A Sad Boy in a Tree-house

Chapter 1




'I have to keep running!'



A young boy wearing a simple red outfit with golden trims topped with almost curvy tobacco brown hair with pale blue eyes, is darting his way through the dark night. The only sources of light are the fires, the explosions, and whatever was flying through the air whether it be lasers, ships, or.. "EXTERMINATE"

The child could only gasp in horror. Tears and dirt nearly blinding him, but he knew what was coming around the corner. A Dalek, one of the universe's most feared war mongering races to ever exist. One would assume a race would invade for money, power, or glory. No, these were made by a lunatic who gave them one sole purpose to exist, and that was to..

"EXTERMINATE" hearing it shifting it's gunstick all the kid could do was leap into a nearby alleyway hearing that sickening noise that had killed so many of his people. He didn't know how his house felt so far away. It felt like he had been running for hours, wheezing through the smoke filled air and fueling whatever adrenaline he had into his legs.

Turning into a larger street he had knocked into a small family, a father, mother, and a small child bundled in her arms. He shifted his arm up to them and tried to speak only to be interrupted. *VREEM* *VREEM* *VREEM* Three blasts had hit each of the family members as the boy could only look up in horror as he saw their skeletons briefly illuminated by a cyan glow to be followed by short screams. Their bodies fell limp, only taking in seconds to start and see a yellow energy starting to emanate from their hands.

He got up and ran again feeling the short pause bring only more pain to his legs. Finally the boy came to a larger spot to see his city, his planet burning from the onslaught. Looking up he could see the scars covering the sky, littered with constant laser fire from both ends. Many of the blasts focused on a Dalek Warship hovering just beyond the clouds only to be briefly seen whenever something hit it. The large glass dome below it resting on the ground, littered with skyscrapers inside of it, glimmering despite it's shattered state.

If there was any hope for this small Time Lord to have any future, it would be at home, where it was always safe. Sprinting his last hundred feet he nearly breaks the door open with his body. Rolling into the main room, he quickly looked around going into a coughing fit. His lungs burned with each breath and his throat felt like it had been scrunched foil ready to rip at any sign of stress. Despite this he tried calling out to whoever could be nearby. His hand instinctively went up to his neck to try and comfort it, doing practically nothing.


Hearing the distant explosion pulled him from his temporary rest. Clutching his head and groaning he tries to think of somewhere they could be. 'Why, WHY couldn't they have been here. I ran so far thinking that as soon as I got home I'd see them. Stupid STUPID STUPID! Where else would they have gone, oh no please if they went looking for me then I should have kept ONE COMMUNICATOR on me like they always ask. Why do I continue to disappoint them, even when we're being attacked I managed to put them out there with all the Dale-'


"The TARDIS!" Barely able to make even a whisper he crawls himself to a seperate room. Opening the door he could see a large wooden crate in the middle of the floor. Quickly reaching to a nearby shelf he starts fumbling across every surface he can reach. Desperation building in each swipe of his hand. 'They must be inside, they HAVE TO BE!' pushing himself back onto his feet he looks at the crate with sunken inflamed eyes. Dragging each foot into the air to step towards the box he leans himself against the side of it. He knocks at the door with an exhausted look expecting it to open soon.

Waiting for a few moments he barely puts any effort into the next knocks. Eyes slowly closing and gritting his teeth he knocks harder. Collapsing back onto his bloodied knees he starts banging across the crate letting out whatever scream he could muster ignoring the pain of his throat and lungs. Bringing his fist back he swings it into the wooden side to have it open upon his final request. He falls in breathing in some clean air and coughs violently.

Gazing across the gunmetal mesh lined with copper pipes and dark steel pillars he sees the faint lime green pillar in the center of the room stretching into more pillars and a console at the bottom center. Dragging himself into the new spacious area he closes the door with his foot. Once shut pipes under the mesh floor seem to light up and start feeding energy into the main console, activating more lights along the console and walls.

"They're not here…" He hoarsely speaks the words as he finds new tears to shed. Silently whimpering to himself he curls into a fetal position near the doorway. He stays in this a moment longer until he hears what he should've recognized earlier. *GONG* 'The Cloister Bell' Slowly bringing himself up and staggering to the console he feels he shouldn't be surprised given the state of the war that has burned a decent chunk of time and space. Bringing his small frame to the monitor he looks at the screen suddenly getting an idea. 'What if they sent it back here for me? Have they already escaped and knew I would come back? Where would they have gone?'

Though a couple of clicks at the keyboard he sees the last destination. "Earth" He can barely get the word out as he starts to go into another raging cough that brings more blood with it. Ignoring his health he selects the destination. Bringing a hand to help balance himself on the console he slowly walks around with the machine making soft beeping and whirring sounds automatically preparing itself for flight. The pale eyes fall upon a large lever beaming with energy. Lifting his bruised arm he grabs the top of it, and with a sudden yank he hears a crank ending with a loud thud to echo in the room. He looks at the bright pillar to see plenty of energy being pumped through it as the noise of the engines kick to life. *Vwoorp* *VWOoorp* *VWOOORP* *VWOORP*

Laying onto a nearby seat he starts to relax, finally feeling all of the pain that his body had been trying to warn him about. Taking shallow, wheezy breaths he watches the second monitor seeing the TARDIS was starting to make it out of the literal hell, if hell could even be as terrible as what he just left. Beginning to lose his will to stay awake the space traveling wooden box suddenly smacks right into not one, two, but three blue wooden boxes making their way to Gallifrey.

Awaking from his short nap the kid finds himself on the floor of the TARDIS. Not even questioning how he got there he looks to the monitor. 'At least we are making it to Earth, not sure why all the buttons are flashing red-' Quickly remembering, he checks the handbrake to find that it was still in its busted state. 'When I get back to them I'm gonna make them fix that, it's a time machine there's no hurry to fix it.' Reaching out and pressing a button he looks at the monitor to get a projected course of where he'll land. Skimming over some details he finds that the "landing" will be in the northern hemisphere during a colder climate shift due to the tilted axis. His left hand floats to a dial and turns it slowly. The monitor reacts and zooms in to find that while there are buildings nearby, he got lucky and will only crash into a small clearing with vegetation. Letting out a small slow sigh, being careful of his lungs, he wraps an arm around a handrail prepping for the inevitable.

'Please don't let my arm snap off otherwise... ' Thinking back on his family, he tries to picture how it would turn out. 'My Older brother would find a new nickname for him, probably stumpy. Dad would try and either purchase or attempt to build me a new one. Mom would offer some regeneration energy and Sis would say it's a waste saying I'll probably get in an accident on the foreign planet and end up regenerating anyways. Finally my little brother would just poke at it every now and then and ask if I was gonna keep the arm.'

Pausing to himself and relaxing his grip, he remembers each of them and all the little things they would do. 'Normally I'd be happy to think about them, but why do I feel like it's not going to happen? No, they are alive, the TARDIS history proves they came to earth right before me.' With new determination he looks towards the doors awaiting his chance to find them. 'Hold on, did I make sure to shut it completely?' He got his answer quicker than he would have hoped when the sudden jolt of the crash not only swings the door open, but sends his own body rolling out the door falling and twirling a good eight feet before landing in the thick layer of powdered snow. Succumbing to his fatigue quickly he finds the night of snowfall relaxing. Shutting his eyes, he slowly lets his body take over on healing himself while he dreams. Dreams of Gallifrey and all of his memories of it, ALL of his memories.

Thank you for reading! This is my first time doing something like this so I hope it's decent given my sleep deprived state (which will probably be the norm). I have been on this site/app for a while and thought of some stories but after reading Time after Time by Update Bug I felt I needed to write down a fic that was in my head. I hope to have a nice blend of Doctor Who inspired stories alongside the events of My Hero Academia. Because the TARDIS is present in my story you can expect some changes to how the main storyline will go.

I don't own anything besides my own body and even that is questionable