and Ruby laughed nervously as she poked her fingers together. His stare intensified, causing both Ruby and Shirou hidden in the trees to gulp. The giant nose gave one last sniff and the boss leaned back a little.

"You may not be pure Uzumaki, but in the end that does not matter." The wolf boss spoke. "I can sense it within you. Your will and spirit are the same as the Uzumaki clan. One that is righteous and pure."

As the wolf continued his speak, Ruby was shocked to find tears building up in his yellow eyes.

"The Uzumaki were not simply our summoners." The boss continued, his voice getting heavier. "We were as close as family. When the day Uzushio and they were slaughtered to a meager number, it was day of sorrow of us. To see that the spirit of the Uzumaki still lives on so strongly fills this old heart in joy."

The boss blinked the tears away from his eyes as the giant wolf sat down. Ruby took a moment to retract her gaze to the pack surrounding her and noted all of them were trembling with tears in their eyes. Especially the bigger ones who were openly weaping.

"Today we may no longer waste in sorrow any longer." Declared the boss loudly. "For today, I, Lord Siken of the wolves, welcome Ruby Uchiha-Rose, to our family!"

Siken rose his head to the air and gave a mighty howl to the sky, his voice so powerful it sent out a breeze that rustled the leaves of the trees. His howl signaled for the rest of the pack as well, filling the entire forest with their combined chorus. It was both mesmerizing, beautiful, and terrifying, but it did not stop the smile blooming on Ruby's face. She felt something in her blood shake in the wake of their song, and she couldn't stop herself giving a try to join their howl at the end.

The chorus stopped once Siken did so and lowered his head back down to Ruby. As soon as his giant muzzle touched the ground, his young pup of a son slid down to the ground and stood at Ruby's feet. Even now, it was taking all of Ruby's willpower not to scoop up the puppy and glomp him in hugs and kisses.

"Hi." The pup greeted as he raised a hand in greeting. "My name is Dai. I guess from now on I am your personal summon."

"Well, I would love to have someone as adorable as you as a partner." Ruby cooed.

The silver-eyed Uchiha leaned down and began to scratch under Dai's chin. The effects of her ministrations were instant as Dai began to bump his left hind leg repeatedly and the stub of his tail wagged like crazy. Ruby giggled in amusement at the sight.

"What are you waiting for?" Siken said as he eyed the pack behind him. "Let's greet our newest member to the family."

"Eh?" Ruby responded intelligently.

Before she knew it, Ruby's vision was assailed by what can be termed as wolf. The pack of wolves charged her down to the ground faster than Ruby realized it and assaulted her with kisses. At first, Ruby was alarmed, but devolved into unstoppable giggles at the literal dog pile of wolves kissing her started to tickle. She reciprocated the open affection of the pack with petting whoever she got her hands on. Eventually, Ruby mustered up the resolve to stand back up and over the crowding wolves that still attempted to kiss her all over. Now standing over them, Ruby had the perfect leverage to pet them on the heads. In short, she was doggy heaven.

Ruby realized in the chaos of summoning the wolves she completely forgot about one person who should be joining her. She snapped her head back and her silver eyes locked with Shirou's mismatched pair as he was still hidden in the trees. He didn't know why in that moment, but he felt something particularly bad was about to happen to him.

"Shirou, come on out!" Ruby called. "They are all so freaking lovable!"

All the wolves in the pack stopped and simultaneously looked in Ruby's direction. Their combined gaze on Shirou made the redhead freeze in place. They took in the sight of his Uzumaki hair and the scent of his combined heritage of Senju and Uzumaki. Tails wagged in crazy fashion that picked up a sizable gust for a moment, knocking Shirou out his perch and in the open for all of them to see.

"Um... hi?" Shirou greeted nervously.

"Love him!" A wolf said.

There were many ways Shirou will realize later that could have got him out of this situation. He could have used a Body Flicker to quickly get back to the trees and escape through the canopy. Maybe use the Shadow Clone jutsu to make copies equal in number of the pack and use the confusion to escape. Fighting them was out of the question since that would upset Ruby if any of them were hurt in the conflict. Whatever the reason, Shirou was taken by the flood of wolves in the end, showered with their affectionate kisses that covered the boy in their drool.

"Stop - Hey - Ha-ha-ha-ha!" Shirou said between laughing fits. "That tickles! Hey - Ah!"

Meanwhile, Ruby giggled uncontrollably at Shirou's plight while Siken leaned his head down beside the Uchiha girl. His lips were parted to reveal a fanged grin that revealed the boss' amusement.

"An Uzumaki-Senju child." Siken said. "Truly a glorious day. Will he be signing our contract as well?"

"Actually, I was thinking of giving Shirou the Dragon Contract." Ruby answered. "I have recovered the rest of the Summoning Contracts belonging to the Uzumaki clan."

"That is disappointing, but not unbearable." Siken said. "The Dragon Contract, you say? That boy is in for a rough ride."

Ruby gave an uneasy expression. "Is the contract too dangerous for Shirou?"

"I am not doubting the boy." Siken explained. "Ryujin will only accept those who can impress in their strength. It is a difficult task, but if what I sense from Shirou's chakra he will be a worthy summoner."

Ruby nodded ecstatically. "Of course, Shirou's amazing. Like me."

Siken chuckled. "Indeed. I hope we have a wonderful partnership, Ruby Uchiha-Rose."

"Me too, Siken-dono." Ruby replied in kind.

The smile refused to leave Ruby's face for the rest of the day. Not only did she make a whole bunch of new friends and make Shirou stronger in his own right, Ruby was one step closer on the road to surpassing Madara Uchiha.

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