Galvan's Mind

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Future Gohan:This is also a option(If all else fails)

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As the battle ensues and broadcasted throughout every television in japan

A certain Galvan would watch and analyse what they dubbed him as the symbol of peace and the wondrous all for one go at it

"Hmm that all for one is not doing too bad against this symbol of peace no matter its going to end up like my battles with Tennyson which is captured or defeated until retreat but I wonder why is the symbol of peace or known as All might body shrinking…. That could be his quirk which modifies and amplifies the body past the human threshold for an increase in physical capabilities but i can tell it has a limiter showing this isn't his true form" as the Galvan watches the fight going out on broadcast with some snacks in hand and smiles that AFO's fall will reign on him and he will become the new power player to torture pros and to obviously survive the onslaught that this universe gives to find his way back

As the fight continues onward with all might reaching the absolute peak of this body's limit knowing he can't use it and that Deku will inherit as a tribute of OFA battling it hard

"I wonder if i shall land the finishing blow even though u have ruined everything I've done since I started my villain work all mightand how my protege tomura ruined it since his first few days and how I'm taking that opportunity away from him doesn't matter cuz the world will know your true weakness" states the notorious Villain

As the villain charges up a shockwave air blast with a targeted unlucky civilian beneath some debris to the left side as he shoots while a certain old man warns all might about the blast he was charging up

"All might understand me don't take the force of that attack" warns the old man

As the attack was used and all might sees at the civilian looking at the blast with the random civilian looking in fear eyes closed before he heard something hit and it wasn't him it was all might and he looked weakened and at his true form?

"Now everyone will know your true form all might and now reputation shall be ruined and tarnished due to your weakness now symbol of Peace"

"I will always symbolise peace no matter what state or situation I'm in I will always conquer" says the passionate blonde

"Maybe this will break your spirits all might because i will reveal to you that tomura shigaraki is Nana Shimura's grandson and related to your first predecessor can you believe that the so-called symbol of peace"

While the symbol of peace struggles to hear the blatant revelation of AFO's main ally being a relative to his past teacher with doubt creating in his head while the villain smiles the entire time as all might look at him with shock and doubt even his teachings on how people smiling were always at their strongest and etc.. Before breaking down in despair before a voice was heard and it was the random citizen he saved

"You can do it all might we all believe in you that u can win" says the citizen he saved as more come in desperate

While Deku and Bakugo scream their lungs out with a phrase

"Win all might!"

As the battle toggled on and people where saved and the injured pros were dealt with entering the climax of this fight and where it all comes to a exhilarating finish as he gather all he can to use OFA with in his arm as he shouts and lands a punch yelled as

"United states of smash!" as the fist clashes onto the face of AFO as gusts of wind appear and come by before a fist was up by the symbol of peace as the crowd shouts his name one last time giving the people a feeling to give back faith and to be confident in pro heroes as he points at a camera

"Its Your turn next" says all might pointing reminding Deku that now he has the reigns to one of all and that he will take on that wildcard changeling down

As our favourite Galvan watches the phrase with analytical intent

"Your turn next huh. Could that symbol of piece be retiring…? Could that mean he has a replacement/disciple he is training on his own? Hmmm well i know that this is going to make things easier for me but the key thing is that i will be free from that miserable impudent human all for one and his lackeys"

As the Galvan would turn off the tv and get to working on his project made to escape and leave this universe in a speck of dust never to be seen or known of again smiling for the first time as he won't be unopposed by that damn human Tennyson or that all for one as he keeps working with the materials he gathered just a day beforehand and keeps his progress at check and just hoping it works or that time walker comes here

"Anyways i finally have finished up on one part of the null void projector 2.0 i just hope none of those pro heroes become like that Tennyson and those pathetic humans like Aizawa or endeavour although he does intrigue me with his abilities and I want to see how he goes against my forms especially that pyronite copy that Tennyson deems as "heat blast"" albedo/kei Alabastor

As he stops working for the day and gets some nourishment due to the constant demand of the human body has on our Galvan halting more work and going to get more snacks he packed for today

"What does this human Tennyson eat with this body and why does it crave so much" yells kei Alabastor/albedo

As the HEROES talk out their concerns after the victory over all for one

"We might Have AFO locked up but that wildcard is still out there and due to the fact he is immune to my quirk and powerful and well-rounded he is I tell you he is a menace that needs to be done with i mean did u see how much we struggled against him even in that big green dino form he has" says a worried Aizawa

"Should have known this would be about that wildcard and shigaraki" says best jeanist

"Well what can u do against someone who can turn into creatures and things we can never see before and a successor to AFO respectively but damn that wildcard is a slippery customer to go by especially since his quirk cant be nullified I wonder how is he this powerful and what does he really look like " as another would state

While a certain retiree of OFA is visited by an old man and a fellow pro

"I can't believe that shigaraki is a relative to your former mentor Toshinori" Says the old man

"Yea surprisingly i wonder if the shimura family could have known?" says Naomasa

"Well despite that new factor that wildcard is still roaming around and it getting suspiciously quiet without him doing much havoc as he used to"

Back in Bellwood

"Hmm that was an annoying battle especially with some criminals and surprisingly Elena into the mix"

As the human named Tennyson got back from a fight and rests knowing they plumbers are prepare to retrieve albedo at any time when paradox figures out a entry into the universe albedo is trapped in

"Huh seems your bored huh Benji even after your smoothie id expect you to play more sumo slammers" States Kevin

With the osmosian approaching our friendly Tennyson with his smoothie sitting alongside ben as he would smirk and grin knowing things have indeed gotten boring over these last few weeks although ben would worry about albedo and how is he coping with the new world

As 5 days passed and with our favourite Galvan and doing more progress to leave japan via dimension disruptor/null void projector after a good lunch out

"Yes, without those pestering pro's and my personal life being intact and abusing my petrosapien diamond supply for income this project shall be finished and i shall return to defeat that lonely Tennyson as this project gains even more progress the second I get and provide materials"

As the Galvan was happy in his land and making tech to make sufficient to his needs aside from the null void projector as he had fully made a costume that blends and conceals his features before even transforming and being able to handle his transformations no matter the size, temperature and etc… and ofc he made touches to it to make it look slick, cool and overall have it be stylish with class added onto it

"I wonder when that pathetic league will call me back or even care doesn't matter anyways i just hope they don't become as meddling as those heroes and interrupt my project"

Until a call comes by before albedo looks back and stops before picking up the phone

Meanwhile at a new hideout with tomura as leader

"Hmm have you gotten back at that changeling wildcard yet tomura" says twice just in pure curiosity

"Well despite his arrogance and somewhat pompous behaviour towards us he does make a fitting ally to our cause and with his ability especially since not many of us have seen a transformation quirk like to the degree of that changeling shame he hasn't contacted us at all anyway I must call him since I managed to get a hold of his number" as tomura contemplates despite his attitude

as meanwhile as tomura gets to calling our fellow Galvan

"So, I wondered why you haven't contacted us at all after AFO was arrested?" says tomura

"Oh, it's you shigaraki. What is a foolish human and what do u want?"

"Huh all for one wasn't kidding with your attitude there anyways due to your abilities and our shortened ties even when AFO couldn't provide resources for your assumed project"

"Well he lied and got himself arrested like he was vreedle brother and you seem no better" says the Galvan

"One what's a Vreedle Brother and 2 i have something u may like" as the frustrated and impatient successor of AFO states and says to the Galvan

"Fine but that doesn't mean i will join your team of simpletons" as albedo/kei would state before receiving coordinates to the location of their whereabouts

As the first thinker works on and brainstorms

'Damn Tennyson and the plumber allies wanting my help again after albedo gets put into the other side of the universe' says Azmuth the creator of the device known for its heroics and achievements

As The first Thinker Azmuth thinks of the probabilities and what the deviant galvan would do in a universe beyond theirs as the helps create a device similar to the one albedo had however one in surprise in how albedo was able to create a device like this but however he will complete it and retrieve him back for capture

As that happens a certain group of people appear and he looks as it was the Tennyson and the revonnahgander rook alongside Gwen and Kevin

'Well this is going to be a long one as the thinker would sigh internally'

Back to our favourite Galvan walking along the mall and sitting down waiting

As our white haired Benji chills along waiting for some ice cream out in the open with his improved look going along with a red jacket, black pants and red street shoes as he looks into the sky hoping that some help will come and bring him out of this miserable universe he inhabits

"So this is what it's like to have a haircut and i wonder if that Azmuth will finish cuz I doubt those Galvan's back at the plumbers will be suffice when making tech of that calibre"

A certain white-haired female would walk by and notice the bored and somewhat annoyed male in curiosity as she moves to a spot next to him asking politely for permission to sit there

"Is this spot taken" as the Nejire Hado would inquire to our Galvan

"No, it isn't why do u ask there fellow Human" as the Galvan inquires back in curiosity and annoyance

"It seemed like the only spot available in front of that smoothie shop as every other seat seemed to be taken" as Nejire would retort angrily

"Hmm well go get your smoothie then since the counter is empty as of this moment" as albedo/kei would smirk and make a smart comment as she seemed like the typical low-class human he dealt with in Fistrick

As The UA senior walks to the counter to order a smoothie the galvan would tinker a bit with his ultimatrix and looking at it before he would grab out his phone and look at some upcoming games and stuff needed for his project to help with his project as he stopped by another store to sell the same diamonds until that annoying human came back with a smoothie next to our dear Galvan before he would eat more ice cream which he brought earlier as conversation was made as he ate

"So What is your name if i may ask?" inquires the senior hado

'Damn this human is still talking to me after what i said? well let's play along and hope she leaves so I can tinker with my inventions and get going' thought albedo before he replied

"Well the name is Kei and may I inquire yours's fellow human since you asked" the Galvan said in reply

"Its nejire Hado and nice to meet you Kei, also no last name?" as nejire would inquire

"Alabastor to you nejire hado" as he would reply back

'Huh he seems very distant and he looks good with that hair' nejire would think in thought

"Hm what's with that watch there kei?" Questions nejire

'Huh how did she see the ultimatrix and what kind of question is that even from humans that i've known wouldn't ask that off putting of a question' thoughts the former galvan before he replies

"Its a hand me down watch from my father when i was younger why" as the galvan would say despite the fact that he is a lone wolf from another universe

"Oh well its nice mind if i can look at it or touch it" asks the curious hado

"I don't think it would be wise for me to let you touch it or look at it" as he would hide it from her view and stares her with resentment to that question

'Like id let a measly human touch the ultimatrix or even take a view of it' as the galvan thought before getting up to leave as staying with that human had no importance

"So if u can excuse me i will be going" he would say before standing up and getting his bag for a walk to his car parked before getting in to drive off without a goodbye to the hado

'What a childish human and an annoying one at that although something intrigues me about her for some reason...' as the galvan thought before driving back home

As the Galvan drove off leaving Nejire in a wad of surprise

"Was it something I said wrong?" she would say to herself before thinking in contempt as miro arrives and she leaves the spot just amazed at this boy and how distant he was with certain characteristics giving a overall curiosity to who he really was

As it progresses into the later hours of albedo's stay in this universe he despises so much

"God damnit as soon as I do this part it brakes again costing me even more resources I don't have and the annoying thing is that these humans are annoy me every second of the way like why Tennyson why did you send me here!, I had to deal with one annoying human female and for some reason this body reacted differently then what I can remember and what's worse, there is no chilli fries" as albedo would cry out in anger and rage due to todays events and delayed progress into the null void projector 2.0

Damn even I felt that scream and I'm not even in the story ha-ha I feel bad for our Galvan

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