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Chapter 15- Meet SuperThor

The figure flew into the air, putting Stormbreaker on his belt as he did practice moves in the air, punching and kicking while Dormammu watched, wondering what to make of him.

An ankh appeared below and all of the Heroes, the Valar, Valier and Maiar and the remaining forces of the Hosts of Valinor disappeared along with the comatose bodies of Thor and Kal, leaving only Dormammu and the fused figure.

"Would you look at me?" The fused figure taunted to infuriate Dormammu as he continued doing practice moves in the air. "This new body is really something else. I'm setting records."

The ball of Dark Magic in Dormammu's hand receded and disappeared as he watched the figure with interest.

"He's off his guard", the figure muttered. "Great. Just the exact thing a warrior shouldn't do, but what also gives another warrior an advantage over him."

Then taking out Stormbreaker, he swung it and a blade of wind hit Dormammu on the cheek, actually forming a cut as something dark and mystical flowed out in blood's place.

Dormammu glared as the cut glowed and then disappeared.

Looking at Dormammu with a smirk, the figure asked. "What do you call a Superman and a Thor? SuperThor sounds all right. At least my superhero name."

He then introduced himself with a smirk. "I am Thor-El, Son of Jordin, King of Kryptgard, Thunder God of Steel."

Looking around, the newly named SuperThor/Thor-El said. "I was worried about the two of us sharing a body, but looks like it turned out pretty good."

He took a fighting stance as Dormammu smirked and said. "I guess this person can give me a fight. The ones I fought before were starting to bore me. Maybe now I can finally have some decent competition."

SuperThor smirked and gestured to Dormammu with his hand like someone taunting a bull with the red color, as Dormammu glared, while SuperThor chuckled and gestured again with a "Yoohoo!"

"Cut that out!" Dormammu roared as he charged SuperThor at full speed with a punch.

Before he could punch, SuperThor flew above and behind him and as he turned around, he kicked Dormammu on the face with a roar, staggering him back, and then hit him hard on the back with both his fists joined, sending him flying to the ground.

Dormammu steadied himself before he hit the ground and flew back at SuperThor, punching him on the chin, then the left cheek, and then the right cheek, as he continued hitting him with that combo multiple times and then kicked him on the face a few times too before repeating the combo.

Then, getting behind SuperThor, he kicked him on the back, sending him crashing to the ground as an explosion occurred.

Dormammu roared as he formed a ball of Dark Magic in his hands and hurled it where SuperThor had crashed as another explosion occurred while Dormammu laughed.

Smoke emanated from the large crater that had been formed and when the smoke cleared, SuperThor was still standing, unscathed.

He looked up at Dormammu and smirked before chuckling as Dormammu glared angrily and grunted.

"Thanks a lot", SuperThor said sarcastically as he massaged his muscle. "That was a good warm-up."

He cracked his neck a little too as Dormammu mocked. "Nice bravado. I bet you won't talk so tough once I get my hands on you."

His hands then turned into pure Dark Magic and elongated, moving towards SuperThor who flew up to avoid when Dormammu opened his mouth and another tendril of Dark Magic shot out.

The tendril grabbed SuperThor by the foot and Dormammu used it to twirl him around and toss him into a cliff, shattering it as he smirked.

"What a shame!" Dormammu mocked. "Dropping like a fly and I did not even try."

The smoke cleared as the entire crashed cliff was seen. Then golden lightning started emanating from under the crashed cliff and an explosion of lightning followed, sending the pieces of the cliff flying here and there.

Dormammu smirked as SuperThor was revealed standing again, unscathed, as he smirked back and flexed his muscles while cracking his neck.

"Nice shot. That one really got the blood flowing", SuperThor mocked as he looked up at Dormammu. "Can you throw me one more time? Sorry about this but you know, the body is rather new. I'm sure you can understand. Your servant Carnage has been stealing people's bodies all day."

"The only thing this two-man fusion has done has made you twice as foolish as before", Dormammu mocked.

"Funny, you think that up yourself?" SuperThor countered.

The two then got into fighting stances.

Then, all of a sudden, SuperThor flew into the air at full speed and appeared in front of Dormammu in less than half a second, shocking him.

He then punched Dormammu on the face hard, staggering him back. Then he punched him on the chin, then the left cheek, then the right cheek, and then continued with the combo a few times, before kicking Dormammu on the chest with both feet, sending him flying back.

Then taking out Stormbreaker, he aimed it at Dormammu and shot out a powerful blast of the Anti-Force, hitting Dormammu as there was a bright explosion and then dark smoke was seen in the sky.

Dormammu then flew down from the smoke, wounded badly at many points on his giant body, and the mystical thing flowing out in blood's place as he was groaning, looking humiliated.

SuperThor smirked as the torn up Dormammu roared. "Curse you! What have you done to me?!"

SuperThor gave a toothed grin in response and said. "Pull yourself together, would you? It's embarrassing."

Dormammu then smirked as his wounds glowed and then healed, with him being whole again as he laughed.

"That's more like it", SuperThor said, more than ready for the challenge.

Same time, Earth-199999, New York Sanctum

All of the Heroes, Valar, Valier, Maiar and the remaining Hosts of Valinor had been teleported here by Fate who had generated a projection so that everyone could watch the battle.

"Why did you bring us here?" Manwë demanded. "We need to stop Dormammu!"

"He will stop Dormammu!" Fate said, gesturing to SuperThor.

"You fused them both into one", Gandalf said as they looked at the comatose forms of Thor and Kal.

"Just when I thought I'd seen everything", Tony said.

"So they are going to beat him Dragon Ball Z style!" Cisco said excitedly.

"But are we sure that this fusion has enough power to defeat Dormammu?" Oliver asked.

"I trust he can", Steve said as he looked at the comatose forms of Thor and Kal himself.

"This looks like it's the only way to me", Aragorn said.

"Well, so far he seems to be doing pretty great", Strange said.

"Hope it sticks", Chloe said, concerned.

"Well, as long as he has Dormammu occupied, we can just sit back and watch", Constantine said as he pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Yeah, sounds like a fun idea", Balthazar agreed as he pulled up another chair and sat down.

"So, he is a Kryptonian or an Asgardian?" Parker asked. "Or both?"

"How about Kryptgardian?" Bart shrugged as he looked at SuperThor. "Amigo looks extra badass fused with that thunder guy."

"The first and the last Kryptgardian", Logan said. "Let's hope he can do it."

"This is all very confusing", Oliver muttered.

Same time, Arda, Valinor

SuperThor and Dormammu were in a deadlock as they tried to hit each other but both kept blocking each other's blows. The intensity of their duel quickened as they hovered in the air. All of their blows sent powerful shockwaves into the sky that shattered cliffs and shook the world.

Then they backed off as Dormammu conjured an ax with his Dark Magic and they flew at each other as he clashed it with Stormbreaker, conjuring an explosion of bright light as both flew back, with Dormammu making the ax disappear while lightning emanated from where they had clashed weapons.

"Impressive", Dormammu smirked. "So it's true that you can do more than talk trash after all."

"Trash talk, huh", SuperThor said. "Interesting phrase. Must have picked that up from the humans whose world you want to take over so much."

"I don't get what you're trying to suggest", Dormammu said. "There's no shame in doing what I do to hold my position. I am the terror of this Multiverse."

"That's old news, and just like you, it's about to be replaced", SuperThor mocked, cracking his neck.

Dormammu glared and grunted as SuperThor flew at him at full speed and he flew back at him.

Same time, Earth-199999, New York Sanctum

"He is extraordinary", Legolas said as they all watched the two warriors trying to land a blow on each other. "In spite of all the power Dormammu has, they fight evenly."

"Evenly?" Galadriel asked with a smirk as Legolas looked at her. "Look more carefully."

Legolas and Arwen looked at the projection more carefully, alongside everyone else, and their eyes widened.

Same time, Arda, Valinor

Dormammu was being sent back as he barely blocked SuperThor's very fast blows, who was smirking.

Same time, Earth-199999, New York Sanctum

"Oh I see", Arwen said. "That monster is actually being pushed back."

"He's at a disadvantage", Wilson said.

"He is unable to even land a punch", Barry-Red agreed.

"So victory is secured then!" Peter Maximoff cheered.

"I wouldn't say anything till he actually wins", Strange shook his head as they watched the fight.

Same time, Arda, Valinor

A cliff shattered into pieces as Dormammu crashed through it while SuperThor punched his abdomen many times, making him gasp.

He then gave Dormammu an uppercut, and then kicked him, sending him flying back. As Dormammu staggered, trying to recover, SuperThor punched him on the face, sending him back again.

Before he could recover, SuperThor sliced his face with Stormbreaker, making him grunt in pain as he looked all beaten and torn up again.

Then they disappeared from the area.

Same time, Earth-199999, New York Sanctum

"Where did they go?" Diana wondered.

"Dimensional breaches", Batman said.

"With all the fighting going on, you'd think they would break Dimensions more, considering they are much powerful than us Supermen when we fought", Kent said.

"Well, someone has been doing their jobs right then", Zatara said as she shared a smirk with the other Dark Avengers.

Same time, Earth-199999, near New York

Now near and over New York of Earth-199999, SuperThor watched with a smirk as Dormammu grunted. "You fool! You haven't beaten me yet!"

And then all of his wounds glowed and disappeared again as he glared at his opponent.

And then, still glaring at SuperThor, Dormammu let out a loud roar.


His body was surrounded by a dark aura as he screamed while the entire Earth shook, buildings cracking and glass falling on people who screamed and ran around in terror while several street lights blew out in many cities all over the world, and TVs shattered too, but SuperThor simply watched with a smirk.

Same time, Earth-199999, New York Sanctum

"What's he up to now?" Gimli said as all watched in horror, feeling the ground shake underneath them.

Same time, near New York City

Dormammu continued screaming.


The water below him rippled furiously as SuperThor covered himself with his arms as a giant orb of Dark Magic was formed, the shockwave from it sending him to the ground as he planted his feet and then looked up, his eyes widening at what he saw.

Dormammu laughed, his left hand raised, a giant ball of Dark Magic raised over him.

"You wouldn't?!" SuperThor gasped before saying. "Wait, stupid question."

"Yes, isn't it though?" Dormammu asked with a smirk. "Every time I have added a world into the Dark Dimension, I have fueled myself with a piece of its energy. This orb is a culmination of eons of destruction."

SuperThor immediately took a stance as Dormammu challenged him. "We are going to play catch. If this falls to the ground, you can say goodbye to this planet and all of the people living on it. It's all in your hands now, don't drop the ball. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Same time, New York Sanctum

"Holy ball of destruction, Batman!" Robin yelled in horror.

"We can survive this, Robin, we are the good guys", Bats assured him.

"That can split the Earth into two!" Merlin said, alarming everyone.

"What the fuck?!" Jessica and Blade said at the same time.

"Goddamn!" Frank and Marc went simultaneously.

"No", Steve whispered to himself.

"New York will go first!" Parker said in alarm, worried for Aunt May, Ned, MJ, and pretty much the entire city, and the world too.

"Someone has to do something!" Frodo said at the same time.

"Why isn't he doing anything then?" Sara said about SuperThor.

"With him, this Multiverse has more than a chance", Stephen said confidently as all watched, still not convinced.

Same time, near New York City

With a laugh, Dormammu asked. "So, are you ready to play?"

"Ready?" SuperThor asked. "It all depends on what you mean. If by ready, you mean am I superior to you in every way, then yes."

"WHAT'S THAT?!" Dormammu roared.

"I am ready", SuperThor said confidently as he looked at the ground. "Go for it."

As Dormammu glared, SuperThor said. "I'll make you a wager. You see this spot? I won't move from it."

"You are awfully confident for someone so small. But if that's the way you want to play this, then fine", Dormammu said as he raised up the giant orb of Dark Magic with a roar.

Same time, New York Sanctum

Almost everyone gasped in horror at the sight.

Same time, near New York City

SuperThor gritted his teeth as Dormammu hurled the orb at him, while he took a stance, ready for it.

Second by second, it reached closer to Earth, while SuperThor planted his feet in the ground, staying true to his word of not moving from the spot.

Same time, New York Sanctum

"Do something!" Gwen yelled.

"He will", Superman said, wondering who he was trying to convince.

Same time, near New York City

Dormammu looked down on SuperThor with a smirk but he smirked back as the orb kept getting closer to the Earth.

"This time, you lose", Dormammu said.

As the orb finally came close, SuperThor raised both hands, trying to hold it back as he grunted and gritted his teeth. He remembered he had pushed Apokolips the planet away all those years ago.

This orb, while not even close to the size of a planet, felt even heavier than it, which made sense as it was the culmination of the destruction of many worlds.

SuperThor was pushed back very slightly, as his feet went further into the ground.

Dormammu smirked, thinking he had won.

Then SuperThor smirked back and said. "Here! Your turn!"

And then, an aura of Odinforce erupted around him, shattering part of the ground he was standing on as he slowly started moving forward, holding up the orb.

And then he started running with the orb, letting out a chuckle, as his speed increased.

Then, throwing up the orb, he kicked it hard, sending it flying high into the air while Dormammu's mouth widened in horror and shock.

He flew to the side, allowing the giant orb to pass him and go into Space as he looked up, and so did SuperThor with a smile.

Same time, New York City

The people looked up at the orb and pointed at it, murmuring amongst themselves.

Same time, Parker apartment

May watched the news as the anchor said. "This orb looks like it is flying away from the Earth-"

"Please be safe", she muttered, thinking about Parker.

Same time, New York Sanctum

All watched with dropped jaws, unable to believe SuperThor was this powerful.

Same time, near New York City

SuperThor and Dormammu watched as the orb went up into Space and exploded, the giant shockwaves from it reaching Earth.

Same time, New York City

The shockwaves were powerful enough to send the people flying back by a few feet and throwing them to the ground as the glass at the top of several buildings shattered.

Same time, near New York City

SuperThor watched with a smirk as his cape and hair fluttered from the shockwaves till they were over.

He then looked up at the hovering Dormammu and flew up into the air in front of him, some lightning emanating from his body as he folded his arms.

"Hmph!" Dormammu said. "I daresay you have not been using all of your strength against me all along. If you could have sent that orb of Dark Magic capable of destroying planets into Space, you could have inflicted much more damage to me earlier. But you still don't compare. No one compares to me!"

He pointed at himself as he said that.

For a few seconds, SuperThor just hovered with folded arms before finally replying.

"You are wrong, Dormammu", he said as he unfolded his arms. "I am destined to destroy you. You are just the latest in a long line of bastards, and you will feel my wrath. I was sent to protect the world. And I will fight you to my last breath, or in this case, your last breath."

Dormammu glared, wondering what he would do next.

And then, SuperThor let out a loud roar, which sounded like it was going to outperform Dormammu's roar from when he had summoned his orb of Dark Magic, while his hair and cape fluttered. The voices of both Thor and Kal were loud and clear.


Same time, New York Sanctum

Constantine, who had started playing poker with Strange's cloak, shot out of his seat, getting to the front on hearing the scream.

"All right, I want to see this!" He said.

"Better than losing to a cape", John said as he sighed while all watched in anticipation.

"Anyone else thinks he looks really hot?" Dawn asked, making Hank grunt.

"I do", Donna said.

"Sure does", Kory agreed.

Gamora and Nebula shared a look and smirked, and pretty much everyone was in awe of him, especially the female population.

"All right, I really, really hate that dude", Quill said on seeing Gamora's expression, making the Guardians chuckle.

"He is not a dude! He is a God Man! A Super God Man!" Drax said, as awed as the female population, making everyone chuckle while all continued watching the jaw dropping scene.

Same time, near New York City


And then an aura of Odinforce erupted around SuperThor while golden lightning cracked in the sky and dark clouds gathered and it rained all over the world, making Dormammu gasp in shock as SuperThor continued roaring, the aura growing larger.


And then, he looked at Dormammu with a taunting smirk.

"I am going to take you down, Dormammu."

Dormammu grunted as he glared at his opponent, his desire to smite him at an all-time high.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Dormammu? The combined powers of Thor Odinson and Earth-167 Kal-El have proven to be nearly unlimited. But now, fused and with the Odinforce, will they be able to deliver the final blow?

After all the destruction Dormammu caused last chapter and Carnage caused before him, this chapter was very satisfying to write.

Now you must be wondering why SuperThor is acting so cocky and taking way too close calls, considering Thor and Kal aren't like that normally. It will be explained in next chapter why he is behaving so cocky, so don't worry.

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