Author's note: First of all, Edward4555, thank you for the review. Second of all, to answer you question. "In a crossover with Rurouni Kenshin, you have the main character transform into a wolf. What does that have to do with anything? I never saw anyone in Kenshin turn into animals." I will tell you what it has to do with. When I read Gizmo Gear's story, Rose Wolf, I thought it was a cool idea that I'd never seen or thought of before. Also, with the ability to shift like she does, Ruby keeps all the senses of her wolf form except for sight, but that's already been established. I finished watching BNA recently and I thought Ruby's sense of smell would be similar to the silver wolf's. With her other senses being enhanced, I'd imagine her being able to see like Daredevil. Combine that with the sense of smell, and you got a Ruby who can see perfectly. It shouldn't hinder her too much during her time at Beacon, but when going against monsters on her own that she normally couldn't fight alone, the wolf form gives her a chance to survive it. If that didn't clear it up for you, just message me and I'll try to explain in more detail. End author's note.

Ruby felt an immense heat all around her. She opened her eyes and what she saw almost blinded her, so she closed them again. She could only describe it as looking like Yang's hair when she's angry. The girl threw her arm across her face as she felt something burning cross the front of her skull.

Ruby tried to get up and run, but she couldn't move, she couldn't even open her eyes enough to see. Suddenly, she felt the heat lessen as she was lifted off whatever she had been laying on by a pair of strong, powerful arms. She buried her face into the comforting cloth as her eyes let loose a stream of tears, the feeling burning itself into her deepest memories.

She bolted upright and felt around with her hands. Ruby realized she was in her bed again. She lifted a hand up to her eye and covered the damaged organ. Another nightmare of a time she could only remember in her dreams. A time when she could still see, before she'd discovered her Silver Ability.

Her dad had told her that it was a great fallback, but when she turned back, no matter how much she tried to hide it, she was always wretchedly exhausted afterwards. Her mother told her that though her power was useful in self-defense, it was at its strongest when used to protect others. It made sense, considering the situations she'd previously been in.

Ruby reached for the clock on the side of her bed, 6:23 a.m. She laid back down, determined to get another hour of sleep before getting up and going about her daily business.

Ruby sauntered down the stairs, hand on the rail to keep track of where she was going and counting the steps as she went. It would've been difficult to do for someone newly blinded, but for her it was all subconscious. She hit the last step and heard something sizzling in the kitchen. She inhaled and smelled grease. Mixed in with that was also some sort of egg, sausage and, ooh, pancakes if she had to guess.

There was only one person who could cook food and make it smell that good. She stepped around the corner of the hall and into the kitchen. Just as she thought, Uncle Ken was making breakfast. When Ruby checked her clock after she woke up, it had been 8:17, which meant the time delay of her trip downstairs, around 8:18.

"Good morning, young Rose," Kenshin said as he turned to face her. She could feel the muscles in his face contract into a smile. "And what a morning it is. I can't wait for you to try the new eggs I bought in Vacuo, that I can't. Would you mind waking the rest of your family for breakfast?"

Ruby smiled back. "Not at all. I'll be right back." She turned around and headed back upstairs. Ten minutes later, everyone sat around a table in the master bedroom, eating a very delicious breakfast made by their visitor. Kenshin said they could wait to worry about the grimm until later, and if necessary, he would hunt them alone. Any monster that would threaten this family, would not survive for very long.

The Sun shone through the trees onto the heads of two people. One with red and black hair, the other with red hair. Ruby and Kenshin walked through the trees as the girl led the older of the two to the place of her encounter.

The trees opened up into a clearing and the pair stopped.

"Where did you chase them too?" Kenshin questioned. Ruby exhaled through her mouth and sucked in through her nose. She concentrated for a few seconds before opening her blind eyes.

"Over that way," she replied as she pointed south. The two walked through the forest in a comfortable silence for several hours before they came upon the same cave Ruby had the day before. The snow was melting quickly this year, and even for Patch it was rare for it to be almost gone in a day.

Ruby felt an ominous presence somewhere close. It took her a second to realize it was coming from Kenshin. It was almost terrifying, she wasn't scared for herself however, but for who or what would be on the other end. Kenshin took a step forward and the feeling intensified with the focus of the surrounding walls.

"How far does this go? Do you know?" Ruby looked at him before replying. She could sense the muscles in his arm readying for his sword, and she could hear his heart rate increase ever so slightly, preparing for the upcoming encounter.

"It goes down about fifteen miles I think. They were so deep I could barely smell them anymore, so I think that's how deep this goes." Kenshin took another step forward.

"Check for anything down there, would you? Your senses extend past mine, that they do." Ruby turned toward the entrance and inhaled deeply through her nose. She could smell everything for fifteen miles down the hole. Grimm had gone through here recently, and she could smell herself from a day and a half ago. She focused her senses on the tunnel.

She caught a whiff of something dark down there, but couldn't quite tell what it was. When she let out the breath of air, she made a rumbling sound deep in her chest and waited for it to bounce back and hit her.

"There's something down there, something I haven't smelled before. Grimm have come by here in the past day too. I can't here anything hiding down there, but this cave is very weird. I don't remember it being here a week ago." She heard a click and noticed Kenshin was drawing his sword, based on the sound of the blade against the scabbard.

"This cave is very strange indeed, that it is, but I think I know what is down there." He turned back to Ruby and smiled. "Please go back to the house now, I can handle whatever is down there, that I can. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine, that I will."

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