Chapter 3 : When Robots Attack

Vega and the other robots were at the robot version of the mall searching for some robotic hair clips & ear piercings while Angelica & Kimi stood behind them just watching but then looked up to see the ceiling of the robotic mall among other things that were there .

Angelica : for a robotic mall it sure is amazing

Kimi : yeah and they robotic clothes for our robotic counterparts

Vega : well how do i look ?

Angelica : what's with the tank top ?

Kimi : and pants ?

Vega : well if i'm going to look more human i have to wear human clothes

Angelica : uh-huh

Kimi : well i'm 100 percent sure that it fits you the most since it has your colors in it

Vega : thanks Kimi

Angelica : i wonder how would your mother would react if she saw you like that

Vega : you mean Vexus the former queen of Cluster Prime ?

Angelica : yep

Vegea : me & her don't get along too well

Kimi : that bad huh ?

Vega : yep she forced to clean her feet off and on that had warts on them

Angelica : that's gross

Kimi : i can't believe she would stoop that low

Vega : well she did and i hated it

Angelica : is there any other time ?

Vega : then there was the power outage

Kimi : let me guess ? she caused the robots to shut down ?

Vega : uh-huh and i was like " she totally done it this time " before i shut down

Angelica : wow

Vega : so i had to wait for my friends and me to be get back online for three days

Kimi : that must have been something ?

Vega : it was trust me so then that was when i knew that she wasn't fit to be queen since she caused the outage in the first place on purpose mind you

Kimi : ouch

Vega : well all that's in the past now i'm glad that Cluster Prime is finally back to normal with all the robots being online

Angelica : well let's hope that she doesn't do anything crazy anymore

Kimi : like when you were trying out for the debate team ?

Angelica : hey ! i had a good reason !

Kimi : sure Angelica just like you were against me with the cellphones petition ?

Angelica : well that was a different story heh heh heh

Drab , Shell , Tuff were just coming out of the movie theater after watching the robot movie when the three looked toward the left to see a group of robots that red eyes so Drab uses his golden chip to use multi-firing blasters shooting the mind controlled robots however the blast had no effect on them Timmy , Chuck , Philly , Lilly , Dilly , Angelitron & Kimitron arrived .

Angelitron : what's going on ?

Shell : renegade robots were coming toward us and i used my multi firing blasters on them but did no damage

Kimitron : this is bad

Timmy : what do we do Kimitron ?

Kimitron : we use our golden chips

Philly : let's do it !

Timmy uses his golden chip to transform into a Hornet Stock Car with Missiles , Chuck uses his gold chip to transform into a army tank with a cannon , Philly uses his golden chip to transform into a f-14 Tomcat , Lilly uses her golden chip to transform into a 1992 Peterbeilt stunt truck with a chain saw , Dilly uses his golden chip to transform into a truck with a rocket on top .

Timmy (Vehicle Mode ) : alright let's take care of this

all of them drove forward with Drab , Shell Tuff joining them as Timmy fired his missiles at the rampaging robots causing major damage , Chuck firing his cannon at one of the robots causing it to explode , Philly running over the robots with the pieces scattered , Lilly sliced a two of them in half and Dilly fired his rocket at the third rampaging robots both Angelica , Kimi and Vega heard the loud noises coming from the east .

Angelica : something must be going on

Vega : let's go investigate

the trio go in the direction of the sound of large explosions when the three were forced to dodge a plasma laser looking up to see one of the robots advancing forward toward them only for Tommy & Dil's cousin to punch him directy in his chest knocking the robot down .

Vega : this has gone on long enough

Timmy ( Vehicle Mode ) : we think that it's coming from that tower over there

Kimi : Vega you don't think ?

Vega : that my mom is behind this then yes Kimi i do

Kimi : i'm going over there to put an stop to this

Angelica : good we'll try and stop this madness

Timmy in his vehicle mode offers her a ride and Kimi get in then drives away with him controlling the wheel in the driver's seat while Angelica & Vega took care the rest of the robots that were out to get rid of them Timmy bursts through the glass window of the mall landing on the road continuing on past the other robots who were causing damage everywhere , Vexus was in her tower at her panel laughing evilly when the former queen heard the engine of a car on the side of the building then Timmy & Kimi appeared .

Vexus : so you must be the one of the two girls that arrived on Cluster Prime ?

Kimi : yes and i'm putting an end to this right now

Vexus tool flight and was about dash forward toward her when Timmy shot another missile at her knocking the former queen out of the sky while Kimi was avoiding the lock on red beams remaining still then moving as fast she could jumping up into the air then landing on the panel .

Kimi : alright time to shut this down !

punching her hand into the panel from there pulls the wires from the panel with some electricity around her body with a light blue flash behind her Angelicon & Kimitron were fighting the robots when they stopped and their eyes returned to normal the same thing happened with the others as well .

Vega : Kimi did it !

Vexus : this was chance to take back the throne

Kimi : too bad now beat it !

leaving the scene now frustrated that her plan was foiled sometime later Kimi & Timmy returned to the others who had reverted back to their robotic forms they were glad that the mayhem was over with now they can focus on getting Angelica & Kimi back home .

End Of Chapter 3