[Chapter 1: The Vacation]

After the events of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro returns home peacefully, he can finally relaxed after a very, very long time of a fully bizarre adventure.

5 weeks passed by.

Jojo was sitting in his room reading some magazines, when suddenly his door knocks.


Jojo just shuts his magazine as he walks to the door and opens it.

"Yes, what is it?" ask Jojo.

"Jotaro, I've got some great news, your grandfather Joestar received free tickets to vacation, I was wondering maybe this is the greatest moment for you to have a vacation on your own" said Holly.

"Oh, great this again. Tell the old man I have no interest in it, I've already been thru all of the troubles, risking my life to save you. You should be the one who must be taking the vacation not me" said Jojo, Holy looks at him.

"Come on Jotaro, you know that you always wanted to find peace" said Holy, Jojo was supposed to respond back by shouting but since he doesn't wants to hurt his mother's feelings so "Tch, fine I'll go. But I'm going alone" said Jojo, Holy nods in joy.

After that, Jojo packed up as he walks out of his house.

"Old man, I have no idea, what yah planning on, but this vacation better not be some sort of another bizarre adventure" said Jojo.

Jotaro sits on the bus stop as when the bus arrive he gets into the bus, the bus drive him into the airport where he will be going, he walks out of the bus, enters the airport station, got thru allot of checking and finally got into the plane.

After a while later.

In Tokyo.

The plane arrived at it's destination, Jojo walks out of the plane and once more got out of the airport and finally goes around the city to explore before he finds a hotel to spend his nights thru.

While walking along the way, Jojo noticed that there is 2 peoples that are watching something, despite of his curiosity Jojo walks towards the two as he stops by.

"Hey, what are you pe-" he stopped and saw that there was a woman being threaten by a man that is holding a strange whip, Jojo looks at them for a while and finally he realized what's going on "(These peoples are threatening an innocent woman. No they must be threatening a Stand user, but why? And when can humans see Stands?)" Jojo quickly summons [Star Platinum] "[STAR PLATINUM]" As when the stand appears it immediately charges forward and hits the man that is standing next to the old hag that is holding the quinque.

"GRAH!" he lands into the walls, injured badly, the other old man looks at him.

"Hm, Amon are you alright? What happened?" ask the man.

"S-something just hit me, b-but I can't see it" said Amon, the old man just looked around him but what can he see was nothing except him, the woman, 2 agents of the CCG.


"It's probably just some kind of illusions you're having, maybe killing all of these things and seeing bloods are making you have big shocks and illusions, after this take some rest" said the man.

"Yes, I got it Mado" said Amon.

"Now, where was I? Ah yes, to finished what I've started, so lady. Any last words?" ask Mado, the woman didn't reply except facing him with a smile of joy, the man slices off her head.

"Your time is up" said Mado

Jojo stands there with the 2 in his shock face from seeing that, the woman's head was sliced off, he couldn't believe what he saw.

"Tch, you damn bastards, your so dead" Jojo just then looked at [Star Platinum] as the Stand charges towards Mado and head slammed him into the wall, Jojo was in the middle of crushing his head when suddenly he noticed that the girl was still here she was crying, Jojo then finally realized what is going on, the woman was protecting her child, Jojo clenches his fist as he walks off.

After that, he just sat inside his room at the hotel he found and rested.

"(T-this is so unforgivable, it's true I've witnessed allot of deaths, even old man's death, but I can't simply just ignore a death of an innocent mother that is a Stand user)" Jojo remembers her last face when her head get sliced off, she was smiling in joy it matches up with his mother Holy, Jojo clenches his fist as his eyes were in flames of rage "(That old fart is going to regret this)" Jojo just then take some sleep.

At the midnight, Jojo was walking down the street when he saw the men he met during his first day in Tokyo, he waited for them to set up whatever they're doing and just stayed there and takes another rest.

5 hours went by.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Jojo snaps out of his sleeping as he wakes up.

"T-the, l-little girl" he quickly stood up and jumps down, seeing that the man was about to kill 2 other girls "Not this time [Star Platinum! The World]" suddenly ever of his surroundings all paused "You girls really risk your life to revenge the dead mother, however I want to have my same revenge as well, ruining my vacation is what pisses me off the most…ORAAAAAAAAAA!" Star Platinum in The World's state punches rapidly in Mado non-stop.


"ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!" the punches became so fast that not even Jojo can see it.

[Name]: Star Plaitnum The World

[Stand Master]: Jotaro Kujo

Power: A

Speed: A

Durability: A

Range: C

Precision: A

Growth of Potentials: A

"Yare yare daze. Time has begone to move" Jojo didn't move as when time stops, Mado's body began to be crushed as the pressure of a strange force starts to obliterate 75% of his body.

"W-WHAT'S, H-HAPPENING!?" shouted Mado as he falls down and dies, Jojo looks over to the ghouls as he walks towards them.

"Hey there kid, worry not, I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here to save you" said Jojo.

"W-who are you?" ask the girl.

"It's not important…" Jojo looks at Mado's corpse "Right now you two must take away the corpse before it can get exposed, I'm not taking any responsible for this man's death" said Jojo as he walks off.

"(What a strange man, but how on earth did he managed to kill an high investigator, it makes no sense, he obliterated this special class investigator's body without being seen by any of us, not to mention, I also sniff something was along side with him early, this thing was no human, ghoul nor a halfling, it's something else)" said the girl as she walks towards the man "I've always been wondering what exactly were you hiding underneath these white gloves" as she takes off the white gloves her eyes went widen, the man's right hand has a wedding ring, it turns out this man has a family, the girl just stayed silence as she stood up "Hinami, let's go home" said the girl as when the little girl as Hinami holds her hand and walks off.

Jojo that time was standing and watching them as the last thing he could say was.

"Yare yare daze, what another day" said Jojo as he walks off also.

When everybody was gone, Amon has arrived just in time, only to see that his high rank investigator's sensei was been obliterated.

Back at the hotel.

"*Sigh* this place is screwed up, but why was the man wanting to kill the two girls earlier? Was he some kind of wanted serial killer or something, nah I don't want to get my head to be overwhelmed with such bullshits" said Jojo as he lies down and sleeps.

The end.

To be continue.