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Noble Effect

Chapter 1: Sole Survivor

It's ok Six, I got your back," said Emile as he blasted another phantom out of the sky with the MAC gun.

Six popped the last 3 grunts remaining on the landing platform with his DMR, and a cheer went up from the last 3 marines that were with him. As he was about to radio the Pillar of Autumn, another phantom came and dropped 3 brute chieftains, 2 with hammers and 1 with a fuel rod. "ShIt, GET TO COVER!" Six yelled at the marines. Too late, the fuel rod brute fired a shot at one and all that was left was a pool of blood. The other 2 tried to get away but weren't quick enough, as the 2 hammer brutes sent them flying. That left him against 3 brute chieftains.

The 2 hammer brutes charged at him, and Six ran towards them firing his DMR at the left one's head. He jumped over them as they swung, emptying the clip into its head, dropping his shields. He then took the opportunity to jump on his back and stab him in the neck. 1 down 2 to go. And the second one immediately reminded him he was still there by hitting Six square in the chest with his hammer. He went flying about 50 feet backwards into a wall, shields down. The brute jumped towards him, bringing his hammer down for the killing blow, but he rolled out of the way just in time as he landed. Luckily, ended up right next to a plasma pistol, and instantly grabbed it and charged it up, firing it right into the brute's face. He staggered backward as his shields were drained, and he switched to my AR and unloaded on him, killing him.

Six got up and reloaded, as the brute with the fuel rod started firing at him from a distance. He dove out of the way and got to cover. Once he stopped to reload, Six got up and just ran towards him, firing his AR and catching him by surprise. He staggered backwards, and he just jumped and kicked him right off the edge of the platform. Finally, now the LZ was clear.

Six radio the autumn and say, "Pillar of Autumn this is Noble 6. The LZ is clear I repeat the platform is clear, over." Then he saw the 2 pelicans coming in.

Finally, Six thought as they made their approach.

The lead pelican approached the platform in reverse the door opening up. Out walked an old man, who was in his 50s maybe, his shirt decorated with medals.

Captain Keyes, Six thought, the Captain Keyes.

"Good to see you Spartan, Halsey assured me I could count on you," he said to Six.

"Not just me sir," Six said, thinking about Noble team.

Keyes firmly put a hand on his arm, and reassuringly said, "They'll be remembered." He then looked up and the saw covenant cruiser that was incredibly close already. "Cruiser, adjusting heading for the Autumn. Noble 4 I need fire on that cruiser or we're not getting out of here!" He radioed to Emile.

"You'll have your window sir."

As Keyes got back onto his pelican, a phantom came out of nowhere and shot down the other pelican. Then it headed straight for Emiles position.

"Emile you have incoming!" Six said over comms.

He saw 2 elite zealots jump out, then heard a shotgun go off and Emile grunting. The elite was laying on the ground barely alive, and Emile put a shotgun shell in his head. "Who's next?" He yelled triumphantly. Then the other zealot snuck up behind him, and impaled him with his sword, lifting him off the ground. Emile managed to free himself from the sword and grabbed on to the zealot and pulled out his knife. "I'm ready! How about you," he yelled at the elite as he stabbed him in the neck and they both fell down.

Six heard him take his final breath, and he was gone. His entire team, dead. He had to keep his head on straight and focus on the mission. "Lieutenant get aboard, we gotta get the hell outta here," yelled a trooper.

"Negative, I have the gun," Six said to Keyes. "Good luck sir."

With a grim look on his face, Keyes responded, "Good luck to you Spartan," as the bay doors closed, and the pelican took off towards the Autumn.

Six stocked up on as much ammo as he could carry before making his way to the MAC gun. He had plenty of DMR and AR ammo, plenty of grenades, and a grenade launcher and sniper rifle as well. Six started making my way up the stairs, when the door at the top opened and out came 10 grunts followed by a zealot with dual plasma rifles. He immediately threw a grenade at them, sending the grunts flying in all directions, leaving the zealot on its own. Six shot at it with his DMR, landing a few shots on its head and bringing down its shields, causing it to retreat inside the building.

"Fucking coward," He thought to himself as he ran after it.

Six reached the entrance and walked inside. It was hell in there. There were at least 50 hostiles in there, grunts and jackals being led by 4 zealots. Six switched to the grenade launcher and fired at a group of jackals, sending them flying. The dual rifle zealot, along with another one with a plasma repeater went after him, followed by more grunts and jackals. He ran to cover as they fired at him. Six quickly prepped two grenades and tossed them over the cover to them. Once they went off, he got up and fired his AR at them. That was enough to kill one zealot, but the other one ran towards him and kicked him in the chest, sending Six backwards and causing him to lose is weapon. The elite pulled out an energy sword and ran towards him. Six dodged out of the way and landed a punch on its gut. He kept swinging at Six and missing, until Six countered and grabbed his swinging arm and thrusted it into his own gut, killing him with his own weapon. He grabbed his sword and stuffed it in one of his pouches and picked up his AR to move on.

Behind cover, Six saw 2 more zealots, one with a concussion rifle and one with a fuel rod. Not to mention about 2 dozen grunts and jackals left over. He switched to the DMR and ran across the room, popping grunts while he moved from cover to cover, avoiding the fuel rod cannon. He tossed another grenade at a group of jackals, killing them. That left the 2 zealots.

Six peeked out of my cover and got shot at by the concussion rifle. That gave away his position. He threw another grenade at him as a distraction. When it went off, Six took the opportunity and ran towards him, firing his DMR, catching the zealot by surprise. His shields dropped, and he jumped over him and landed behind him. Taking out his knife, Six grabbed the top of his head and pulled it down, impaling the knife into it. As soon as he pulled it out, Six got hit with the fuel rod cannon. His shields dropped, and he dove out of the way as the elite fired some more. Luckily, he landed next to a plasma pistol. He grabbed it and charged it up. As soon as the elite stopped firing, Six got out of cover and fired the overcharged plasma at him, and his shields dropped instantly as he roared. One headshot from my DMR and he was dead.

Six made his way to the MAC gun and saw Emile's body lying there, resting against the railing. He wanted to stop and collect his dog tags, but he had a mission to complete. He climbed the ladder and got on the gun. The cruiser was almost in position. Six took out a few phantoms that were heading his way. After a couple of minutes, the cruiser was in firing range. One shot was all it took, right through the glassing chamber. The gut of the cruiser exploded, and it slowly started going down.

"Good shot Spartan. All stations brace for castoff," said Captain Keyes over comms.

The Pillar Of Autumn detached, getting ready to take off. As Six climbed down the ladder, it adjusted to head into space, with the package that Halsey said was humanity's last hope. Six stood there watching the last UNSC ship leave Reach, leaving him behind. As the thrusters disappeared into the sky, Captain Keyes made one final transmission.

"This is the Pillar of Autumn, we're away. The package is with us," he said, as the sole survivor of Noble team stayed behind.