Dear Order

Or, Twenty-One Letters to the Order of the Giant Flaming Turkey

By SilverWolf7007

Letter One – "Charlie, send many dragons."

The summer holidays had begun three days ago, and several key members of the Order of the Phoenix were about to sit down to dinner.

However, there was a definite anticipatory atmosphere in the house, which was making people snappish.

As such, the five students staying in the house for the holidays were hiding in an upstairs room for as long as possible, along with the twins.

Bill and Charlie were downstairs in the lounge, playing a violent game of chess. Tonks and Kingsley were watching from a safe distance so as not to be hit with flying shrapnel.

Molly was in the kitchen, along with Minerva. No one else was brave enough to even step too close to the doorway when the both of them were in there.

Arthur and Moody were attempting to set up the dining room for imminent use, as there were too many people to fit in the kitchen.

Albus was sitting in the lounge, across the room from Charlie and Bill's small-scale massacre, trying to read a book. He was having rather a lot of trouble with this, as the text kept changing from 'Transfiguration Through the Ages' to '172 Alternatives to Sherbet Lemons and Tea' and back again.

By the fire, Severus and Remus were sitting in armchairs and apparently having a serious card game in between hexing Albus's book and Remus glancing at the windows.

It was assumed that the two men were playing poker, as they were using Muggle cards and seemed incredibly focussed on winning. It wasn't until Remus's rather triumphant hiss of 'Go fish' that anyone realised what they were really playing and the collective respect the others had for them went down a tad.

Finally, Arthur poked his head through the door and told them the dining room was ready. Everyone abandoned their activities and headed in to sit down. Charlie went upstairs to find the kids and returned with them not long after, looking a little scarred.

Molly and Minerva brought out the meal, and everyone began to eat.

Ten minutes later, all food was abandoned as Hedwig flew through the window, all eyes glued to her.

She circled the room for a moment, searching, and then landed on Charlie's shoulder.

He turned and looked at her. "You want me to open it?"

Pointedly she stuck out her leg. Charlie shrugged, took the note and unfolded it. He snorted.

"Read it aloud," Bill prompted.

Charlie's lips twitched. "All right.

'Dear Order,

Am still alive, as you may surmise from this note.

Of course, I could be dead and someone is faking the letter to fool you. Quick, you'd better come and check. Charlie, send many dragons.

Also say hi to 'Mione, Gin, Luna, Nev and Ron for me. And everyone else except Dumbledore.

Love Harry.'"

He noticed he was receiving some sceptical looks. "I'm not kidding, you can read it yourselves."

The note was passed around the table, everyone finding some amusement from it – even Albus.

Charlie went back to his dinner, as did everyone else, one and all wondering what Harry would write in three days time.

Once upon a time, a silly author had a silly idea. That idea is the letter in chapter three. It amused her. Now that silly author has committed herself…to a twenty-one chapter fanfiction. Sigh. Silly, silly author. As if she doesn't have enough unfinished fics on her plate…

Ah well. I've been going okay with this one, the first four are done and five is in the works. Plus they're all pretty much stand-alone chapters, so no evil cliffies.

So yes, I hope you enjoyed, please review and tell me your opinions. Love to you all!

S. Wolf