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Noble Effect

Chapter 7


Shepard was standing at the galaxy map, as the Normandy was arriving at the War Summit destination. She hoped and prayed that everything would go smoothly, and that the 3 alien species wouldn't try to kill each other on her ship.

"Commander, the salarian dalatrass and Krogan clan chief are ready to come aboard," said Traynor.

"Have them brought to the conference room," said Shepard as she walked towards the elevator, "and hope this doesn't start another war."

She headed up to her cabin to change into her diplomatic outfit. She was incredibly nervous about what was about to happen. About what could happen. What if the three leaders can't come to a conclusion, and decide to go to war against each other instead of the Reapers? Urdnot Wrex was a good friend a hers, and he would listen to anything she has to say, but he has a habit of letting his anger, and his duty to his people, get the best of him. Their confrontation back on Virmire was an example of that. Primarch Victus was a soldier to the core, and that means he would do whatever it takes to save Palaven, just like she would with Earth, so he would listen to reason as well.

The wildcard here was most definitely the dalatrass. Shepard had no idea what kind of person she was, and how she would behave, or how she would act with a krogan in the room. She had a feeling that the dalatrass would try to get Wrex riled up, and she couldn't let that happen. Then there was also Noble Six. How would he react to finding 2 more alien species on the same ship as him? He already made it clear he hates Garrus's guts, and aliens' period, and she didn't want to see a fight between a krogan and the human equivalent of one. Maybe she could ask Wrex if he'd seen anything like him before. It would have to wait until after the meeting, so she could take him to take a look at Six before he woke up. Eventually, she would need Six to put aside his hate for aliens, because if they were to beat the Reapers, they would need every species in the galaxy.

She just sighed as she walked towards the elevator again, preparing for the worst. "Too late to back out now."

"The krogan is in no position to make demands," Shepard heard the dalatrass say as he walked in.

"The 'krogan' has a name: Urdnot Wrex, and I'm not just some junkyard varren you unleash whenever you're in trouble," said Wrex, nodding at Shepard as she took her spot. "I've got my own problems. Reaper scouts have arrived on Tuchanka. So why should I care if a few Turians go extinct?"

" Trying to draw out negotiations will get you nowhere Wrex. I have no time for it. Just tell us what you want," said Victus, clearly frustrated.

Wrex leaned forward on the table, preparing to talk. "I'll tell you what I need," he said as he looked around the room. "A cure for the genophage."

The Dalatrass's eyes went wide with surprise. "Absolutely not! The genophage is nonnegotiable," exclaimed the Dalatrass.

"Why are you so opposed to the idea Dalatrass," asked Shepard.

"Because my people uplifted the Krogan. We know them best," she said as if it was that obvious. Then of course, Wrex interjected.

"You mean you used us! To fight a war you couldn't win! It wasn't the salarians, or the asari, or even the turians that stopped the Rachni! It was krogan blood that turned the tide," exclaimed Wrex. Shepard could tell that he was starting to get angry.

"And after that you ceased to be useful," said the Dalatrass, "the genophage was the only way to keep your urges in check."

Wrex gave her a deadly stare. Shepard had seen that look before. Back on Virmire, when they almost killed each other.

"Dalatrass, you may not like him, but Wrex is right. Insulting him won't change that," said Victus.

"I won't apologize for speaking the truth," exclaimed the Dalatrass. "We uplifted the krogan to do one thing; wage war. It's all they know because it's all we've ever wanted them to know."

"Your people should have thought the matter through then. Was it really a surprise the Krogan revolted?" said Shepard.

"That's exactly my point commander. We made a rash decision by turning to the krogan in desperation. It's the same mistake you're about to make today. No good can come from curing the genophage," said the Dalatrass.

"The krogan have paid for their mistake. The genophage has gone on long enough," said Shepard, trying to convince the salarian.

"1,476 years, you're keeping track," Wrex said, aiming that comment at the dalatrass.

"It was a thousand years of peace, free from theseā€¦brutes," the Dalatrass said again, insulting Wrex.

"Enough!" yelled Victus, getting everybody's attention. "Whether or not they deserve a cure is academic. It would take years to formulate one."

"My information says otherwise," said Wrex, as he walked towards the head of the table where Victus was standing. He activated the screen, and a video started playing. "A salarian scientist, Maelon, grew a conscience. He was on my planet testing a cure on our females."

"I remember, his methods were barbaric," said Shepard.

"But what you didn't know is that other females survived his experiments," said Wrex, facing the screen.

The video showed multiple Krogan females in pods, like prisoners in a cell. They were in some kind of facility. Holy shit, Shepard thought to herself. If this was true, then maybe there was hope for the Krogan yet. They could actually make a cure. The issue was if they would be able to get the dalatrass on board. So far, she's been anything but reasonable.

"So the dalatrass here, sent in a team to clean up the whole mess- and to take them prisoner," said Wrex as he turned around to face the dalatrass.

"Where did you get this? It could be a fabrication," said a panicky dalatrass.

"Don't insult me. Those are my people! They're immune to the genophage, and you're going to give them back," exclaimed Wrex. Victus stepped forwards, asking if it was true.

"How will curing the genophage benefit my people," asked the dalatrass.

"How long do you think you'll last alone against the Reapers? Because if you don't help, that's how it'll end up," answered Shepard.

"And I'll be the last friendly turian you'll ever see," added Victus.

"What's it going to be," asked Shepard.

The dalatrass shook her head but gave an answer. She had no leverage against them, nothing she could say to make them change their minds. "The females are being kept at one of our STG bases on Sur'kesh. But I warn you commander! The consequences of this will be felt for centuries to come," she said, being ignored by Shepard.

"Lets go get them," said Wrex.

"You're not stepping foot on Sur'kesh," said an angry Dalatrass. "This will take time to- "

"It happens now," interrupted Victus. "As a Council Spectre, Shepard can oversee the exchange."

"We're going," said Shepard, as she walked out of the room with Wrex and the Primarch, the dalatrass yelling something in the background.

"I won't forget this commander! A bully has few friends when he needs them most!"

"Thanks for that Shepard. If you hadn't been there, I would have lost my mind and killed her," said Wrex to Shepard in the CIC.

"Of course, Wrex. She's as stubborn as they come," said Shepard. Wrex just chuckled.

"If you'll excuse me commander, I'll be in the War room should you need anything," said Victus. Shepard nodded at him and he walked away.

"Alright Shepard, what are we waiting for, let's go get the females," said an eager Wrex. "Go grab your turian from wherever he is and lets go."

"Uhh, right, Garrus is down in the forward batteries. Let's get him, but before we head to the shuttle bay, I need to show you something."


Six was having a bad dream. He was dreaming that he had escaped Reach, and crash landed on some kind of moon. There was a planet burning, and a giant robotic squid was killing people with lasers. Or actually, it was killing aliens. That wasn't the bad part though. The bad part was that they were an alien species he had never seen before, and they were working with humans to fight the robotic squid and other aliens. He was forced to help them to survive, and the UNSC didn't exist either since apparently nobody knew what it was.

He then got a new commanding officer who was best friends with an alien that he wanted to kill. What was her name? Shepard. She took him into her crew for some reason, and now he was obligated by her CO to help her fight a war against the giant squids. Reapers is what Shepard called them.

Tap tap tap

That was the sound that woke Six up from his dream. He slowly opened his eyes, and heard a voice say something.

"Hey ugly, wake up." Then another voice. "I wouldn't do that Wrex."

Six opened his eyes completely, only to be greeted by a giant dinosaur looking creature tapping on his visor. The Spartan reacted, throwing a punch at the alien, sending him flying across the room screaming and hitting the wall. He then turned around and saw another alien that resembled an elite. He rushed towards the alien in a blur of black, slamming into it and pinning it against the wall by the throat. He pulled out his knife and put it against the alien's neck, ready to kill it.

"WHOA EASY BIG GUY, EASY," he heard a voice yell. He turned around and saw a woman in black and red armor, with an assault rifle on her back, and a pistol drawn and aimed at him. Then he saw 2 more soldiers enter the room as well, both armed with assault rifles.

"Noble Six, relax," the woman said calmly. "Men out your weapons down, its ok." The 2 soldiers hesitated, but aimed their guns at the ground, finger on the trigger just in case. "Hey Six, I need you to calm down," she said to him, walking towards him slowly and holstering her weapon. "It's me Shepard," she said. "It's Jane."

Six hesitated, increasing his grip on the alien's throat, hearing him start to cough and say Shepard's name, pleading. "Where am I," he asked.

"You're on the Normandy remember? That's Garrus that you're choking, I need you to put him down. Remember that you agreed with Admiral Hackett to help us out against the Reapers, and you're a part of the Alliance military now, Six," said Shepard.

Then it all came back to Six. His dream wasn't a dream. It was real. Reach was really gone, along with Noble Team. He was now stuck in another war, and the fate of the entire galaxy was in his new commander's hands. He sheathed his knife and dropped Garrus, who immediately started gasping for air. He backed away and went to sit at the bed but stopped and turned around to salute Shepard.

"Sorry about that Commander. Guess I just haven't quite processed the entire situation yet. And sorry for almost killing Garrus and the other one. Force of habit," he said.

"It's ok Six, we'll work on it," Shepard said. She looked at the 2 marines and nodded at them, signaling them it was ok to leave, and they walked out.

"Geez Shepard, you weren't kidding when you said he hated aliens. Or when you said he was strong. You sure he's not krogan?" said the other dinosaur looking alien.

"I'm sure," said Shepard as she chuckled. "Six I want you to meet Urdnot Wrex. Wrex meet Noble Six."

Wrex laughed and pounded Six on the arm like they were old friends. He hit him so hard his shields flared for a second, causing him to react and reach for his pistol, but not drawing it. Wrex took a step back, just laughing.

"Easy there Six, I'm not trying to hurt you. But geez, I can't remember the last time I saw a krogan get tossed around like that. Remind me to not get in a fight with you," said Wrex.

Six just looked at him, and slowly took his hand away from his pistol. He had to remember that in this new galaxy or wherever he was, humans and aliens worked together. He just hoped that he wouldn't have another incident like the one he just had.

"Ok now that we got that out of the way, Six we're going on a mission that could really tip the balance in this war," said Shepard.

Six returned his attention to her. "Will this mission benefit in the liberation of Earth," he asked. Shepard nodded. "Then I'm ready to assist however I can."

"Glad to hear it," said Shepard. "Grab whatever gear you need and meet us in the shuttle bay." She walked out of the room with Garrus and Wrex, leaving Six alone with his weapons.

He didn't know what they would be up against, so he grabbed the ideal weapons. His DMR and AR, along with his pistol and grenades, and the energy sword. He made sure he had plenty of ammo for the mission. He noticed he didn't have a lot left, just about a dozen magazines for each of his weapons, less for his sniper rifle and shotgun, and just 6 clips for his SMGs. Sooner or later, he would have to ask Shepard if they had extra ammo on board, or a weapon he could use.

Once he had is gear, he headed out of the room, and went to meet Shepard in the shuttle bay.

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