Katrina pulled into the Rossi Estate in the city of Italy, she parked her car and got out afterward. She was wearing a long elegant emerald green dress with a split on the side along with green heels. She walks up to the estate along with the other guests. When she enters the estate, she went toward the ballroom; she smiles at the waiter as she grabbed a glass. She took a sip of her glass, before looking up at the balcony just to see three familiar faces looking back at her.

Nathan "Nate" Drake was smiling at her, Victor "Sully" Sullivan looked shocked to see her and then looked at Nate with a mad look. She can guess that Nate didn't tell Sully about calling her for help. No doubt those times that's she almost died is stills on his mind and the fact that Andromeda had torn into him once. When she looked at Samuel "Sam" Drake, she can see that he was also shocked that she was here. She toasts them, took another sip, and turned around to look around the room.

She saw two other familiar people that she knows Rafe Alder and Nadine Ross of Shoreline. She knows Rafe Alder through the Drakes and another person that's is married to him, but she knows that his wife can't stand his obsession over Avery's treasure anymore and so returned to her family. They all knew that Rafe would refuse to sign any divorce papers that she would send him and so they're still married. She knows Nadine and Shoreline as she and her Aurors would run into him now and then. She also knows the Charlie Weasley also had a run-in with Nadine once or twice.


She turned around to face Sam, who was still shocked to see her. She only raised an eyebrow, before following Nate and Sully to the entrance to the cellar. Once she got there, Nate says that it's was locked. She rolled her eyes when Sam asked if they can pick it and then the door was opening; she turned around and walked away from a little. A waiter came out with a keycard in his back pocket, she heard Nate saying that he will handle it.

She decided to let them handle it as she stands there taking sips of her drink. It's was amusing watching Nate attempts to pickpocket the waiter. After some time, she watches as Sam distracted the waiter for Nate. Watching Sam was troubling for her and so, she had to look away from the Drake brothers. Sully was staring at her with pity in his eyes.

"A pleasure to watch professionals at work," Sully said as Nate unlocked the door

"Alright, let's try this again. We'll still need these" Sully said as he opened his hand to reveal three earpieces

"Alright, Kate- "Nate was saying grabbing his earpiece, before turning to Katrina

"Thank you for these earrings, Nate. They're lovely" Katrina said to him, making him smile as he knew the earrings are connected to their earpieces. Sully opened the door for them.

"Good luck," Sully said to them, but Sam was trying at Katrina

"Kate- "Sam started

"Good luck, Drakes" Katrina said, before walking way

Sully watches as she leaves but closes the door right after Sam just in time as someone was walking by. He started to walk toward his goddaughter, he had to walk around a few people. He stopped and just watches as Katrina grabbed another glass in sadness, he can't imagine the pain she was in after seeing Sam alive again in fifteen years. He then heard a familiar voice, he turned around to see Nadine Ross who was glad too see him her and then offered him a drink.

Meanwhile over by a table, Katrina was sipping her second glass when she heard through her earring Sully talking with Nadine Ross who later offered to buy him a drink. She watches a Nadine walks toward the bar, she then heard Sam and Nate talking about Alcázar and she frowned. Yes, she heard the tale Sam had told Nate from Nate himself; but she had another Auror who was a muggle-born researched Hector Alcázar for her. Hector Alcázar had been dead for six months, he was killed during a shootout in Argentina back in June. When she was informed on that, it was one more thing she was angry about.

The next thing she heard was Sam asking if they should be worried about Sully talking things up with Nadine Ross. She smiled at Nate telling him, not to worry for Sully as he can look out for himself. The last thing she heard was Sam asking about her, which angered her.

"You have no right to asks about me, Samuel Drake" she hissed at him, very quietly

"Kate- "

"Not talking to you, just follow your brother's plan," she said before things got quiet on the other end

She drank her second glass, before looking at Sully who was talking with Nadine and was then joined by Rafe Alder. So, Alder and Ross are working together; she started to walk toward them. Knowing Rafe Alder, he will push things further causing everything to stare at them. She was right when Sully's glass flew out of his hand causing everyone to stare at them.

"Is there something wrong, Rafe? Nadine?" she asks, causing both Rafe and Nadine to turn around to face her. She smiles at them and her smile only grew as she saw a little bit of fear in their eyes.

Rafe and she had never seen eye to eye, he had even tried to take her out by secretly hiring hitmen. Unfortunately for him, there are a few things he didn't know and still doesn't know about two of them. One she's a witch, two she's also an Auror who always knows who her enemies are and finally the one he most definitely knows by now she's the Lady of two noble houses and that she's far richer than he is. He doesn't know by her world as his wife after seeing how he is for Avery's treasure, she feared how he will be knowing their secret. But after every attempt on his part, she will always let him know she was onto him and maybe she did pushes things a little too far; but he's a big boy.

Now Nadine is afraid of her because after the first time they time and Nadine's men tried to shoot them; they didn't hesitate to return the favor. But they made sure to use guns and not their wands. Yes, she made sure that the Aurors knew how to uses guns for the times they have jobs in the muggle world. They also made sure that they shoot somewhere non-fatal, but if they must kill, they will. Nadine's fear of her started to sink in after she once takes them all out included Nadine herself without any help.

"Lady Potter, what brings you here?" Rafe asks and she just smiles at her

"Oh, I'm just here to sightsee. I also heard that you were going to be here Rafey and so I wanted to why you haven't sent any more hitmen after me." She said sweetly, causing everybody to stare solely on Rafe

She can see some men who were staring at her with lust before, glaring at Rafe for trying to kill her. Nadine looks around and then whispers to Rafe, she watches both walks away. She looks at Sully who was trying to get a hold of Nate, but he did have a smirk on his face.

"Dammit" She heard Sully curses

"Can't get a hold of him?" She asks Sully who looked at her


"He might be too far or something." She told him; a bit worried for Nate

"Why did you come, Kat? Did Nate- "Sully asked, and she turned toward him, her smile gone

"I'm only here for you and Nate, Sam can rot for all I care. Nate did tell me Sam's tale." She told him

"Sam's tale? Kat, he's been in prison for fifteen years." She gave him a look; he cleared his throat. "How Morgan?" She smiled at the changes of subject

"She's fine, she wants to go into this line of business. Which by the why is your fault, Mr. Sullivan" she told him laughing

"Kid, that's not my fault. That's all you" Sully reply back

"You told her stories, Sullivan" She shot back, Sully was going to answer back when

"Whose Morgan?" both Sully and she heard Sam asks through their earpiece and earring. She looks around the room for the Sam and saw him with the other waiters at the top, she glared at him

"Morgan is none of your business" She hissed and saw him frowned

She also feels bad for making him make that face, she can also feel Sully's grazes on her as well.