AN: Hey everyone, I have a new series here. For me, Pokemon was a large part of my childhood. It was about on the same level as Yugioh was. So, since I have a Yugioh and RWBY crossover already, I thought I would have one with Pokemon as well. Unlike some of my crossovers, this one will be a bit different in its world building. I'm mixing elements of what I did with Adventures in Gamindustri and Fate Collide. Simply put, think of this as an Isekai for the Rwby characters to a Pokemon world. It will be a bit more complex than that, but this chapter will just be the simple set up for the story. To start, this is an altered event context to what happened at the end of Volume Two of RWBY. However, the begin of this will look very familiar to those who played Pokemon Platinum. Hope you enjoy this chapter, leave a review with your comments and questions, and have a nice day.

Cover Art by Ozkh6 on twitter

Remnants in a New World

Chapter 1 – Red Restart

At the top of a mountain laid a set of ruins. Bricked floors and broken pillars lead to a clearing with an odd triangular symbol on the ground. Standing before the symbol, Roman smoked a cigar. In taking out the now used up tobacco, he exhaled. "What a dump," he said before tossing his cigar away, crushing it with his cane. "Cinder told me to investigate this area, but there's nothing here. Just a bunch of rocks." He said before kicking a stone towards the symbol, then sighed.

Suddenly, Roman heard someone walking behind him. He turned his head slightly to find his mute bodyguard holding her scroll, "Neo? What is it?" He asked while she typed, then sent a message. Roman then took out his scroll to see the text.

"Guess who?" the text read, just Roman heard an explosion. He turned to see the unconscious bodies of White Fang Grunts flung into the air. As the smoke cleared, the red hooded girl emerged, wielding her scythe at the ready. As Roman scowled, another text came in, "And her friends." it read before a second explosion occurred. This time, three more entered the ruins. One was a white heiress, the other a black cat faunus, and the final a blond brawler. Roman glanced back to Neo, seeing if she had more texts to send. However, the mute girl put away her scroll, smirking as she swapped the colors of her eyes.

"It's over, Roman Torchwick!" Ruby declared, changing her scythe to its sniper form, "This time, there's nowhere to run!"

"Hello to you too, Red." Roman responded, "Good to see you as always."

"Save it," Blake countered, reposing her cleaver and pistol, "Whatever your planning here is about to come to an end."

"I'm just sightseeing, Cat," Roman responded before pointing with his cane, "And I don't need any tour guides."

"What you're going to need is a hospital bed after we're done with you," Yang responded as she hit her fist together. However, she then saw Neo stepping forward with a smirk and an umbrella, "You three can take him down, this one's mine." Yang said towards her team as the mute girl giggled.

"We should take them on two each," Weiss offered, "It's not like it will need three of us to take him down."

"Now that's cold, Ice Queen. Didn't your parents teach you any manners?" Roman responded as Weiss readied her rapier, "Well, I guess I'll just have to beat those manners into you then." He said with a sinter smile forming. The evil duo was about to engage in combat with the team of huntresses in training.

However, something in the atmosphere changes. Blake's body suddenly pulsated with fear, her faunus nature warning her of something to come. Ruby noticed her teammate's sudden distress and scanned the arena. Her silver eyes then widened at the symbol on the ground behind Roman. A type of black gunk was emerging and expanding. Roman and Neo turned around in confusion, then backed up a few steps. As the pool was now a few meters wide, a set of red eyes appeared in the center. After they blinked, a purple wave of energy radiated outwards. The force warped the pillars, bending the stone as if it was clay. The six individuals remained speechless as a monster began to emerge. Its body was cylindrical, but the center contained three sets of red spikes.

"I-is that a Grimm?" Roman questioned as he took a step back. He then saw Neo hyperventilating, her eyes white. The orange-haired criminal looked back to the four girls, each of whom was speechless, "Hey! What is that thing!?"

"Giygogagohgwooh!" The unknown monster let out a cry. Roman turned back to it to see the red spikes expand with the shadowy gunk, forming a set of wings. The dripping blackness fell onto the floor, but the creature's body leaned forward. The three sets of spikes conjoined on each wing and a red mouth started to open, "Giygoga!"

The creature screeched as it pounced, going straight for Roman. The orange-haired criminal was petrified in fear, unable to move. However, his bodyguard had pushed him out of the way. Roman looked back just to see the mute girl's scared expression as she knew this was her end. Despite that, she had one faint smile towards her One Thing before being engulfed by the unknown monster. "Neo!" Roman screamed before he landed on his back.

The creature was not done yet, its sights now set on Team RWBY. The four members scattered, but one was still the target of the creature. The blond brawler gasped as the unknown monster's mouth was still open, swallowing her whole in a fast chomp.

"Yang!" the three members cried out in panic, each soon reposing their weapons and took aim for the creature's throat and stomach. However, the unknown monster glanced at them, radiant another purple shockwave. This time, all three felt the wave reverberate through their bodies. Weiss and Blake dropped their weapons as they held their sides in agony. Ruby tried to remain in control, but in her delirium, fired a shot from her Crescent Rose. The recoil launched her into a halfway standing up Roman, crashing both into a pillar.

As Ruby started to recover, her eyes widened at the sight of the unknown monster crashing into where Weiss and Blake once stood, leaving nothing behind, "No, this can't be happening." Ruby said before the creature noticed her and Roman, then begin to charge, "I…I..." the red hooded girl was at a loss, she did not know what to do. She hoped that something could happen, that someone would come in to save her. Maybe, that something in her might awaken at this very moment, but nothing did.

"Giygogagohgwooh!" the unknown monster cried before is swallowed Ruby and Roman whole. A blackness then swept over the ruins, followed by a sudden silence.




"…. Uh," Ruby spoke as she started to open her eyes, "Huh? W-where am I?" she said as she found herself on a bush in the middle of a dense forest of green leaves, "Was it all just a dream?" She said before standing up, then realizing she was in a thorn bush, "Ouch!" the red hooded girl said as her right hand was pricked. At the same time, she saw the orange-haired criminal start to regain consciousness as well, "Roman!" Ruby said in slight panic but reached behind her back for her Crescent Rose. However, nothing was there, "Huh? But I-"

Taking advantage of her confusion, Roman turned to Ruby and flung a wild swing with his left arm. Ruby barely had time to put up a blocking stance but was still launched back by the punch. She landed on her back, "Red, where's Neo!?" Roman demanded as glared down at her, "Answer me now!"

"I don't know," Ruby said before Roman raised his left leg, causing Ruby to gasp as she rolled out of the way of a stomp.

"Where are we!?" Roman said as Ruby managed to get to one knee.

"I don't know!" Ruby responded as Roman tried to land another punch, "Look, calm down!"

"Calm down!?" Roman shouted, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO US!?"

"Listen!" Ruby shouted back, slightly startling Roman, "I. Don't! Know!" She said before quickly looking around the area, "But, if we are in the middle of the woods, we have to keep calm. Too much negative emotions will cause us to attract-"

Suddenly, the two heard a murmuring cry, "Grimm…" they heard before seeing the bushes shaking. Both started to back up, checking the ground for their weapons but found nothing. "Grimm…!" the cry got louder as something began to emerge. Revealing itself was a monstrous bipedal creature with thick green skin. Its black hair clocked almost every part of its body, "Grimmsnarl!" The monster roared, charging a black energy ball between its jagged teeth.

Ruby and Roman gasped before turning around and ran away, avoiding the monster's dark blasts, "What type of Grimm says its name like that!?" Roman called to Ruby as they ran, "I and swear if you say, 'I don't know' again."

"But Grimm aren't supposed to say their names like that! They aren't supposed to talk at all!" Ruby responded, the Grimm-like monster chasing them, "And I have never seen a Grimm like that before."

"Well, don't you pay attention in school!?" Roman said before another dark blast collided with a tree, "Regardless, just do your hero thing and kill that monster."

"I'm not my sister, I need something more than my bare hands." Ruby said while she tried to speed up, but was confused, "What, my semblance isn't act-" Suddenly, in looking back at the Grimm-like monster, Ruby saw its right fist glow in an orange aura. The Grimm-like monster leaped for a flying punch, "Look out!" She said before tackling Roman and herself out of the way and into a tree. The fist collided with a flat boulder in the road, smashing it into pebbles. The two fell on the ground, but the red hooded girl scuffed her right knee. "When did my aura break?" She said as she looks at the blood, but then noticed her pricked finger from the bush, "T-this is bad, very bad." Ruby said before she and Roman saw the monster glare at them, another orb of black energy charging, "No, not again-" She in dread as the beam charged.

Suddenly, something collided with the monster's face. A rain of small glowing stars exploded on contact with the Grimm-like monster, stunning it and stopping the blast. Ruby gasped before looking towards the origin of the saving strike. In a tree, she saw a type of brown fox with long ears and a fluffy tail and mane, "Eev!" the foxlike creature said before shooting another stream of stars from its mouth. The blast collided with the Grimm-like monster's face again, causing it to roar in rage. While it leaped, the fist began to glow again. However, the foxlike creature anticipated the hit and jumped out of the way. It ran up the Grimm-like monster's arm before tackling into the face. The foxlike creature landed on its feet in front of Ruby and Roman, while the Grimm-like monster fell on its back. After getting up and seeing the foxlike creature growl, the Grimm-like monster fled back into the woods.

For a few seconds, silence fell over the area. The foxlike creature then turned to the red hooded girl, "Eevee!" it said as Ruby and Roman were still in shock.

"Uh, thanks," Ruby eventually said as she and Roman stood up, "You saved us, little…fox?" She said before extending her left hand, petting the foxlike creature on the head. She saw a small smile form on its face, causing Ruby to smile back, "You're really brave, aren't you?"

"What is that thing," Roman asked Ruby.

"Eevee," the foxlike creature responded.

"I think it's called Eevee," Ruby commented.

"…That's not how animals in our world work, they don't say their names." Roman commented before sighing, looking over the area, "Granted, I don't know if we're in our world anymore."

"Yeah, I noticed it too," Ruby said as she stood up, "This doesn't look like the Forever Fall Forest. The trees are a different color." She said before remembering their first encounter, "And that Grimm, I've never seen one that looked or spoke like that." She said before looking back to Roman, "But, you think this a different world, and not just some other part of Remnant?"

"Remember those ruins." He said with her gasping, now realizing it wasn't a dream, "Well, my boss wanted me to investigate them. Saying something about her boss told of some ancient power that moved people to another world was held at those ruins." He said before sighing again, "I thought it was all fake…until now."

"So, when that thing ate us," Ruby inferred, "It sent us to this world?" She said before looking down at Eevee, "One with creatures we have never seen before?"

"The more you explain it, the less it makes sense," Roman said before turning back to her, "However, if we are alive, then others might be as well." She said as Ruby gasped, "I just hope we were all sent to the same world." He said before turning his back to her and walking, "We need to keep going, find someone who can explain more about this situation."

Ruby reluctantly nodded, but in taking a step, she flinched in pain, "Ouch!" she said causing Roman to turn around.

"Quit being a baby, you never scuffed your knee before?" Roman asked, "Wait, don't you have that aura thing?"

"I-it's gone," Ruby commented, looking at her still unhealed hand, "My aura isn't coming back. And I can't use my semblance anymore."

"So, your powerless," Roman commented before smirking, "Heh, welcome to my world."

"Hey, I still saved your life back there." Ruby said before looking down at Eevee, "And this one saved both of us." She then glared back at Roman, "I wasn't expecting any thanks from you, but can you at least lend me a hand?"

"No," Roman said before turning around and walking away. Ruby pouted before looking down, seeing Eevee rubbing against her right leg. A smile formed on her face as she calmed down. Suddenly, a large stick was thrown in her direction. The hooded girl flailed to catch it, but looked to see it was thrown by Roman, "Just use that to walk for now." He said before turning around, "If we run into another one of those monsters, you can use that fend if off." The orange-haired criminal said before glancing back at Eevee, "Or, just sick your weird pet on it. That seemed to work out last time."

"Eev!" Eevee growled before looking back up at Ruby with a smile.

Ruby smiled back, but it soon faded as she gripped the walking stick, "Yang, Weiss, Blake." She spoke her friend's names before walking forwards, "I hope you're all okay." She said before her eyes filled with determination.

Roman clenched his right fist as he walked down the path, "Neo."

"I will find you," Both thought at the same time, "We will get back to our world."

AN: There you go, the start to Ruby's new adventure in this strange world. However, her normal companions are replaced with her archnemesis, Roman. The two are now stuck with each other, but a little furry friend is there to accompany them. They may not know what Eevee is, but they will learn very soon. (Also, regarding an Eevee beating a Grimmsnarl like that … the anime has had far more absurd matches in the past). Now, this story will be a little sporadic in its uploads. Like with Duel Academy's New Students, these take a lot of planning and time to make. The chapters will get longer, this one being more the prologue than anything else. While this and the next chapter will focus on the red duo, the story will follow the adventures of three separate groups across this new world. I am very excited about his story and hope you are as well. Stick around to see what adventures await the rwby cast in this crossover. That is all for now, thanks for reading, and hope to see you in the next chapter.