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Chapter 3: Razz

Jack's P.O.V.

Glimmer, on a horse, Bow on one side of her, Adora on the other side of her, and me beside Adora whilst hovering, we move towards Bright Moon. "Hey, we made it," Bow says.

"Whoa," Adora says, as she lays eyes on the kingdom, wide eyed.

"Welcome to Bright Moon," I say.

"It's so beautiful," Adora says. Causing me to smile.

"Okay, I just need to go in there, recharge and deal with my mom," Glimmer says. She then groans. "This'll be fun," she adds sarcastically. She then rides off.

"I better go too. Bow, I think you better take her in the backway," I say.

"Oh, yeah. Good call," Bow says. I then catch up with my sister.

Time skip.

We ride/hover into Bright Moon, as soon as Glimmer does so, she dismounts the horse, and a guard take the horse away. I then she our mom. Oh, man, we're gonna be in so much trouble, especially once she finds out about Adora. "Glimmer! Jack! Where have you been?" Mom asks.

"Hey, Mom," I say.

"All of Bright Moon has been worried sick. What were the two of you thinking?" Mom rages.

"Mom," Glimmer says, but can't get a sentence in.

"How could you be so selfish and disobedient?" Mom asks, angrily. Glimmer then starts to fall, only for mom to catch her. "Glimmer," she gasps. She then carries her up to the Runestone.

Time skip.

Mom and me sit down at the ledge of the recharge stool, looking over at Bright Moon as we wait for Glimmer to wake up. We hear her groan, gaining our attention. "Are you alright?" Mom asks.

"I'm fine, Mom," Glimmer says, as she sits up, and plays a little with her powers.

"Don't think that you're not still in trouble," Mom says. "Either of you," she adds looking disappointed. "You didn't even take the time to charge up before you left?" she says, turning back to Glimmer.

"We didn't think we'd be gone that long," Glimmer says, creating an orb of sparkles that explodes in her hands.

"Where did you go, anyway?" Mom asks.

"Well, Bow, Glimmer, and me, we found a super powerful piece of First Ones tech in the woods. We knew it'd be a big help for the Rebellion, so we decided to retrieve it, but we got a bit distracted. We also, found something even better," I say.

"What did you find?" Mom asks, somewhat concerned.

"It's a surprise, but trust me, you'll love it," I say.

"Jack," Mom says.

"Ah! Wait here, we'll be right back," Glimmer says, as me and her get up.

"Glimmer," Mom says, but Glimmer teleports both of us out of there. "We are not done talking about this, Glimmer, Jack!" Mom shouts.

Time skip.

Bow and Adora are having a conversation in Glimmer's room. "And once they get to know you, the people of Bright Moon are going to trust you just like Jack, Glimmer and I already-," Bow says to Adora but is cut off by Glimmer and me teleporting in. Bow shrieks.

"I'm here! Okay, my mom's on her way, but no one panic," Glimmer says.

"What?" Adora asks.

"I said no one panic!" Glimmer snaps. "Don't worry, she'll love you. All you have to do is use the sword to transform into She-Ra before she gets here," Glimmer adds.

"Wait, we're jumping straight to She-ra with your mom?" Bow asks, "Are you sure."

"Yeah. I don't think my Mom is going to buy, "Hey, Mom, we found a Horde soldier. Can we keep her?" My mom is going to love She-Ra. We can ease her into the Horde stuff later," Glimmer says.

"Uh, Glimmer, look. I don't know if I can just turn on She-Ra. I've only done it when someone was in danger before, and it felt a little out of control last time. I'm still figuring out how all of this stuff works," Adora says, before picking up the sword.

"How hard can it be? Sword, magic words, poof!" Glimmer says, and on "poof" she teleports onto a step to her bed. "She-Ra," Glimmer says.

Adora looks at her reflection in her sword, and I see a look of self-doubt in her eyes. "Hey. You're going to do great Adora," I say, putting my hand on her shoulder. "Bow, Glimmer and me will buy you some time to figure all this stuff out, okay?" I say. She gives me a small smile and a nod. I smile back.

"We believe in you," Glimmer says, before pulling Bow and me into a hug and teleporting off.

Time skip.

"For the last time. What is this grand surprise that I'm supposed to be so impressed with?" Mom asks, as her, Glimmer, Bow, and me walking to Glimmer's room.

"You'll see it in just a minute, Mom, I promise," Glimmer says, we then stop in front of her room. "Bow, can you go check and make sure that the surprise is ready for us?" she asks.

"You got it, Princess," Bow says, giving my sister a wink. He then turns to my mother giving her a solute.

"I like that boy," Mom says.

"I know you do. And you're going to like this surprise even more," Glimmer says, giving her mom a wink. She then gives her a chuckle. Bow then rushes out and pulls Glimmer and me to the side.

"So; problem," he whispers to us.

"What?" I whisper.

"Your majesty," a guard says, gaining all our attentions. "A Horde spy has been discovered on the Bright Moon grounds. She attacked our troops with a sword and then fled with the help of a winged beast," the guard says. My Mom turns to me.

"What did you do!?" she shouts, causing me to instantly pale.

Time skip.

"How could you possibly believe this was acceptable!?" Mom shouts.

"Mom, you don't understand. You're not listening!" Gimmer replies.

"You've shown remarkably poor judgement! Allowing a Horde soldier not Bright Moon without telling me?" Mom shouts at both Glimmer and me.

"Your majesty, it's not all their fault," Bow says, trying to protect us.

"Bow, I think it is time you went home. Glimmer, Jack and I have a lot to discuss," Mom says.

"Mom!" I shout. This causes my Mom to step back in surprise. I haven't ever yelled at her since I was five. Even when we argued I always spoke to her respectfully and calmly. "Adora is a good person. She's kind, caring, and loyal. She didn't know what the Horde was doing. They manipulated her. She saved my life!" I shout. "She saved our lives," I add, looking at Bow and Glimmer. "She saved all of Thaymor," I say, turning back to my mother. "I-I trust with my life," I stutter. Everyone in the room, including Bow and Glimmer, were too surprised to say a word. They then see a glow coming from the entrance which gains their attention. Out comes Adora, in her She-Ra form. The citizen's gasp at the sight of her.

"It can't be," Mom says.

"I was trying to tell you. Mom, meet…," Glimmer says, but Mom interrupts her.

"She-Ra," Mom says. Adora then walks past, Bow, Glimmer and me, and I give her a thumbs up.

"Your Majesty, I've come to pledge myself to the rebellion. But first, there's something you should know," Adora says, before she transforms back to normal. Everyone gasps and some people talk.

"Mom, this is Adora," Glimmer says.

Adora then kneels down and holds out the sword in front of the queen, in a completely unthreatening way. "I know you have no reason to trust me, Your Majesty. But I've seen for myself the atrocities the Horde has committed against the people of Etheria, and I'm ready to fight to stop them. If you give me the chance, I know I can help the Rebellion turn the tide of the war," Adora says.

My Mom takes the sword out of Adora's hands. "I know of the legend of the warrior the First Ones called She-Ra. They said she would return to us in our hour of greatest need to bring balance to Etheria. I never thought she was nothing more than a myth. And yet you're here now. And in the uniform of a Horde soldier, no less. You would pledge to stand with us against those you once served?" Mom says.

Adora lets out a sigh. "Yes," she says.

"Glimmer, Jack, you would vouch for her and take responsibility for her?" Mom asks.

"Yes," both me and Glimmer say without a second thought.

"Then rise. The Rebellion accepts your allegiance, She-Ra, Princess of Power," My Mom says, offering the sword back to Adora, who gladly gets up and grabs it.

The crowd cheers for her. Glimmer shouts too. "Welcome to Bright Moon," Glimmer says.

"But for real this time," Bow adds. Then Glimmer, Bow, Adora, and me get in one big group hug.

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